Magic Show

By Albatross

Derek popped a balloon revealing a live rabbit to the amazement of a small group

of kids in the front row. As the kids cheered, the door opened to the small

amusement park theater and three frat guys stumbled in out of the rain.

?Oh great, it?s a faggoty magic show,? said Steve.

?We can still have some fun goofing on Mr. Magico up there,? said Dave.

Evan shouted to the stage,?Hey, Copperfield, show us that trick with the Chinese

linking cock-rings!?

Derek tried to ignore them, but they grew louder and more boisterous causing

most of the parents to usher their kids out of the show.

?Here?s a trick, I think even you guys in the back will get something out of,?

said Derek. He pulled out what appeared to be a small disco ball. Illuminated by

the spotlight, it sent sparkling lights across the ceiling.

?Now he?s turning this into a gay disco,? Steve said.

As Derek explained the illusion would cause everyone in the theater to levitate,

the guys started paying some attention. But they thought his introduction was so

boring. He just kept droning on and on about focusing on the dancing lights,

letting everything go but the lights?.floating up and away?like a balloon?giving

up all control?believing in magic?magic is real?the magician is magic?he can do

anything?.so hard to stay awake.

?And awake,? said Derek. The guys woke up disoriented and looked around to

discover that the theater was now empty.

?It?s time for your own special magic show, guys,? said Derek.

?Yeah, right?, said Evan as they guys headed for the door.

?Hocus Pocus. On my wand you must focus,? said Derek.

The three guys turned in unison and felt compelled to look at Derek?s magic wand

as he swished it through the air.

?The wand is magnetic. Feel it pulling you to the stage,? said Derek.

The guys fought to leave, but felt terrified as their bodies were pulled toward

the magician on the stage.

?When I wave my wand, we will all be in the desert. Feel the heat. So hot. Only

taking off all your clothes will relieve the unbearable heat. Of course, you

will probably find that painfully embarrassing to be naked in front of your frat

buddies. Only fags do that. Right??

The guys hesistated and looked away from each other, but they couldn?t stand the

agonizing heat. A pile of Abercrombie shirts, and shorts hit the floor, followed

by some boxers and a pair of tighty wighties. Derek was pleased with the bodies

he had to toy with. Some regular intermural football games had kept these jocks

in prime condition. Chiseled abs and bubble butts.

?OK, we?re out of the desert now, but I?m making your clothes disappear.? Derek

touched his wand to the pile of clothes and the guys couldn?t see the pile still

right there in front of them.?

?Listen, you sick queer. I don?t know what you?ve done to us, but you?re about

to get your ass kicked,? said Steve.

?As I wave my wand, you will find that attempting to harm me will only harm

yourself,?said Derek.

The guys rushed him and started hitting and kicking themselves as Derek laughed.

?OK, that?s enough of the rough stuff, boys. Now it?s time for you to play nice.

As I raise my wand, you will all raise your wands.? Derek playfully tapped the

tip of each guy?s cock. As he raised his wand in the air, their erections

saluted him.

Now the guys were truly panicked. This crazy fag had complete control over them

and they knew he could make them do anything.

?Just let us go and we won?t tell anybody what happened here,? said Evan with a

trembling voice.

?What pretty lips you have,? said Derek. What?s your name?


?Hmmm, I had a bad experience with an Evan once. Your new name is Sweetie. You

will never be able to respond to the name Evan again. And your friends here will

now only answer to Lover and Honey.?

?You can?t tell us what to call....Sweetie?, said Steve.

?Lover don?t you find Sweetie?s lips pretty?? said Derek. As I wave my wand,

your lips will be magically drawn toward his. As repulsive as you may find it,

you must kiss him in a slow, sloppy, passionate way.?

Evan tried to run, but Steve cornered him and kissed him deeply, his tongue

exploring. Their hard cocks bobbing as Evan struggled to break free.

?That?s enough foreplay,? said Derek. Honey, look down at your cock while my

wand transforms it into a snake. It?s getting longer and longer. See it writhe

and grow thicker as it winds its way across the floor. Be nice to your cock now.

You wouldn?t want to get it angry or it can turn on you. Pet the snake and calm

its fears. The guys watched as their friend stroked his cock. They all saw a

cobra. ?Yes?faster?faster?.? Dave shrieked as he came convulsively on the floor.

In his eyes, the cobra was spitting venom at him.

?And now the cobra shrinks down and transforms to your normal cock. Wait, it is

still shrinking?shrinking?.it is only a little nubbin now?just a baby?s penis.

Now that won?t be satisfying any woman again, will it?? said Derek. Dave looked

even more horrified than when his cock was a cobra.?

?That was fun,? said Derek. ?Lover and Sweetie , I?m turning you into pirates.

Your hard cocks are swords. You must fight to victory. The boys circled each

other than began slapping their dicks together forcefully. They even reached out

to try to pull the sword from their opponents grasp. The result was an amusing

double hand job for Derek to enjoy.

?Now you are back to normal, but Lover and Sweetie, your lips are now being

magnetically drawn to each other?s cocks. They will not release until you both

have achieved climax.?

?Sorry dude,? said Steve. ?But I really can?t control myself. Lover and Sweetie

took to cock-sucking like old pros and quickly came in each others mouths. They

even swallowed without the help of the so-called magic wand.

?OK, I think we?ve had enough fun for today, said Derek. You will always have a

hazy memory of this day. I will return you to nearly normal, but I?m installing

a few safeguards in you. If you ever refer to anyone as a fag, faggot, queer, or

any other derogative term, you will drive yourself to the nearest gay bar and

offer blowjobs to anyone in the place that is interested. You will still have

strong feelings for each other and will often dream of performing sexual acts

together. If you are able to overcome your own homo-phobia, you will find these

acts to be the most pleasurable you can imagine. In fact, before you go you

should each take a turn on my magic wand.?