by Baralai

“Come on Julian, one night is going to destroy you.” Sean pulled his friend into the dark room. The bar was relatively slow this evening. After all it was a Monday night and not many people drifted into the bar scene this early in the night. He and Aaron thought this was best so to let their friend assimilate to the new surroundings.

Sean gave Aaron a doubting look. They both agreed that they needed to get Julian out on the town a bit. The guy hadn’t had sex in five years after he dumped the loser of a boyfriend way back when. Julian was an extreme homebody. The guy was always nervous and while Aaron and Sean didn’t agree often they both agreed it was time to get Julian out into the playing field.

The three of them had been friends since high school and despite their differences had remained close. Aaron was a very stern collected sort of guy. He was dressed fairly casual, his chestnut hair tussled a little, but you could tell he didn’t put much effort into it. His cloths were just a little baggy, but were fitted enough to show a lean body. Aaron was just here tonight to hang with his buds and nothing more. He had a wonderful loving man at home and a steady office career to go to the next morning.

Sean was a complete opposite of Aaron. His jeans seam impossibly tight, and his sleeveless tee shirt seemed like a second skin, than a layer of clothing. Sean‘s hair was primped and pimped and it was obvious that he waxed his eyebrows. Sean was indeed on the prowl. He came to hang with his friends but he wasn’t going home with them or anything.

Then there was Julian; he was shy, bashful, and while he had a hard body, he was easily lost in a crowd with his unfitted jeans and t-shirt.

Sean looked at his friend and sighed. Julian looked like he was about to have a panic attack. “Relax buddy. No one here is going to hurt ya.”

Julian was indeed having a panic attack. He felt his heart quicken and his breathing was starting to take a faster pace and even taking shorter breaths. Julian Swan hated bars for many reasons. They were dark and cramp for starters. He was prone to have anxiety issues so dark crowded places with flashing lights were not the most relaxing of environments. “Why do gay guys like all this flashing glitz anyways?” thought Julian.

There were other reasons Julian didn’t like bars and why they made his so jumpy. The people there were all nervous as hell. Every guy in the bar was nervous of what the other guy was thinking, or if they looked good enough to the guy across the room, or was the bartender flirting or was he just being professionally friendly. Every guy in the room was anxious and Julian could feel it. Not in some exaggerated sense, but he could literally feel the tension of every man in the room. Julian was an empath, and his abilities made his life complicated.

Julian needed to have constant control of his emotions at all time. I was far too easy to lose himself in others emotions, or worse intensify emotions of others around him. Once when he was presenting in a public speaking class, Julian had let his fear flow out of him and eleven of his class makes were sent to the hospital for heart problems, which was later discovered to be merely panic attacks, but the professor had to stay overnight since he in fact did have a heart condition before.

After that Julian had set some major rules upon himself to make sure he didn’t lose control again. He didn’t like the concept of hurting people or manipulating them. He usually avoided people at all costs. More importantly he avoided situations that would make him lose control. Experiences like those in bars, places where he was likely to freak out, anything illegal were all things Julian avoided. He also stayed away from drugs and alcohol since the entire idea of the substances were to lose control of oneself. In truth, Julian lived the life of an agoraphobic, if you could call it living.

Aaron interjected, before his friend went into a full blown frenzy. “Julian, you need to get out. Look it’s not that crowded, nothing crazy is going down. So just take a deep breathe and relax.”

“Fine, but we agreed only an hour. No longer than that. Kay?”

”That’s fine Julian. Take your steps, but you agreed to one drink.”

”No I didn’t, I don’t drink. I never drink.” The thought of himself losing control in the bar ran through his head. He was trying hard not to let other’s emotions effect him, but in truth the effort was really make him more on edge. Still Julian was fearful of getting drunk and then going out of control.

“Oh Jesus, Jul, its one fucking drink. You’re not going to become an alcoholic from just one drink. Here have a seat here, chill, relax, and Aaron and I will get you one lousy drink.”

Sean took Aaron’s arm and dragged him to the main bar. “Man, I hope he isn’t like this all night. I don’t need a lead leash all night, I need to start checking out the pickings tonight.”

“Sean can’t you have at least a date before you sleep with a guy.”

“Eh, go whine to your hubby. I like my fun and you don’t have any.”

“Ugh, lets focus on Julian. We need to meet him half way. He’s here, we’ll be supportive, and I’m sure the show will help relax him a bit. Is that guy performing tonight?”

”Which one; Alex, Christian, Toby, Joel?”

Aaron rolled his eyes, ”The one you haven’t slept with.”

”Oh, him. Yeah I think he’s here tonight. Why, you want him?” Sean said facetiously.

“Quit it Sean. I was thinking that he’s Julian’s type. Not that you hook up with a stripper, well most don’t, but he’d be good at making sure that Julian is a little more at ease and distracted from him anxieties.”

Julian meanwhile was slowly nursing the beer Sean had forced upon him. He really didn’t like the taste, but he was sure Sam would give him hell if he just left it sitting there. Suddenly the bar’s lights somehow got dimmer and the lights flickered faster and the music got louder. This didn’t help Julian relax at all. The MC announced that the dancers would be starting and sure enough a guy hopped up on the stage. Well if you could call it a stage. It was barely the size of a large crate. Well basically it looked like two crates of differing heights with a metal pole shooting out between the two. Of course Julian was sitting right in front on this “stage.”

The man the jumped on the stage was one of the hottest guys Julian had ever seen. The guy was blonde, but obviously from the bottle. It wasn’t exactly bleached, but it didn’t look natural, especial with the dark stubble running down his chin. He had a slim, but greatly toned body. Julian was sure this guy was either a swimmer or a runner. To his glee than man started to grind his hips into the pole while running his hands across his clothed body.

Aaron’s credit, Julian did forget about his fears, but this was mostly assisted that most of the guys in the room had lost their fears as well. The dancer had pretty much every guy’s eye in the room, especially when the shirt came off. Fewer guys were nervous about what anyone else thought at this point, so Julian was free from the room’s previously stifling anxiety. His mind now thoroughly entertained, Julian, for the first time in a long while, was able to relax and enjoy himself. He continued to sip the glass infront of him and watched the show. He didn’t even notice Sam giving him a new glass with some stronger stuff.

It was when the dancer stripped off his pants that Julian changed his mind and decided that the guy wasn’t a swimmer. His body was lean, but the muscles were too well defined. This guy definitely did some serious toning and the results were there. His ass was perfectly round, his chest ripped while sported a nice six pack and he had nice square shoulders. It was also around the time that the pants came off that Julian remembered about his abilities. It wasn’t that he started feeling fear again, but something new. It was a bit off, usually people were so afraid all the time that all Julian could feel was fear. The general public had a lot of fears, being late, meetings and presentations to give at work, judgment by friends and family, nearly getting in a car accident, fretting over the continuous bills… In reality always seems to be the ever present theme of life to Julian.

But this new feeling was something different. It was actually fairly easy to label, it was lust. It wasn’t that Julian had never felt lust from others before, but rather that he had never felt it coming so strongly from a room before. Usually the only emotion that strong was fear, but with all the men’s eyes on the greased up body on the “stage” not many had nervous thoughts on their brains. After all, it wasn’t like there was any allusion that they ad a chance of sleeping with this beautiful man.  

Julian let the emotions flow into him. It felt good, no that wasn’t the right word, it felt HOT! He couldn’t get over how hot he felt taking in that much lust. Still Julian decided that he wouldn’t mind trying a little more. For the first time in his life Julian decided to try a little experiment with his powers. He pushed out some of the feelings of yearning out into the room, this inturn would increase the feelings of those around him so they would then project more of their emotions back to Julian. This created a sort of emotional loop creating stronger feels in those around him. In normal circumstances this would heightened Julian’s fears, but now he was concentrating on a new principle emotion

Not many of the guys watching the show seemed to be able to think clearly. Eachone of them,, which in reality was a little more than a dozen, since it was s slow night, were present. Still each and everyone of them had to admit they were much more hornier than they should have been. The dancer was hot, but everyone knew no one was goin home with him. Its common knowledge that this was just a show and the was little chance of sleep with that hot piece of ass.

Still there was a need there. In the subconscious mind of the audience members, each brain cell figured out that they needed to fuck, and if the dancer was unlikely then it was time to look elsewhere, since the need kept seeming to grow stronger. Eyes started to wonder at first, and then the hands wondered where the eyes first tread. Soon members of the audience were only half paying attention to what was going on stage as they became preoccupied with eachother.

The stripper was actually having a hard time with his routines. His head was getting a tad foggy and he was unusually aroused during his show. It made it hard to concentrate especially when attempting to do some of his “crowd pleasers,” it was like a wave washed over him every time he did something the guys would like. Worse, he was staring to get an erection and his thong wasn’t hiding anything. Still he didn’t want to stop. The waves of euphoria were so overpowering, and it felt so hot to show off for the guys. He teased them by tugging at his thong, making it look like he was going to bear it all, but that was against the rules. Still everything he gave the tease, the feelings would wash over him stronger. He felt doing his teasing until he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t care what the manager would say, he wanted to take it all off.

His dick slapped up against his abs, but he didn’t get quite the response he was expecting. The flood of pleasure washed over him, but there was no cry out from the masses. He looked at the crowd and it seemed like he lost most of his audience. Every guy seemed to have paired up with someone and aggressively fondling eachother. They were all still watching him, but most were too preoccupied to give a round of applause.

There was one guy that was watching him intently. The guy seemed to have a nice body, but his clothes hide most of his looks. The baggy clothes hide hid his body well, but there was something alluring about the guy. No that wasn’t the right word, something like magnetism or compelling, something that made the guy stand out even though he was the only one not engaged with another guy.

The dancer felt his feet move towards the guy. He couldn’t help it. In his mind he tried to rationalize that he was most likely only going to get tips from the only guy watching him, but his mind was blocking out that this wasn’t standard behavior for this bar. The manager always made sure that the bar had a good reputation for not letting this get out of control and the was getting crazy really fast.

He walked his way over to the guy, but he had more of a saunter. He was still performing, if only for this nameless fellow. When he finally reached the boy his intentions to keep dancing fled. He found himself against the guy’s body, feeling an even more intense wave pass though him. It was as if he was being rewarded for doing a good job. He was trying to think that this wasn’t right and he should be doing this, and he definitely should be enjoying this, but it was just so much easier to ride the waves and do what felt good.

His hard dick left droplets of precum on the loose fitting clothing. The body underneath was definitely hard, in both terms. He slipped him hand into the openings and began to explore and then leaned in to kiss the stranger. Unbeknownst to him, or even the stranger, this kiss would make all hell break loose.

Meanwhile Aaron and Sean were arguing by the bar. “You are not going home with the new bartender.”

“Why not he’s hot. He’s got a good twink look to him.” Sean said while checking out the young guy only 20 feet away and didn’t care if he could hear them.

“Because you’ve slept with every bartender here, and it always makes things awkward, especially when they want something more. I don’t want to have to kind a new place. This place is usually so cool and relaxed and doesn’t get all crazy.”

“Oh come of what’s wrong with crazy?”

Of course both guys had their backs to the stage and didn’t notice what was going on. The new bartender though was giving some curious glances. He wasn’t really all that comfortable with open displays of sex, which is why he took a job at this bar and not others. But what was going on by the stage was starting to look like a sex club. It was his first day so he couldn’t tell if this was the norm or out of the ordinary. Should he tell the manager? No, if this was normal, then he’d look like a foolish novice, best to just try and ignore it and survive the night.

Aaron meanwhile was still arguing the familiar argument with Sean when suddenly he started to feel strange. Aaron wasn’t sure why he was feeling the way he was. He felt…well he felt horny. It was like his entire body was washed away in some lustful sensations and he wanted to explore it right then and there. Aaron wished more than anything that Brian was here so he could straddle him tightly. But fuck Brian now, he needed to let loose and soon. If he didn’t find a way to blow off this energy, he felt like he would literally blow up.

He felt his hand brush up against Sean’s leg. The touch felt like electricity running through his arm. It felt so good and he didn’t want to stop there. Aaron let his hand slide across Sean’s thigh. His tight jeans didn’t hide the muscle tone underneath. It felt so good to slide his hand across his friend’s thigh. Normally Aaron couldn’t stand Sean. Sean was so sleazy and out of control. Aaron preferred his steady loving relationship with Brian. Brian was so sweet and caring. He always looked out for Aaron and was always reliable. But at this moment those thoughts of his boyfriend left him. Brian was boring and predictable. He wanted to let loose and have some fun.

Sean meanwhile was very confused. His straight laced friend and starting to handle him like he wanted some. But the very idea was foreign to Sean. Not that he wasn’t up for a guy to feel him up, but this was Aaron here. Aaron, Mr. monogamous in a Long Term Relationship. This was the guy that always pestered him about him being a free bird. Why would he all of a sudden be making moves on him now? But soon the thoughts and questions seemed to slip out of Sean’s head. A warm feeling seemed to blanket him and he was lost to his senses.

Who was he to question Aaron’s motives? His hands felt good and that’s all that really matters in the end. Sean let his hands slip over to his friend’s torso. He turned to look Aaron in the eye and saw an irregular devilish grin on Aaron’s face. Sean couldn’t believe how hot his friend looked. Why had he’d not seen it before. Aaron was always a pain in the side, but now he was fun. And he wasn’t going to let Fun Aaron play by himself.

Aaron’s head was spinning. Part of him was trying to figure out what was going on. He should be remaining faithful to his sweet Brain, but it was only a small part of him thinking this. Most of his thoughts were on how good he was feeling at that moment and how easy it would be to go further. Yeah, Aaron definitely wanted to go further. He moved his face closer to Sean’s and looked into his eyes. Yeah, Sean was definitely willing. Sean was always willing, and now Aaron understood why. It felt good to loose control.

Aaron pressed his lips against Sean’s and pushed their bodies together. He was washed away but the lustful sensations flowing through his body. He felt his tongue dance with Sean’s, his hands trying to touch every inch of his friend’s body, while trying to push themselves even closer than they were, and then there was the grinding of their hips.

Jillian meanwhile was lost in his own euphoria. The dancer was going down on his cock. He smiled to himself as he let the pleasure overcome him. Julian couldn’t get over how free he felt. The kiss had driven him over the edge, he didn’t hold back anything after that. He didn’t hold any of his emotions back like he normally did, he just went with the flow of things. Or more importantly he was creating a whole new flow. His emotions were now pouring out of him and engulfing anybody who was near him. Even his new dancer friend.

The dancer’s name was Kyle. And actually Kyle was straight. He just got paid well for stripping in a gay bar cause he had a nice body and a certain look. For some off reason his girlfriend thought it was hot, so there was really no problems to be had. Kyle had no problem with homosexuality; he just wasn’t interest in any of the gay guys that watched him dance. He put on a show, they watch and enjoyed and no one got hurt. No big deal there. He didn’t even mind the occasional grope and he definitely didn’t mind the tips.

But for the life of him he couldn’t figure out what he was doing now. There was something about this guy that turned him on. He couldn’t explain it, but the guy made him feel horny. He never went this far with any of the bar’s clients and the guy never even asked. Kyle just wanted to do it. Every time he did something to the guy, his body felt unbelievably good. For some odd reason, whenever he turned the guy on, he felt more turned on. His reasoning went adrift and now his only concern was entertaining this stranger and feeling waves of bliss with every seduction.

Now he was even having sex with the guy, and worse he was enjoying it. He bobbed up and down on the guy’s dick and listened to his comments.

“Yeah, suck it you whore. Its so hot having my dick sucked by a slut like you.”

Kyle liked this guy calling him a slut. Every time he did insinuate that he was promiscuous Kyle felt an essence of bliss wash over him. He kept his mouth tight against the man’s cock and looked up at his face. He could see the guy’s pleasure in his face. No it was more than that, it was like he could feel this man’s pleasure, or something like that.

That didn’t make much sense, but Kyle didn’t care. Just like he didn’t care that he was a straight guy sucking a gay guy’s dick, or how hot he felt being called a whore, or the fact that all this was happening in public view. All that mattered to him was servicing the stranger in front of him and riding on the high.

While that was going on, Aaron was losing more of his inhibitions. He felt incredible. His dick was painfully hard now, still grinding against Sean. Aaron could feel the dampness of his briefs and pants from the precum oozing out of him. He could also feel that Sean was getting into him as well, and Sean seemed to be packing. Aaron was wonder how big his friend really was. He had never seen him naked before. The old Aaron wouldn’t have cared, but the new released Aaron was very curious. Sure Sean always bragged about his size, but that never meant anything. More than anything Aaron wanted to wrap his hands around that tick piece that was straddled his leg.

Sean still couldn’t get his head over Aaron. Not that he was going to let the new baffling behavior stop what was happening, but it was just so odd to grasp. But what was really weird is that the two of them were so open about what they were doing. Normally Sean liked secluded places, like a janitor’s closet or a stranger’s bedroom. Hell normally he was against the whole PDA scene. But now he was in full view of making out with his friend and…and was Aaron groping his dick? Sean was relieved that Aaron wasn’t just teasing him. He apparently was wiling to go all the way. Of course Sean was still taken back when Aaron started to unbuckle his belt.

Aaron couldn’t stand having those jeans get in the way any longer. The dick was so big, it was just begging to be held. No wonder Sean had such and easy time getting laid, all the guys want his dick. It originally felt good to have feel Sean up through the dampness of the cloth, but now he wanted skin. Aaron wanted Sean out of his clothing right now. More of the was just like all the other guys Sean slept with, Aaron want that big dick.

Sean’s pants were soon down to his knees. Sean was originally working on unbuttoning Aaron’s shirt, but got distracted when Aaron’s hand wrapped itself around his cock. Still he go the shirt off enough to expose Aaron’s thick shoulders. Sean lowered his head so his lips could nibble at the nap of the exposed neck. His own hands were pushing down into Aaron’s pants, caressing his friend’s meaty ass. He worked slowly to push the pants down to get more access while Aaron worked on giving him a hand-job.

Julian was astounded by the waves of pleasure he was feeling. He took in the flood of emotions and let them flow out of him more intensified. Unconsciously he was making the guys around him extremely horny and lowering inhibitions. They inturn would create their own scenarios that Julian would pick up upon and intensify his own feelings so he could then intensify everyone else’s. Of course those closest to Julian were already engaging in a variety of sexual acts. Julian could control emotions, but not what people did with them. Each pair had their own wants and desires flushed out and were acting upon them.

He looked over at his two friends and saw Aaron removing the last of Sean’s clothes while he was rubbing their two cocks together with he other hand. Sean on the other hand was fight to keep standing, and was fumbling between taking Aaron’s shirt off and sticking a finger into Aaron’s exposed asshole.

Normally Julian was more self controlled and would put a stop to this, but he was too lost in the whole feeling. He wasn’t just feeling his pleasure, but Kyle’s, Aaron’s, Sean’s and everyone else who was having a good old time. How could he stop when he needed more? He ran his hands down the horny strippers back and let his mind wander back to the sensations that mouth was having on him.

The manager of the bar, Justin, saw what was going on and walked over to put a stop to it. He couldn’t have guys fooling around in the bar. The bar and he could get in some serious trouble with the law for public indecency. Justin was more than a little upset, especially since one of his strippers was part of the debauchery. And wasn’t Kyle supposedly straight? And why all the crazy shit happened on his shift?

So Justin stomped over, in a bad mood, to put an end to the craziness. But the closer he got the less angry he became. As a matter of fact he felt good. Then he noticed the new bartender he had recently hired. Fresh faced kid in college had a very innocent face and looked very confused at what was happening. Justin decided that he’d better go over there and comfort him first. But that didn’t make sense. What he should do was stop the scene and then make sure the kid was alright. Though Justin gave up on rational thinking as he took the new kid and started to makeout with him. The next thing he knew was that Brad, no it was Brett, or was it Harry? Oh what ever the kid’s name was he has sure panting as he fucked his tight ass.

Julian couldn’t believe how good he was feeling. Kyle, the dance had stopped the blow job and was now on his knees having his ass pounded by Julian’s dick. The guy was now lost in a sexual daze and just panted loudly and occasionally begged for more.

Julian had to admit it felt so good to lose control for once. What had he been so afraid of before? He looked around the room and saw that the entire room was in a sexual frenzy. He glanced over the crowd, he saw a nude Sean sitting on a barstool with his legs in the air, while Aaron had his face buried in Sean’s ass. There was a group of five guys close to him that were have a complex orgy that it almost reminded on of an MC Escher painting. Justin, the manager was laying on the bar as his new hire squatted over him. Justine was actually glad he decided to help the kid first. Whatever his name was look so much more at ease and much happier while he was riding his cock.

Seeing all this became too much for Julian. He felt himself explode, but as he did he felt every guy in the room climax as well. The entire room was linked for a few astounding seconds in one giant orgasm. The new bartender shot so hard his cum splashed into his face.

Every guy in the room was panting with an afterglow. They were all more than a little confused as to what had happened. Trying to put the pieces together, but there only seemed to be blank spaces where there should be some kind of reasoning. This lasted a few minutes. Soon the waves of lust poured over them all over again. Julian decided that he deserved more than a little bit of fun.

A month later, Julian returned to the bar with Aaron and Sean. The two had been making out the entire way over. After Julian’s first of many visits to the bar Aaron had made some startling changes. He had broken up with Brian and moved in with Sean. Him and Sean were making a cute “couple” if you could call them that. Aaron actually sleeping around with a good couple of guys on the side that shared some interesting fetishes that he had recently picked up. Still he usually stayed home with Sean. It wasn’t out of a commitment like he had with Brian, but he did like having that large dick up his ass.

Sean and Aaron were now lovers. Sean still abstained from calling Aaron his boyfriend or partner or anything close to sounding like commitment. He was still mostly the same guy he was a month ago. Aaron was now more than willing to have an open relationship, which meant that Sean was free to sleep with other guys still, but found he preferred Aaron more often than not since the guy seemed to have opened up with a couple of sexual quirks. Apparently Aaron was holding back his desires and once let loose was able to explore every fantasy he had had. More than once Sean was welcomed home to a threeway, which he promptly made into a fourway. Aaron even bought a new bed that came with connections for a sling. Sean also now went out of his was to do as many public displays as he could.

Although Aaron’s changes were drastic, it was nearly that amazing compared to the changes of Julian. Julian walked into the bar wearing an army tanktop that showed off his muscular arms and leathers pants that didn’t leave much to the imagination. But it wasn’t his dress that was amazing about the change, it was his attitude. He now walked with a demanding presence, a strong force of confidence and strength.

The walked into the bar and were immediately were welcomed by the manager. Justin made a comment about Aaron’s assless chaps. A month ago Justin would have asked a guy to leave if he was wearing that, but now he thought it looked goof on Aaron. The bar had also changed with everyone else. Public sex was common place and they had added a few slings and gloryholes to actually encourage the crowd. Noone could explain the reasoning, except that the manager was now much more loose, and becoming more nefarious that he was sleeping with his staff, not that any of the staff made any complaints. Justin made friends with the three guys after Julian had somehow talked some cops out of giving the bar a fine for public indecency, Justin’s former greatest fear. The two cops the fine go and actually started participating in some of the sex acts.

He told Chris to get the three friends a round of drinks on the house. Chris was the name of the bartender that started a month prior. The timid face was now looking rather sultry. Chris was glad that he started working here. He was much more comfortable with his sexuality now and the job was a lot of fun, Justin made sure of that. Chris had become the manager’s favorite pet, but he didn’t mind since it was fun and he seemed to get paid better now. Justin also didn’t complain at all when Chris started working only in a jockstrap. He loved it when guys check out his body, especially his ass. He always made sure to give them a wicked glace if he did catch them looking down there. As a matter of fact he was giving Julian one of those glances now.

Lastly there was Kyle. Kyle seemed to be spending more and more time at the bar. He still saw himself as straight, for the first week and then he came out of bisexual. No one was that surprised since he kept sleeping with Julian every night. Kyle had tried to convince himself it was just Julian, since there was something special about him. But then he was constantly having cravings for dick. He soon was sleeping around with a couple of guys and had to admit he enjoyed every dick he encountered. He dropped the bi thing three days ago and dumped his girlfriend. He started to have an escorting service on the side of stripping, and he seemed to be doing well in business.

Julian’s tricks seemed to having a lasting effects on his peers. The old Julian would freaked out. But that guy was gone forever. The new Julian wanted to have fun and not worry about the consequences.

Kyle walked over to the group to saw hi. He had already did his show and was in the nude standing at attention. Julian welcomed him with a deep kiss. Keeping an arm around Kyle Julian reached over the and dragged Chris into a similar kiss. His hands soon left Chris’s head and went south to grope Chris’ only clothed portion.

Yes Julian would be having a lot more fun for now on. All he needed was a little empathy.