“You Can Be As Young As You Wish, Part Two”

 by Jay Roberts

I hadn’t been in a “baths” or “sauna” or what ever you want to call it, for quite awhile. It’s a place where gay guys meet to make out. It’s the kind of place I have avoided lately. I got tired of the kiss offs I received. I’d give a nice looking young man a smile and I’d get “flake off old man.”

The young guy who takes your money like the entrance to a movie house was real cute. I remembered him from the past. He had wild curly hair and intense blue eyes. Every gay guy tried to make him on their way in but he always smiled and motioned for them to get to the curb.

When I came up to the window, he gave me a real big smile. “You look familiar, do I know you? You’re pretty hot looking. How about I come to your locker in about five minutes? We can see what happens.”

I smiled back at him remembering all the times he had rebuffed me, as if being with me was the most outlandish thing that could ever happen. This time I smiled back at him. I saw him adjust his crotch. He was really steaming sexually. “You can do whatever you want. I’m not asking you to come to my locker. Suit yourself, but I’m not promising anything.”

Sure enough, as I was undressing, he appeared in one of the establishments inadequate towels, just making it around his narrow waste. He smiled at me again and reached out for my cock. “I’m just in the mood for a blow job. Are you on?”

I laughed. “Maybe a blow job might be just the ticket.” I hardened my voice. “Get on your knees and get your tongue busy. I usually don’t go with old guys, but what the hell, it’ll be a pity fuck, you are so hot for it.”

He stared at me. He was used to guys begging for his cock and here was this cute kid turning the tables on his. He stared at my chest, my cock, my legs and then he let out a long sigh and fell to his knees. In a moment his cute mouth was muzzling my groin. He was puffing like a steam engine. I was half hard. Suddenly, cruel as I am, I pulled back. He looked at me with alarm. “Whatsamatter?”

“Changed my mind. I’m heading for the sauna.” I turned and left him there on his knees, looking like his candy had been stolen.

I’m not naturally cruel, but those years of rejection have warped my sense of fairness. I was in no better character when I entered the sauna. There were four guys there. One was elderly—maybe my real age. He and two other non-descript 30ish fellows were all staring at the prime meat. He was in his mid-twenties, a beauty, curly blond hair, smooth pale skinned body and fat cock draped over the ledge of the shelf he was sitting on. He had an amused smirk as he enjoyed the fuss he was causing and the erections on the other men there.

Then I entered and the equations changed. Everyone stared at me, including the pretty boy. I took a place right under the ledge of the Adonis. He said “Hi,” softly to me, as if to indicate that we were the prize beef duo. I ignored him, took off my towel and spread my legs. I heard gasps around the room, including curly hair.

For about four minutes nothing happened, then sweet-stuff leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Want to get it on?”

I turned my head up and stared into his gray eyes. “What’s your name?”

“Cliff,” he breathed, feeling that he was well on the way, he held out his well shaped hand, “What’s yours?”

I gave him the superior stare again. “Makes no difference what my name is, it’s my bod you’re interested in. Why don’t you get rid of these old guys here.”

They heard it, and they all got up glowering at me and left.

Cliff got up and stood in front of me. He stroked his stiffening prick. “Want some of this?”

“Why are you not offering all of it?”

He guffawed. “Come to my roomette. This is no place to, to…..really get to know each other.” He rose and I followed, faking a yawn of boredom.

Once we were in his little room for the night, he put his arms around me and tried to kiss me. “Uh, uh,” I said, “Kissing is for engaged couples. Fucking is for new friends.”

He smiled broadly. “Yeah, fucking. I give the best fuck you’ve ever had. Slow, easy and when I hose, you’ll be leaking for days.”

I was getting pretty hard myself. My cock was standing out with a direction toward my hard belly. “Sounds good. Lay down on your side and I’ll get behind you and we can have a long one.”

His eyes opened wide. “I don’t get fucked, never have. I do the fucking. How about it?”

I put one hand on the door handle. “So long friend. I thought you wanted to get it on….but….forget it.”

“Wait!” I have never been a bottom. It’s not my style, but you are the hottest guy I have ever seen. Don’t boast about it outside this room. I have my rep. You can do it to me, but easy please.”

He lay down on the cot on his side, facing the wall, his perky, muscular t ass facing out toward me. I pushed his knees a bit more bent so that his ass hole would be in position. “That’s right boy, I never rape anyone. I have to know that this is consensual sex.” (I was having a real good time with humiliating this boi.) “Therefore, you have to ask for me to fuck you.”

He groaned. “Why don’t you just do it.”

“Do what?” I asked innocently.

“Oh shit, fuck me!”

“Okay, since you beg me, here goes.”

Actually I was dying to get my first top fuck. My cock was leaking copiously and that helped the process. I put only the head just inside his virgin asshole. He whimpered is fear, and sweat broke out all over his back. “Easy boy, you’ll be in heaven soon. Be brave.”

Hell his ass was tight. I pushed slowly, inch by inch. During the entry, he became a convert. He was saying: “Yes, yes. That’s good. Keep going.”

Then the supreme moment arrived. I was as deep inside him as possible, my pubes against his baby ass. I stayed there awhile, just soaking. He became pushing back and forth slightly. He was getting impatient, his insides were caressing my shaft with love. I pulled back half way and bottomed again, rubbing against his prostate. He hiccupped in pleasure. Back and forth I sawed, he was now in an almost constant moan. I felt my thighs easing into that heavy feeling that is a sign of my own orgasm. I whispered in his ear, “I’m getting to the point of giving you a sperm enema. Are you close to coming?”

“Just touch me and I’ll spew, I’m that close.”

I reached around and took hold of his cock, leaking so much that I thought he might have already shot, but no, there was a tank of sperm inside him that I tapped by stroking his rigid prick. He scream and delivered, shot after shot. They will have to repaint the wall, I thought. But the contractions from his orgasm caused him to knead my prick inside of him and I joined his yell and my hips began a hard fuck on their own, finally ending in my sperming his insides un mercifully.

I think he passed out, or at least he was quiet. I was really tired. I left my still hard cock inside his hole and allowed myself to tumble in sleep.

We must have both sleep hours, for I could see that the light had changed to early morning light. He turned around, I think to give me a morning kiss, but he shrieked girlishly. (Who’d every think that I turned him into a fairy.) “What happened to the boy? Who are you, you old fucker? Get out of here!”

I was that moment that I realized that I was my old, and I mean old, self again. The boy-me was gone. I quickly left and went back to my locker and dressed. A cab ride back to the condo and a telephone in my hand I called the doctor. I got this annoying telephone choice. You know yourself.

“Press number one if you wish to have forwarding address.” What? He’s moved! I pressed it. His voice said, “I leave no contact. Sorry.”

Press number 2 if your regression has reversed. Oh, that’s what I need. His voice was again on the line, “Sorry, no regression lasts more than 24 hours, but you had your fun, yes?”

Well don’t feel sorry for me. A few days later I met a terrific guy. We have hot, hot, hot sex. And he’s my age. I now think that older guys do it better. What do you think?