The NCMC is an ADULTS-ONLY collection of erotic gay-friendly fiction along the themes of mind control, magic, and science-fiction.


The mascot of the NCMC is the beautiful Greek youth Narcissus. The picture used on this website is John William Waterhouse's Echo and Narcissus.

Many a love-sick Youth did him desire;
And many a Maid his beauty set on fire:
Yet, in his tender age his pride was such,
That neither Youth nor Maiden might him touch.

Narcissus was the most beautiful boy in the ancient Greek world. Everyone who saw Narcissus fell in love with him. Unfortunately, Narcissus was cruelly vain and spurned the attentions of all who wanted him. One young man, Ameinias, loved Narcissus so much that he was driven to suicide by the youth's callous rejection. As revenge, and with his dying breath, he cursed Narcissus, begging that one day Narcissus would also know the pain of unrequited love.

Quenching his thirst, another thirst doth rise;
Rais'd by the form which in that glass he spies.

Narcissus went hunting in the woods and came across a crystal spring. Tired and hot he went for a drink. In the mirrored surface of the pool he saw his own reflection and fell instantly in love with the beautiful man he saw. Each time he went to kiss or caress his love, the image would ripple away, and Naricissus would be torn with grief. There are two endings to the tale. In one, Narcissus drowns trying to get close to his love. In the other ending, Narcissus is doomed to forever remain by the side of the pool, pining for his beloved boy.

This Site

Currently, the NCMC ranks stories on the following categories:

MC = mind control. This can include hypnosis, programming, telepathy and powerful magically-induced urges.

HYP = hypnosis. This includes stories that have hypnosis scenes.

MM = male on male sex. This is graphic sex between men.

MGROWTH = muscle growth. This includes formulas, magic, gym-scenes, bodyswap, etc.

MTHEFT = muscle theft. This is different to muscle growth and involves shrinking muscles, weakness, loss of height, etc.

ROBOT/STATUE = robot/statue. This involves robots, statues and other inanimate objects. (ASFR)

SWAP = bodyswap. Tales of people swapping bodies.

TIMESTOP = timestop. This is where time is stopped.

HUMIL = humiliation. Stories involving degradation and often punishment of someone (but not snuff).

EJAC = ejaculations. How many ejaculations this story has given readers.

VOTERS = voters. How many votes have been recorded for this story.

Ranking by theme partially solves the problem where good stories of one theme are rated low by fans of other themes, thereby giving good theme stories an unfairly low rating.

The NCMC might run a poll asking for more categories in the future (don't hold your breath):
Some options that might be considered are originality, complete stories, romance, grammar/spelling.

The following categories will probably not be added, as they are already well-serviced on other sites:
transgender, furry, multi-limb.

The NCMC aims to be fully automated. The largest tool required to achieve this is trust. Please don't violate the spirit of the website by posting stories or comments from outside the guidelines.