Video Booth



In the End.....


My girlfriend left me. This is not earth shattering news, they all leave eventually. “I don’t listen…”, “I’m not sensitive to there needs…”, “All I think about is sex…” blah, blah, blah. It’s always something. Okay, so I called her the wrong name, big deal, it’s an honest mistake, where’s the forgiveness? Oh well, there will be others, but it means a certain amount of time without sex. It’s tough getting through the dry times, guess I have to go back to the old standby.

  I’’ve lived in Vegas for ten years now and I am proud to say that I have never paid for sex. Even though it’s legal and easily available it just seems ludicrous to pay for something so easy to get for free. Luckily there is an old XXX arcade in town. You know the kind where you buy tokens from the greasy looking guy at the counter then you find an unoccupied booth, pull the curtain closed, sit down , put your tokens in the machine, choose the channel that you like and take matters into your own hands. I like this particular place because it has a huge selection of videos to chose from. Not that what I’m into is unusual or too kinky, just big titted blondes giving blowjobs and eventually taking it up the ass (something my old girlfriend was not into, said it hurt. Whatever!).

  So, I’’ve got my tokens in hand and I’m looking for a fairly private booth but they all seem to be taken. Finally I find one way at the back. I’ve never had to go this far back before, but it is a little separate from the others so I probably won’t be disturbed. I notice that this one has a door instead of a curtain and to my surprise it has a lubricant dispenser and paper towels. It was little odd that there was a mirror on the wall next to where you sit, but I guess some people are into watching themselves. Wow, I lucked into the Cadillac of video booths, this is going to be great. I unzip and decide to just take my pants completely off, my underwear and just for the hell of it my shirt join the pile of clothes on the floor. After putting all the tokens in I get a little lube and sit back to enjoy. Flip, Flip, Flip through the channels stopping occasionally on something that looks good but my dick doesn’t respond so on I go.

  Minutes go by and still no life down below, I just can’t seem to find what I want ,or, maybe it’s that little flicker of light in the top left hand corner of the screen that is distracting me. I change channels again, flicker, finally a blonde with big hooters going down on this huge dick, this should do it. I work on my slicked up cock watching her trying to swallow that monster. Flicker. Nothing. What’s wrong with me today, I should be popping a rod watching this. It has to be that annoying flicker, they should really try to keep things working better.

  Flicker. Flicker

  Okay, I’ll try a different channel. One of them should work right. Flip. Oh shit! A damn gay channel, now it’s a guy sucking on another guys dick, why don’t they have separate booths for this shit? I’ll just change the channel again.

  I reach for the knob but nothing happens, I try again still nothing. Great, the machine is stuck on a gay channel. I’ve got like ten dollars in this thing and I can’t change channels. Maybe I can go back a channel. I reach for the knob… then it hits me. I’m hard as a rock. No, no, no this can’t be. It must be from the blonde one channel before, yeah that’s it. I reach for the knob.

  Flicker. Flicker

 Then I notice a few things all at once… The hand that is reaching for the knob never really gets there. I try again but it just stops a few inches from the knob. It’s not that the machine is stuck ,it’s that I can’t grab the knob. Something is stopping me from changing channels. Now this would be surprising enough under normal circumstances but then I notice that not only am I hard as a rock but my other hand is working furiously on my lubed up dick. I never noticed before how good my dick feels in my hand, all soft and hard at the same time. The silky skin sliding over the rigid shaft and the rubbery tip pushing up through my thumb and forefinger on each stroke felt wonderful. I can just imagine what another guys dick would feel like….

  Whoa! Stop! What the hell? Where did that thought come from? I shake my head to clear it. I rip my hand off of my dick and I try to stand up. But my eyes are drawn back to screen and the guys moist soft lips sliding sensuously up and down the wet shaft of his willing partners hot cock. Soon my hand is back on my dick and I am once again captivated by the action on the screen.

  Flicker. Flicker

  The guy nibbles and licks his way up and down the stiff rod before he engulfs it to the hilt in his eager mouth. Once again my thoughts wander uncontrollably to what another mans dick would feel like, what it would taste like….

  NO! Once again I tear my eyes from the screen to stop this…. But, I knew that that was the hottest I had ever been and somehow ,that was the most sensual thing I had ever seen. I knew that I needed more. So like a junkie that had just a taste and knew he was hooked, I sat back down , wrapped my hand around my dick and intentionally looked at the screen.

  I was rewarded with an instantaneous erection as the previous erotic sensations flooded back. The guy was working the cock in and out of his mouth with increased tempo that matched the speed I was jacking my dick. It was obvious that the guy was going to shoot at any moment, and so was I.

  Suddenly the guy arched his back and the other guy pulled his mouth off of his dick just as a geyser of come shot right in his mouth, he immediately clamped his lips back over the erupting dick to catch the rest.

Seeing this, I came. I came like never before. My body shook from head to toe with wracking spasms. I don’t know if I screamed, I didn’t know anything but the intense pleasure I felt from shooting my load

while thinking of sucking someone off.

  I came back to my senses not knowing how much time had passed. I sat there with my soft dick still in my clenched fist and my hand covered with come. As if it were the most normal thing to do I raised my hand to my mouth and licked some come off of it. After the first taste of it I licked my hand clean. I loved it. I was beyond even trying to figure out what was going on, I didn’t care. I wanted more.

  I looked back at the screen.

  A new scene was being acted out. Two guys on a bed completely naked kissing and running there hands all over each other. I was getting hard again. They broke off the kiss and one started kissing and licking his way down the other one. He kissed his neck and shoulders and when he came to his nipples I reached up and tweaked my own, sending small ripples of pleasure through me. He continued his ministration down the length of his torso, when he reached the stiff cock he stopped. I was stroking my dick again and was anxious for the action to continue. I couldn’t understand what he was waiting for, if I were there I would be right down on that cock. My mouth was watering.

  As if on cue a little panel in the wall right by my head slid open and to my utter amazement a hard throbbing dick was pushed through it. I stared at it for just a moment, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Briefly I looked back at the screen just as the guy was lowering his mouth over the waiting cock. Without hesitation I reached out and wrapped my hand around the only other dick I’ve touched beside my own. I gently squeezed it and a drop precum oozed out of the tip, I stuck out my tongue and licked it up. The moment the taste hit me I wrapped my lips around the hard rod started giving the first blow job of my life. The feeling was amazing, the taste was heavenly. I sucked as much cock into my mouth as I could get and ran my tongue around it. I didn’t even know who this was but I wanted him to get as much pleasure as I was out of this.

  If I had stopped to think about my current situation I would have been appalled. There I was in a cubicle at the back of an x-rated arcade sucking on a guys dick, jacking myself off while watching a gay porno, and thoroughly enjoying all of it. Anyway…

 I could feel a change in his cock, he started humping my face and his dick grew bigger and harder. I knew he would come and I couldn’t wait. I locked my lips around the head of his prick and jack him with my free hand. He came in my mouth, torrent after torrent of come squirted down my throat and I took it greedily. I sucked all the come I could get out of him and kept sucking. His come slowed to a trickle and he started to go soft and I still sucked on him. Finally he pulled his cock out of my mouth and the little panel slid shut. Only then did I realize that while I was swallowing his come I came too. My hand was once again covered in my own juice which I quickly cleaned up. I was hoping the little panel would slide open again and feed me another juicy prick, but it stayed shut.

  Flicker. Flicker

  I glanced at the screen again and it was the same two guys obviously the one had sucked the other off and now they were moving into a new position. The one that had come was getting on his hands and knees while the other was behind him. The one in the back slowly spread the others ass cheeks and started sliding a finger in his hole. Now this totally had my attention because that is what I like to do with women, but suddenly the thought of doing that with a woman just didn’t appeal to me anymore. All I could think about was cock.

  He had three fingers in him by the time I realized my asshole itched, and was twitching. Absentmindedly I reached down and ran a finger across my hole, I jumped. It felt so good. I got on my knees and lubed up a finger and started to put it in me. My ass practically swallowed it. My finger popped in so easily and felt so good I started fucking myself with it. I too had three fingers in there before I knew it.

  I checked the screen again and moaned in frustration. The guy behind was just lining his dick up to fuck his partner. My fingers were just not adequate for what I needed. I needed something bigger and longer.

  Once again, right on cue a little panel slightly lower than the first opened and another hard dick was presented to me. It was already lubed up and ready to go so I knew what to do. I turned around and slowly backed up to it. When I felt it touch my sphincter I told myself to relax, but I had nothing to worry about. My three fingers had stretched me enough that he easily slid in.

  How could my ex not like this? This was the most incredible feeling. When he slid all the way in and stopped, all I could do was moan. I was impaled. I was filled. I was being fucked and I wanted more. So, when he pulled back and started to slide in again I was there to meet his thrusts. Soon he didn’t need to move at all, I was fucking him with my ass. I would pull off of him till just the tip was inside me, then slam back till he was balls deep in me. Every time he slid in deep I moaned and come leaked out of my dick.

  I could feel him getting close so I pushed back hard and squeezed my ass and let him fuck me till he came.

It only took seconds. He bucked one last time and then filled my ass with come. I could feel the hot liquid squirting out of his dick and filling me up. The feeling of hot come flooding over my prostate was too much for me and I came too. I couldn’’t believe how great it felt to come with a hard cock up your ass.

  Eventually he finished and pulled out, the little panel slid shut. I lay there for a while recovering and coming to grips with my situation. I got turned on by a gay porno, I got off sucking on another mans cock, and then got off again when a guy fucked me up the ass. I didn’t really care how this had happened . I enjoyed every minute of it, in fact I realized that whatever it was that happened to me here was a blessing. It opened a door to a whole new world of fantastic sex. I always liked anal sex but now I can be on either the giving or receiving end. If only my ex could see me now….

  (Well, she couldn’t actually see him, but she new exactly what was going on because she had paid for it.

She new his habits well enough to know he would run right down to his favorite arcade if she broke up with him. She also knew about the special room at the back from some friends of hers. She made the arrangements for a little sex education, ass sex education for her boyfriend. Let him take it up the ass and see how he liked it. The problem was that he did like it. It seemed that he liked it a lot…)

  The screen went black, time was up and I didn’t have any more tokens. That’s okay, I experienced enough for one day. I got dressed and left the booth. As I walk passed the guy that I had bought the tokens from he gestured me aside.

  “I hope you enjoyed yourself. The management would like to reward your continued patronage with an invitation to our little club next door. Here’s your key, use it to enter on the other side of the building. Come as often as you like”, he said, then he turned and started helping someone else.

  Well, today is just full of surprises. Even with all that I had been through I decided to just take a peek next door.

  I walked around the building and found a door with a sign over it that read “Members Only”. I tried my key and the door opened easily. I entered an elegant waiting room furnished with overstuffed chairs and book cases. It reminded me a little of the old men’s clubs you use to see on TV. It was empty except for a man sitting behind a desk at the back.

 “Well hello! Very nice to see you so soon. You picked a good time to stop by. Nobody waiting and our last customer just left, very satisfied I might add. Go on in.””, He said.

 There was a door behind him that he gestured towards. I went through and found myself in a short hallway with just one door at the end. Through this door was a cubicle much like the one I spent most of the afternoon in. It had a lube dispenser and paper towels but instead of a video screen there was a mirror on the wall.

 I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror wondering what I was supposed to do here when, suddenly my reflection disappeared and I was looking into the booth I had formerly occupied. As I watch the door opens and a man walks in, looks around and seems very pleased with the accommodations. He strips and puts his tokens in the machine, lubes up and starts flipping through channels. I am a little confused until I notice the flicker on the screen, and also the little panels at two different heights right below the mirror…

  And, a very satisfied customer had just left. I will definitely be a frequent customer of both sides of this business.