MC GYM, The Prelude

by Gymini29

I had received my copy of the notorious Master PC program from a good friend of mine as an e mail attachment a few days earlier along with some details of his adventures with it. I had of course heard vague rumors of the program's existence and how it allowed the user to alter any aspect of the targeted subject from physical appearance to personality so totally as to create a new reality. Hearing about it's supposed existence was one thing, but my skepticism quickly faded as I read the letter from my friend and stared in disbelief at the transformation he had done to himself. He described some of the fun he had and said that he wanted to share it with me knowing that I would appreciate it more than anyone he could think of saying that it was about time the gay community experienced it too!

I quickly downloaded the attached executable file and immediately installed it into my laptop. The moment the install finished a window opened stating, "Welcome to Master Command Center, your own personal command center. The Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you. You now possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative, begin by entering the full name of your first subject" Without hesitation, I entered by own name.

Before going any further, I should probably tell you a few things about myself. My name is Jason Hawk and, in all honesty, I must describe myself as a middle age, over weight gay man that has, for as long as he can remember admired not only the physiques, but also the drive and dedication of a bodybuilder. They posses a radical, almost fanatical self-confidence that compels them to the gym to the goal of improving an already impressive physique. Sadly lacking these qualities condemned me to repeated failed attempts, living the life of, in the words of a bodybuilder from the gym, a "wannabe".

Now, with this gift from my friend, this was about to change.

I opened my personal profile folder and was instantly greeted with a highly accurate and incredibly unflattering nude image of my body. To it's right was a detailed list containing the usual stats of age, weight, height, and body fat %, and more. I looked at the information displayed there, and knew immediately the changes I was going to make. The image, formed from years of fantasizing each night was now clearly displayed in my mind's eye. Without hesitation I began altering the data listed before me bringing to reality the mental image I had jacked off to each night.

I reduced my age from 40 to 24, and my height from 6 feet, to 5' 10", changing my nondescript brown hair to a rich black and my dull brown eyes, to piercing blue and gave myself a boy-next-door face. I changed my pudgy build and gave it one closer to that of a college gymnast with even additional muscle mass to suggest an intermediate natural bodybuilder closer in appearance to Jason Gallant and Marcus Reinhardt. I neared completion with the addition of sharply defined abs and a strong firm bubble butt. The final touch was an uncut dick that would extended straight out a thick full 10.5 inches when erect and two large balls that would hang low when flaccid and retract when hard adding support and the illusion of additional thickness.

With the body now complete I decided to tweak it by adding a self-confident and outgoing personality and a few additional talents becoming a kick ass dancer, and since I always wanted it, a second language, French, and the ability to play the piano.

I set the timer so that the change would take overnight so that I would have a fresh start and reread the alterations once more making certain that I hadn't missed anything. Content with the finished product, I clicked the start icon and went to bed.

Part two

I awoke the next morning to the sound of the alarm buzzing on the table. As I turned it off, I suddenly felt the changes that had taken place while I slept. Tossing the sheets back I leaped out of bed encased in the body I had designed the night before. I gasped as I glanced down at the hard muscle I now had, running my hands over my pecs down toward my washboard abs. It was then that I saw the hard steel shaft stiff with a morning erection that my dick had become, it's thick 10.5" pointing straight out, demanding attention. I walked toward the full-length mirror, experiencing the power of my legs as their new size changed the walk to a strut. I laughed as I watched my hard cock bounce as each alternating thigh struck it from below.

I reached the closet door and, as I extended my hand to open it, closed my eyes so that I could see it all in one instance. I took a deep breath, pulled the mirror door open and lifted my eyes. I gasped! Standing before me was the reflected image of a young athlete blessed with a body that adorned each issue of Muscle Media, it's near perfect symmetry and definition enhanced by a musculature of a genetically gifted and natural athlete. Completing the package was a face that awed you by the sheer beauty of the All-American boy-next-door. And it was me! I stared at the image for a few moments then jumped for joy and shouted as it all sank in.

I knew that I had to try this body out and show it off. The best place for that was my old gym. As I started the shower and hopped in. The feel of the water as it cascaded over me, and my soap covered hands as they glided over my body was intoxicating. I resisted the sensations though, and forced myself to plan any changes at the gym. Stepping out and drying myself off I suddenly realized that I had neglected to alter my wardrobe! Everything I owned was designed to cover the out of shape body of a 40 something man and not to showcase the physique I now had. Panicking, I ran to my closet only to receive the second shock of the day. The program had automatically altered every piece of clothing. I now possessed a wardrobe composed of the latest and best in fashion and, as I glanced through it, additional items from spandex to latex and leather. On a whim I pulled out my driver's license, and yep, even that was changed to reflect the new me.

I grabbed a pair of tight spandex shorts and a wife beater t-shirt and got dressed, by the time I had the workout shoes on I had decided on the plan of action at the gym. I stopped at my desk and powered on my laptop going immediately to MC program. I made on final change and eliminated any memory of me from anyone at the gym. Now I started with a clean slate there. That done, I closed the unit up, tucked it under my arm and headed out the door to the gym.

This is going to fun!!


The MC Gym, Chapter 1

Ken stood behind the counter at the Body Factory putting away a shipment of supplements that had arrived. He had owned and operated the gym since its creation when it provided him with the equipment to become a bodybuilder and the profit to afford the "supplements" to do so. With age came wisdom, and although he still maintained a respectable build for a man in his late 30's, he had long since given up the roids and retired from competition. He still operated the gym and enjoyed it. It was better than a regular job and provided him with a good income. Although he didn't acknowledge this, it also provided him a steady of stream of well-built men to covertly watch.

This particular morning was typical. About 10 or so guys were busy lifting weights in various parts of the gym. Doug, a free lance personal trainer was working with a client on the lat machine, while in the free weight section four powerlifters were doing squats, trying to add even more weight to the bar.

As Ken reached up to place a canister of Creatine just as the front door to the "Factory" opened allowing a well-built young man to enter. With the well-trained eye of the professional (and closeted) trainer he noticed the extraordinary start the man had and his obvious potential. Coupled with the fact that the short and very tight spandex shorts did nothing to hide the rather large bulge in front while hugging two perfect orbs in back.

Ken quickly regained his composure as the young man came to the counter.

"My name is Ken" extending his hand, "How can I help you?"

"I'm Jason Hawk". He said dropping his gym bag to the floor and placing a laptop on the counter, "I just moved to the neighborhood and was told that this is the place to workout."

"Well I think it is but I own it so my opinion is a little biased…It's only $250 a year, that's cheap for a club but that’s because it’s a "hard-core" gym and doesn’t have the frills of a more expensive place. How about a tour of the place as we talk?"

Jason smiled. He had been here many times before, but having Ken treat him as a fresh client was great. Jason had had a crush on Ken for quite a while and had deduced a long time ago that he was locked in an iron closet. He had special plans for Ken and couldn’t wait to see it happen. At the end of the tour they entered Ken's office and sat down.

"Well?" Ken said, "Any questions?"

"Nope! I knew the moment I entered that I wanted to join up. I have some serious goals in mind and this is just the place to achieve them!"

"Like what?"

"Well, I know I have the genetic potential so I want to train to enter an all natural contest. All I need is the training program and the gym and, " handing him his charge card "Now I have the gym!"

"Great!" said Ken, "we can talk about the program and get you started right away!!"

Jason smiled as he reached for his PC. "Let me take some notes with this as you outline the training schedule"

As Ken talked about exercises, supplements, and nutrition Jason typed away supposedly taking notes while in actuality he had opened the MC program, entered Ken's profile and was beginning to make the desired changes.

First he reduced Ken's age to 28 making him seven years old than Jason. He made him 3" inches taller so that he now stood at 6'3 and increased his muscle mass until he was a massive 285 heavy weight bodybuilder until he was on a par with Scott Klein or Aaron Madron. He gave him a handsome yet roughly masculine face and topped it off with a blond flat top that would make any Marine envious. Three final alterations completed the improvements: first he brought him out of that closet, he would be gay and proud of it. Secondly he gave him an 11" dick coupled with a dominant Top personality and finally he made sure that Jason was exactly the "type" of man he preferred adding a strong attraction for him.

Ken was finishing up the description of the training program just as Jason finished the changes.

"Well, that's it! When do you want to start?"

Looking up from the keyboard Jason smiled pushed the start button and said, "How about right now!"

Immediately Ken froze in place behind the desk, his eyes locked open staring into space. Jason watched as he simultaneously grew to his new height and added pound after pound of hard massive muscle to his frame. His chest was the first to grow until each pec was a granite shelf that cascaded down ending with large nipples hanging from their base. The shoulders followed closely behind until each shoulder was capped with a bowling bowl mass of muscle. Ken's already nicely shaped arms ballooned in size growing past the 20" mark…then 22", 24, 26 and finally stopping at 29". Jason glanced down and noticed that the waist had grown in size and strength as well. Ken now possessed a rock hard 8 pack of solid muscle. Since Ken was seated at his desk, Jason was unable to observe what was going on there. Next Ken's body lost all body fat and in an instant became totally ripped displaying each muscle to perfection. Jason new that the transformation was complete when the baggy work out pants and ripped sweat shirt were replaced by a tight red and white striped unitard that displayed it all to perfection.

Ken came around the instant the process was complete, the changes in personality preventing anything different. This time however as he looked at the hot new man in front of him with a new perspective. He stared at the young stud unashamedly knowing that this was the type of boy that always turned him on the most.

He got up from behind the desk, giving Jason a chance to see the now obvious effect that he was having on him, his now monstrously large erection was evident in its spandex encasement and walked next to him.

"Well Jason…" he said laying his hand on Jason's shoulder, "welcome to the Body Factory. And, if you don’t mind, I've decided that I am going to train you myself.

"No, I don’t mind at all, with you as a workout partner I should do great!"

"First thing…stand up and take your shirt off, I wanna get good look at what I have to work with…"

Jason stood up and removed his wife beater. Ken stepped closer to Jason placing his hands on the bare chest before him and gently traced the definition lines of each muscle.

"Nice…very nice indeed."

The sensation of his new creation gently stroking his torso was electrifying. His now rock hard dick stretched the spandex material to its limits. He stepped closer to Ken until his head was just below his chin and looked up only to find Ken's eyes staring fondly at him.

Slowly, passionately, Ken lowered his lips to Jason and kissed him. Time slowed to a stop as both men gave themselves totally to the other. When Ken finally stopped he gently cupped Jason's chin in his hand lifting the face toward him.

"Forgive me for that, but I just couldn’t help myself. I've never done that before with a client let alone a man…but the moment I saw you, I realized I've been waiting for you all my life."

Jason smiled and said, "I've been waiting for this too."

Ken hugged him close. The two of them stayed that way for a time, cherishing the moment until finally and reluctantly they separated.

Ken tossed Jason shirt back to him smiled and said, "Okay then. Let's get to work shall we!"


The MC Gym, Chapter 2

They stepped out of Ken's office and into the weight room for the first of many daily workouts. Within a few short weeks Jason's now genetically body responded immediately to the grueling demands Ken was placing on him. During that time Ken and Jason grew closer together, ending each workout at the gym with another at Ken's apartment. Three weeks after they met, Ken asked Jason to move in with him and surprised Jason by presenting him with a proposal of "marriage" and a contract making him a co-owner of the gym.

During that time some of the regular members of the gym, while not noticing the changes in Ken's body began to notice other changes in him. Comments were made about the effect the new member had on him and how their buddy had suddenly "gone gay". The most offensive remarks came from the four power lifters that Jason saw the first day he joined. On one occasion Jason overheard their comments, blaming that new fag member and went on that "something needed to be done". That was all the motivation Jason needed. He knew it was time for phase two.

In the meantime Ken and Jason continued their daily workouts and went on with their lives. Occasionally they would go out and "strut their stuff" as they liked to call it, with Jason wearing nothing but a pair of tight leather shorts and black boots and Ken decked out in leather pants stretched tight over his huge legs, and a harness crossing his bare chest. Needless to say they became one of the more popular couples in a very short time. Because of their new popularity the Body Factory membership grew as more gay men joined.

One day, while resting between sets, Jason approached Ken with some an idea for the gym.

"Ken, I've been thinking…"

"Careful love, you don’t want to wear yourself out!"

"Quiet stud! And listen for a moment." He continued, "I think its time we "outed" the gym."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, its already known that its two owners are lovers, we have a growing gay membership, so why don't we make a few changes and advertise the place as the city's first Gay gym!"

"What kind of changes though?"

"We could convert the unused second floor of the building into an aerobic area for starters.."

"Hmm, I like the way you think! But what about staff, neither one of us has an aerobics trainer in their list of friends, and I wouldn’t know how to judge if they were good or not…"

"Don't worry about that Ken, I know where I can get four highly qualified instructors almost immediately"

A few short weeks later the second floor of the gym had been remodeled and the new equipment had arrived. Jason sat in the gym's office reading the local gay paper's feature article announcing the change to the gym and the two proud lovers/owners. "Finally", it stated, "the cliché image of weak wristed gay men has been shattered by two blatantly masculine and proudly out men and in the process, providing a comfortable atmosphere for others". He put the paper down and opened his laptop's MC program. It was time to hire the new staff and he knew just where to begin. He entered the names of the four power-lifting troublemakers. The first, and most vocal, was Tony, a barrel-chested Italian gorilla of a man who owed his strength solely from the massive quantities of roids he consumed. His thick handle bar moustache and a hair covered body paraded around the club in a constant attempted to dominate all around him. His training partner of the last four years was Carlos. While smaller than Tony, he possessed an arrogant and cocky personality, convinced of his prowess as the consummate Latino lover. The third member of the group, and the oldest was Pete, middle aged and single, he struggled to maintain his youth and his physique by hanging around with the others, constantly straining to keep up. The fourth and final member was Jack. His small and lanky build was totally out of place with the others. His presence was allowed for one purpose only, so that everyone there could have someone to look down on and abuse. His need for acceptance from any group gave the strength to tolerate it.

Jason entered in a list of general changes for all of them and finished with individual tweaks customizing each individual. Satisfied with his work he gave them a compulsion to come to the office, setting the timer so that the changes would begin the moment the left and take 30 minutes to occur so that he could watch. He lean back, pushed the start button and waited.

Meanwhile the four subjects were busy with a set of bench presses and talking about the new expansion and the article in that fag paper. Tony was just finishing position himself under the bar and was about to comment "that they should all march into the office and demand a reimbursement on their dues", when suddenly all four of them stopped in mid breath and marched to the office. Jack arrived first, knocked, and in stunned silence, opened the door and entered, the others quietly following.

Jason smiled from behind the desk and greeted them.

"Hi Guys! Glad you could make it!"

Tony stared, barely hiding his contempt for the fag in front of him, "What's going on? Why are we here?"

"Well, Ken and I heard that you weren't happy with the changes here and we were wondering if perhaps we could change your minds?"

"Damn right we aren't happy!" yelled Carlos, "first you seduce Ken making him a fag and then all your queer friends start coming here too! Now you add some faggot aerobics classes and advertise this as a gay gym."

"It's sick man! We don’t want to our friends to think we're faggots too! "

Jason pretended to be listening and said "Well guys, since you're not happy here, we should give a refund on your membership."

"Damn right you will!" said Tony.

"Ken and I hate to see you go" continued Jason, "in fact, the real reason I brought you here was to offer you jobs!"

"As what" snarled Pete, "faggot towel boys?"

"Actually" replied Jason "I was thinking as our new aerobics instructors."

The four lifters started laughing at the thought.

"Yeah right! The four of us prancing around in spandex to Madonna…" chuckled Tony, "Just give us our money and we will get the fuck out of this place today!"

"If you insist" said Jason, "Come back in a hour and I will have the checks made for you."

With that, the four satisfied guys turned to leave. Tony felt victorious. Pete thought that the victory was too easy while Jack secretly wanted to stay but still reluctantly followed the others out the door, closing it behind him as they headed toward the locker room.

Slowly and imperceptibly the changes began. One by one as they changed out of their gym clothes and headed towards the shower, their bodies began to alter. Tony's massive powerlifters build to retreat from a height of 6'2 and stopped at 5'8. His powerful physique was replaced with the sleek and agile build of dancer and the consummate aerobic instructor he was becoming. The body hair that covered him from head to toe disappeared, as he became leaner while his but reshaped itself to two round globes that begged to be fucked. The large thick dick that he once prided himself on was reduced until it was only 5" when hard. Tony's dominate Alpha Male personality changed as well as he became a 21 yr. old submissive flaming gay male known now as Antoine.

Similar changes occurred to the others as well. Carlos and Peter became total bottom boys possessing near identical bodies to the new Antoine. Carlos now had short black hair and a carefully trimmed goatee that hugged his jaw line and two full lips that begged to be wrapped around a cock. Peter was now a 19-yr. old boy toy, a blond flat top gave him an almost masculine look, but the piercing blue eyes and an almost too cute face advertised his submissive sexual preference.

Only Jack was the one who changes were different. He grew a few inches stopping at 5'11" his bodying changing until it was lean but not overly muscular. The most dramatic change was his face as he morphed into a handsome young man that could grace any fashion magazine. He now possessed a warm friendly outgoing personality that was perfect for his new job as a personal trainer. His once tiny dick was replaced with a tool that would reach a respectable 9" one that, the largest of the new boys, and when hard extended straight out supported by a set of low hanging balls that Jason had designed to produce prodigious quantities of cum. Jack was the only one of the former straight lifters who was versatile sexually, and unlike the others, liked to give or receive as needed.

Jason emerged from his hidden alcove in the locker room where he had observed the transformation and entered the shower, his now naked body draped only by a towel thrown casually across a shoulder, his thick erect cock bouncing from side to side leading the way.

"Well what have we here? Four cute boys…naked, clean and ready for the new day!"

They all turned and stared at him as their new emotions flooded through them causing their dicks to rise and their sphincters to twitch. Antoine was the first to respond, walking casually toward Jason stopping just inches from his pecs. He extended his hand, slowly and tenderly caressing the line of Jason's defined chest, and gazed into the face before him

"I was wondering", he said, the sound of his new and blatantly gay voice, momentarily stunning him, " If that job offer was still open? I would love to work under Ken and you whenever you want!" As he said that he dropped slowly to his knees maintaining an almost worshipful gaze on Jason stopping when his face was now level with Jason's cast iron erection.

Jason stepped closer till his dick rested on Antoine's face, its full 10.5-inch length stretching from the base of the chin extending just over the boy's face.

"Of course it is," he said looking down, smiling, "It's all yours!"

That’s all that Antoine needed. He grabbed the hard cock he had been craving and raised it too his open lips. Newfound expertise guided him as he impaled himself and, in one swift lunge, swallowed its entire length as only an experienced cock crazy boy-toy could.

Carlos, Peter and Jack walked closer and stood around the sex driven couple as waves of new emotions washed over them. Jack, with his new found boldness, leaned in to playfully nibble Jason's ear as he whispered, "What about the rest of us, I hope you can find a position for us as well…"

"Of course we can, we always have a spot for good…employees" he sighed, "especially when they are so obviously capable!"

Jack continued ministering to Jason's ear slowly working his way down the neck with his tongue, bathing the muscles as he went. Carlos stepped behind Jason and kneeled, placing himself level with the twin orbs of Jason's muscled ass. He reached forward and reverently parted the two spheres pausing momentarily in awe. Slowly leaning in, he extended his tongue and proceeded to lick Jason's hole as if he was born to it. Not wanting to be excluded, Peter bent down and began to suck Jack's hard dick and, in the process raising his ass in an obvious and open invitation.

 They continued for the next few minutes oblivious to anything around them. Jason slowly raised his hand off Tony's head and gazed at his watch, knowing that an additional surprise was close at hand. While programming the group's changes, including this little scene now enfolding, he had opened Ken's file giving him a compulsive need to come to the gym and join in.

Jason heard his lover enter the shower room and turned to greet him. "Hi Kenny!" he said, "perfect timing!"

Ken walked to Jason and warmly greeted him with a kiss. He strolled around the group casually observing the scene before him. The sight of four of the hottest boy toys all dutifully worshipping the near perfect physique of his lover rushed straight to his cock launching it to an instant erection. He circled behind Antoine still engrossed in sucking Jason cock, placing his hands on the young boys waist and gently raised him up position the virgin ass for easy access, parallel to his hard cock.

Ken looked at Jason and smiled, "How's that boy treating you Lover? Is he a good cock-sucking faggot boy?"

"Like a pro, Stud! "He chuckled, "As if he was designed for it! Why don't you see if he's as good a fuck as he is a cock-sucking fag! This boy deserves to have your thick rod as the first took take his cherry!

"Great idea, Jason! I think you're right but…" he said pulling Antoine off Jason's dick, "I need to get it lubed up first. Suck this for a while boy!" Tony gasped in amazement when he saw the huge cock before him. The 11.5" monster extended straight out as hard and as thick as the Olympic bars used in the gym. The nuts hung in a low sack just slightly larger than two handballs capable of producing enormous amounts of cum. Before Antoine could continue, Ken grabbed his head from behind forcing the boy's gapping mouth over the hard cock stopping only when it was completely buried down the throat. Jason watched and smiled knowing that he had designed all four of the new boys with the ability to take any size of cock with total ease either down the throat or the ass. Ken's thick dick was buried deep down Antoine's throat and experiencing the cock sucking of a lifetime. Jason leaned toward Ken and passionately kissed his lover. Moment's later Ken pulled his cock from Tony's mouth, its length wet with saliva, as vast amounts of pre-cum dripped from its tip.

"Turn around boy and bend over!" He said. Antoine's instantly obeyed the feeling of releasing his submissive side and giving over in obedience to the domineering men before him filled him with a sense of complete joy. The moment he was in position Ken wrapped his two enormous arms under the boy's thigh locking him in a hunched over posed and lifted him up until Tony's back was against his chest and the virgin hole perched atop Ken's eager cock.

As easily as lowering a barbell during a curl, Ken lowered the now helpless Tony and, in one fluid motion impaling him until he rested just above Ken's balls. In a show of strength intentionally designed to demonstrate absolute power and control of the boy, Ken alternately raised and lowered Tony, lifting him up and down his cock using the strength of his powerful arms.

Tony could feel each rock hard inch of Ken's tool as it made its way in and out. The strength and power of the man effortlessly lifting him surged through his small frame. He loved this! He loved being the feeling of well being that comes from being dominated by a stronger man. He loved being gay, and a total bottom. Most of all he simply loved getting fucked like this!

Jason watched as Tony's eyes rolled back in ecstasy and laughed, "How about me guys?"

Ken looked over at his lover, and bent down lowering Tony to the floor with his mouth strategically placed in front of Jason. The moment Tony realized where he was he reached out and quickly grabbing Jason's dick and swallowed it whole.

Peter and Jack, momentarily excluded from the party, continued one their own. Jack grabbed Peter behind the neck and led him behind Ken and bending his face to Ken's asshole.

"Lick that hole clean boy!" He ordered. Peter eagerly complied and went to work worshipping Ken's hard rear. Taking advantage of the position his partner was now in, the boy's ass raised before him, Jack grabbed his hard cock, and in one move entered the willing hole before him.

The six gym rats continued for the next hour and in the process experienced the complete joy of man to man sex. When the four new converts showered again and got dressed, the Master PC program providing suitable clothing for their new personas. Minute's later three decidedly gay aerobics instructors in tight brightly colored spandex singlets and one incredibly gorgeous and buff personal trainer entered the gym eager to begin a new life.


The MC Gym, chapter 3: Doug

The recent changes at the gym, i.e. those instigated by my PC, and me and the change in the gym as the city's new and totally gay workout facility, made life a totally enjoyable experience. Occasionally a little boredom crept but they were rare and I had the ideal tool, in the form of the MC program, to liven things up.

For example, I was stuck manning the office on one such boring day. I busied myself by watching one of the gym's personal trainers, a tall and lean natural bodybuilder named Doug who, while straight was gay friendly and stayed with the club during the change. Doug was already incredibly handsome to the point of being a walking gay wet dream, and extremely friendly. The one thing that irked me was the fact that he was a deliberate cock tease, using his looks and charm to torment his gay clients.

I opened the MC program on my laptop and entered Doug's name. A perfect 3D picture of him appeared with a listing on his characteristics to the right. I hadn't actually intended on doing anything to him, but as I scanned his stats my boredom got the better of me.

As I gazed at the information in front of me I decided to try a different type of change from my previous ones. Physically Doug was perfect so very little was needed there. What was needed was a complete remake of the personality. I sat there momentarily stumped when the idea suddenly presented itself. I decided that the gym lacked a noticeable leather presence and that Doug would be the perfect lure to bring them in.

I started typing the changes I wanted, finishing in record time. I created a delay reaction to the change and pressed the start button.

Looking up I saw that he had finished with his client and called him over.

"Hey Doug, if you got a moment I need to talk with you in the office."

"No Problem, Jace, I'll be right there"

He walked into the office and sat down as I closed the door behind him. The closed door was the cue and instantly started the change by freezing him in place. I sat down next to him so that I could watch the alterations as they occurred.

It began with the flat top haircut he always wore. I watched as his hair darkened from pale brown to rich black as each follicle retreated back leaving the rough stubble of a skinhead in need of a shave. Simultaneously a neatly trimmed goatee formed around his jaw as short dark whiskers spread across his face leaving a thick 5'00 o'clock shadow. Although I couldn't see it, I knew that a carpet of black hair now covered him from the collar bone down to his ankles in patterns designed to accent the lines of his sharply defined muscles. A layer of thick hair spread from the wrists traveling up the forearm and stopping at the mid point of the biceps. Only the back and shoulders lacked hair as the follicles traveled up each quad covering his hard muscled butt in its own pelt.

The appearance of the first of the multiple piercings that would adorn his body announced the next stage in Doug's change. Two thick silver rings now pierced the lobes of his right ear followed quickly by two on the lobe of his left and one through the curve of the top.

His clothing started to alter, the first to go was his Nike cross trainers growing up his ankle as they became a pair of high top black combat boots. The black spandex shorts grew in length and color becoming a pair of camouflage pants cut off just above the knee, followed by his T-shirt as it morphed into a black tight fitting wife beater T, the outlined form of two heavy gauged pierced nipples clearly evident.

From the outside edge of the back of both shoulders two black spots appeared and spread, the outline and shape of a massive tribal tattoo becoming evident, the intricate lines of each half spreading across the shoulders to meet at the base of the neck, before taking aim and heading down along the spine, stopping above the glutes. As it flowed downward the pattern continued to spread out across the back until a complicated design of intermingled lines covered the back and formed a triangle that started from the top of the shoulders with the finishing point at the base.

While I couldn't actually observe them, I knew that additional modifications were occurring. Under the camo shorts Doug was now wearing a black jock strap completely stuffed by a vastly improved cock. He now possessed a thick uncut monster of a dick fed a network of veins that traversed its entire length. The foreskin extended a full inch beyond the wide head of his new 10" monster barely hiding a 4 gauge closed ring that pierced the slit of a PA. Mammoth testicles completed the package finished by another piercing at their base.

The final change was the alteration of his personality to fit his new external appearance. A new aura of masculine domination emanated from him. I watched as the expression of his change gained a sharp rough edge to it. The total effect declared that this was a man who was not to be fucked with, who expected complete obedience and respected from his boys as well as his clients. Before me sat the ultimate leather man, a living example of countless sexual fantasies, possessing all the elements needed to fulfill his new role.

With the alterations complete, Doug unfroze with a blink, oblivious to what he had gone through. "Well Jace" he said, his new deep voice echoing with masculine power, "what can I do for you?"

"Ken and I just wanted to thank you for sticking by the Gym through the new changes. We really appreciate your loyalty! Also we wondered how to get the word out to…oh, lets say…the local gay leather community to join and maybe compliment that leather with hard muscle."

He chuckled, rising from his chair and heading to the gym, "Yeah, the majority are a sorry bunch, they need to change from lifting beers cans to lifting weights! Tell you what, I'll get the word out, whip a few sorry butts into coming and we'll take it from there."

"Just don't leave too many bruises, okay Sir?"

He turned and looked at me, with a half serious sneer in his eyes and smiled, "Only if they want me to…Boy!" With that he winked and headed towards the locker room. I watched as he strutted across the room with an arrogant cockiness in his stride he lacked before. As he climbed the stairs to the shower he saw the recently altered and now submissive Tony stare in awe as he passed him.

Doug turned towards the boy and slowly walked towards him and wrapped his hand roughly around Tony's neck, lifting his head as he lowered his own and forcefully kissed the submissive boy, forcefully pushing Tony away as he finished the oral assault.

"You're all bottom, aren'tcha boy?" he glared as he perused the package before him, " You're not what I normally go for, but I haven't gotten my rocks off lately, so you'll do for now. See you in the shower…boy…if you think your man enough." Doug released his grip, then turned and headed to the locker rooms knowing that he would not be alone.

Part Two

I decided to linger around the gym for while and observe the reactions of the club members to the new improved Doug. Occasionally the sound of an ecstatic moan would creep out of the shower causing whispered comments from the members and staff alike…."Sounds like Tony's having fun, girls!" , "..I hope he survives! Doug is the hottest thing in leather around, and totally into it." "I wouldn’t mind a turn.."

Fifteen minutes later an obviously spent Tony walked carefully out of the shower room and towards his friends who immediately begged for the all the gory details. With barely enough strength he smiled saying only that it was "amazing!"

At that moment Doug came from the shower room into the gym, dressed in the new wardrobe provided by the MC program to fit his new persona. An audible gasp resounded from every corner of the gym as he walked, rather strutted down the stairs towards my office. His broad shoulders and sharply defined torso was encased in a white wife beater T-shirt, the chest hairs pouring over the top to the neck. A wide leather armband wrapped itself around his thick left arm between the top of the bicep and the shoulder highlighting the power of the arm beneath it. A pair of black leather pants hugged his well-muscled legs so tightly they appeared to be part of them. A broad white stripe ran down the outside seam of the pants. The cuff legs were tucked into an immaculately clean pair of mid calf motorcycle boots. In his right hand he carried a leather gym bag and in the left racing style motorcycle helmet accented by twin flames on each side and a leather pride flag in the back. The cycle was an addition as well.

I observed him as he left, and gave myself a pat on the back as I congratulated myself on a job well done. The new Doug was an immediate success in the local leather scene. Within a few short months he won the Local Mr. Leather contest and was headed toward the national contests. His presence in the community became to expanded our memberships as well.


Another happy ending!!