Story Archive 2000


Green Kitten and Purple Peacock : 12/17/00 Description Coming Soon.

The Ride of His Life :

Mind Games : 12/14/00

Power Broker : 12/14/00

Wilson's Gift : 12/14/00

 The Beach(NEW 11/18/00) : Submitted Story! Only 12 more days to go to enter the contest

Power Hungry(NEW 11/11/00) : Submitted Story! A man gets hypnotized by a stranger at his girlfriends party and finds he has a new master.

Hypno Doc(NEW 11/09/00) : Submitted Story! A doctor has some fun while helping a man stop


Stories From the Author ONIX(NEW 11/05/00) :

Made To Surrender(NEW 11/05/00) : Submitted Story! Through hypnosis Marko is made into

 a Rubberman

The Party Boy(NEW 11/01/00) : Submitted Story! Lots of hypnosis fun at a party

Doing Public Service(NEW 11/01/00) : Submitted Story! A hypnotist teaches a lesson to

a young lowlife

The Scientist(NEW 10/30/00) : Submitted Story! A Scientist tests out a hypnotizing

air freshener

The Bolt Model (NEW 10/27/00) : Submitted Story! See what happens to a bodybuilder at a photo shoot

The Swimmer (NEW 10/09/00) : Submitted Story! An uncle makes some changes

 to his athletic nephew