Hypno High

by: webb025@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the

legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male

sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

So you're the new transfer student from upstate? Hi, I'm Cameron, I'm

a sophomore here. Maybe you're wondering why you're here. Well, a visit

to me or one of my assistants is required for any new student here.

You're worried that you can't seem to move your arms or legs? Don't

worry, it's just temporary. Ten minutes and you'll be done and out of

here, if you want to be.

So what's my story? I'm more or less king of this high school. And I

don't just mean the most popular, I'm being more literal than you might

expect. I've got incredible hypnosis skills, and with those skills and

a group of assistants I've put together, I've managed over the past year

to completely take over this school. I use a number of methods to get

people under, and I have to do it over and over to make permanent

changes in them, so it's time consuming. But it's been worth it, as

I'll explain to you. You were hypnotized by my assistant Tommy here

while you were waiting for this appointment. It started when you were

filling out forms on the computer in the outer office, with a background

program flashing patterns on the monitor, and once you were "under",

Tommy took over and brought you the rest of the way under.

Don't worry, it was perfectly normal for you to take off all your

clothes and leave them in a pile by the door. Yes, you see that now.

I find you very attractive. You were a pretty good athlete at your last

school, weren't you? Tall, good build, nice six-pack abs. Maybe a bit

too smooth for my taste, I like a light covering of chest hair on my

subjects. Makes me feel like I'm controlling more of a man. Yes, I'm

gay, but don't worry, I don't go around making everyone gay. It's a

pain to do and it's not necessary. If someone is straight, I'll leave

them that way unless I need them gay or bi for a reason. But that

doesn't mean they can't all worship and obey me completely. I don't

want them as mindless slaves. I want them to be able to THINK for

themselves of ways to please and serve me. It's kind of like an

intense, primitive religion, except the religion is ME. I want everyone

here to feel the need to study hard and become educated, and to work out

hard and become as built and fit as they can be. I just don't want them

to be able to talk about it with school outsiders.

Their parents are thrilled. Their kids are doing well academically,

developing better than ever athletically, and almost everyone has a

well-matched boyfriend or girlfriend. I know this because either I or

my assistants pick the boyfriend or girlfriend. Couples tend to stay

together unless I need to have them break up.

All students are compelled to hide what's really going on at school,

but as long as they're doing well here, their parents don't ask a lot

of questions. If any parents stumble onto something or get suspicious,

they're called to meet with a teacher or the principal, and by the

time they leave they've forgotten everything. Unless they have

something I might like, such as a nice car or a muscular ass.

The teachers? Most of my teachers know to leave me alone, and they're

unable to talk about me with anyone outside of the school. There

have been a few I didn't like. The first one is now sexually obsessed

with me, he's married with kids but has to jerk off thinking of me at

least three times a day, but he can't talk to me or even look directly

at me. The teacher I hated worst now spends hours of quality time

after school forced to examine close up whatever I've deposited in

the toilet.

I'm an inspiration to the whole school. Guys all want to dress like

me. In art class, every project is a picture of me, a sculpture of

me, or maybe a plaster cast of part of me. Some of the artwork may

be a bit exaggerated, they all seem to show me with a twelve inch

cock, or a bulge like that. Actually, I'm only about five inches,

I have no idea how they all got the impression I was that big. Well,

actually I do. I put that idea in everyone's mind. It seems to give

both the girls and guys something to focus on.

Last month, the best project in art class was a painting done by a

freshman, a real talent. It shows me standing naked, hands on my

hips and foot-long cock jutting out ahead, and on their knees in

front of me are three members of the football team in uniform minus

helmets, heads bowed in worship. Coach Jenkins hung it in the locker

room for inspiration. I really am an inspiration to that team, since

when they win I allow them to have sex with their girlfriends, but

if they lose they know they won't be able to cum for a week, while

their girlfriends are required to physically tease them mercilessly.

The team is pretty good and usually wins, but they're not perfect.

After their first loss, I gave their effeminate little freshman towel

boy absolute control over them in the locker room after the game.

They didn't know it before, but he's got a real sadistic side to him.

While satisfying his fantasies, he did a great job of humiliating

them totally, and later they were compelled to tell their girlfriends

in great detail what he said and did to them. The next Friday they

totally dominated a stronger team.

As for the freshman artist of that inspirational painting, I think

I'll reward him by granting him that fantasy of his involving two

big-boobed senior cheerleaders wrestling naked for the right to

please him. I'm generous to talented, loyal people, you'll see.

Like for example in music composition, where most of the music,

with or without lyrics, is written about me, a junior guy, cute gay

black dude, wrote a great rap about my hypnosneakers. He had a

fantasy about being gangbanged by the basketball team, so I granted

it to him.

My hypnosneakers? Oh, they're just an ordinary pair of those shoes

with flashing lights in them. But when I'm wearing them, I've kind

of got everyone trained to focus on them and go into a trance. In

a large group situation, it's easier than trancing them one at a

time, or using their control phrases.

I also help provide after-school jobs for those who need a few

extra bucks. There was a senior last year who made good money

working for Billy, one of my sophomore assistants. Several days

a week, he would go to Billy's house after dinner and do odd jobs.

Sometimes he served as a naked footstool for Billy and his friends

in the TV room. Once he had to pose as a statue in Billy's room for

several hours, and if he moved a muscle he was whipped. And a few

times, when Billy was just angry and frustrated at something, the

guy would serve as his punching bag, taking whatever Billy dished

out. He was pretty big and strong, so he could take the abuse. And

the whole thing was funded by the school.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I can sense that you've

got a talent. I need help, I can't run the whole school by myself,

too many people, too little time. I need assistants, and I think you

would make a great hypnotist. You seem to have the aptitude, plus

there's that deep voice and those big blue eyes! If you decide to

join me, the rewards can be great. I would expect you to use all

your creative energy to help out. If you do well, you can pretty

much have the run of the school for what you want, financially or

sexually. My assistant Tommy here is bi, and he was always lusting

after the junior prom king and queen. The "king" is a basketball

player, and the "queen" is the cutest, most popular girl in school,

and they've been going together since like the seventh grade.

Well, to thank Tommy for his help, I've given him BOTH of them.

The two of them can't go on a date without him. They hate it, but

they have no choice. And he's always there when they make out.

Sometimes he controls the action between the two of them himself.

Sometimes he'll fuck her with her boyfriend watching and jerking

off, sometimes he'll top the basketball player with her watching.

Sometimes he gets all three of them in some hot action. They have

to involve him in everything they do together. Cool, huh?

You're straight, right? You had a girlfriend in your old town and

you guys were pretty sexually active. But I notice your eyes keep

moving to Tommy's worn-out, smelly old running shoes. I know they

look real big on him -- he's only about 5'7" and those are size 14s

-- but that can't be why you're staring. You even licked your lips

a few times while looking at them. Tommy, were you doing a little

extra programming of this guy's mind when you prepared him for this

visit? You know you're not really supposed to do that... No, I know

it seems perfectly normal to you that you want your tongue inside

Tommy's sweaty old shoes, but trust me, that idea wasn't there an

hour ago. Well, Tommy's been very good lately, he stopped a

mini-rebellion in the junior class last week led by someone who

had gotten de-hypnotized, I don't know how. The guy had somehow

managed to work three other guys free, but Tommy found out. Now

those four guys are all slaves, three to their girlfriends and

one to his younger brother. Their new masters keep doing

reinforcement exercises with them, so it won't happen again. OK,

to thank Tommy for his alertness, I'll leave that shoe lust in

your head. I may even make Tommy's shoes part of your reward if

you decide to help me. I've heard his prom king and queen playtoys

find his toe jam an irresistible treat.

And if you decide not to help me? No problem, I'll let you go,

and you'll forget about this meeting. If you make that choice,

I'll give you a taste of your future. Normally, since you're a

nice, good-looking, athletic guy, I'd pair you off with a decent

girlfriend, but you transferred here in the middle of the term, so

I don't have any girls left for you. All I have left unmatched

is this. Tommy, bring in Lester.

Ugh, what an expression on your face! Yes, I know, he's short,

real skinny, got a bad case of acne, doesn't dress too well or

keep his hair looking good. But he deserves someone, and you

happen to be in the right place at the right time. And don't

worry, if I pair you up, you'll be hopelessly in love with him.

You'll follow him around and think he's your masculine ideal.

You'll think you're so lucky he pays attention to you. Maybe

you'll start imitating his habits, like the way he picks his

nose. Or maybe he'll give you his nose pickings as a snack,

and you'll be really excited. You two will have a sex life just

as active as the one you had with your old girlfriend, just a

little different. You'll develop the same interests as Lester

has, and the two of you may even go to college together, who


But I'm leaving you completely free to choose. You'll be happy

either way, that's a big benefit of being a student at this

school. The only unhappy people are the ones who deserve to

be. Well, and maybe a few kids that have been given as toys

to reward other kids who WANT them to be unhappy, for their

own reasons. Like Tommy's prom king and queen, I understand he

lets them realize how sick and perverted what they're doing is,

they just can't help themselves. What are you doing with them

lately, Tommy? Oh, wow, look at that pic, see that studly built

prom king with the buzzed blond hair, the cute all-American face

and the bulging biceps? Tommy, looks like you've put him on all

fours in a dress, and you're having the prom queen rape him with

a huge dildo while he pleads for mercy. And you're sitting on his

muscular back, laughing your ass off, hitting him on his red ass

with a riding crop while she's banging him with the dildo. You're

more imaginative than I am, Tommy, I've gotta say that.

So make your choice, and then look deeply into the monitor while

I run this program. Then either get your tongue ready for Tommy's

shoes, or your asshole ready for Lester's dick. Actually, like

Tommy's feet, Lester's dick is much bigger than you might guess

just looking at him...

[OK, did I go too far, or not far enough? Should I describe a

day in the life of one of Cameron's assistants? Comments and

feedback welcome.]