Pillow Biter


By Killerwhale Zeus






This story contains material suitable for adults only, including

sexual references, low level violence, nudity and adult themes.


The stories presented here are fictional and are intended as

erotic fun, most of the acts presented are reprehensible and no

normal person would engage in these things in real life. These

stories are harmless revenge fantasies (on fictional and imagined

people) and puerile sex slave stories. Try not to take them






Antonio finished his final curl for the day. He put the weights back on the rack and glanced at himself in the mirror.

He had reached the peak of his routine for the day and his body was bulging. Goddamn it, he thought to himself,

flexing a bicep, I'm goddamn huge. He looked around and noted with satisfaction that he towered over the other

guys in the gym. The muscles on his arms, popping out and glistening, doubled the circumference of the guy on

the pad next to him. His shoulders, normally hidden under a plain white shirt, were barely contained by his

sweat-soaked singlet. They were so pumped from the workout that Antonio was sure he could be harnessed to

a train engine and haul it fifty miles. He looked at himself in the mirror again. The sight of his powerful body,

rippling and glowing with manly health made him want to roar with primal satisfaction. I am THE MAN! He

gloated silently to himself, I AM A GOD.


Out of the corner of his eye, Antonio saw his gym bag. It pressed up against the wall where he had dumped it.

It was open and peeking out of it was the corner of that strange book. Distracted, Antonio turned from the mirror,

not noticing the frown of concentration that had replaced his narcissical sneer.


He walked over to his bag. One of the other guys working out at the gym leaned in at him as he passed,

"Looking good, Antonio," he said.


"Fuck off," said Antonio, without skipping a beat. He picked up his bag and pushed the book down underneath

his spare clothes. He decided to skip cool down and went straight to the changerooms.


Out in the carpark, Antonio sat in the driver's seat of his ferrari. He reached into his gym bag and pulled out the

book. It was old and leathery, large, unadorned except for a brass brim and small lock that had long since fused

open. During his lunchbreak that day, he had walked into a small side alley. In the alley he had found a decrepit

old street vendor, who had shown him the book and told him about the magic inside.


Antonio closed his eyes and lifted the book, inhaling deeply the musty old scent of paper and leather. He recalled

his conversation with the old man.


"It was a diary of sorts. You write in it your hopes and dreams and they come true," the old man had said, passing

it to Antonio. He warned, "Be careful not to be too vague."


Antonio frowned and opened his eyes. Being vague was not going to be a problem, he thought to himself. Antonio

did not understand it, but he had a very specific fantasy he wanted to live out. It had occurred to him only last week,

but now he could think of nothing else.


He put the book down, and within seconds was peeling out of the gym carpark.


At home, Antonio threw his gym bag on the table. He pulled out the book and grabbed a pen. Gingerly, he opened

it up. The pages were lined, with dates, but otherwise blank. The first page of the diary had today's date! He lifted

the pen over the page, not quite sure he was about to do this.


"Oh well," he said to himself. He moved the pen to the next day's date and started writing. He was supposed

to take his girlfriend to see Men of Honour tomorrow, "but I guess that won't be happening," he said to himself.


"Dear diary," he spoke aloud as he wrote, " today the strangest thing happened. At 6am this morning, a group of

six young college kids pulled up in front of my house in a bus they had hired. They were on their way to a six

day camp in the woods and needed a driver. I decided to help them out. I packed my bags and got on the bus.

I drove them to their camp. They were typical frat boys, drinking a lot and being real jerks. They really admired

my huge frame though. We set up camp and spent the day relaxing. It was all fine, but tonight was really weird.

We were all sitting around the campfire, when one of them suggested trying out an ancient Indian curse!

We did the ceremony and cursed our own dicks! According to the curse, from that moment on, if someone

drank a cursed guy's jism, the guy got to make one change to the drinker. The group thought it was hilarious."


Antonio paused, is this what he really wanted? He asked himself. He glanced at the other blank entries. There

was so much to his fantasy to write. He jumped to the final day, Saturday.


"Dear diary, It's actually happened, I have become a weak pussyboy faggot and they have all become muscle



Antonio looked at what he had written. The words disgusted him. He hated faggots, and the thought of being

weak filled him with fear. His cock lay limp in his pants. This is just so strange, he thought again. He filled in

the entries between Monday and Saturday and then closed the diary.



There was a banging on his door. Antonio slowly woke up. "What the fuck?" he said groggily. There was a the

sound of small objects hitting his window, and he could hear jeering from outside. Antonio glanced at the clock, it

was a few minutes past six o'clock, and still dark. The banging on his door continued. Suddenly, a largish

rock burst through his window, landing at his feet. The jeering stopped and Antonio heard someone, a male

voice yell "Oh shit!". Then laughter. More awake now, Antonio swung his muscled beefy body out of bed.


The shouting began again, this time, with the window broken, he could make out the words. "Come on, wake

up! Wake up!!!"


Antonio stumbled to the door and opening it. Pounding on the door was young man, around nineteen or twenty.

He was blonde and athletic, but not particularly large.


"Hey, stop throwing stones, he's awake!" Yelled the guy to his friends in the front yard.


"What the fuck?" growled Antonio, still shaking sleep from his head. He scratched his chest, realising he was

wearing only his boxers.


"Hey mister, we need your help," said the guy. "My name's Enrico, and me and my buds need a driver for our



Antonio looked past Enrico to the street. There was a large yellow bus parked out the front of his apartment

building. Standing in front of the bus were five other guys, all athletic guys with slim builds and preppy clothes.


It was just like he had written in the diary! Although he hadn't written in the book that the jocks we be

so arrogant as to break his window. As he stashed some spare clothes and food into a bag, he wondered

if the Indian curse would go ahead that evening.


It did.




Antonio was the first to rise the following morning. He woke up just as the sun was rising. His bladder was

full and he was in such discomfort he had to relieve himself. He climbed out of his tent and stumbled to a

tree some way from the camp. Relaxing, he pissed away the previous evening's drink.


He went back to the camp and decided to get the fire going again for breakfast. He searched the nearby

woods for firewood, revelling in his own strength as he hauled gigantic logs back to camp.


He got the fire going and over the next hour, the other guys began to stir. Marco and Julien were first,

climbing out of their shared tent and racing off to separate trees to water the morning flowers. Paulo

sat straight next to the fire, feeling the cold more keenly than anyone else. He was soon joined by Dino

and Bruno. Enrico was last to get up, grabbing himself a cold beer and joining his comrades by the fire.


"Hair of the dog," he croaked.


Antonio had already started breakfast, porridge, and went down to the river for some water. When he

came back, Paulo had stood up and was pissing on the fire.


"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" thundered Antonio. "Don't piss on the cooking fire."


The others just laughed, and Paulo shook himself off and sat down with a grin on his face.


"You guys are total jerks," Antonio said, shaking his head.


They all glanced at each other.


"Hey, Antonio," said Enrico, "we'll serve breakfast if you want, you've already done enough."


Antonio was surprised. He had a low opinion of these guys, but maybe it was wrong. Somewhat

mollified, he handed the pot to Enrico and sat down.


"I'll just go and serve it out behind the tent," Enrico said, walking away. "You guys keep talking to



Antonio watched Enrico go. "I don't know why he has to ..."


"Hey, Antonio, where do you work man?" asked Bruno.


"Uh," said Antonio, distracted from his concern about Enrico, "I'm a consultant in the city."


"Don't they mind you taking a week off?" asked Bruno.


Antonio frowned, "Nah, I've got a few weeks sick leave owing."


"Fair enough," said Bruno. "Say, all the guys have been saying what big muscles you've got."


"Thanks," said Antonio, proudly.


"How did you get them?"


"I work out four times a week and I have strict dietary requirements."


From behind the tent, Antonio thought he heard Enrico cry out, "Uh!"


"What was that?"


"Dietary requirements, eh? Like what?" asked Bruno quickly.


"Uh, protein, lots of protein."


Enrico came out from around the tent carrying several bowls. He looked flushed, like he'd just run a marathon.


"Here you go, Julien, Marco, here's yours. And Antonio, here's yours. I gave you an extra dollop," Enrico handed

Antonio the steaming bowl.


"Thanks Enrico," said Antonio. He grabbed a spoon. He noticed that the other guys were staring at him intently.

"What?" He asked.


"Uh, nothing," said Julien, quickly taking a spoonful of porridge from his own bowl. Marco did the same.


"Ah, excellent porridge Enrico, I'm so hungry," said Marco. It reminded Antonio that he was hungry too. He

scooped a large spoon of porridge out of his bowl, it looked a little runny, and shoved it in his mouth. Instantly,

he could tell something was wrong.


"Urgh, this porridge ... " he said.


"What?" asked Enrico.


"It's tastes disgusting. What's that horrible flavour?"


"What a minute," said Enrico. He closed his eyes and concentrated for a second. The others just watched

silently. Antonio blinked, all of a sudden the taste didn't seem that unusual. "Try it again," said Enrico cautiously.

Antonio ate another spoonful, and then another.


"How is it?" asked Julien.


"It's fine," said Antonio. "But what is that strange taste?"


"Ah," Enrico paused. He glanced at the others and then at Antonio. "It's ... that strange taste in your porridge ...

well, it's my cum."


Antonio nodded, "Oh." He continued eating.


Enrico stared at him. "Is that all the reaction you have? Don't you find it unusual to eat other people's cum?"


"No, should I?" asked Antonio.


Enrico grinned, "It worked, wow, it really worked!"


The others started laughing. Antonio wasn't sure what they were laughing about.


After breakfast, Julien and Marco each brought him a glass of milky white liquid.


"Hey Antonio, try this!" said Julien, handing him the glass.


"What is it?" asked Antonio eyeing it suspiciously.


"It's just a cup of my cum," said Julien.


Antonio relaxed, "Oh, thanks but no thanks Julien, I don't really like the taste of cum."


Julien and Marco frowned. Enrico leaned in and whispered something in Julien's ear.


"Come on Antonio, try Julien's jism, you might like this one," urged Enrico.


Antonio sniffed it. He had nothing against drinking jism, he just decided he didn't like the

taste. "I dunno..."


"Come on, Antonio, just one sip, I reckon Julien's cum is much nicer than other boys'," said Enrico,



Antonio gingerly took a sip. It was the same bitter taste as Enrico's, and with that gluggy texture

he found unappealing. "No, it tastes like the others," he began, handing it back to Julien, who had

just opened his eyes. "Although," said Antonio, "it's got a much nicer aftertaste than yours, Enrico."


Enrico nodded. "I guess Julien's a tasty guy."


Antonio laughed, "Yeah, I guess so."


"Here, Antonio, try my man-juice," said Marco, handing his glass to Antonio.


Antonio took a sip. It was the nicest tasting jism he'd had yet. In fact, it was one of the nicest drinks

he could remember having. "Hey, that's really nice, Marco"


Marco nodded, concentrating on something.


Antonio took a swig and then drained the whole glass in one go. "Damn, that's really tasty." He said.


Julien handed Antonio back his glass of cum, "Here, Antonio, try mine again."


Antonio grabbed the glass and took a drink. It tasted as good as Marco's. "Wow, I never knew cum was

so delicious. I can't believe I was down on it just a few minutes ago."


Julien, Enrico and Marco started laughing.


"Thanks for the drinks guys, I guess I better go check the oil in the bus though, I thought it was looking

a little low." He started to walk off.


Enrico turned to Marco, "What did you wish for?"


"I wished that he could only wear what I ordered him to wear," said Marco. "Watch this!" He called out to

Antonio. "Hey Antonio, I reckon you shouldn't wear a top while you're working on the bus."


Antonio nodded, "Good idea Marco." Without pausing, he pulled off his t-shirt and put it on his tent. He

walked over to the bus, naked from the waist up, and began to work.


Enrico whistled low in appreciation. "Good request, Marco."


"I know."


"Say, where are the others?"


"Paulo, Dino and Bruno went off to their own trees to fill their own glasses," said Julien.


As if on cue, Dino clambered back into the clearing, delicately balancing a cup of white fluid. Paulo and Bruno

followed with their own.


"I don't know about you guys," Dino said, "but I can only cum once a day. I don't know if that's enough

to make all the changes we want."


"I've had an idea," said Enrico, grabbing the glass off Dino and taking a long swig. "Urgh, that's disgusting,"

he grimaced.


The others just stared at him. "What the hell did you do that for, Enrico?" asked Julien.


"OK, Dino, I want you to wish that I can cum ten times a day," said Enrico.


Dino grinned, "What a great idea, Enrico."


The others grinned too. In turn, they each grabbed Dino's cup and took a sip. "Come on Dino, wish us all

super sex powers!"


Dino closed his eyes and concentrated. "Done!" He said.


"Excellent," said Enrico. "Come on guys, I think we need to do some planning before things get out of




It was early in the afternoon when Antonio stopped working on the bus engine. The sun had gone behind some

clouds and the mountain air was cool on his skin. Antonio shivered. Maybe I should put a shirt on, he thought

to himself. He reached over to his t-shirt, but couldn't bring himself to put it back on. It just didn't seem right.

Enrico walked over to him carrying a sandwich and a glass of cum.


"Oh man, Enrico, I could really use a sandwich and a nice refreshing glass of your jism," said Antonio.


Enrico could barely contain his laughter, "Well, what a stroke of luck, because I brought this for you," he said,

handing Antonio the sandwich and the cum.


Antonio took a bite of the sandwich and washed it down with some spunk.


"Thanks Enrico," Antonio said. It was nice of Enrico to bring me lunch, he thought. He glanced at Enrico. Actually,

I never realised that Enrico was such a handsome guy, he thought.


"You must be popular with the ladies," Antonio said.


"Why do you say that, Antonio?" asked Enrico, amused.


Actually, why did I say that? Antonio asked himself. "Have you seen the others?" He asked quickly.


Now it was Enrico's turn to frown. "Yeah actually, they all keep going off to the bushes. Guy stuff."


"Oh," said Antonio, not really understanding.


Enrico had noticed that the others seemed to be taking their new sex powers a little to indulgently. In fact,

he was already beginning to feel uncomfortably horny for the fourth time that day.


"Actually, I better go see Dino about something."


"OK, I'll see you later, thanks for the drink," said Antonio. He watched Enrico go. Actually, he was really handsome,

Antonio thought.




Enrico found Dino sitting in the main camp. He was alone. From outside the clearing he could hear several guys

jerking off. His own erection was pressing in his shorts.


"Dino, when we drank your cum, what exactly did you wish for?"


Dino looked at him. "Oh that's easy Enrico, I remember the words exactly. I wished that you all would get horny enough to cum ten times per



"You idiot," said Enrico. "I told you to wish us the ability to cum ten times per day."


"It's the same thing!"


"No it's not. What if we don't want to cum ten times???"


Dino frowned, "I don't get it, why wouldn't you want to cum ten times?"


"Maybe it's a hassle. Maybe I don't want to have to slink off to the bushes every hour for a self-improvement session???"


"Ah," said Dino, finally realising.




Antonio was walking to the lake to wash his hands. From behind a tree stepped Bruno. Of all the guys on the camp, Antonio

liked Bruno the least. The other guys were jerks, and their jokes and attitude could lead them to be cruel, but Bruno was genuinely

a malicious person. He was also the smallest guy on the trip, with a slender swimmer's body. Although, Antonio had to admit,

Bruno was fairly attractive.


"What do you want Bruno?" said Antonio, using his bulk to push past the smaller guy.


"I just want to be your friend, Antonio. Here, I thought we could have a drink together." He held up two beers.


"No thanks, Bruno," said Antonio.


"What about a cup of cum then? Come on Antonio, I'm just trying to be friendly."


He grinned, and Antonio felt himself warming to Bruno's handsome smile. "Oh alright, just one cup of cum."


Bruno handed Antonio a cup. "Here you go."


"Don't you want any?" asked Antonio.


"Uh, I'll just stick with beer, thanks. You really like the taste of cum, Antonio?"


Antonio nodded, he took a long sip from Bruno's cup. "Yeah, it's tastes great! I can't believe how much I've been drinking of it

though. This is, like, my eighth cup today. My belly is fucking full of your guys' cum."


Still, Bruno's jism was delicious on Antonio's throat.


"Eighth cup?"


"Yeah, all morning while I was working on the engine guys were coming and giving me their cum. Paulo told me not to be

suspicious of anything the guys do or say, so I guess I've got nothing to worry about."


"That's really good, because now that you've drunk my cum, I'm going to wish that you know exactly what's happening here,

although that knowledge won't change the way you act at all,"


What the fuck??? thought Antonio. What the fuck did Paulo mean by "wishes". Then it all clicked into place. He had been

brainwashed to drink the other guys' cum. That way they could use the curse on him without him realising. It was like he

had written the diary, except he had been blind to it. Those guys ... they had been filling his head with complete lies and

distortions. Enrico had wished that Antonio found men attractive. That explained why he thought Bruno was cute. And

now Bruno was giving him that knowledge, but in a sadistic way that he couldn't act upon it. So all he said was

"What do you mean?"


"I mean, you know exactly what's happening, but you can't act on it."


"I don't know what you're talking about, Bruno," said Antonio. You fucking bastard, he thought.


"Say hello to the others for me," Bruno said, walking away.


"OK, I will," said Antonio cheerfully, watching Bruno's ass retreat into the bushes.


He got up and started walking back to camp. Marco and Lucien met him halfway.


"Hello, Antonio," said Lucien. "Here, drink my cum."


Antonio took the cup and started drinking. "Gee man, my stomach's full of cum, but damn it, it's just so tasty."


"That's right. You see, Antonio, we have a problem. All us guys are really horny all the time, but we're tired of

jerking off into cups."


"Really, well if there's anything I can do to help," said Antonio. He never realised how handsome Lucien and Marco



"Actually, I've just had a thought on some way you can help me," said Marco. "Could you suck me off man, that'd

be really helpful."


Antonio glanced down at Marco's crotch, "What? I'm no fag, man." He took another swig of Lucien's cum.


Marco looked at Lucien, who concentrated on his wish. "Come on Antonio, you like to help us relieve ourselves."


Antonio glanced down at Marco's crotch again. "Look, I hate fags, I'm not a fag. I don't like dick ... but ... well, I

do like helping you guys out."


Marco unzipped his fly and pulled his shorts down. Antonio felt repulsed at the idea of touching another man's

dick, but it was easily overpowered by his desire to see himself help his friends get off. He sunk to his knees and

took Marco's hard, six inch cock into his mouth. It was disgusting, but it sure was good to see Marco happy.


"Oh yeah, suck my cock," said Marco, unable to believe that this muscle king was on his knees sucking Marco's

cock. Lucien looked on in awe and envy. He had just cum but he was already feeling a bit horny.


Marco said, "Oh God, I think I'm going to cum,"


Antonio began to pull back, he didn't want some guy to cum in his mouth! (Even if cum was tasty)


But it was too late... gushes of hot, hot, spunk splashed against the back of Antonio's mouth. Despite his revulsion,

he found himself drinking as much of the delicious fluid as he could.


"Oh wow!" said Marco, "Oh Antonio, you're so good at that, you should offer to give blow-jobs more often."


Antonio couldn't say anything with his mouth stuffed, but Marco's suggestion suddenly seemed like a good idea.


Marco removed his dick from Antonio's face and put his shorts back on. Antonio turned to Lucien. "Hey Lucien, do you

want me to blow you off?"


Lucien laughed, "But Antonio, I thought you didn't like giving guys head?"


"I don't I hate it!" said Antonio, "But I like to see you guys get relief and so I thought I'd just offer a bit more."


"Well, maybe later," said Lucien. "But I'm sure the others would take you up on your offer."


Antonio nodded, he was headed back to camp anyway.


"See you later, guys" said Antonio, licking the last of Marco's cum off his lips.


Marco called out after him. "Hey Antonio, I don't think you should wear pants anymore, they just stifle your legs and undies."


Antonio disagreed with him, but decided to remove his jeans anyway. Now he was wearing just boots and boxers. As he walked

down the path he could hear Marco and Lucien laughing behind his back.




Enrico and Dino were playing cards when Antonio walked into the clearing. Enrico's jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw that

Antonio was wearing only his undies.


"Hey Antonio, what's up?"


"Nothing, nothing," said Antonio. "Hey, Enrico, you look horny. Do you want me to suck you off?"


This time Enrico's jaw did hit the floor. "What was that, buddy?"


"I just thought I'd offer, I don't really want to, but you seem horny, that's all."


"Uh, well, uh, sure, why not!" said Enrico, it had been nearly an hour since his last jerk-off.


Antonio fell to his knees in front of Enrico. "But you say you don't like giving head?" Enrico asked.


"Yeah, hate it, but you know, a man's gotta do right by his buds, sometimes, you know?"


Enrico gasped as Antonio buried his face in Enrico's nether regions. In his heightened state, it

felt incredible.


He came after only a few minutes. He almost forgot a wish, almost. "Alright Antonio, even though

you're straight and you hate fags, your body starts to enjoy giving blowjobs despite yourself."


"Me next!" said Dino, pulling down his fly.


Antonio sighed, giving blow-jobs was so boring. He crawled over to Dino and started sucking. As he

got into the rhythm of it, he realised it wasn't so bad. In fact, he actually started to get into it himself.

Despite his dislike of cocks and guys, his own dick began to get hard.


"Look at that, Dino, Antonio's got a hard one from sucking your cock!"


Dino wasn't really paying attention, "uh huh, uh huh" was all he could managed.


"Good God man, look at the size of that thing," said Enrico, staring at Antonio's monster, rising out of his

boxers. It was at least ten inches.


With a yell, Dino came explosively in Antonio's mouth. It felt so good to see his friend cumming, that Antonio's

own dick twitched a little and began to leak pre-cum.


After they had all cleaned themselves up, Antonio sat down next to them.


"That was great man," said Dino. "And judging by the boner you threw while choking down my man-meat, you

were enjoying it too."


"Nah, as I said, I hate fags and sucking off dicks, I don't know what happened to my dick."


"I guess your body just has needs you're not aware of," said Dino, grinning. Enrico looked at him, what did

Dino mean by that?


"Don't forget, Antonio, we're your friends, if we can help fulfil your needs, just ask," said Dino.


"Thanks Dino," said Antonio, genuinely touched that such a handsome guy wanted to help him.




The sun was setting and the guys had settled around the fire for an evening of drinking (beer for most, cum for one). The

guys had pretty much left Antonio alone for the rest of the afternoon, just letting him suck them off and making him

more suggestible to orders.


"So, Antonio, what do you really think of us?" asked Dino.


"Oh you guys are great!" said Antonio enthusiastically. "You're so generous and kind. And you cum is fantastic. It's so

good of you to share it with me. And, even though I'm not a fag, I have to say you guys are the most handsome people

I've ever met."


"What did you think of us when we first arrived?" asked Paulo.


"I thought a bit that you were arrogant jerks." The men laughed. "But mostly I thought you were weaklings. Pathetic miserable

excuses for men, with small dicks and whiny voices."


The boys just stared at Antonio in shock. "You really thought that?" asked Enrico.


"Well, look at me! I'm a muscle god and you guys, well, you guys are so small." Antonio shifted in his seat. Since he had

sucked off Dino earlier that afternoon, a strange feeling had been building up slowly inside him.


"I'm sure you'll feel different in the morning," said Enrico. "Hey everybody! Circle jerk! The last man to come has to drink it

everyone elses!"


In a way, Antonio was glad to lose. But after another six cups of cum, he was starting to feel quite bloated. "Oh man, you

guys are like geyser's. I've never felt this full. I can feel your cum lining the side of my throat - there's no more room in

my belly." Although I feel like there's room elsewhere, he thought to himself, unable to decipher that nagging feeling

growing in the base of the chest.


It was past midnight, and Antonio was feeling satisfied and full of cum. "Good night everyone," he said.


"Goodnight Antonio," the other men chorused.


"Sweet dreams," added Bruno.


Antonio crawled into his tent. He felt something was missing, but was too tired to care. He had had a big day and his

jaw was tired and aching from sucking down so much cock. He thought about masturbating to sleep, but decided to

wait for permission from the guys ... it just seemed like a good idea.


Outside around the fire, Enrico addressed his friends. "I've got another cup of cum in me, who wants to give that pussyboy

a real surprise when he wakes up?" Everyone nodded and smirked.



Antonio's dream was entirely about Bruno. He dreamt he was waiting in line just to see Bruno. It was so frustrating, all

he wanted was to glimpse the face of his hero, yet the queue never seemed to move!


He awoke late in the morning. The sun was already way up. The first think he noticed was the yearning feeling he had

inside. He recognised it as the strange feeling from yesterday, but now it was fullblown - he needed something up his

ass. He just felt empty and alone. "Hmph, better ask one of the guys about it," he said to himself.


He pulled on his boxers and got out of his tent.


What he saw amazed him. The other guys were sitting around having breakfast ... but they were different. They

were HUGE! They were as large as he was. They were hulking over the kitchen utensils. Atonio had never seen so

much muscle in one place. The guys were easily double or triple their previous sizes!


"Woah! Look at you guys," he said, unable to take his eyes off his friends.


"Morning shit-head," said Marco. "Like what you see?"


"Do I ever!" said Antonio, "You guys are massive. It's so fucking hot!" He didn't notice that his asshole twitched hungrily.


"What about this!" asked Marco, pulling down his pants. Antonio gasped. Marco's small dick was gone, in it's place was

a fifteen inch monster. "We all have them now"


Antonio was mesmerised. "Hey, do you want me to suck you off?" He asked, suddenly he had a better idea. "Actually, instead

of me sucking you off, can you fuck me in the ass with your beautiful monster? I've got this weird feeling. I'm pretty

sure I can only be satisfied when I have a man's cock inside of me."


"Sure, if that's what you want, shit-head," said Marco.


Antonio dropped on all fours and presented his ass to Marco. "I so need something to stuff me full. You don't know

how empty I'm feeling."


"Alright then," said Marco, spitting on his hands and lubing up his dick. "But I didn't think you were a faggot." He

plunged his dick into Antonio's boy-pussy and started pumping away.


"I hate fags," said Antonio, "and I hate you fucking my ass, but goddamn I love feeling full." And feeling full he was.

Marco's pecker almost had Antonio bursting at the seams. It hurt, and he felt bad, but it felt so right.


Within a minute, it was over, Antonio felt wave after wave of cum being unloaded inside of him. He felt serene and

calm for the first time in days. Suddenly, as if a someone had toggled a switch in his brain, he realised that

instead of hating bein fucked by a man, he had loved being ridden. A low, satisfied moan escaped his lips as the

feeling spread through him, "Oh yeah, that felt so good."


"I thought you hated it," said Marco, withdrawing.


"What can I say, I never knew it could be like that," said Antonio dreamily. He glanced up. The other guys

had gotten up and queued behind Marco. "Wait a minute, what do you think you're doing???" he said.


"Shut up, shit-head, and resume the position," commanded Enrico.


Antonio started to get up, "I don't want..."


"Trust me, I'm not going to fuck you," said Enrico, "just assume the position."


Antonio knew there was nothing else Enrico could do but fuck him, yet he felt compelled to trust his hunky friend.


Instantly he felt Enrico's gigantic cock pierce him!


"Uh," it felt so good, "but you promised you wouldn't fuck me,"


"I lied, shut up," Enrico said, pumping away. He unloaded into Antonio. Antonio realised that not only did he need

and enjoy getting his butt fucked, but he really wanted the other guys to shoot their loads in his passage too.


"Come on guys, Marco and Enrico have had their turns, I don't want you to be left out," said Antonio, panting

and covered in sweat.


"I don't need a second invitation," said Lucien. "But I'm going to make you pay for calling us weaklings last night,"


"Me too," said Bruno.


Each guy had their way with Antonio and at the end of it he lay collapsed on the dirt, exhausted yet happy.


The others towered over him, smirking. "Look at all that juice flowing out his ass." "I've never seen a guy so

happy" "Did you hear him moaning like a whore?" "Goddamn he had a tight ass"


After what seemed like an eternity, Antonio got to his feet. He noticed something was wrong. The guys were

no longer the same size as him, they were huge. His eyes were level with Enrico's nipples.


"What the fuck???" He asked. He looked down at himself ... all his muscle and bulk was gone!!! His body was

pale and slender and his dick ... his dick was now at most three inches!


"What have you done to me???" he asked, his voice had almost no baritone.


The men just laughed at him. Bruno gave him a shove with one hand. It sent him sprawling, naked, in the dirt.


"You're now 5" 5' tall, 65kg, with some very fey characteristics."


Antonio started crying, "Why?"


"Shut-up, pussyboy," said Enrico.


"Here," said Marco, handing him a pair of briefs. "Put these on."


Antonio pulled the tight white undies over his diminished manhood. "Please, change me back," Lucien grabbed him, easily

pinning him to his chest. Antonio could feel Lucien's monster cock pressing in his back. "What are you doing?" Bruno

quickly stroked himself to erection and came over Antonio's face, drowning his eyes, nose and mouth in it.


"From now on you're a weak pussyboy faggot who fears and worships us."


Antonio began to sob, "no, please"


"Shut-up!" commanded Bruno.


Antonio turned white with fear. Bruno was so big now, that if he got angry at Antonio, Antonio wasn't sure he would



"Let him go," said Bruno.


Lucien released him, and terrified, Antonio started running.


"Let him go, for now," said Enrico. "Don't go past the lake, though Antonio," he called out.




Antonio sat by the lake staring at his reflection. His forty year old body, the paradigm of human eliteness, was gone.

In its place was an eighteen year old waif with no muscles at all. He felt so alone, and so empty. God, I wish I had

a bit cock to fill me now, he lamented. The memory of being fucked by six muscled hunks in a row made his own

cock spring to life.


Was this really what he had wished for, back when he was writing those diary entries?


He thought about swimming to the other side of the lake, escaping all this. But he didn't want to upset his friends

any more than they were. They were already mad at him. And he knew why. It was because he was undeserving of

their friendship. He was a miserable little slut. The emptiness was already gnawing at him, and knew that he had

to go back soon. Hopefully they would give him one more butt-fucking. Hopefully they would let him ride their

wonderful cocks just once more.


When he got back to camp, it was deserted. But on the table where nearly two dozen cups of cum. Antonio ran

over to the table and eagerly began drinking them. Thank god that haven't changed my desire to drink men's jism,

Antonio thought.


He heard a rustle behind him and turned to see that the gang had been watching him from behind the trees

the whole time. He felt dread, and lust, as they walked towards him.


"W ... w.... what have you changed this time?" he demanded to know, hoping they wouldn't get too mad at him for his



"You need to relax," said Enrico.


Antonio became aware of a trickling sensation down his leg. He looked down. His tight white undies were soaked

with yellow urine.


"Oh disgusting! Antonio wet himself!" sneered Dino. "You better change your undies, you can wear your boxers if

you want."


"I ... I ... I ... " stammered Antonio. He ran over to his tent and tugged off his soaked undies. He grabbed boxers

and but them on.


"Now that you've cleaned up your accident, we can relax," said Paulo.


At the sound of the word "relax", Antonio felt piss start gushing out of his penis.


"What the fuck Antonio??? You've wet yourself again. That's it. No clothes for you," ordered Bruno.


Burning with shame, Antonio shucked off his boxers, and stood there.


"You've drunk so much cum today that we can go all night changing you," said Lucien.


"And tomorrow," said Enrico, "we're going home. We're going to drop you off at your apartment, and you're going

to begin your new life. You see, you are addicted to men, you need to be fucked or to suck a cock at least ten

times a day. The only jobs you feel happy doing are rent boy or escort. But you will always be embarrassed by

your lack of muscles and the pathetic size of your dick. Any time another man sees it, you will be more ashamed

than ever before."


Antonio glanced down at his pale dick. He felt dread collect at the base of his balls - any man that saw his pin

dick would would be embarrassed for him. It was going to be terrible.


"And," said Bruno, the bastard, said "you will find straight boys the most attractive. The straighter and more homophobic

the better, you will always make a fool of yourself to those men by coming on to them, and acting totally gay."


"That's too cruel, man," said Dino. "Let's give him a chance. Alright Antonio. You will always carry a little vial of your

own sperm around with you. When you think you're need to crack onto a straight man, you will first try to get him

to drink your sperm. If he does, then you will make one change, and one change only to him. You will make him

addicted to cock-sucking ... at least once a day. But that is the only change. You will not make him gay or anything



Antonio sobbed. The diary had taken a life of its own! Now it was going to wreck the lives of hundreds of men.


"We are not total monsters, Antonio." said Enrico. "You can have one wish for yourself. What is it?"


Antonio thought about all the things he could do, how he could easily get revenge on these jerks.


"I wish I could have the back seat on the bus ride home."


The End.



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