“My Prisoner in Prison” by Jay Roberts

==I don’t mean this story to denigrate kids who end up in youth

   prison. It’s tough to screw up this much to end up here. I also

   wrote this story for older people, 18 or over. Younger tikes,

   please have milk and cookies away from here and go to bed.

My name is Robert Upmann, PHD. As you can guess, I am a psychologist. My specialty is adolescents. One of the tools I use is light trance to put the kids into a relaxed state so that I can offer therapy in an effective way. Some kids, especially juvies are too excitable to benefit from my intervention without using relaxation methods.

I don’t want to be teacherish, but there are certain basic facts you might want to know when reading this account of Samuel Knowles, a seventeen year old youth in the County lockup, awaiting trial for breaking and entering while armed. I am very successful in my hypnotism inductions. I can’t tell you exactly why one man is good at it, while another man fails. It falls in the crack between science and art. Never once have I failed to put my subject into a trance, often a very deep trance if it is required. I will confess that my subjects fall into that category that usually produce good results, namely males ages 14 to 19. Why this is true, I can only conjecture, but youths seem, without fear, ready to experience new adventures.

I regularly do consulting for the county, as well as the public defender office. In this case I was asked to visit young Samuel Knowles, a Caucasian who had been arrested two weeks earlier. His court appointed defender complained that Samuel was uncooperative so that the attorney could not mount a good case.

“See him,” directed the attorney, addressing me in the presence of the head of probation, “Get through to him how serious this is. If he doesn’t shape up, he could be heading for adult prison.”

I presented my pass to the guard. “Hi Doc, you going to see one of our bad boys, oh, I see Samuel. Good luck, he’d a silent Sam,” and he laughed loud and long.

I stood outside the kid’s cell. He was lying on the cot, apparently asleep, so I could observe him. He looked like he could be my younger brother, not a dangerous criminal. He was a good looker, tousled, red curly hair, like mine, his needed a cutting as it fell over his forehead, stopping just at his eyebrows. He had long, red eyelashes, now lying peacefully on his cheeks. I judged him to be just under six feet. Although he appeared to be of slim build, he was muscular. His arm muscle bulged over the rolled sleeve of his orange prison coverall. Now in the quiet, I realized that he was actually sleeping. I could hear his even deep breathing. I immediately realized that he would be a good subject because he had the concentration to block out prison noises and take a nap in the afternoon.

I motioned to the guard who was standing nearby to open the cell. At the noisy clanking of the lock, the boy woke up. He sat up shaking the sleep out of his head. The guard locked the cell and waved goodbye. The boy lifted his head and stared at me with glistening eyes. The pupils were an unusual, light brown. His stare was so strong that I felt almost as if it physically pushed me against the cell door bars.

“Who the fuck are you?” he tossed at me in a peculiar adolescent voice, slight hoarse, as if it had not finished changing.

I held out my hand, “I’m Dr. Upmann, I’m here at the request of your lawyer. He needs more info to set up defending you.”

“You a shrink?” He said, ignoring my hand.

“Yes I am a psychologist, but I am not going to practice that profession today. What I intend to bring out here is my ability to hypnotize.”

“Why would you do that?”

“To help you visualize the events of the night you were arrested. Through hypnotism, we can bring you back to that night. Are you willing to try?”

“Are you a fag? I don’t want to be under your influence if you’re going to, to, molest me.” He laughed at his joke.

I quickly jumped at his first sharing of information. “Do you know any “fags” as you call them?”

He thought for a moment, as if to decide if he should trust me with private information.

“I’ve known queers. I hustled a bit, but only for money. I didn’t like these old aunties. He looked appraisingly at me. “Say you are pretty good looking. We kinda look alike, you could be me Dad.”

“Is your Dad alive?”

“Naw, he’s the lucky one in the family. Mom and I have the hard life. She gets money where she can…on the street.”

“So that’s what gave you the idea of hustling.”

He shrugged. I always need money. That’s why I went into that convenience store. The fucking bastard was scared to death. If the police hadn’t come in for donuts, I would be free and enjoying the cash from there.”

“But why did you have a gun.”

He stared at me. “Wuz you there? Who said I had a gun?”

I felt it was time to begin a gradual induction. I figured two or three visits would bring that about. “Samuel, do you agree to be relaxed, to be lightly hypnotized to help me get to the truth?”

“Sure what the hell? I ain’t busy today. My calendar is free. Go ahead.”

I asked him to put is feet up on the cot and I arranged two pillows for him to rest on. He kept smiling at my fussing around.

“Just relax your body.”

“Yes Mom.”

I began the usual relaxation, beginning with his feet and ending at the top of his head. Several times he smiled broadly. I thought he would laugh and break his concentration, but he seemed to be thinking of a private joke.

Then as I was completing the routine I noticed that his eyes were blinking. I decided that he must be a remarkable subject and I skipped other preliminaries. I spoke softly, “Are you getting sleepy?”

He nodded, and this time his eyes closely firmly, although under his lids I could see the evidence of his eyes moving. When he closed his eyes, he let out a long sigh. I noticed that his facial features had become fixed and a faint blush of color was evident on his cheeks and upper chest that showed above his partially unzipped coverall.

“You are now very comfortable, but you want to go deep into sleep. If this is the way you feel, nod your head.”

It took a long moment, but his head nodded slightly.

“Okay Samuel, let go, dive down into the deep sleep you need so badly. When reach three, you will be totally in a trance.”

By three he was actually breathing deeply. I told him that he could open his eyes, but he would remain deeply asleep. “You can answer my questions Samuel, you understand,” again he nodded slightly.

“I am going to take you back to that night. You are standing in front of the convenience store. Can you see it?”

He asked with a whispered, “Yes.”

“Do you feel the gun in your pocket.”

His face became troubled. He said loudly, “No gun,”

Now there insured a long question and answer between us. I am not going to reproduce it here, but in my report I stated that the only witness against Samuel is the store clerk, who was terrified during the event and was ashamed in front of the owner of the store that he had acted so cowardly. Apparently, he may have invented the “gun” story to make him look good. The arresting officer stated that the gun had been hidden somewhere in the store, but there hadn’t found it yet.

When I finished obtaining the gist of the story, I ceased questioning the boy. He, on his own, seemed to slip out of the communication stage and slid back into a profound sleep.

I sent over to him. “Samuel, are you comfortable? Shall I let you sleep off the trance? Do you want to wake up?”

His body began impatiently lurching around on the cot. He behaved as if he was overly heated. He unzipped the front of his coveralls, exposing his smooth chest and belly. He scrunched around more, his face screwed up in a frown. He grasped his crouch area and rubbed it vigorously. What was going on? I never saw this behavior before. I leaned down and spoke into his face. “Samuel, what’s wrong? You can speak again.”

His eyes opened with a fixed stare, the same way that had during my interrogation. He spoke very softly. So softly I had to come within an inch of his face. “I’m s-o-o-o horny.”

I stepped back a little. Yes, this can happen. Sometimes the attention given to the subject is interpreted sexually. Suddenly a strong arm flew behind my neck and I was drawn down, his lips pressed against mine. I tried to draw back, but he held me firmly. His kiss was so scalding that I felt captured by its urgency. Before I knew it, I was kissing him back. His young, strong tongue pushed in past my lips and sought out my tongue. When we contacted I felt my mind whirling. This was the most pleasurable and exciting experience I had had for a long time. I relaxed into the kiss, allowing our lips to be stand-ins for our sexual organs. I slid down so that my body was lying on top of him. I felt his penis against mine and I am sure that he felt me.

We broke this kiss. “Okay Robert, or shall I call you Bobbie? Stand up.”

I enjoyed his strong request and willing complied. He got off the bed. His uniform was disheveled his hair mess up. My eyes traveled to his crouch. A large bulge pushed the thin material out.

He reached out his hand. “Bobbie, I didn’t shake your hand before, now I will, but when you shake it, you will become willing to do whatever I ask.”

I reached dumbly for his large, smooth, warm hand. As it closed over mine he gave my arm three shakes. At the third shake, I knew I had given up my freedom. I was the prisoner here in this ceil. He looked into my eyes with his unnaturally bright ones and he smiled in triumph. “Now you will be my bitch. I sure need one. I’m about to bust. You’re a beauty, did you know it? Let’s see the rest of you.

With a pause I unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off. He gazed at my chest. “Oh nice, you are nice and fuzzy with red hair. Is your cock surrounded also with the same color?

I removed my pants, sliding out of my loafers, and then my briefs followed. Meanwhile he was slipping out of his coveralls.

“Ah shit, what a crop of beautiful red pubic hair. It goes from hip to hip and…bend over. Yep, your ass crack is decorated also.” He leaned forward and sniffed my ass. “Ah, you smell awesome.”

I was feeling groggy, totally compliant and willing to do whatever he asked. He had successfully force hypnotized me. He pushed me onto my back, as if I was a puppet. He lifted me legs and put one on each side of his young hips. I looked down at his blunt, pale penis. It looked like a Billy club to me, the head a shell pink color, already forming the moisture of pre cum. For the first time I saw his perfect teeth as he smiled broadly in the pleasure of his winning. “Now handsome, just relax, enjoy what you will feel. Have you ever been fucked?”

I shook my head dumbly.

“Oh then you are lucky. You will never forget and will relive the next fifteen minutes all your life.”

He rubbed his cock head on my anis. I realized that I moaned in excitement at the new sensation.

“That’s it Bobbie. You do seem to be ass centered, don’t you? You will get all you want, be patient.”

He inserted just the head into my ass hole that was almost gulping air in its need to be entered. He held the head in place, then he reached out a hand and began to stroke my nipple. I had never had anything like this done to me before. It made me feel like a woman, but I loved the electricity that formed a connection between my tit and my cock. My cock was jumping in excitement.

Then I heard my voice pleading, “Sammy, please put it in all the way. I need it.”

“You mean you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Then say it loudly.”

I shouted, “Fuck m-e-e-e-e.”

Immediately he zoomed in to the hilt. I cried out in surprise and a little pain. I felt his sparse, wiry, red pubic hair tickling my ass cheeks and his balls were laying against the area just behind my anis. I looked up into his sparkling eyes, commanding obedience. I could see the sweat breaking out on his body. He shuddered a minute and then began an ancient rhythm as he pulled out, almost all the way, leaving me feeling abandoned, but then he slammed in again and he repeated this over and over until I was mewling with endless sensation.

“Jerk your cock, Mr. Upmann. I want to feel you cum. That will get me off good.”

I felt dirty doing it in front of this boy, but I could not refuse. I grasped my rigid penis and began to stroke it softly.

“Stop stalling. Speed up.”

I began shagging myself fast and hard and then it feeling began to come over me. My hips began to lift in a fucking motion. My breathing rasped and my eyes began to roll up. “That’s it Bobbie, you’re with the program. A few more fast strokes….” He began to moan loudly as he felt my ass hole spasm around his cock. “Oooh here it comes. You’re going to be hosed.”

He kept grunting as his cock spew ending streams of hot man milk into my hot body. At last it was over. He fell across me in the weakness following his orgasm. I felt him fall, but I slide back into my unconscious hypnotic trance.

I awoke some time later. I was dressed, and he was also. I was sitting on a chair in the cell. He was lounging back on his bed, smoking a cigarette.

“Mr. Upmann, sir, may I say that you are one of the best fucks I ever had. Now I want you to make a good report to the court and get me out of here. Perhaps we can get together again. But while I am here in this cell, don’t be a stranger. Feel free to come back anytime for a red headed fuck.”

I called the guard to open up. As I headed down the corridor to the outside world, I heard peals of adolescent laughter follow me all the way.