Sweet Revenge: Jim (mm+ oral anal hypno humil)

by sunfiregod and O'Melissokomos


When Jim came home from the beach, he was feeling kind of strange. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something wasn't right with him.

He knew he wasn't sick or anything like that; he just felt he needed to be somewhere else. He thought that if he drove back to his

apartment, which he shared with a couple of his teammates from college, he'd feel better, but once he got there, the antsy feeling just

became worse.


Seeing his roommates weren't around, Jim went to living room and punched up a game of Splinter Cell on the XBOX, but after a couple of

missions, he just couldn't get into it. He decided to check what's on TV instead so he flipped it on and put it on ESPN to watch

SportsCenter. As he sat there and watched, it seemed not to interest him like it normally would, so he began to surf through the channels

and inadvertently stopped on that new gay satellite channel where he saw four guys on screen dancing in skimpy speedos. It was that new gay

boy band, the Blueboys, a European group touring the US.


"Fuck! Those faggot suck fucking fag shit shouldn't be on TV!" he said aloud. On the screen were four young men singing and dancing around

on a beach, their tight bodies moving in perfect unison in their rainbow-colored thongs. As they gyrated their hips to the music, their

cocks, which were already halfway hard, lewdly flopped around and seemed to get harder as the song went on. When Jim caught himself staring

a second too long, he hurriedly switched off the TV set and muttered, "I don't know why those goddamn fags gotta flash their shit to



Jim couldn't stand homosexuals; his Bible-belt upbringing made sure of that. Although he and his friends from high school never resorted to

physically assaulting their victims, their threats and taunts were far more devastating psychologically, and the school administrators and

faculty all turned a blind eye to the ongoing torment.


This behavior continued all the way to senior year, and even though his grades weren't the best, he was good enough of a quarterback to

earn a college scholarship in a California university. Packing up his stuff, he moved from the Midwest to the West Coast where he found, to

his chagrin, the so-called alternative lifestyle wasn't reviled but tolerated, sometimes even celebrated. He also learned that gays here

weren't as afraid of him as they were back home, and a few even had the gall to hit on him in public no less. There was this one time,

however, that lead Jim to hit right back--with his fists--and put one guy in the hospital. Fortunately for him, the incident, which

happened outside school grounds, was quietly resolved and kept under wraps; nevertheless, he was severely reprimanded by the dean who

threatened him with expulsion if ever it happened again. This forced Jim to keep a very tight lid on his homophobic attitude, something he

wasn't all too happy with.


Still, living near the ocean had one big redeeming value: the beach. Growing up in a landlocked state, Jim couldn't get enough of the sun,

surf, and sand, and he loved going there every weekend as part of his fitness routine. It also didn't hurt to have gobs of bikini-clad

babes to ogle at while he was there. In fact, just that morning during his jog, he saw a drop-dead gorgeous woman being photographed on the

rocky part of the shore. He decided to take a closer look, and the photographer noticed him approaching and asked Jim if he was interested

in joining the session for free to add a little variety to his shots. Seeing how beautifully vacuous the red-headed model was, Jim didn't

need to be asked twice and gladly hammed it up especially once he had his hands on her, and she didn't even flinch when he got a little bit

too frisky on her ass.


Afterwards, the photographer asked Jim for a few solo shots of which the horny hunk, being all caught up in the moment, was too happy to

oblige, and before the young stud knew what was happening, it was over. The photographer and the model were packing up their equipment and

getting ready to leave. It took a few seconds for Jim to remember where he was, and when he looked down, he saw he was holding a calling

card in his hand, and he asked what it was for. The photographer simply smiled and replied that he may never know when he might need the

extra cash.


"Yeah, I could really use some extra cash to buy those speakers I want for my car," Jim said to no one in particular. He then slipped the

card away and continued the rest of his run. It wasn't long after that he went back to the apartment when he the strange feeling crept up

on him. Maybe he was just getting excited over finding a way to finally pay for those speakers he'd always wanted.


"Damn, where'd I put that card?" Jim blurted out loudly. He jumped up from the couch, started anxiously patting down his clothes, and

relaxed when he found it in his shorts. As he studied the card, an image of him driving around with his bitchin' new speakers came into his

mind, and the more he considered it, the more he was convinced he needed the money--badly. Modelling ain't all done by homos anyway, he

thought. Lots of straight dudes do it too; why should all those fags have all the fun? "Fuck it, why not?" he said while dialling the

number on the phone beside the couch.


A deep voice answered after a couple of rings. "Hello, this is Matt's Photography Studio. This is Matt speaking. How may I help you?"


"Uh, hi Matt. My name is Jim. I don't know if you remember me, but we, uh, met earlier today at the beach. You gave me your number, and I

was wondering if I could take you up your offer."


"Ah yes. I remember you. Well, let me see here. I've already gotten a number of responses today, and I've already met a lot of good

prospects, but..."


"Oh," Jim was crestfallen. He had set his heart on those speakers. Now he didn't know how he was going to get them. "Thank you anyw..."


"Wait on a minute, Jim. Let me check again... why, you're in luck. It seems that there's still one more slot available."


"Really? That's great." Jim felt so relieved.


"Are you interested in the job?" Matt asked.


"Umm... yeah, I guess. I mean I've never even thought about modelling before today."


"Take it from me Jim. You're a natural. So, do you think you can be at my studio in, say, an hour? I can pay you five hundred dollars for

the session. Some of it is for your freebie this morning."


Jim's eyes lit up--500 dollars! He couldn't believe he could get that kind of money in one sitting. Damn, who knew first-time models got

paid that much? "Umm, yeah I can be there. Should I bring anything with me?" he asked, dollar signs still in his eyes.


"Your driver's license, I need to make a copy of that for my records. I have everything else here that I need. See you in an hour, Jim.



"Bye." Jim was grinning excitedly until he took a closer look at the card. "Shit, that address is clear across the city. I gotta leave in,

like, ten minutes." He jumped into the bathroom to take a quick shower and made sure he didn't have anything in his teeth by the time he

dressed up. With his wallet in his hand, he hurriedly pulled on a white t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans before grabbing his keys and

making his way to his car.


It took him the rest of the 45 minutes to get there so he arrived right on time. He parked his car right on the street across from the shop.

 There was no sign on the outside, only a number. It just looked like a storefront in a strip mall. Not exactly sure he was at the right

place, Jim tentatively opened the door, looked inside what appeared to be an anteroom, and was glad to see Matt sitting behind a desk and

working on a laptop.


"Hi Matt," Jim called out, and the photographer looked around from his laptop and smiled. He stood up and walked towards to door.


"There you are Jim," Matt greeted back, and the two shook hands. "Come in, come in. I'm so glad you're here."


"Umm... yeah, thanks. You were right about me needing the extra cash. This seemed like it would be quickest way to get it," Jim snickered



Matt chuckled at Jim's nervousness. "Looks like you're really in a hurry, so let's get started. Follow me, and we'll see where we stand.

I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time."


Jim followed Matt into the next room, which turned out to be a huge studio, much bigger than he would have imagined. There were lights of

all kinds hanging from the ceiling, multiple cameras positioned in different angles, and even several sets depicting different scenes

ranging from a football field to a boardwalk on a beach. Jim was very impressed and felt confident he made the right choice coming here.

They made their way towards the opposite corner of the studio, and Matt asked Jim to wait while he set up the tripod.


"So," asked Jim, "is Rebecca going to be here?"


"Who? Oh, her. 'Fraid not. I only hired her for today's special project. She was pretty, huh?"


"Yeah, pretty hot," Jim beamed. He remembered fondly fondling her soft and firm ass. "I wouldn't mind working with her for free again."


"I don't doubt that," giggled Matt as he secured a camera with a huge flash bulb onto the tripod. "Ok, before we move on, We'll have fill

out this form. I'll be asking you a bunch of questions. Standard model stuff. Let's start with how tall you are."


"I'm six-foot-two."


"Uh-huh. And how much do you weigh?"


"One hundred ninety pounds of prime American beef, and that's with a 32-inch waist," Jim said proudly, unconsciously pumping up his arms

and pecs.


Matt nodded his head and noted the figures down on paper. "Black hair, check. Green eyes, check. Feet, I'm guessing you're a size 13."


"Hey, that's right, how'd you know?"


"It's my job to know," Matt replied. "I've got a bunch of shoes with your name on it."


"Cool, what's next?"


"You said you were on a football scholarship at the college here in the city?"


"Yeah. I'll be the quarterback this year. First time they're letting a junior take the lead."


"Wow," Matt nodded in approval. "Hmmm, the last question's kind of personal, but it helps to get it out in the open right the start. Less

of an inconvenience for us later on. Your sexual orientation?"


"Shit, man. Why'd do even have to ask that? Isn't if fuckin' obvious? I'm 100% straight, man."


"Just following procedure, Jim. You've got a problem working with homosexuals?"


"Fuck, hell yes man! There's no fuckin' way I'm even going to stand beside some shit-eatin' faggot no matter how much I'm paid! Bad enough

I have to share some classes with them. Now if they were a bunch of lesbians..."


"Hey, you're preachin' to the choir, buddy. I only work with real men," sneered Matt.


"Damn straight," Jim huffed. "So, are we gonna get this ball rolling or what?"


"We were just about to. Why don't you just right there where the 'x' on the floor is, yeah, right there. These first few shots is just to

let you loosen up and relax, you know, get comfortable with the camera. Pick any pose you want, whatever feels right for you is fine."


Jim acknowledged Matt's instructions, moved over to the designated spot, stood with his arms akimbo, and, with a cocky grin, looked

directly into the camera.


Matt peered through the viewfinder and put his subject into focus. He had Jim exactly where he wanted him. "Watch the birdie," Matt said as

he pushed the trigger.


Instantly, an intense burst of light flooded the entire room and lasted for at least five seconds. It was accompanied by a high-pitched

squeal that screaked its way past one's eardrums and directly into the brain. Matt had his eyes closed and ears covered the entire time,

and even after the noise had dissipated, he opted to wait for a few seconds longer before unclenching his eyes and dropping his hands from

his ears.


The first thing he saw brought out an elated hoot. There was Jim standing there at the corner with his eyes wide open, mouth slightly ajar,

and arms slumped down at his sides. The only noticeable movement was the slight rocking motion brought about by his breathing, and it was

hardly enough to tip him over especially with those size 13s of his.


"Hehe, gets 'em every time," Matt chuckled to himself. He was proud at how well the flash he developed had worked. At that moment, Jim was

in a very deep state of hypnosis induced by that left the mind completely open to suggestions. Matt discovered , and spent the last few

months slowly building a stable of mindless male models. (Was there any other kind, Matt sniggered.)


He scrutinized Jim's blank expression that remained unwavering even after he waved his hand right in front of the boy's face. Damn, Matt

thought, this kid's so fucking gorgeous.


Matt positioned himself beside Jim and cleared his throat. "All right, first things first. Jim, can you hear me?"


"Yes, I can hear you, sir," came the monotone reply. It had little bit of his Midwestern drawl and none of his bluster and overbearing

arrogance. It was deep, dull, and for Matt, deliciously sexy.


"Very good, Jim. Now, let's cut to the chase. I'm going to be asking you some questions, and you're going to answer them promptly and

truthfully. You cannot bring yourself to lie to me no matter how bad the truth may be."


"Yes, sir."


"Heh, look at you," Matt smiled. "You must be wondering what the hell you're doing here today, aren't you?"


"No sir. I'm here because I wanted to earn some money to buy speakers for my car."


Matt laughed, "Those damn speakers again. Let me tell you something, Jimmy boy. You never needed those speakers. That was just the excuse I

told you to get your ass over here. Oh, that's right, you don't remember, do you?"


"No sir."


"And you won't, thanks to my little buddy here," said Matt, patting his camera. "But I had to be quick at the beach, you know. It doesn't

work as well outside my studio, though it worked well enough on you. Finally, all my weeks of planning, of watching you, following you,

even hiring that bimbo Rebecca has paid off."


Matt's voice became serious as he started circling Jim. "You see, I've had my eye on you ever since I heard about that gay-bashing incident

that was hushed up by the university (Damn those alumni!), and I started looking into your background. I didn't like what I saw; not one

bit. I bet you really, I mean, really enjoyed putting that man it the hospital. It made you feel good, didn't it?"


At first Jim remained quiet, as if he was forcing himself not to respond, but eventually he replied, "Y-yes, sir. I really enjoyed giving

that faggot what he deserved."


"I thought so," Matt scoffed. "Well, now you're going to get what *you* deserve, Jim, and you're going to enjoy every minute of it too."


Matt then stood in front of Jim. "Listen to me Jim, and listen to me carefully. My words are the absolute God-honest truth. You will

believe anything I tell you."


"Yes, sir."


"Also, every time I tell you to do something, you will carry them out without hesitation."


"Yes, sir."


"And every time you follow my commands, you will find it easier to do so the next time."


"Yes, sir."


"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You aren't allowed to cum under any circumstance until I give you the order to do so. Is that understood?"


"Yes, sir."


"Ok, now we've gotten that out of the way, I'm going to clap my hands after on the count of three. You will slowly awaken, forgetting that

you were ever hypnotized and what we talked about, but my instructions to you will immediately take effect. Is that clear?"


"Yes, sir."


"Good, on three. One, two, three." Matt clapped his hands and watched Jim emerge from his trance. The poor boy was in so deep that he had

some trouble snapping out of it.


Matt stifled his chuckle. "Hey, Jim. Over here."


"Huh? Where... uh... sorry, Matt. Must have blanked out there for a second. What did you want me to do again?"


"We're done with the preliminary shots. I was asking if you could take off your shirt and your jeans to get some shots of you in your



Jim hesistated. "In my underwear?"


"Yes, you are wearing some, right?"


"Uh, yeah, of course I am! I mean, I though this... I was just..."


Matt cut him off, "You were just about to do it, Jim. And don't forget to remove your socks."


Jim's eyes widened at Matt's forcefulness. Normally he wouldn't take this shit from anybody, and he was just about to tell Matt where to it

stick it, but somehow he didn't want to. What was wrong with having his pictures taken in his underwear anyway? Besides, it was as if he

didn't have anything to show off.


"Ok, I guess it's not so bad," he relented.


Jim first peeled off his t-shirt, then his shoes and socks. Since he was feeling a bit shy, he turned around to unbutton his jeans. As

these were pulled down, Matt smiled at the sight of a muscular ass encased in a pair of white briefs. Still wearing them tightey-whiteys I

see, chortled Matt, but when Jim faced him, Matt had to fight off the urge to throw himself all over his masculine model.


Jim was *hot*. His tall, athletic build was highlighted by a very well-developed pair of pecs along with a very tight six-pack stomach, but

these were all covered in a light coating of dark blonde hair that Matt found repulsive.


"One step at a time," Matt quietly told himself.


"Ok, Jim. Just put your stuff over by the chair over there, and we'll get started." Matt admired how the quarterback's muscles rippled as

Jim bent down to pick up his clothes and placed them where Matt had told him. Though the boy was buffed and ripped, he was uneager to put

his body on parade, so when he returned to his place, Matt had him go through a series of poses that showed off Jim's best assets.


"You're doing great, Jim. Ok, bring your hands up behind your head. Spread your legs apart a little and bend your legs slightly. Now, push

your crotch forward."


"Like this, Matt?" Jim asked, feeling very compromised in his position.


"That's perfect. Lemme get in a few more shots... and we're done. Wow, Jim. I have you say you're a natural at this, Jim. Something tells

me you'd very comfortable doing next set of shots au natural."




"Oh, haven't I mentioned I also do nude photography?"


Jim was alarmed at the prospect. "Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea, Matt."


"Why not, Jim? It's obvious that you've got a great body, and, believe me, nothing to be ashamed of," said Matt, eyeing Jim's package.


Jim blushed realizing what Matt was referring to. "Yeah, thanks, dude, but this ain't what I signed up for. It's so gay, and, and..."


"It's not gay at all, Jim. I have to know if you're serious about this job and if you can be professional about it. I want to see what my

models are capable of. You may have something going for you here, but you need to be able to follow directions. Besides, you said you've

been *dying* to get those speakers for your car, right?"


"Ummm... I don't know abut this..." Jim was really struggling. As much as he wanted to get out of there, he really needed the money for his

speakers that he'd been *dying* to have. He didn't know how else to get them, but it meant exposing himself to the camera, and this was

something that was just not done back home. What would his parents, or worse, the pastor think?


Matt noted Jim's growing apprehension and calmly said, "Jim, take off your briefs."


Suddenly, Jim's hands flew to his sides and hooked their thumbs over the underwear garter all on their own, but Jim kept them there,

forcing them to remain where they were.


"Now, Jim," Matt punctuated, and Jim shuddered, his reluctance and modesty flying out the window. He gave a half-hearted smile.


"You're the boss." Jim felt very odd as his hands pushed down his white briefs all the way down to his feet. Why was he taking off his

clothes? He didn't want this guy, or any guy for that matter, seeing his dick! His face glowed red with embarrassment as he covered his

crotch with his hands.


"No need for that Jim; we're both adults here. Let me see what I have to work with."


Jim whimpered at his quandary, but he had to comply as per his posthypnotic suggestions. With great trepidation, Jim pulled his hands away

from his package and revealed an impressive cock that freely dangled over his low-hanging balls. He was now completely naked and utterly



Matt had to stop himself from whistling lest he further unnerved his model, but there was another more urgent matter in his mind. He said,

"We're going to have to get rid off all that nasty body hair, Jim. The models I hire can't have hairy bodies."


"Umm... get rid of my hair? I guess... umm... okay. You know what you're doing."


What the hell am *I* doing, thought Jim. He knew he didn't want to lose his body hair, he *loved* being hairy, but it was like he couldn't

say no. Jim followed Matt into the bathroom like an obedient puppy.


"Here, take this and go rub this all over your body from the neck down get it everywhere," Matt said handing over a big tube of hair

removal cream.


Jim tried to turn and run, but instead he walked over and took the tube from Matt. He squeezed out a glob of cream and began spreading the

thick goo all over his body. Matt made sure that the boy got it everywhere; even his virgin rosebud would soon be hairless.


When Jim was almost done coating his tanned body with cream, Matt said to him, "You know what, I don't think your dark hair is going to

work either. We need something completely different. I think you'd look awesome if you had a really slutty cheap bleach job, don't you?

That retro slum look is so hot now."


Jim hated bleached hair, only fags bleached their hair, but the photographer was right. He had to be.


"Yeah man, that'd be great! Whatever you want to do," Jim agreed albeit painfully.


"Good, we can do this while we're waiting for the cream to take effect."


Jim sat down the chair in front of the mirror, and Matt gave him the most awful dye job he ever saw. His scalped burned from the chemicals,

but Matt told him to keep quiet and sit still. In the end, his jet black wavy hair was now a sickly egg yellow short spikey doo like a gay

porn star.


"Oh Jim, you love your new hair, don't you? I mean isn't this a much better color for a boi like you."


"Yeah man, it looks great," said Jim thinking something was wrong. Why was he letting this man do these things to him?


"Now Jim, go take a bath so we can get back inside the studio. Wash your body off good. Make sure you really get your ass nice and clean."


Jim stepped into shower and was stunned to see all of his body hair simply washing away as soon he turned on the water. His manly pubes

were now clogging the drain. He started to rub his asshole with his fingers, poking and prodding it. He was making sure it was nice and

clean just like Matt said he should, and by the time he finished drying himself off, he looked like a prepubescent boy from the neck down,

and he felt like one too.


"You look so much better, believe me. So much sexier without that hair, and you can see your muscles more now, not to mention your cock

looks a lot bigger, you know?


"Uh... I guess," Jim replied, feeling very self-conscious about his new look.


"What should we have you wear for the next set of pics. Hmmm, oh, I know. We're going to do several different layouts for a swimsuit

magazine. Here, let's get you ready for this set take these and put this on."


Matt handed Jim a rainbow-colored silk thong and a pair of knee high patent leather boots. Jim's eyes got as big as saucers.


"I mean you told me earlier that you always wear thongs, they are so hot aren't they."


Jim felt confused. He never said that to Matt, or did he? "No, that's not true."


"Put them on now Jim. You love the way they look, don't you? I mean you told me that rainbows were your favorite print and that you this is

the kind of swimsuit that you wear all the time you said you love showing off your dick to everyone on the beach, and that thongs are the

hottest suits ever?"


"No way I would never wear..." Jim stopped talking in mid-sentence as his befuddlement eventually gave way to his programming. "Uh yeah,

thongs is all I wear," he said with a goofy grin. "I do like the boots too. They're hot!" He paused as he looked more agreeable. "They're

so damn cool, and I love the colors."


He pulled on the thong, and the boots with a goofy smile on, his thick cock was visible through the sheer silk, and his muscular bubble

butt was so hot with that thin string running down his crack.


"You look so hot Jim the women will just eat this look up, you should wear stuff like this all the time on the weekends don't you think?"


Jim looked confused again like he knew he would never wear clothes like this but he found himself agreeing.


"Yeah Matt. I need to wear stuff like this on weekends. It's really hot man."


"Now I can get great shots of your hungry hairless pussy don't you think?"


"I ain't got no pussy?" Jim protested.


"Yes, you do, Jim. Your asshole is your pussy now. In fact, you will call your asshole your 'Pussy'."


"No way I'm calling my pussy my 'Pussy'," he said utterly shocked by what came out of his mouth. He tried to complain, but once the idea

firmly implanted itself in his brain, he couldn't deny it any longer.


"I mean... yeah, I have a pussy," he said horrified that those words had came of his mouth. What the fuck was going on, he thought. He

meant to say the exact opposite of what had came out of his mouth. It was at that moment when he realized there was an array of video

cameras turned on recording him.


"Okay, you can play with your pussy again in a minute. Now we got to get some pictures," Matt said humiliating him even more.


Jim's ears burned, he had never been so humiliated, but he was powerless to stop.


"That's awesome, Jim. Now take your right hand and lick your index finger while you look over your shoulder and into the camera and give me

your name, age, what college you go to, and the sports teams you play on. Don't forget to smile and enjoy yourself."


Jim tried to stop, but he turned his muscular ass towards the camera reached back and spread his cheeks and looked over his shoulder

smiling goofily. Even though he couldn't stand it, he enthusiastically relayed the requested information to the camera.


"Now finger your pussy and moan for me tell me how much you need a cock up that pussy."


"Pussies are for fucking," he said with gusto.


"Right you are Jim!, So what is your tight little pussy for big man?"


"Fucking," he said smiling on the outside, but on the inside Jim was freaking out.


"So Jim, tell me how a pussyboy like you needs a fat cock up his ass. I know you want it at least three times a day. That's what you told

me earlier in your application"


He couldn't believe what he heard he was just going to bite his lip.


"Oh yeah man, I need dick at least that much I love the feel of a fat cock in my ass. I love sitting down on one and just riding it all day,

 but you know what's better? Sucking on a cock while I'm riding one! That is just sweet! You know how often I do that at least? At least

once a day more if I can! But you know man I love getting double fucked more than anything! Two cocks at once man, that gets me off so



Where did that come from! He didn't want to do any of that faggot shit.


Matt took several shots of him in different poses, which were suited to a gay man's taste obviously! Shots of him on his hands and knees

looking over his shoulder seductively, shots of him spreading his asscheeks showing the edge of his pink pucker with only the thin strip of

the thong providing any cover, even shots of him on his back with his legs pulled to his chest with his fingers at his hole. Now it was

time to start pushing the envelope a bit.


"Jim, you know what would be hot? Why don't you take this dildo you brought and just kinda suck on the tip of it for me," Matt suggested

handing him the large pink dildo and getting ready to have some more fun with this gay basher.


"Wait... I didn't bring a dildo," he said, unsure of himself. Thong underwear was one thing, a dildo was a completely different matter.


"Oh, don't worry Jim. Your friends won't see these pics. Do it, for me," Matt insisted.


Jim looked at it for a second then commands kicked in. He couldn't resist even though he knew he didn't want to do any of these things. He

was flicking his tongue on the end of the dildo, but Matt's control would eventually win out again. He moaned as he began to suck on the

dildo. "Oh yeah, I forgot I brought this,"


"I'm going to turn on the video cameras, and I want you too rub your cock as you suck on the dildo. Get that thing leaking. You want that

dildo so bad, nothing has ever made you so hard!"


No way he was going to do that! Jim was about to object vehemently, but he found himself doing exactly what Matt had said. Matt could see

in Jim's eyes that he was furious, but the boy could only do what he was told.


His huge fucktube was now at full mast and beginning to pour precum that left the pouch completely translucent. His big smooth dick was on

full display, he looked like some kind of gay porn star!


Matt snapped several shots each one had Jim with a big smile or a seductive look depending on what he told him to do.


"Pull off the thong Jim and I want you too secure the suction cup there on that 'x' taped on the floor below your pussy.


Jim now had a huge cock lined up with his virgin hole squatting over it lined up perfectly wih his newly named pussy.


"Great," Matt smiled as he snapped a some pics.


"Now just a few more things and we'll be ready for the next set of pictures." Matt got a pack of temporary tattoos just for this occassion,

all of them were things a straight guy would never have. Matt called Jim over.


"Here Jim, let's put some of these on for the shoot." Matt stuck a large gay pride flag on his right bicep, with the words "Bottom Boi!"

emblazoned on top. "And oh Jim, you're in for a treat. I've got some models waiting in the dressing room. I think it would be really hot if

you all did some shots together. I know you'll love working with them, won't you?"


Jim didn't want to do that, but he couldn't say no. "Sure thing. I'd love to work with other people. Hopefully there are some hot chicks

involved," he said, trying to retain as much hetero dignity he had left.


"Well, not exactly. They're a bunch of pussies, like you. And in fact, you already know who they are. They've been here since this morning.

Wait a bit, I'll just call them out."


Matt left the studio for a few minutes, and when he came back, in walked Jim's roommates, Steve and Rob, and Alex. They had been with him

at the beach this morning, and they too were wearing the same things as Jim was--the same rainbow thongs and patent leather boots.


"Hey Jim, what's up, yo. Matt here said these pics are going to be in some womens skin mags. Ain't that awesome? Can you imagine women

getting wet to looking at pics of us!" said Alex excitedly.


Matt grinned as he knew these were pics were going to go to a gay skin magazine and also a gay fashion magazine. "Yeah the 'women' will

love you guys. Let's get started, shall we?"


Jim noticed his friends were oblivious to their obvious gay getups and must have lost their body hair too. Whatever Matt had done to him,

he'd already done to his friends! Normally Jim would be freaking out by now but with Matt's hypnosis kept him in check, and he and his

friends were going to be putty in Matt's expert hands, as it were.


Matt asked his four young models to transfer to another set where he had put up a big gay pride display with a rainbow flag backdrop. Jim

couldn't but feel he'd seen something like this before; it all looked so goddamn familiar.


"Okay men, go over there to the flag, and we'll get started," Matt ordered.


As the four studs walked towards the wall, Rob said, "I never realized how awesome rainbows are, man, did you? I mean, look at the colors.

That's beautiful."


"Okay Rob, you and Steve and Alex stand side by side, and I want you to hold Jim in your arms facing the camera."


They did as they were told to do, smiling, looking like four gay friends smiling and having a good time. Jim was mortified when he finally

realized what all of this reminded him of. Jim, Rob, Steve, and Alex looked exactly like the Blueboys, the gay boyband he saw on TV at

their apartment. This was just too much!


"Oh yeah, the ladies will love that pose guys. Jim, why don't you get down and I want you to face Rob, Rob I want you to turn towards the

camera a bit so that your crotch is facing me."


"Sure thing Matt," said Jim.


"Great. Now take your right hand and place it on Rob's dick and put your left hand over his shoulder. Lean in like your going to kiss him."


Jim knew they shouldn't be doing this, they wouldn't, but it was like they couldn't say no, no matter how hard they had tried. Jim put his

hand on his roommate's dick and his arm around his shoulder as if they were in a loving embrace.


Matt, on the other hand, was completely loving it. These straight jocks were his puppets, doing whatever he wanted. Needless to say his

pants were as tight could be, and he was sure he was leaking quite a bit of precum already, but he knew he'd have to save himself for later.

 After all, he was a professional photographer.


"Excellent, that's perfect. Steve, you and Alex come over, and get in a a similar stance except I want you two to kiss forcefully, tongue

all over the place, and rub each other's chest and crotch and ass while you do it. Jim, you and Rob do the same thing."


It was an awesome sight, four straight hunks engaged in a very heavy make-out session just for Matt who snapped a lot of pictures.


"Nice work guys. Now Jim, I want you on your knees with your face in Rob's crotch."


Jim silently whimpered as his slowly got on his knees and did exactly what Matt said. Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, Matt

said, "Pull his thong off with your mouth and suck on that dickhead! Now put his fat dick in your mouth, suck on it like you'd want your

cock sucked."


Jim was soon bobbing on Rob's cock like a pro. As much as he wanted to stop and spit out his friend's dick, he couldn't. Jim looked up and

saw his friend had his eyes closed, completely lost in lust.


"Okay Jim," Matt added, "now I want you to jack off while you continue sucking. And remember, neither of you are allowed to cum. That goes

for Rob and Alex too."


Jim's hand automatically leapt to his half-hard cock and started fondling it. It didn't take long for it to get hard and completely fill

out his thong. Jim moaned as he came closer and closer to cumming, but something was keeping it from happening, and his self-inflicted

pleasure just continued to rise, and all the while Matt snapped picture after picture making sure that their faces were perfectly visible

and their obvious pleasure at what they were doing was on display.


"Rob, I want you to turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks, and Jim, I want you to rim his ass like a good pussyboi okay and keep

jacking your cock. Steve, come over here and get ready as Jim is going to rim you as well."


Jim felt sick to his stomach. He had his tongue up his best friends's asses, and he could do nothing about it as he kept rimming one

butthole at a time while his dick stayed hard leaking precum continuously.


"Jim, you're doing such a good job, but it seems poor Alex here is being left out in the cold. I want you to beg to rim Alex's ass like a

good boi," Matt said.


"Alex, man, let me rim your ass. Please man I'm so horny, I gotta have your ass man please."


The rimming went on while Matt satisfied his desire for certain types of pics. Time had flown past so quickly, he needed to get Jim ready

for the best part.


"Alex, you and Steve go over there and sit on the couch and jack each other off while frenchkissing. Jim, it's time for you to show all of

us how much of a bottom boi you really are."


Jim's mind was reeling and tried to make it as if he was watching a bad gay porn movie instead of participating in one. He had to find a

way to stop himself, but he just couldn't get control over his own body, and he sat there on the floor as he witnessed the ensuing events.


Rob was getting out a condom! Oh god, he heard himself say, "Fuck my pussy, Rob. I want it on my back."


Rob grabbed Jim and put him on his back and pushed his legs back towards his chest.


"Yeah, take my cock Jim!" growled Rob. Jim was actually holding his ankles spreading his ass for Rob.


Rob lunged forward, and his dick went sliding in all the way to the hilt. Jim let out a yelp and then a moan, and his dick squirted out a

huge spurt of precum. "Oh daddy," he moaned as he closed his eyes, and Rob began to fuck him in hard and fast strokes.


When he opened his eyes again, Jim saw Steve and Alex were to his side with their dicks sticking out to his face. Even without being told

what to do, he sucked off Alex with his mouth, jacked off Steve's cock with one hand, and pulled on his own wad with the other. Jim, the

gay-basher, was getting bashed by gays from all sides.


In the meantime, Matt's dick was throbbing like anything as he videotaped the full-fledged orgy unfolding before his very eyes--four of the

straightest studs he'd met doing the gayest thing they've ever done. Even he wouldn't have believed it would have escalated to this, and as

much as he would have wanted to keep it going, he had enough pictures to last him a lifetime. All he needed now was the money shot. He then

said, "Okay, boys, stop what you're doing and let's do this quick. Rob, pull your cock out of Jim and get rid of the condom. Rob, Alex,

aim your cocks at Jim's face, and all of you, keep your dicks nice and stiff."


Jim felt a little sense of relief as the three cocks retreated from him, but what he couldn't understand was the emptiness he felt

afterwards especially when Rob pulled out of him. It was enough to take his mind off his cock that had been ready to explode for the past

ten minutes.


Matt watched in amusement as the four boys beat off their meats to no avail, probably the worst case of blue balls they've had so far. They

were grunting and moaning and ooohing and aaahing but none of them were reaching that point of losing their load. Matt circled in for the

kill, capturing their agony and ecstasy on digital film, and when he was in position, he finally the word they'd been waiting for: "Cum".


The four jocks collectively gasped as their cocks erupted with the biggest loads of their lives completely smothering Jim with the white-

hot lava-like semen. The pungent stench of boy juice filled the air as they continued to spew their sperm, but Matt was only too happy to

record every single detail. After the shouting and the screaming died down, Matt had his unwitting models clean themselves off at the

shower and dress up to go home, but before they left, Matt had just one more thing left to do.


Talking to Steve, Rob, and Alex, he said, "I want the three of you to go stand in the corner and freeze," and they obediently did so.


Matt then turned to Jim and said, "So Jim, tell me what's *really* on your mind, but stay right there where you are, and don't you move an



Jim's demeanor completely changed from one of obedience to outright disgust and hostility. He became more enraged when he realized he was

paralyzed from the neck down. He began to seethe and curse, "I don't know how--or why--you're doing this, but you're not going to get away

with it you goddamn faggot! You better get the fuck out of town because I'll be sure as hell going to hunt you down and shoot you like the

dog you are! The police ain't even gonna find a body once I'm through with you. I've got ways of making you disappear for good..."


"Awww, and here I thought you really enjoyed the session, especially the part where you lost your cherry to big boy Rob over there," Matt





Matt shook his head and sighed. "No, Jim. You're the one who's going to get fucked, and I won't even have to use my tapes of you to do it,

although I have to admit they're a great addition to my collection."


"What the *hell* are you talking about?"


"Oh, I'll tell you all about it later. It's something that came to me while watching the four of you boys play. You really had a fun time

no matter what you say, but it'll much more fun for me to see the you suffer instead. It's really too bad you're going to forget everything

you've gone through today. The next few days, however, are going to be ones you're going to remember for the rest of your life, you cocky

prick. Your world will be turned upside down, and you won't have any fucking idea why."


Jim suddenly felt cold. He looked straight into Matt's eyes and knew this was no idle threat. "W-What are you going to do to me?"


Even though Matt's crooked and enigmatic smile told him nothing, Jim feared for his life. He started screaming for help, but Rob, Steve,

and Alex remained completely oblivious standing there in the corner like statues with their blank expressions carved on their faces. And

even if they could hear him, they couldn't have done anything anyway; all their strength had been rendered meaningless.


Jim watched helplessly as Matt got behind the camera and pointed it towards him. He cried, begged, and pled for mercy, but his entreaties

fell on deaf ears. He had no idea what Matt was doing with the camera or even what it did, only that it meant his downfall. He tried

closing his tear-filled eyes, but he was ordered by Matt to open them and face his destiny. In the end, he couldn't even speak after he was

told to be quiet. His heart pounding in his ears, Jim looked dead ahead, and the last thing he heard before his whole world flashed away in

perfect whiteness was, "Watch the birdie."