swap around

By Peircedskin

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Part One

         I'm a trickster. I love to play jokes on people but sometimes they can go a bit wrong Take this guy I work with called John. He used to be your typical uptight straight office jock, interested in sports, ladies and looking good. He did annoy me a lot of the time as he was so anti gay at times, but he was ok if you got him on his own. Not any more though, and its all my fault. Let me tell you about it.....

Our local gay club was having a talent show and John had come along with me for moral support I had wanted someone to be there who I knew was a good subject for my hypnosis act and having previously hypnotised John once at a party I knew he was a good subject.

         When It came time for my act I got up on the stage and asked for a volunteer. John immediately put his hand up and of course I picked him. The induction went well enough and I soon had him in a deep trance, his head on his chest answering all my questions After the usual routine of making him cluck like a chicken and bark like a dog some big bloke in the audience started to heckle me and complain that it was all a fix.

         I looked at the guy and he was your typical fat grunting leatherman. Shaved head with a full black beard and wearing a full leather uniform, his huge gut strained over the belt. He had high, heavy leather boots with a whip sticking from the top of one of them. The tribal tattoos on his head sweeping down his neck and thick rings in his ears and septum, along with a pierced eyebrow, lip and tongue gave the impression of this man being dangerous. Put that together with the black, yellow and red handkerchiefs in his pocket and the chains hanging from his shoulder on the master side, and this was not a man to be messed with.

         He was actually getting quite obnoxious and complaining that it was all a set up so I looked at him, and then invited him up on stage.

         After questioning him closely, he agreed that I could try to hypnotise him, but he swore to the audience that it was going to be impossible. I just looked at him until he went quiet, then told him to sit down in the chair in front of me.

         Taking out my pocket watch (I was always a sucker for the old fashioned props) I started swinging it slowly in front of him. I kept my voice quiet so that he had to strain to hear me properly and gradually he went into a trance.

         "Can you hear me?" I asked.

         "Yes, I hear you"

         "What’s your name?"

         "Dave" he replied in a slow gruff voice.

         "Ok Dave, you can hear my voice and my voice only. Look in the corner and you will see another man, his name is John".

         "Yes I see him".

         "Ok Dave, in a moment I will count to three and clap, and you will wake up. When you wake up, you will believe that you are John. I will have swapped your souls round but not your knowledge. The only memories you will be able to access are those of Dave, but you will feel everything like it is brand new. However, you will be attracted to your old body. you have a connection and would love to fuck it senseless. Do you understand your instructions?"

Dave nodded and repeated them back to me.

         "One more thing Dave, when I clap and count backwards from three to one you will immediately go back into the state you are in now. Only I can put you back to sleep. If anyone else does it there will be no effect. Do you understand?"

         Dave nodded again and I left him with his head bowed on his chest.

         I then called John over and gave him the same instructions with obvious variations. He would think that he used to be Dave, was terribly attracted to his old body, and wanted nothing more than to be fucked rigid by him. I also added the twist that he was submissive and obedient to Dave. John had pissed me off a few times with his comments about arse bandits and shit stabbers and I wanted him to see what it was like to be intensely attracted to another man to the point that his arse twitched at the thought of a big fat cock going up there.

         This is, unfortunately where it all went horribly wrong. I had only intended them to feel like that for the duration of the session. I hadn't counted on a clumsy moron deciding to use the stage as a short cut from the bar back to his table in the corner. As I reached the word three and clapped, this idiot slipped over on a pool of beer and banged straight into me. I went flying and somersaulted off the stage and cracked my head on the corner of a table. I felt this horrible agonising pain, saw a blinding flash of light, and blacked out. The next thing I knew I was waking up in hospital a week later with several stitches in my head and an olympic sized hangover.

         It was another week before I could leave the hospital and get back to work, and I was fretting over John and Dave. I knew something was going to happen but I didn't know what it was going to be. Fortunately no one from work knew about my little sideline and didn't connect me with John. They all knew I was gay and Johns feelings about that so when I arrived on the Monday morning and saw his empty cubicle people just looked at me normally when I asked where he was.

         "John, oh he came in a couple of weeks ago and cleared out his desk. He didn't look himself to be honest. You know how he always liked to look sharp and well dressed, he came in all unshaved in a pair of jeans and an old motor bike jacket and told us we could stick our job up our arses, he was off. And no ones been able to contact him since" said the girl in the next cubicle to him. "And I swear he stank of beer and smoke, which is unusual. You know he always made such a big fuss about people smoking round him."

         This was the point at which I started to panic, and pleading a sick headache at lunchtime I went round to his flat. It was empty. I peered through a window and all the furniture was gone. It was totally bare, as though no one had ever lived there. A neighbour saw me peering and I told her I was a friend looking for John.

         "Oh he left over a week ago. The house clearance people came and emptied it a couple of days ago. He gave me the key and a letter for the landlord with his last months rent. He's gone off somewhere, labouring I think he said. Something about it not feeling right being in an office and getting back to what he should be doing or something. I wasn't too sure. I think he was drunk myself. He did look a lot different to the way he normally did, I can tell you."

         I looked at the man and hardly daring to speak, I asked what he meant, different.

         "Well it was a bit of a shock to be honest. He had shaved his head completely bald, and had started to grow a beard. I can't remember if he had earrings in before, but these new ones he has, three in each ear and two at the top of his left looked a bit raw, as if he hadn't long had them. The weirdest one was the ring in his nose Looked like something out of a pigs snout if you ask me. And what was with the chain padlocked round his neck? I thought that whole punk look had gone a long time ago. Mind you, he did sort of look like the big fat bloke waiting for him in the car outside when he gave me the key and the letter. Are they related?"

         I cringed inside as I realised what I had done. They were obeying my instructions from before my accident and I had to try to put things right before it was too late.

But it was over a year before I saw them again....

Part Two.

"three, two, one," CLAP!!

         Dave woke up and looked at John. This was amazing, he knew every thought in his head was someone else’s, but it felt so real. He knew he used to be John, every fibre in his body said this was all knew to him, but he didn't have any memories of his old life. It was as if his soul had changed shape to fill the Dave shaped hole and he was now someone else. At that moment the guy who had performed this miracle was sent flying from the stage and cracked his head open on the corner of a table. He was very still and there was blood everywhere.

Dave rubbed his freshly shaved head. It felt odd, but familiar at the same time. He knew he had shaved his head every day for the last thirty years, but somehow this was the first time he had felt it. 

People were helping the guy who had fallen and someone was calling an ambulance. Dave remembered putting a few people in that condition, indeed he had spent a couple of years in prison for it, and didn't feel any urge to go help. Instead, he looked at his old body and felt his cock go rock hard in his tight leather pants. What he really wanted to do now this minute was to grab John by the hair and force him onto his knees before he pulled out his over sized cock and thrust all eleven inches down his throat, watching him gag on the taste of his unwashed stinking foreskin then choking as the prince Albert piercing caught the back of his throat.

         John meanwhile was going through a similar set of feelings. He knew he used to be Dave, a rough sadistic master, but had no memories of it. Instead he was filled with memories of sex with women and working in an office. He saw his work colleague go flying off the stage and was filled with worry. Should he go help? But just then he saw Dave and stopped in his tracks. Damn that man was ugly. He couldn't believe he used to look like that. The weird thing was he couldn't take his eyes off him His cock was rock hard inside his Calvin clein boxers and he wanted nothing more than to bend over for him to thrust his cock up his arse. But that wasn't right He was straight. He didn't get attracted to other men.

         Dave looked at John, then swaggered over to him.

         "Looks like it worked, doesn't it boy?"

         "What do you mean, boy?" said John indignantly.

         "Just what I said. I'm the fucking daddy now. I have your fucking life and you wish you still had it, don't you?"

         "I wish I still had your life" replied John, his conditioning to obey clicking in.

         "From now on, you call me Boss or Daddy. My name's Dave, but everyone calls me Bruiser For obvious reasons. If you have to refer to me to anyone else, you refer to me as Bruiser. Understand me boy?"

         "Yes Boss, I do".

         "Good lad. From now on I'll call you Spud. Now lets get out of here and back to my hotel You have a busy weekend ahead of you".

         With that, the two men left the bar and the chaos of the ambulance and paramedics. By the time anyone thought to check on them they were long gone.

Part Three.

         John walked into work and went straight to his desk. He felt so weird now. All weekend he had been used and abused by Bruiser. He had been tied up, whipped until he was raw, fucked, taught to drink his bosses piss, and clean every inch of his heavily tattooed body with his tongue. He still shuddered at the enormous cock he had been forced to suck at regular intervals. It was like the man never washed. The foreskin trapped a surprising amount of stale piss as well as cheese. The thick ring in the end made him want to throw up every time it banged the back of his throat but Bruiser had ordered him to take it all without gagging so he had managed somehow He was even starting to look forward to it, to be honest. Bruiser had told him he would love sucking his cock and strangely he did. He was even getting a major hard-on at the thought, again just as Bruiser told him he would. He was learning to smoke now, and that was really strange. He hated smoking, and had told Bruiser as much. Bruiser just looked at him and said that any slave of his had to smoke It didn't matter how much he didn't like it, but he was going to learn. John could smell the smoke clinging to him as he walked into the office. Bruiser had told him to go and jack his job.

 His exact words were "Go and tell them to stick their job up their arse" and laughed. He then tied John to the bed and disappeared for several hours, returning with several carrier bags.

         "I've decided I don't like you wearing those fucking prissy clothes, Spud" said Bruiser "From now on I want you dressing like a real man".

         From the carrier bags Bruiser pulled out some cheap t-shirts and jeans. From another came a battered pair of army boots, and from the last a very old battered motorcycle jacket.

         As John cleared his desk after quitting his job, he felt all eyes on him. It wasn't surprising really, as he hadn't shaved at all that weekend and his beard was thick on his face. He was usually immaculately presented but he felt scruffy and dirty in his boots biker jacket and jeans. Nodding goodbye to the girl in the next cubicle he walked out of the office, a chapter of his life closing forever.

         Outside, Bruiser was waiting for him.

         "Got a treat in store for you Spud my boy, And you are going to love it. I've decided that beard looks good on you, so I forbid you ever to shave your face again. I want to see how long and thick we can get it. Instead, I'm taking you to have your head shaved".

         John looked at Bruiser in surprise and rubbed his face. He hated being bearded. But just the thought of losing his facial hair made him cringe. He had given up being surprised at what a total bastard his old body was. If the way he had been treated over the weekend had proved anything, it was that he couldn't resist his new boss in anything No matter what was done to him or what he was told to do, there seemed to be a deep connection that stopped him from resisting.

         Bruiser led him down a narrow alley and to a plain door. The only thing that made it look like a shop was a small plaque saying "Transformations" in the middle. Just before they walked in Bruiser looked at John and said "Spud, I'm going to make some changes to you and I want you to be glad of them. I want you to look a certain way as my slave and this is the first step."

         "Whatever you say boss. I'm up for it" replied John, surprising himself.

         As they walked through the door Bruiser led the way to a counter where he pressed a small bell. A bald

young man in a barbers smock appeared and Bruiser handed him a card from his back pocket.

         "Oh yes, we were expecting you sir" said the barber. "This will take a couple of hours so if you would like to take a seat, we will have your boy altered to your specifications".

         And with that, he took Johns hand and led him into the back of the shop.

Part Four.

         John was led down a corridor into a white tiled room. In the middle was a large old fashioned barbers chair with straps on each arm.

         "If you could just undress please, all the way. Totally naked."

         John complied, then was seated in the chair and the straps tightened round his wrists

         The barber picked up a set of clippers and with a loud clack, turned them on. John felt the blades biting into his hair. As the barber ran them through his trendy salon cut he saw large clumps of hair falling in front of his face onto the floor. Back and forth the clippers went until there was nothing left except a fine stubble all over his head. The barber then brushed away all the fine hair that had stuck to John, then fetched warm damp cloths from a machine in the corner and wrapped Johns head in them.

After about ten minutes the cloths were removed and hot lather was spread thickly over the stubble. After stropping an evil looking cut throat razor, the barber proceeded to shave what was left until the head was smooth and glossy. After wiping it clean of any remaining foam, he coated the head with a thick cream which was slowly absorbed until nothing was left but a dry shiny scalp.

         "That cream is a hair inhibitor. You should only need to shave every month or so for the next few months. I'll give your boss a supply so he can do you once a month. Within a year you should be totally, permanently bald".

         With that, the barber fetched a trolley filled with sharp needles and rings. Wiping Johns left ear with an antiseptic solution he proceeded to pierce his ear lobe three times with rings closed with balls, the repeated the procedure with the right ear Then, at the top of his left ear he put a couple of smaller rings. Turning his attention to Johns nose, he quickly thrust a needle through the center of it and while John was still gasping with pain replaced the needle with a thick ring. Johns eyes were streaming and his nose was throbbing so much he hardly felt the clamp on his left nipple but then the pain of the piercing made him gasp again. Quickly piercing the right nipple the barber grabbed Johns cock and said

         "Now this one might hurt" and quickly fitted John with a prince Albert ring straight through the piss hole coming out underneath.

         "All done now, you can relax" said the barber undoing the straps that had prevented John from escaping before everything was done.

         John slowly dressed, feeling every slight breeze on his smooth head. The earrings swayed as he moved his head and he throbbed on various place. As he saw himself in the full length mirror he gasped. He looked so different now! Even his own mother wouldn't have recognised him. He finally realised what Bruiser was doing and a tear trickled down his face. Bruiser was making him over to be as much like him as possible. Just then, the door opened and Bruiser walked in. Grabbing John by the head, he thrust his pierced tongue into Johns mouth and snogged him. John could feel Bruisers hard cock rubbing against his, and was surprised to find he was just as aroused

         "Fucking awesome Spud. I'll soon have you looking the way you used to. You want that don't you? I'm going to help you become the man you used to be if I have to force you every step of the way. You want to be my slave, then its on my terms. I like men who look like me. So get down on your knees and take my sign of ownership."

         John knelt down and Bruiser pulled out a length of chain and a padlock. Wrapping the chain round Johns neck, he clicked the padlock shut. He then pulled out a legal form and a pen and told John to read it then sign it. As he did so, John saw it was a name change form. He was signing to lose his old name and legally become Spud Bruisersboy. John signed in the places indicated and Bruiser and the barber both signed as witnesses. Spud looked up at his new master and smiled.

         "Come on then Spud, lets get you back to your place. I've arranged for a house clearance company to come empty it tomorrow so you need to give the key to a neighbour. Oh, you will need to give a months rent in lieu of notice too. Better keep it all legal.

         "Then its off to Leeds for your new life working with me as my labourer. I'm sure you'll pick it up soon enough".

         Spud followed his new master and sighed. Everything was swapped around now and he supposed he would have to get used to it.

Part Five.

Its all gone horribly Wrong!!

As you may be aware, I played a trick on a work mate last year where I persuaded him and a member of the audience at a show I was doing that they had swapped souls. The idea was that they felt as if their life was totally new, but they could only access the experiences and memories of the new body that they inhabited. I also made John extremely submissive and obedient to Dave for a laugh, not realising quite what a sadistic bastard Dave was, or the extent of his perversions.

The original idea was to let them play for a while and then remove the hypnotic conditioning leaving them to return to their old habits a little wiser and more experienced. Unfortunately, Before I could complete the process, there was a terrible accident and I was knocked unconscious and left hospitalised for a fortnight. By the time I was fit enough to leave, John and Dave had both vanished. What limited information I could find was that John and Dave had both vanished. John had gone off somewhere with Dave and had made some radical alterations to his appearance. It looked like Dave was trying to remake John in his own image.

After my monumental fuck up I swore off hypnosis and concentrated on my work. I was doing quite well and had just been promoted. I started going to conferences round the country, and about 18 months after my accident I was sent to Leeds for a few days I decided to go on the Friday so I could cruise round the gay bars at the weekend and recover on the Monday, before attending the conference that started on Tuesday

I had been given a list of gay pubs and clubs, and plumped for something a bit sleazy. I pulled on my leather jeans, leather waistcoat and high boots and hit the scene I looked quite buff in a young twink sort of way. I shaved my blonde body hair and kept my face stubbly. I looked rough but sexy at the same time. Sort of like a GQ model if I do say so myself.

The club was your typical sleazy leather bar, the sort where you wipe your feet on the way out. It wasn't that busy when I got there, and the barman was obviously chatting me up as he served my beer. He was cute enough I suppose, but I don't really like piercings and the thick septum ring in his nose was a bit of a turn off. I finished my drink, and was just about to leave for somewhere a little less heavy when suddenly THEY walked in. John and Dave. And that was when my world came crashing down.

Part Six.

It was terrible, worse than my worst nightmare. I recognised Dave immediately, but it took a second or two to realise that the man stood next to him was John. They were almost identical in every way. They both had shaved heads with tattoos running down the sides onto their necks. They had identical piercings:- septum, eyebrow, nose bridge, ears, lip and tongue. Both of them had thick beards, but Johns was longer than Dave’s. Dave obviously trimmed his short, but Johns looked like it never saw a pair of scissors. They were both wearing full leathers from head to toe. Muir caps, leather shirts and ties, leather gloves, Sam Browne belts, leather jeans and high polished boots. John had put on a lot of weight and was almost as fat as Dave. They were both smoking and seemed to smoke in exactly the same way.

I stood there in shock and as they approached the bar to get a drink they spotted me. Dave’s face lit up at the sight of me and he grabbed me round the shoulders and gave me a big bear hug. John got the drinks and at a nod from Dave bought one for me.

"Fuck me, mate, long time no see! What you doing here?"

"Hey Dave, I'm up for a conference next week so I thought I'd check out some of the local clubs. Is that John with you?"

"Yeah man, and call me Bruiser. Everyone else does. And its not John any more, I renamed him Spud. Spud Bruisersboy." he grabbed John...err Spud.. round the waist and pulled him close. " Aint that right, fucker?"

" Fucking right Boss. John don't fucking live here no more, I'm Spud now. Got it all changed legal, like just after me and Bruiser hooked up."

"Um that’s nice. So what you up to now?"

"Oh I got Spud all pierced and tatted and he works as my fucking labourer now. He found it tough at first after all that pussy work in that office, but he picked it up with my encouragement. Mind you, he still fucks up now and again on purpose just so I have to punish him. He thinks I don't love him if I don't give him a good beating now and again."

"So you are both happy, anyway?"

"Too fucking right mate. I'm much happier being Bruiser, and I know Spud is happy now he is almost back to the way he was before you fucked us both over."

I looked up at that statement, and was surprised to see Bruiser frowning. He had gone from being affable and friendly to confrontational and aggressive in the space of a second.

"What the fuck gives you the right to fuck two peoples lives up like you did man? We didn't ask for this swap and you just left us to it. The fact that I'm happy with the way things have gone makes no fucking difference. You still did it."

"But I can make it better," I replied. "I can make it as it was before if you......"

Bruiser grabbed me round the throat and cut me off mid sentence.

"I don't fucking think so mate. Neither of us can be hypnotised again. I took steps once I realised that anyone with a shiny watch could make me go back to what I was. I've fucked Spud up good and proper, and he is now an obedient little sod which I like. I don't want to swap to what I've turned him into."

I felt Bruisers hand tightening round my throat and could hardly breath, never mind speak He obviously still thought the swap was real and had got some sort of conditioning to stop anyone else hypnotising him. I managed to get some breath and forced out "Okay, I'm really sorry."

Bruiser released me and I rubbed my throat. "I only meant for it to be for an hour or two, not for life man." I said.

"Well its done now, and to be honest I couldn't ask for a better slave than Spud, anyway I was able to mould him to my exact specifications and he is as much like me now as I can make him, while still being the filthy pig slave I've always wanted."

I looked at Spud and he nodded. "I am happy mate." he said. "I am with the most amazing bloke and can't get enough of him. He is fucking awesome!".

I contemplated the situation and realised that I couldn't do anything to change it. If I did make them both as they were before it wouldn't make any difference. Bruiser would lose the love of his life and Spud wouldn't be able to go back to his old life looking the way he did now. What was done was done, and it was time to move on. I felt like a chapter of my life had come to a close. It wasn't the fairy tale ending, but it was an ending. I could move on with my life. Boy was I wrong........

Part Seven.

I had another couple of beers with Bruiser and Spud just chatting away, and I started to feel really drunk. The room was spinning and I couldn't help slurring my words and stumbling. Bruiser looked concerned, and he and Spud got me outside into the fresh air. I remember Bruiser sending Spud back inside to get all our coats and then everything went dark.

I woke up with a thumping headache. I don't drink that often, but it still doesn't normally affect me that badly. I looked round the room I was in and saw what looked like something from a horror film. In pride of place in the center was a large sling with a shackle at each corner and in the corner of the room was a shower base. The walls were decorated with camouflage material and netting, and on shelves and hooks were a wide variety of whips, chains and sex toys.

I was lying on a thin pallet on the floor, naked except for a thin blanket. I tried to stand up, but couldn't get higher than my hands and knees. I saw a steel bowl of water near me and started to drink. I slurped it all down and chased the last few drops round with my tongue. My hands didn't want to hold the bowl so I ended up chasing it round the floor.

I suddenly needed to piss really badly and went to the shower base. There was a drain in the middle of it, but try as I might, I couldn't release the flow of urine. Then I heard a door opening behind me and I saw Bruiser walking into the room. He looked like he had come from work as he was wearing dirty jeans tucked into filthy rigger boots, ripped tee shirt and hi viz waistcoat.

"Morning puppy" he said to me.

"Woof!!" What the fuck? I was trying to talk and demand an explanation and all I get is woof?

I tried again. "Woof woof, whine whine woof!"

"Ah I see you have found one of the other bits of conditioning I've put in place." he said. "I think you found the first few, but just to show what I mean, go piss boy".

At this point I suddenly found my cock in full flow, and the feeling of relief as my bladder emptied was unbelievable.

" I suppose you are wondering what’s happening to you?" said Bruiser looming over me as the flow of piss slowed to a trickle and stopped. "After you did what you did last year, I did some research and learnt a few tricks. There are chemicals available on the internet that make people open to suggestion if administered while the conscious mind is occupied. I simply slipped something into your drink the other night and then when I got you home did the rest. How did I get the opportunity, you wonder? Well I had intended to hunt you down at some point to get my revenge, but when I saw in the local paper that your company was hosting a conference here in Leeds it was easy enough to check whether you were going. You know the e-mails you've been swapping with Leedsguy? That’s a mate of mine. He was the one who recommended the club you went to and that’s how we knew you were going to be there. After that it was easy."

Bruiser grabbed me by the hair and snarled into my face. "You obey me now boy, even though you might not want to. Puppy training was just the beginning. Open your mouth" he said as he pulled his long fat pierced cock out of his jeans "and don't spill a fucking drop."

I fell on the cock with mounting desire. I wanted to suck but for some reason I just held it in my mouth as I felt his belly tense, then a stream of acrid piss filled my mouth. It tasted foul, but I swallowed it all down like a thirsty man in a desert I could smell the stale sweat in his crotch and felt sick, then wanted to gag as the piss flow slowed and his cock grew bigger and bigger in my mouth. I could feel my mouth stretching as it got thicker, then the ring in the end started to crawl down my throat as it got longer. He held the back of my head and started to thrust violently in and out. I managed to grab a breath when he pulled out and though I felt like I wanted to choke I managed to stop somehow. What was even worse somehow was my own cock was as hard as a rock at this brutal treatment. I have always been attracted to pretty leather boys, not fat ugly leather brutes and have never enjoyed the rough side of sex, but I was getting off on this treatment big time.

I felt Bruiser tensing up and suddenly he shot load after load of hot, thick spunk into my mouth. I swallowed frantically whilst at the same time shot my own load all over Bruisers heavy filthy work boots. Bruiser pulled out of my mouth with a plop and looked down. All he did was lift his boot towards me and I immediately fell on it, licking my spunk off it and filling my mouth with grit and unidentifiable filth.

I sat back on my heels and looked at Bruiser with my mouth open and grime encrusted tongue hanging out. "Good boy" he said and I felt a warm glow of adoration as he rubbed the top of my head. Bruiser walked over to the bowl on the floor and filled it back up with water. I crawled over to it and drank the contents, washing the shit out of my mouth.

"Now boy, I have plans for you. Whilst you were out I got you to write a letter of resignation from your job, I organised the sale of everything you own and now your conditioning is complete I can organise the rest of your life. Go to sleep now, and when you wake up you will be literally a new man" and with that, he turned off the light and left the room. I crawled to the pallet and fell into a deep dreamless sleep

Part eight.

Bruiser here. I got the puppy to write down his story before I finished him off. He isn't in any fit state to write anything now, even writing his own name is too much of a challenge for him. He has trouble signing an X on official forms.

When I was first swapped into this body it was like I had been reborn. I thought Spud was a bit wimpy, and was glad I wasn't inhabiting his body any more. I quickly realised I had a major fetish for transformation as well as brutal man on man sex. Spud was proving to be very malleable and obedient, and even though he didn't want to do things he had no choice but to obey me. I realised it was part of the hypnotic conditioning he had received and started to wonder what commands I had been given Spud quickly adapted to being my slave, and it appealed to the sadistic side of my nature to force him to do things that deep down he hated. I made him learn to smoke and drink like me, but I left the feelings of dislike. To the outside world it looked like he enjoyed them as much as I did, but inside he still hated them It didn't matter to me, as long as he did it. Every time he lit up a fag or swigged his pint with a sigh of pleasure it made me horny on several levels. The main one being that I love fucking smoking pissheads, but also the fact that he only did it because I told him to.

I didn't care about his feelings, I just altered him in every way I could. I made him look as much like me as I could, but I decided early on that he wasn't ever going to cut or shave his beard. I've always been attracted to the fat greasy biker look so that’s what I decided he was going to be. I made him pass his motorbike test then got him to join a local bikers gang with a very evil reputation. Some of the things he had to do to gain full membership shocked even me, and he has gained a reputation as a bad bloke to fuck with. He is a very popular member as he is always willing to service any pissed up biker who wants his cock sucked, no matter how foul the biker in question is. Some of the ones too rough or nasty to get a regular bird enjoy his arse, and spud makes sure they know how much he enjoys their attentions.

After a few months I started to look at different forms of mind control. I didn't want anyone coming along and undoing my work. I had felt a bit resentful about being manipulated and was determined that if I ever came across the fucker that swapped us he would pay for it. I eventually came across several methods and after a treatment for me and Spud I was sure we were both stuck now.

As you read above, I managed to get hold of puppy purely by accident. It all fell into place a lot more easily than I thought it would. Using a combination of drugs and hypnosis I rewrote his mind. Inside he thinks he is still the same person he always was, but can't break out of his conditioning. He actually wants to be controlled now and secretly enjoys it.

So what’s happened to him now, you ask? Well he's had an eventful couple of years After a few months of being a puppy slave I got bored with him. Spud was taking up most of my time with his upcoming court case for assault, so I gave him back his ability to talk and walk upright. He had gained a lot of weight and was nice and chubby in a soft way. I had his nipples, cock, eyebrow, lip, septum and tongue pierced. I also had his left ear pierced all the way from lobe to top. I made him come on the building site with us to toughen him up, but took away his ability to read and write. I also hooked him up with one of the dumber labourers, Bob, and made him copy the way Bob walked and talked. Bob took a shine to him and started calling him Fish as he was as white as a fish belly. It wasn't long before Fish was servicing Bobs cock at every opportunity, so I let him move out of my place and in with Bob.

Bob wasn't well known for his personal hygiene and usually wore his work clothes all the time, even when he wasn't working. He had a huge fat belly that wobbled when he walked, but I knew for a fact that his cock was enormous, even bigger than mine I'd lent Spud to him one day and saw how hard Spud found it to get the enormous beast into his mouth. Spud was complaining afterwards about how rank it tasted, since Bob didn't bother bathing that often. His teeth were rotten and broken from neglect, and he didn't bother with shaving and haircuts. Once a week he ran a pair of clippers over his face and head to keep himself tidy. He loved his tattoos and was covered with them. There was no design to them, just what he fancied at the time.

Fish of course was obliged to treat Bob like a hero, and be submissive to his suggestions He had to live the same lifestyle as Bob so quickly became as rank and smelly. He ate and drank the same things as Bob so piled on the pounds while at the same time, Bob took him to the tattooists every week and picked a design to go on Fishes body. I particularly liked the spiders web he had put onto Fishes face.

Fish now follows Bob around like a puppy, looking, sounding and acting just like him. It turns out Bob has a pipe smoking fetish so Fish is rarely seen without a pipe in his mouth and a thick cloud of smoke round his head.

I occasionally allow the real personality out for an airing, and he constantly begs me to release him. He screams how horrible his life is and how disgusting he finds his life with Bob. He looks with horror at the tattoos on his hands, the big fat belly poking out over his rancid jeans, the strong rank smell of stale sweat and old piss, and starts sobbing. He puts his head in his hands and feels the broken nose where Bob punched him one night when he was pissed, and runs his tongue round the black stumps in his mouth. Bob can be vicious when he's had a drink and takes it out on his boy. As far as Bob is concerned, his boy is a tough cunt who loves it rough. The rougher the better in fact. I look at the piece of human shit in front of me and take pity on him. Not a lot, you understand, but a little. Putting him under for the last time, I give him his final orders.

"From this moment forward, you don't have any knowledge of your old life. The person you are now is the person you have always been. You love Bob with every fibre of your being and you can't think of anyone you would rather spend your life with. The life you now lead is the life you have always wanted to lead. You are a thick illiterate unskilled manual worker with an awesome boyfriend who is everything you have ever wanted in a man." I woke him up and looked at the dull cow eyed thick fucker in front of me.

"Get out of here you dumb cunt, don't you have any work to do?"

"Sorry boss. Was getting a drink"

"Well fuck off somewhere else, you ugly fat smelly bastard!"

"Yes boss" he said as he shuffled out of my office.

I smiled as he went to bob and gave him a big kiss with tongues and Bob squeezed his arse I said I felt pity for him, I didn't say I was going to do anything nice. I have my revenge, and I have my slave Spud. Life’s fucking awesome!!