Another Hypno Story In A Gym: 12/26/01
How I got Suckered or Why you should never go back to get your stuff from an ex: 12/24/01 An exboyfriend gains total control over his lover as he puffs the night away
Eternal Nudity: 12/23/01 A young office worker finds he will now be a slave to his boss and never where clothes again
The Policeman Who Blew Too Much:Updated 12/19/01 A policeman's evil hypnotherapist makes him lust after criminals.
Batter Up!: 12/14/01
Blinded by the Site: 12/09/01
My Brothers Keeper Part 3: 12/09/01
Ladies Man Part 1: Updated 12/14/01 A homophobic boyfriend ticks off his girl one to many times
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The Rajah's Toy: 12/04/01
The Sorcerer's Apprentice: 12/04/01
Johnny and the Psychology Pool: 11/05/01
Hypnotist's Daughter: 10/02/01
Sleepy Boy: 08/24/01
First Times: 08/24/01
One Man's Rubbish: 07/09/01
Modeling Clay: 07/09/01 Man goes to a thearpist seeking help from fear of flying
Back In The Service: 07/09/01
Scott's Redemption: 07/09/01
Prom Night: 07/09/01 A couple of guys get more than they bargained for on their prom night
Racists: 07/09/01
New Life: 06/05/01 A couple gets lost and abducted, the man finds he's now a skinhead
A Change is as Good as a Rest: 06/05/01 Family and Office workers get revenge on their boss
Trance-Sexuals: 05/21/01 A stage hypnotist uses special hypnosis techniques on unsuspecting young male subjects in this story from Hyptrance
Subliminals: 05/13/01 Subliminal hypnosis, revenge, fraternity brothers, twin, and a CEO...what more could you ask for in this 5 star story from Hyptrance
Michael and Me: 03/20/01 Written by Hyptrance
The Advertisement: 03/14/01 A rubber slave is born
All For Jake: 02/21/01
The Punishment Book: 02/04/01 A Group of Neo Nazis gets their wishes as well as their worst nightmares in this ***** story.
Hypno Hustler: 01/25/01 A criminal posing as a hustler is hypnotized into really becoming one.
Hypnobuzz: 01/20/01 A young man learns to love a smooth scalp.
Hypnotrance's Old Black Magik: 01/16/01 A young man learns the true power of voodoo.
Wayne's New Master Part 2: 01/14/01 Wayne becomes a master himself.
Wayne's New Master: 01/07/01 A meeting with the owner of a bookstore makes wayne dislike his hair and his girlfriend.