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His name is Dan. He is one of the hottest guys at your school. He is also one of the richest. Dan wears the nicest clothing, from the most expensive stores on Fifth Avenue. He is a varsity snowboarder, but has the build of an amateur bodybuilder. His eyes are a brown with deep pools for pupils.

Dan has been the subject of your fantasies since sixth grade. Ever since he pushed you around in the showers after swimming, you have been turned on by him. You find way he carries himself mesmerizing. His swagger, the way each of his toned butt-cheeks moves when he walks, his sexy voice: you find it irresistible. In fact, you would do almost anything to get into Dan’s pants. Anything...




            What you do not know is that Dan knows you have a crush on him. Because he is the dominating guy that he is, he wants to exploit that. You are no match for him physically, but you would be in for the surprise of your life when he corners you in the library one day.

            “Hey, man. Did you do the Econ homework?”

            You, being the conscientious student, reply, “Yeah, why?”

            He puts his hand on your back and starts directing you.

“Ok, I’m gonna copy it. Let’s go in here.”

He opens the door to the library’s conference room and hangs the busy sign. As he closes the blinds to the library, you look around at the small room with its two chairs and a desk in the corners. You notice that the usual large conference table has been moved. Before you can think any more, Dan puts his big hand on your shoulder and pushes you down to the seat. The feel of his touch gives you and instant boner.

“So, where is the homework?”

You scramble to pull it out of your bag.

As you do, Dan says, “Dude, you’re gonna need to teach some of this shit to me, ‘cause I’m screwed for the test tomorrow.”

You cannot resist his sexy drawl, “Yeah, sure.” You begin to explain the concept of the money multiplier to him.


About two minutes into your explanation, Dan begins to flex his huge biceps ever so slightly while leaning on the table. At first, you do not notice, but soon, it catches your attention. Dan knows he has you when you repeat the word “multiplier” four times in a row.

“Dude, what are ya starin’ at?

“Huh? What? I wasn’t staring at anything.”

He begins boring into you with his deep eyes and sexy voice. “You were definitely checking me out. Do you like my biceps?” He flexes. You almost cum. “I work out every day.”

“Uh, ya, they look good. So, the money multiplier...” You do not catch the devilish gleam in Dan’s eye. After five more minutes of trying to concentrate on tutoring Dan while he flexes, your concentration is shattered by his yell.

“Shit! Fuck dude, I think there’s something in my eye.” He grabs your shoulder and forces you to look into his mesmerizing eyes. “Do you see anything?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Look deeper.”

At this point, you are so entranced by his deep brown eyes and his hot voice that you cannot resist. You do not even notice him pushing you back into your seat.

“Just keep looking,” he commands you.


He turns your chair so it faces him. He gets up without breaking eye contact and sits on your lap, face-to-face.

“You cannot stop looking into my eyes. You think they are so captivating. You want to fall into them. You can’t resist me.” He takes you down a typical hypnotic induction. You have no idea how he know about your deepest fantasy, but right now, it does not matter. You do not even think about that. All you can think about is listening to Dan.



Forty minutes pass, but to you, it seems like an eternity has gone by. Dan has taken you deep into hypnosis. He has not even finished his induction. You are so deep into his spell that you do not notice his finger tracing you lips. If you were paying attention, you would notice and remember that they are hot, long, strong, tanned fingers. However, you are currently counting down from 100.


“Good boy. You feel a wave of pleasure wash over your body. Now, open your mouth.”

You comply. He proceeds to explore your mouth with his finger. You taste his finger as he does so. Its taste and flavor bring you closer to orgasm.

“Now, suck on my finger boy. And as you do, listen to my commands.”

“Mmhmm...” You begin to focus on his finger in addition to his words.

 “Right now, this finger represents my cock. You want to please my cock, because pleasing my cock means pleasing me. Pleasing me means you are happy. And you want to be happy.”

You are transfixed on his finger now.

“As my finger goes deeper and deeper into your mouth, you feel your resistance dying away.” He continues to mind-fuck you with his finger, a new twist on finger-fucking!

Soon, he takes his finger out of your mouth.

“Ok bitch, you are still going to obey me, but now you can open your eyes and move around. You are still in my power.”

You open your eyes to the familiar conference room and Dan’s familiar, hot shirtless chest.

“Come here bitch.” You go to him. He takes your head and guides it to his chest and nipple. “Ok boy, suck on those nipples. Make me feel good.” You are happy to oblige, even though you have no choice.


A minute later, you feel his hand grab the back of your head and bring it to his armpits. He shoves your face into them. “Inhale that smell. That is the smell of your master. Learn it. Remember it. You will never forget this smell and the god from whom it came.”

With your face in his pits, you are in ecstasy. His mere smell could make you cum. But, he commanded you not to cum unless he allowed you to cum.

“Bitch, in a moment, you are going to be in for the treat of your life. I’m gonna let you suck my cock, be my little whore, and become complete slave.”

He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. It is 8.5 inches of cut, golden glory. Dan pulls you out of his armpits and forces you to your knees. There, your eyes are glued to his dick. Even the most intense hypno-training could not peel your eyes from it now.

He grabs you hair, forces open your mouth, and brings it onto his cock. “Take it like a real bitch!”

The moment it is in your mouth, you lose it. The entire focus of you being, with the exception of your subconscious mind, is on Dan’s beautiful cock right now. Your other senses seem to cease to function while you worship his manhood. You do not consciously pay attention to his words, although your brain still registers and accepts them.

“That’s right bitch, swallow my cock. As you do, feel me not only face-fucking you, but also mind-fucking you. As you taste more and more of my cock, you become mine. You will obey any command I give you. You will carry out all of my instructions. It is like my cock has extended beyond your mouth and into your brain. When I cum, you will swallow it, sealing your fate. When I cum, you will be totally mine.”

Of course, you are not alarmed by this because you are not paying attention. All you can focus on is his delicious cock. Either way, you would have agreed to be his total slut.


Fifteen minutes pass. Dan has been face- and mind-fucking you the whole time. You are almost completely ensnared by his power—his raw masculinity—his beauty—his hotness.

“Aw yeah! Bitch! I am so close to cumming, so close to owning you completely. You can’t wait until you are mine. Suck my dick if you agree. Haha! Oh shit, here it comes. Take it all, bitch! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!”

He cums into your mouth. You swallow his huge hot load, noting that it tastes like the greatest thing you have ever tasted. The moment you finish swallowing, it snaps. You are his. His wish is your law. You will obey him forever. The object of your deepest, darkest fantasy has become your reality.

You look up at his hot, naked body; his toned muscles; his gorgeous face. You cannot help but to smile.

Dan looks back down. “Soon, you are going to get to know my cock and my body very well.”

He put his cloths back on while giving you your final commands, “You will not remember the exact details of what happened in here unless you are in trance. You will come out of trance ten minutes after I say “bitch-boy”. Anytime I say that thereon out, you will go back into trance. Even when out of trance, you will obey me without question. Is that clear? Of course it is, bitch-boy.”



You come to in to conference room with your hardest boner ever. No matter what you try to do, it will not go away. You are forced to put your sweat-stained cloths back on. On your way out, you notice a stack of paper and books left behind. You see a note on top, “This is all of my homework that I need done for the next month. It had better be stellar, otherwise, you’re screwed. –Dan” You sigh and head out, happy because of your new assignments...and your new role.





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