Bigboy Billy is the Best
by Alex_the_g

"Oh, please Johnny. I'll pay you back from my paper round, honest."
Kevin begged his older brother Johnny, yet again.
"It's only 50 bucks and it's supposed to be the greatest game ever. I'll let you play on it too."
"No way, you Nerd."
Replied Johnny, as he continued checking through his adoring fan e-mails on the computer. The college star Quarterback continuing to glow in the adulation from his female admirers.
"I'm not interested in playing your stupid computer games. Why don't you get a life anyway. I need all the cash I've got for Brewskis and keeping the hot chicks on side for some REAL fun and games."
He laughed. Kevin glowered at his older Jock brother. These two definitely did not have any brotherly love lost between them. Kevin hated his arrogant brother; hated the fact that he was so popular; hated the fact that everyone admired the big man on campus, who had been leading his team to such success lately, and hated the big, muscled-toned body that all the girls swooned over. Johnny, equally, was disgusted by his younger Nerd brother, whom he just regarded as an embarassment.
"Oh fuck, can you believe it?"
Johnny suddenly shouted out, as he read the next e-mail on his list.
"Hey Nerd! Why don't you make some money this way?"
Johnny laughed out contemptuously, pointing to the e-mail now on screen inviting him to do some modelling for speedos at $50 an hour.
"Can you believe this shit? Do they really think I'D be interested in modelling their fag-wear? Probably just for a bunch of homos that want to perv out on my hot bod. This baby is strictly for the girls in private session."
Spat out the homophobic Jock stud, grabbing Kevin's shirt to expose his skinny torso and sneering,
"But I don't think even the queers would be interested in looking at your pathetic 'physique' kiddo. Jeez, why don't you try working out a bit - then you might get an offer. Anyway I haven't got time for all this shit now. I'm gonna be late for my sports therapy session."
He said, putting on his jacket to leave.
"Johnny, don't forget to take your brother to the library on your way so he can pick up his books."
He heard his Mom call out from the distance.
"Damn, now I'll definitely be late."Grunted a highly pissed Johnny.
"Hurry up then Nerd. I ain't getting into trouble cos of you!"

Ten minutes later the two brothers were driving along in Johnny's car in silence.
"Hey, you have to turn left there for the library."
Kevin suddenly shouted out.
"Yeah, yeah, I know."
Snorted his brother derisively.
"I told you I'm not gonna be late cos of you. I'll take you to your pissant library AFTER my session. It's only an hour long. You can wait outside coach's office. You'll still get to your precious books in time.
"Oh fuck. Well that's just great"
Thought Kevin, but dared not express his sarcastic displeasure at the tedious hour to his big bro. They were soon turning into the car park at the athletics complex, and there was absolutely nothing Kevin could do about it. Instead he just sullenly dragged into the building behind the striding cocky Jock bro, who was as usual doing the very best to ignore him.
"Just wait here twerp, while I have my session."
Snapped the aloof Quarterback to his brother, pointing to a chair outside the coach's office on whose door he was now knocking.
"Fuck you Johnny!"
He thought to himself, just crossing his arms instead and standing there as a small gesture of defiance to the imposing muscle Jock, as Johnny opened the door and disappeared inside for his session with the Sports Psychologist with a,
"Hi Doc. Hope I'm not to late,"
As he gave one passing accusatory glare at Kevin on his way in.
Not that Johnny really believed much in this airey fairy crap. Focus your mind etc.! 'A load of crap' was what Johnny's jock-mind focussed on - it was his hard work in the gym and on the field that mattered ... plus of course, his 'natural talent and superiority'. Nevertheless, the team had been particularly successful since their 'mind over matter' sessions had started - so Coach wasn't going to turn down any advantage he thought might be gained. At least Doc seemed an OK kind of guy; the Sports Psychologist being a former Jock himself, not some faggy nerdy Professor sort. So Johnny found it easy to trust a like-minded type.
Meanwhile, Kevin was darned if he was going to just sit obediently outside, waiting on the haughty Jock's favour as he'd been told. Instead, he crept along to the door so he could listen to what these sessions were like that managed to take his dumb bro from being outright hostile to at least acquiescent. What he heard after the customary pleasantries, turned out to be most intriguing."Now Johnny, just sit back and relax in the chair as we discussed before."
Intoned the gentle but firm voice of the Sports Psych.
"You remember the special words we agreed before, that help you relax even more? The words that only you and I know to use. Unique words that no-one else could ever stumble across just in conversation with you, but help you to know that everything I tell you is true; that what I tell you to do, you must do. Words that help me turn you into a winner; that make you do whatever you need to achieve the goals I give you, no matter what."
"Holy fuck!"
Thought Kevin,
"It's hypnotism. My superior BMOC Jock bro and his team-mates are getting hypnotised into being better players and winning."
Kevin found this both amusing and ironic: these anti-intellectual muscle hulks were using a most academic way to achieve their success. No wonder Johnny had been so coy about what his Sports Psych 'Doc' helped them with.
"Now Johnny,"
continued the Doc,
"Bigboy Billy is the Best."
Kevin very nearly guffawed out loud at that point; almost gave himself an injury holding it in, so as not to give his eavesdropping away. 'William' was indeed the studly Jock's middle name, but no-one knew it: Johnny HATED his middle name at the best of times, and even his little bro knew that to use the diminutive - even when they were in private and with the most extreme of provocations - would certainly lead to a good ass-kicking. But Kevin was bright enough to know that probably made it quite a good choice as part of a secret phrase that no-one else was going to use to Johnny by accident. Certainly his big-mouthed bro had gone very quiet now, so Kevin assumed the phrase had indeed put the Jock into some kind of receptive trance.
Kevin was certainly finding this hour to be far more entertaining than he had expected; he was now glad that Johnny had insisted on coming to his session before going to the library. But the nerdy little bro was to be disappointed in hoping that this might be some prelude to a helpless humiliation of his big bro by the Doc: making him think he was a dog or somesuch, like the hypnotist stage shows he'd heard about. In fact, Doc was the consumate professional and took his duties and responsibilities most seriously. What followed was nothing more than a tedious repetition of Doc encouraging his Jock bro on to ever greater heights of success. Worse still, was Doc's constant reinforcement of Johnny's already overblown ego: confirming to him how brilliant, talented and successful Johnny was and how Johnny MUST continue this and achieve even more. 'This is just gonna make him EVEN more of a Jerk,' Kevin thought to himself, as he struggled not to heave at the sound of Doc's relentless ego-stroking. But the thoughts were already forming in his mind, of how this could all be put to a much more .... hmmm, profitable end.

Back at home after both their tasks had been completed it's fair to say that although buried in them as usual, Kevin was less than consumed by his books. He was far too busy watching Johnny relaxing with the odd beer and then disappearing up to his room to read some more adoring e-mails ... to where he was not long after followed by his eagerly anticipating brother.
"If you've come to pester me for that money again, I told you the answer is no: I've got more important plans for anything spare that comes my way, so you can piss off!"
Kevin, however, found it unusually easy to restrain any comeback. He certainly didn't want to do anything that might disturb Johnny's current nicely relaxed state ... quite the reverse, in fact.
"No, bro, I totally understand. Just wanted to say I'm sorry for being a jerk and all. Hey, got any interesting mails? Sure looks a nice way to unwind: with a couple of beers and a stack of hungry chicks throwing it all at ya."
Johnny responded by slumping back in his chair, relieved the little twerp wasn't going to cause him any stress when he was chilling so nice.
"Oh yeah, you got THAT right."
Kevin continued to ease his way into his brother's room, chatting away irrelevantly but attempting to duplicate the Doc's calming, easy listening tone as a heavy-lidded and vacuously smiling Johnny just continued browsing the praise. And then Kevin knew the time was upon him; the time to strike was now or never. It was soon gonna be payday or a good ass kicking.
"Those girls know what you and I have always known: Bigboy Billy is the Best!"
At that, Johnny's eyes seemed to momentarily flick open in shock and surprise; but it was but a fleeting reaction.
"Hey, whaddya mean .... how do you .... errrrrrr .... I .... yeah."
Slurred the big muscled BMOC Jock bro, as he collapsed even further into his chair; open and ready now, to hear what his nerdy little bro had to say. Ready and waiting to believe and do whatever the skinny runt told him to. Kevin's eyes glinted, his smile widened into a grin and with the most contented sigh,
"Well bro, there's a lot of new stuff for you to learn today. You're gonna love it. And I think that we're gonna find a way for you to get some extra bucks too, for starters."

Part 2

Kevin was so happy that his plan had worked, he felt like doing a little dance. He also fancied getting his big bro to humiliate himself, but restrained himself - there were more important matters at hand.
"First Johnny, there's the little matter of that money you owe me - remember?"
"Money, do I owe you money?"
Slurred Johnny, uncertainly.
"Yes Bro, you owe me 50 bucks and you're really worried about Mom finding out. That's why you were so relieved to get that e-mail offering you 50 to do some modelling, otherwise you'd have been in real trouble."
"Yeah that's right."
Johnny acknowledged, adding.
"Thank fuck for that."
"But have you set up the shoot yet Johnny? Have you called the guy to confirm? If you don't do it quick it may be too late - you might miss out."
Johnny exclaimed.
"I gotta call him. Fuck, I hope it's not too late."
Kevin sniggered quietly as he watched his panicking Jock bro hurriedly call the number in the e-mail and set up the photoshoot with the guy on the phone.
Said Johnny when he finished.
"That was lucky. He was still interested, so I'm doing it after practise tomorrow. I'm sorry I've owed you that money so long bro, but you'll have it back tomorrow evening I swear."
"Well I hope so Johnny. I really need that money now and if I don't get it then, I'll just have no choice but to get some off Mom and I'd have to tell her why."
Kevin enjoyed continuing to tease and taunt the suddenly gullible stud.
"Now when I say the phrase, 'Big Billy is a good Boy,' you'll come out of your trance and be back to your normal self, while remembering you've got the photo shoot to do and how important it is and glad you are to be getting me my money. OK: Big Billy is a good Boy."
Johnny blinked, and looked back to his usual arrogant demeanour again.
"Nerd bro, are you still here? Fuck off will you, I've got to get some sleep. Got that damn modelling to do tomorrow to get your cash, so I gotta look good."
Kevin retreated satisfied, thinking about his new computer game.

Charles Douglas was pleasantly surprised when Johnny showed up at his studio - and on time! 'Fuck, the kid must be keen,' he thought to himself. He'd hoped that the local celebrity Jock's conceit and vanity might lure him into a revealing photoshoot, but never really believed it would work - especially for just $50 on offer for the job, but here he was all ready to go. The guy didn't seem very enthusiastic though, but he was totally co-operative. Douglas had everything set up; even a little screen to the side behind which Johnny could change - incase the Jock freaked out at having to get nude in front of him at first and it was all ruined. He explained to Johnny that the swimwear was on a chair behind the screen, and Johnny could change into each outfit there.
"So, you said 50 bucks right?"
Johnny said pointedly and in a rather surly manner.
"Oh yes, of course."
Replied Douglas. 'Kid wants paying first,' he thought to himself and handed the $50 over to Johnny, hoping this wasn't gonna now turn out to be some con after all. In fact, once he gave Johnny the cash, the Jock seemed much more happy and willing as he strode off behind the screen.
Douglas waited behind his camera in eager anticipation of Johnny's reappearance. He made sure he had a loose shirt hanging down outside his pants, to hide what was already a hard and particularly fat 10 incher tenting them out in a way that otherwise would have been obscenely obvious.
After what seemed like ages, Johnny finally made his entrance and Douglas was not disappointed. The muscled Jock god just strode over in front of the camera wearing nothing but a tiny, tight, blue speedo, bulging out from his huge limp cock and large balls. Douglas just stared and admired the awesome muscle-toned physique. Lightly tanned, blond Johnny was a real blue-eyed hotty with a slim V shaped torso, beautifully rippling abs and well defined if not huge pecs. His strong thighs and powerful biceps completed an adonis, with the speedo-encased full package and bubbling butt cheeks promising yet more to come.
"So, how do you want me?"
Douglas almost choked holding back the true answer to that question, but managed instead to start giving the big muscle Jock professional guidance on how to pose for the camera. Striking poses showing off his muscles; casually standing; back (or more importantly butt...) to the camera; laying down; reclining. Johnny just did as instructed, more obediently than he'd probably done anything in his life. Douglas just kept on snapping away; flash, flash, flash, again and again as he contentedly oggled away himself and stored up more and more images for the many gay guys who got off on the local college star Jock, to perv over to their hearts content in the future. Finally Douglas announced that was enough with these speedos, and if Johnny could just slip into the other pair now they'd do some more in those and be finished. Johnny looked pleased at the thought of them finishing and went back behind the screen, only for his head to reappear just seconds later.
"Errrrr, Mr Douglas, do you mean these?"
Johnny asked somewhat incredulously, as his hand also emerged from behind the screen, his finger outstretched, and what appeared to be nothing but a few short strings and an easily missable scrap of light material dangled from his fingertip. 'Fuck,' thought Douglas, 'that little g-string posing pouch looks even more non-existent when he holds it like that. Shit, I guess now he IS going to freak - I've pushed it too far.' Nevertheless, as nonchalently and confidently as he could, replied.
"Yeah Johnny, that's the one."
Trying hard to look and sound like he was asking Johnny for nothing more remarkable or surprising than the time of day, and pretending to be more interested in his camera than Johnny and what the BMOC was holding up. Douglas didn't even notice Johnny blink and a brief look of distance cross his face, as he then replied in suddenly changed and completely unconcerned tone of voice.
"Oh, alright then. Just a minute."
'Wow,' thought Douglas he is actually gonna go for it after all, the relief and pleasure suddenly causing his heart to beat a bit faster and his cock almost start to hurt it was now so hard.
This time when Johnny stepped out Douglas didn't think he'd ever wanted to get his huge dick out and jerk off so much in his life; this bliss was heaven and hell. The beautiful buff stud Jock so admired by all walked to in front of the camera, his oversized package now stuffed into a tiny piece of thin pink lycra so stretched that it seemed it was going to burst open any second. It forced the bulging cock and plum sized, usually low-swinging, orbs out so lewdly in front of Johnny, that as he walked his over-bound genitals wobbled and bounced mesmerisingly. The material barely covered the root of Johnny's monster cock, and his dark blond pubes were all on full, inviting, display. A bare thread of pink round his waist and up his butt crack notionally kept the miniscule pouch in place, though so overstuffed was it Douglas was sure it would have adhered to the encased titan like a condom even if the strings weren't there.
As he once more had the young bull pose for him, Douglas became engrossed studying the kids goodies which were so clearly outlined - whether doing so through his camera or directly. Each of the large balls was clearly identifiable, as were the many veins and ridges that stretched over the kids big, thick, but disappointingly still totally soft, dong. The bell-end of Johnny's pride was equally obvious, with the contours round the base of his cut piece displayed.
Douglas couldn't help himself from having Johnny jump around a bit as he posed this time, marvelling in the plump package bouncing around. And when Johnny was turned around those amazing, toned, round, melons of asscheeks, whether jiggling up and down or tensed in a pose, just seemed like an open invitation for any gay guy on the planet. They were left totally uncovered and exposed in this 'outfit', one pink thread barely visible across Johnny's lower back, the other just making a brief appearance from the top of his crack before joining the first one - the rest of it buried deeply in the luscious protruding cheeks. Douglas found himself especially turned on by the thought that clearly in the kid's mind, he was modelling a piece of clothing, but in these rear poses particularly it was obviously the Jock's stunning ass that was the purpose of the photographs .... what else was there?!? It was no good, he couldn't help himself, he had to try a bit more.
"Johnny, I think a few of you in an everyday kinda pose would show off how, er, practical these, er, 'swim briefs' are. Perhaps you reading this book leaning casually against something?"
"OK Mr Douglas. Like this?"
Johnny asked, standing holding up the proferred book while leaning on a table with one hand.
"No, that doesn't look very comfortable Johnny. We need you to look comfortable, so that people think the swimwear is too. How about you rest your elbows on the table, kinda bending over it while you read the book?"
Douglas leered at the virtually nude muscle-boy as Johnny did as suggested, his elbows spread on the table, book in hands, bent over at the waist with this knees slightly bent and his legs nearly together. Douglas flashed off a few photos from the side with Johnny's tightly encased package pushed lewdly out, then moved behind to capture the bountiful bubble butt in all its glory - now shoved up, slightly invitingly.
"Hmmm, I still don't think we're quite getting the natural you, Johnny."
Johnny replied, actually sounding a bit dejected that he wasn't managing to perform at his peak. Fortunately though, Mr Douglas had an idea.
"Try straightening your legs and spreading them out a bit."
'Offering your pussy-boy Jock ass up for all to fuck, like the whore you are,' Douglas added in his mind. Which is exactly what Johnny did. His legs now spread wide apart and straight, leaning over the table, forcing his deliciously rounded rear right up in the air as an utterly obvious invitation to a gangbang. Douglas clicked off more and more photos; now the butt melons were parted even their fulsomeness could only hide a couple of inches of the thread that lay between them. That same two inches also all that hid away the straight arrogant Jock stud's most private possession.
"Is this any good?"
Johnny asked. The innocence with which the question was posed almost making Douglas crack up, given the Jock's current position. Douglas thought it very good indeed, and was getting shots in which you couldn't see Johnny was supposed to be reading anything. Shots in which it just looked like the Jock could be offering himself up for one thing alone! Still Douglas wanted that last, sweet, ripe, apple.
"That's great Johnny. We're very nearly done now. If you could just try and stretch those legs wider."
Johnny stretched; it was hard and even his muscled legs were starting to ache a bit, but they were almost done now - if he could just hit the pose Mr Douglas needed.
"Like this?"
Johnny panted out, from his exertion. Just one inch of thread remained hidden between the butt mounds now ... one inch of thread, and Mr Douglas' current objective.
"You're almost there now Johnny. Almost look in quite the perfect, most natural pose for a guy like yourself. Only a little bit further. You can try bending your knees and getting them up on the edge of the table if that helps. And pushing your shoulders right down onto the table."
And so the local star studly straight muscle jock pulled his knees right up onto the edge of the table, spreading his legs far apart to their limits, shoulders pressed down, ass now forced right up in the air with cheeks parted to the max. Douglas only hoped Johnny didn't hear his sigh of contentment, as finally those big round ass melons finally gave up the fight to conceal the quarterback's most secret place. At last they spread gloriously and brazenly apart revealing a pink hairless pucker winking cheekily at Douglas and his rapidly flashing camera. The pink thread, that could now be seen along its entire length connecting the one round Johnny's waist to the flimsy over-stuffed pouch now visible heavily dangling between his legs, seemed like a humourous aside stretched across the centre of the Jock's forcibly opened virgin rear-entrance.
Douglas could no longer contain himself. Making to look like he was just getting some more close-up shots (which indeed he was .... VERY close-up), he was little more than a couple of feet behind the Jock's deliciously revealed hole - where he knew Johnny couldn't possibly see him from his current position. Staring straight at the twitching straight-boy Jock hole, Douglas quietly but furiously stroked his beer-can ten incher. Under his breath, too quiet for Johnny to hear, he murmered his thoughts as he rapidly approached orgasm.
"Oh, you slut, you cheap 50 dollar ass whore. You love showing guys your easy man quim don't you. Spread out like an advert. Stripping off, hoping to attract guys like bees to honey. Just hoping to get your Jock twat fucked and fucked again. Bet you want to be gangbanged in this position for hours on end; that you'd like me to invite any guy off the street just to come in here and use your pussy fuck-hole to their hearts' content all night long, don't you."
As Douglas came it was all he could do to stop himself from pushing forward into the muscle hunks proffered asshole, ripping the thread aside with his tongue, and reaming that hole out till it was gaping. Instead he had one last idea. As he moved back a little again to get all of the luscious Jock in frame, his final request.
"OK Johnny, could you just look over your shoulder. Just like your favourite cheerleader has appeared, give us that all-American all-man Jock smile, yeah?"
Holding the lewd, depraved and degrading position, Johnny looked over his shoulder and gave a magnificent smouldering come-hither smile for the imaginary cheerleader of his dreams. Of course, to Douglas' camera it was the hungry smile of an insatiable Jock-slut muscle-bottom eager and waiting for his welcoming butt hole to take on all comers. Just not in Johnny's mind. Equally important, the fact that the photos would now very clearly show to anyone viewing them that it was Johnny Chance, the 'untouchable' uber-Jock, who was that eager and waiting insatiable Jock-slut muscle-bottom.

After they'd finished their session and Johnny was dressed again ready to leave, you could hardly blame Douglas for thinking that after that, another shoot could well be on the cards. He even dared to mention the possibility of perhaps Johnny being interested in some 'nude work' tomorrow - artistic stuff, of course.
"No way man. I just needed to get a bit of cash together quickly this time. My first and last performance. I'd never do any nudey work anyway; that's all a bit queer for my tastes too - don't want any homos perving over my bod, ya know."
And with that, Johnny was gone.
Back home, Kevin was delighted to get 'his' 50 dollars and looked forward to finding out a bit about how the photoshoot went. He even wondered about how he might get some of the photos, which could be useful for putting his big bro 'in his place' when necessary in the future. It was only later, when Kevin had Johnny back in a trance and found out about his flat rejection of the opportunity to make even more money, that Kevin became annoyed and resentful at his bro. Now Kevin was going to make sure that today's effort was definitely NOT Johnny's last performance - not by a long way.