The Masseuse

 By Mesmer eyzed

Patrick the masseuse came by our offices again handing out his business card and as always he poked his head into my office and said, “I’m telling you Sam that if you just let me give you one massage you will never go back to a woman again.”


I said, “I have nothing against a man giving a man a massage but I have a favorite masseuse.”


I lied and Patrick knew it. But he smiled and said, “Okay, but if you ever change your mind I will make the first massage on the house.”


He left and as soon as he did my secretary popped her head in and said, “Oh come on now. Are you so old fashioned that you won’t let a man give you a massage?”


I said, “No. Old fashioned men do not even get massages. I just don’t want some guy rubbing oil all over my body. What if he likes it?”


My secretary said, “Ha! You mean what if you like it? What a homo-phob!”


I angrily picked up my phone and dialed Patrick’s number. It went to his cell phone and when he answered I said, “Hi Patrick, it’s Sam. You just left my office and my secretary convinced me to give you a try.”


Patrick said, “Great. I have an opening tonight at six o’clock. Can you make it then?”


I agreed to the time and got directions to his home studio. I was nervous as I drove over but didn’t know why. What if she was right? What if my fear was because I was afraid I might like it? I loved women but what if I had some dark side I didn’t even know about? I decided one massage was not going to unleash some deep seeded desire for men and told myself to stop panicking.


Patrick led me into his studio and told me to get undressed, lie face down and pull the sheet over my body. I did as instructed and waited for him to come in. He put on a soft tranquil music and just quietly went to work. I felt the oil warming up and figured it had some chemical in it to make it warm. It smelled like flowers and reminded me of the oil my regular masseuse used.


He never said anything and the combination of the massage and lack of conversation made me really sleepy. The next thing I knew Patrick was talking to me and said, “You’re snoring. Do me a favor and roll over on your back and slide down while I put this pillow under your knees.”


I got comfortable and he began working on my shoulders and traps. I let out an audible sigh and felt my eyes start to close again when he said, “Let’s stay awake this time okay? At least stay awake until I put you to sleep.”


I opened my eyes and said, “Sure Patrick; I’ll try.”


Patrick said, “That’s all I’m asking Sam; just do as I tell you from here on out and everything will be fine.”


I pushed out the word “Okay” and fought to keep my eyes open. I could not figure out why he wouldn’t just let me sleep but I decided to do my best to stay awake.


He leaned over me and said, “You are more relaxed than you have ever been and should be feeling as if you have no strength at all. Try to lift one of your arms and I am sure you will find you can lift it; not even one inch off the massage table.”


I tried to lift my arm and couldn’t even budge it. I said, “Wow, that’s amazing.”


Patrick smiled and said, “Not as amazing as those delicious nipples of yours. I think I’m going to have a little fun with you now that you are helpless on my table.”


He poured warm oil onto my chest and then grabbed both my nipples giving them a tweak before transitioning to a caressing motion. My body defied me and I immediately became aroused. I said, “You fag, I will kill you once I get my strength back.”


Patrick leaned over and said, “Kill me? You will be on your knees begging to suck me off before I send you home. Now look into my eyes Sam.”


My back started to arch from the pleasure shooting down my spine and I felt hatred and anger towards the man causing me all this pleasure. Then I looked into his eyes.


I felt totally helpless. I sent signals to my limbs to hit or kick him but nothing happened. He smiled down at me and said, “Very good Sam. As you can see and feel you have become as helpless as a lamb and quite suggestible. The lotion I use has a very special additive that soaks in through the skin and makes you very submissive and passive. Now I want you to stare even deeper into my eyes and relax.”


There was no doubt in my mind that I was in trouble. I felt my whole body relax as soon as he commanded it and I went deeper into his eyes. Then he said, “That’s a good boy. Patrick has you now. As I play with your nipples you become more and more aroused causing you to fall deeper and deeper into my eyes. Relax and surrender to me Sam; relax and surrender.”


I said, “Please Patrick, please don’t do this.”


He laughed and said, “Before you were going to kick my ass and now you are begging me not to do it. I think you know you’ve lost and you should also know I am not going to stop. So let the pleasure overwhelm you as you melt into my eyes.”


His fingers continued to work on my nipples and the pleasure seemed to be all I could think about. I could not lift a finger to stop him and as I lost control to the pleasure I also found myself losing control to his eyes. I said, “I’m not gay, I am not gay, I am not gay.”


Patrick said, “You are not gay but you are so sleepy and so submissive. When I count to five your eyes will close and you will fall into a deep wonderful hypnotic trance. Then Patrick will be in charge of his submissive little play toy.”


As he counted to five I felt my grip on reality and my self-control slip my fingers like sand on a beach. When he reached five I felt my eyes close and the last thing I saw was his triumphant smile as he stood over me looking down. Once my eyes were closed I became keenly aware of the fact that I was not really asleep at all but felt like I was neither awake nor asleep. It was not until he gave me a command that I knew I was not in control of my actions or thoughts.


He said, “You are hypnotized now Sam and very much in my power. When I count to three you will arise from my massage table having found the strength once again to stand up and move. Once you are standing you will bend over leaning your elbows onto the table. Your eyes will focus on the computer screen in front of you and you will be unable to look away as I have my way with you. Do you understand slave?”


I tried to reason with myself that I did not have to do anything I did not want to. I tried to tell myself I was not his slave or anyone else’s slave but as I reasoned and plead with myself I replied, “Yes Patrick, I understand.”


Patrick reached down and squeezing my balls he said, “Oh no slave, that just won’t do anymore to call me by my name. I am your master and you are my slave and you will address me accordingly. Now arise and do as I commanded. One, two, three and on your elbows slave.”


I found myself rising from the massage table as I replied, “Yes master.”


He walked over to his computer and hit a button and a spinning disk came on with words flashing on the screen. They read, “You are a bitch” “You are a whore” “You are a slut” “You love Patrick’s cock” “You love Patrick” and as the words flashed I felt them penetrate my very being.


As the computer screen soaked into my mind and enveloped my world I felt something warm and liquid on my ass. Then Patrick said, “This will hurt at first bitch but you will learn to love this soon.”


As he penetrated me I tried to tell myself, “I’m not gay, I’m not gay” but those words were quickly replaced with, “I love Patrick’s cock. I am a whore, I am a bitch, I am a slut and I love Patrick.” Before long I said out loud, “I love your cock Patrick.”


A tear dropped from my eye as the distant shadow of myself saw me losing out to his hypnotic control. Then just as I began to surrender to the feeling he pulled out and said, “I’m not letting you off the hook that easy slave. I believe your brain washing is complete so it is time to awaken my latest toy and see how your reprogramming worked.”


He walked over to the computer and said, “When I turn off the hypnotic screen you will awaken having a full memory of everything that has happened here but unable to resist any command I give you.”


The computer screen shut down and I was suddenly aware of my surroundings and a throbbing pain from my insides. I said, “What, what the hell did you do to me?”


He walked over and said, “Kneel before your master.”


I immediately went to my knees as I replied, “Yes master.”


Patrick pulled his cock up and putting it inches from my face said, “Shouldn’t you kiss my cock before you give me a blow job? And don’t bite it or I will punish you slave.”


I couldn’t fight it anymore. As I kneeled before Patrick I knew he was my king and my master. I kissed it as if it was a gift and then took his cock into my mouth the way so many women had done to me. I tried not to gag or bite it and right as he began to reach orgasm he pushed the back of my head onto his cock and forced me to swallow. When he was spent he said, “Excellent slave. I knew you would be excellent and giving your master head. Are you ready to cum now slave?”


I was so hard that my balls were going to burst. I said, “Yes master, please. I will do anything.”


Patrick laughed and said, “Oh I know that already slave. I knew that as I watched your eyes flutter closed. Now be a good boy and insert yourself into your new master. This is the only way you will ever cum again.”


He bent over and put some jelly on his ass and said, “Make love to me now bitch.”


I went over to him as if I was in a dream as I replied, “yes master, anything for you.”


He reached back and massaged my balls and said, “You will not cum until I give you permission.”


I woke up on the floor with Patrick standing over me. I was on the table still with a raging hard on smashing through my pants. I said, “What happened?”


Patrick said, “You were having a pretty intense dream. Are you okay?”


I said, “It was a dream? It was just a dream?”


Patrick said, “Whatever it was it was an intense dream. So how was your massage?”


I got up and said, “Wow, I feel great.”


He smiled and said, “I told you that you would feel great. Is there anything you would like to do before you leave for the day?”


I scanned Patrick up and down. I loved him. I wanted his cock. I said to myself, “It was just a dream dude. None of that happened.”


But then he pulled his pants down and showed me his hard cock. He said, “Maybe it wasn’t a dream.”


I fell to my knees and said, “I exist to serve you master.”


He said, “Then go back to work and earn a good living so you can afford me bitch.”


He was still laughing as I walked out the door. I knew I would be back for another massage and so did Patrick.