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The Demonstration



   “Were you out of your mind??”

   Tyler Corman, my college roommate (and current sex-pal) and I had been fooling around with erotic hypnotism for a while now, mostly with me as hypnotist and him as subject. It was a lot of fun for both of us, and, we were getting practiced enough at our separate roles that I could pretty much make him do or think anything I wanted him to. Hot stuff! But now he was telling me he’d spilled the beans to his brother Bobby!

 “Chill, Dave! I just happened to mention that you know how to hypnotize me. I didn’t tell him what we do with it!” (Well, at least that was something. Neither of us had come out to our families yet, and I, for one, had no plans of doing that any time soon.)

   “Why the fuck did you tell him anything at all about it?!!” I stared angrily at Tyler, trying to read the expression on his handsome face. Had he really gone insane, or was this his idea of funny? His clear blue eyes gave me no indication.

    “Dude, it just came up. You know how fascinated Bobby is with the whole hypnosis thing in general. Heck, you even commented on his collection of books about it when you were at our place last Thanksgiving. If you’d already been hypnotizing me back then, you’d probably have let the cat out of the bag yourself. There’s no harm done, except that now he’s makin’ my life miserable by pestering me non-stop to get you to come home with me one of these weekends and show him how you do it.”

   I shot him my dustiest look. “And this becomes my concern… how?”

  “Oh come on, Dave. Don’t be like that. It’ll be easy. Heck, you’ll come home with me for just one weekend, my mom will cook us up a couple of killer meals, and one of the nights we can do a quick slash-and-burn run through your repertoire of hypnotism. A couple of stage-show gimmicks, and Bobby’ll be completely satisfied and off my back.” Tyler smiled that smile of his that always makes me weak in the knees (and hard someplace else), “I’ll make it worth your while.”

   “Damn straight you will. Sleep, stud-boy!” and just like that Tyler was mindlessly, helplessly in my power. One superlative hypnotized blow-job later, and I was feeling a lot more charitable towards my erring boyfriend and his big mouth. What the heck. He was probably right that it wouldn’t be a big deal… and his mom is one hell of a good cook!



   It had looked like everything was going to be as trouble-free as Tyler had optimistically promised. The Friday of the weekend I went home with him, after dinner, (every bit as good as advertised), his parents had headed out to attend a concert, not to return until very late, and we were left alone, just the three of us, Tyler, Bobby, and me. It seemed the perfect chance for our little hypno-demonstration. But I’d just gotten us situated in the living room, when the doorbell rang. Bobby ran to answer it and returned with another teenager in tow.

   “Guys, I told Jason it’d be okay if he wanted to see the hypnotism too. You don’t mind, do you?”

   At the same time Jason walked over and stuck out his hand, “Hi, I’m Jason Thomas. It’s Dave, right? Thanks for letting me watch.”

   I accepted his handshake, trying mightily to avoid looking as annoyed as I felt, although, mentally, I was tearing my hair. Turning back to Bobby, I couldn’t keep all the acid out of my voice. “Is Jason it, or are we expecting others? Should I have rented a hall?”

   The sarcasm never touched either of them. “No, just Jason.” Both boys sat down on the couch and looked at Tyler and me expectantly.

   I should pause in my narrative for a moment to explain. I think my boyfriend Tyler is really hot. His face is totally handsome, his body is hard and tight, his light-brown hair, fairly short but not military, is really sexy, and he has beautiful blue, cream-in-your-drawers-for-them eyes. In fact, he looks a lot like a young Christian Kane. Bobby is cute, too. At eighteen, he’s a couple of years younger, his hair’s a little longer, his face and body are a little more boyish (although even over the past few months since I last saw him, he’d done some noticeable maturing – maybe a workout regimen), but the family resemblance to his big brother is strong, and he has the same amazing eyes. Jason, however, wasn’t just an addition to our little slumber party; he was major-league, traffic-stopping, stand-there-with-your-mouth-hanging-open-like-a-mental-case gorgeous, and a dreadful threat to my concentration. (Worse for our purposes, he was almost certainly a serious threat to Tyler’s as well.) Could this get any more difficult? Imagine the handsomest guy you can. Now, double it!! His face has that kind of bone structure and romantic drama that you would normally only expect to see in print ads in international magazines. His eyes are a green so startling that they almost look as though they’re made of back-lit stained glass and the eyelashes that frame them are the thickest and longest I’ve ever seen on a guy. His bitter-chocolate hair is wavy and tousled in a way that just begs to be touched, and its rich darkness is echoed on his chiseled jaw in fine five-o’clock shadow that, even young as he is, already makes it look as though he’s cornered the market on testosterone. His body is slim, yet absolutely toned (a fact the light-green t-shirt and tight black jeans he had on were making absolutely clear), and if the fit at his crotch was all him, then young Jason must be hung like a bear. As soon as I saw him, I had to think quickly about my grandma in a sun dress to avoid springing a boner so obvious that my carefully maintained closet door would have been blown right off its hinges! And I could tell that Tyler was fighting a similar battle even though this probably wasn’t the first time he’d met Jason.

   Well, there was nothing to be done about it now, except to go on with the whole miserable charade! I cleared my throat to try to get rid of the sudden huskiness I felt and then began my induction. “Tyler, get yourself comfortable… feet flat on the floor… hands on your knees, palms up…”

   “Why does it matter what position he’s in, Dave?” Bobby asked curiously.

   Shit! Was this whole damn thing going to have to be annotated? “If your brother crosses his legs, they might cramp or go to sleep and become uncomfortable enough to wake him back up; and if his fingertips aren’t touching anything, then they won’t be sending back sensory input to distract him… And speaking of distractions, this isn’t going to work at all if you keep interrupting us to ask questions. You and Jason are just going to have to sit there quietly and watch until I have Tyler in trance. Wait for me to tell you it’s okay before you talk or move around again.”

   Both of the teens nodded agreement, and I went back to work on my subject. Even though I could have had Tyler out like a light with just a word or two by using one of his many trance triggers, I made my induction long, slow, and repetitive. If Bobby wanted a hypnosis demonstration, then I was going to make certain that he felt like he’d gotten his money’s worth. Otherwise, I could practically guarantee I’d have to do it all again and again until the kid was sure he’d seen everything I could show him. And I was pleasantly relieved that Bobby and Jason were keeping their word. All through the extended process there wasn’t a peep from the peanut gallery.

   When I was satisfied that my boyfriend, now staring mindlessly at nothing in particular, was under deeply enough that he couldn’t be easily disturbed, I risked a glance over at my audience. They were both watching Tyler’s hypnotized face with absolute fascination, so intently they scarcely seemed to blink.

   Wait a minute… They really weren’t blinking… Or moving… And their expressions weren’t so much fascinated as glazed! Had Bobby and Jason gone into trance too? Just from watching?? If so they both must be spectacularly suggestible subjects! I crossed my fingers as one scenario after another, each hotter than the last, went through my fertile mind in a nanosecond, and said in my silkiest voice (deliberately avoiding any specific reference to Tyler as my addressee), “You’re feeling so relaxed and comfortable now that your eyes want to close… eyelids so-o-o heavy… so very heavy you just can’t hold them open any longer… they have to close… close your eyes and go deep, deep into trance… deeper and deeper… deeper and deeper… so hypnotized that all thinking ceases… nothing matters, nothing exists for you but the sound of my voice… my voice that you hear and must obey… you hear and must obey…”

   Tyler, of course, was completely gone. Weeks of conditioning from our sexual games had left him with neither the inclination nor (although he might not exactly realize it yet) the power to resist me. I risked another glance at Bobby and Jason. Yippee!! Both boys were unmistakably entranced. Their eyes were closed, their faces wiped of all expression. Their necks had grown too relaxed to support their heads. Jason’s head had tilted forward until his chin was resting against his chest, while Bobby’s had fallen back to rest against the back of the couch, emphasizing his Adam’s apple in a way that made him look both masculine and appealingly vulnerable at the same time. They were mine for the taking.

   I got up from my chair and walked over to them. “Bobby, do you hear me and obey?”

   “Yes, I hear you and obey…” His voice was sleepy and more than a little robot-like. Maybe he was conforming to some subconscious image of hypnosis from a movie or TV show he’d seen.

   “Jason, do you hear me and obey?”

   “Yes, Dave…” Jason sounded vague, but polite.

   “And are you eighteen, Jason?” (I already knew that Bobby was, because two months ago Tyler had been obsessing over what to get him for that particular birthday.)

   “Yes, I’m eighteen…” Yay! All systems go!

   “Very good. Jason, Bobby, you are deeply hypnotized… nothing can disturb you… nothing can awaken you until I awaken you… But you must go deeper still. Sit up straight, in a very comfortable posture.” The boys pulled themselves together and now sat as though watching television, relaxed, but with their necks no longer awkwardly stretched or compressed. I continued, “In a moment I’m going to touch your shoulder. When I do, you’ll, and you’ll begin to count backwards from one thousand. In between each number you count, you will say ‘deeper’. Every time you hear your voice say that word, your trance will instantly become twice as deep… twice as deep every time you say ‘deeper’… twice as relaxed… twice as obedient… And you will love the feeling. The deeper you go, the better it will feel… and the better you feel, the deeper you will go… Do you understand?”

   “Yes… I understand…” They already sounded sleepier. My cock was a rocket in my pants!

   “Excellent!” I touched both of them on the shoulder.

   “One thousand… deeper… nine hundred ninety-nine… deeper… nine hundred ninety-eight…” The twin drone of the young male voices was already beginning to phase out of sync as Jason counted a little more quickly than Bobby. I suspected that he might be slightly the better subject of the two, although they were obviously both so helplessly suggestible that it hardly mattered. Well, that would keep them occupied as well as vastly increasing their hypnotic enslavement. Now I needed to prep Tyler.

   I turned to my rigidly unaware boyfriend. “Tyler, stand up and open your eyes, but remain completely hypnotized and in my power.” He complied, and stood, swaying ever so slightly, a beautiful, vacant-eyed college-boy plaything. “Come with me.” I led him up to his bedroom and, while he stood mindlessly waiting, fired up his computer and accessed the file for one of my favorite hypnotic spirals. It’s a vivid, compelling black and green one, and I’ve used it a number of times to fascinate my boyfriend when I wanted to implant some special programming in his mind. He’s accustomed to it, and zones out almost instantly, which is exactly what happened now. As soon as the spinning graphic came up, Tyler’s glazed eyes locked onto it. I was able to take his unresisting hand and lead him over to his desk chair, where he sank into the seat in front of the computer screen without appearing even to notice.

   “Tyler, as you look at the spiral, you’re going deeper and deeper into trance, and you must believe everything I tell you… must believe everything I tell you… must obey everything I tell you… You are feeling very, very sexy… very, very horny… you want to have sex… you will do anything sexual that I ask of you… anything at all… and anything I tell you to do excites you enormously…” Tyler continued to stare unmoving at the whirling spiral display, but the bulge in the crotch of his khakis was suddenly huge. “In a moment I’m going to bring a couple of handsome guys up here. They’ll both be deeply hypnotized, and we’ll have lots of fun with them. You’re going to find that both of them really turn you on… both make you hot, just like I do… you’ll want to have a real orgy with all three of us… Won’t you?”

   “Oh, yeah…” My boyfriend’s groan was nearly orgasmic (not that this was a problem, since we both had enough post-hypnotic training to control our orgasm responses until we were really reading to give in to them).

   “One of them is Jason Thomas… You know Jason… he’s your brother’s friend… and you find him incredibly sexy, don’t you?” I pitched my voice so that it was a question and a command at the same time.

   “Jason… m’brother’s friend… sexy…” The cock-mound in Tyler’s pants gave a twitch and a small damp spot of pre-cum darkened the tan fabric. Oh, yes, he’d bought that suggestion (if, considering how delicious Jason is, any suggestion had even been necessary in the first place).

   “The other boy I’ll bring up here is named Bobby. He looks like your brother Bobby, but he is not your brother… not your brother Bobby at all… he’s someone you’ve never met before… He’s handsome… he’s sexy… he’s helplessly hypnotized… and he will turn you on as much as Jason does… You will want to have him in every way you can imagine… every way you can imagine… Do you understand?” (This was actually pretty important. I don’t have any particular issues with the idea of brother-to-brother incest, provided everybody’s of age, but if Tyler did, I didn’t want it to freak him out of his trance.)

   “Not… not m’brother Bobby?” My boyfriend was apparently having a little trouble grasping this, so I repeated it over and over with amplifications and embellishments until he was satisfactorily parroting back to me the notion that this Bobby (who was not his brother, but looked like him) embodied the height of sexual appeal.

    Then I ordered him to stand up and stand aside while I went to fetch the first of my two new recruits. I left the spiral spinning away, ready for use. As I exited the room, Tyler, motionless as a clothes-dummy, was still staring at it from his new post over by his bed.

   Back downstairs, Jason and Bobby were slumped helplessly on the couch, still counting themselves down, down, down into ever deeper trances. They hadn’t yet reached the halfway point, and probably wouldn’t, as their increasingly blitzed minds and slack muscles made the counting slower and less and less articulate. “Sev… sev’nunnerd ’n’ th… thirteeeen… deeeeper…”

   I approached the couch and commanded Bobby to remain in his current state of hypnosis, but to stop counting, stand up, and open his eyes. Like his brother, he obeyed sluggishly and then stood waiting for further instructions. Another quick command and he followed me up the stairs, leaving his friend behind, still laboriously counting. I soon had Bobby seated in front of Tyler’s computer terminal, his eyes fixed on the spiral, ready for his final programming.

   “Bobby, you can’t look away from the spiral unless I command it, but, just to prove that you’re completely under my spell and helpless, I want you to try to look away… but it’s quite impossible, and trying just draws you farther in… farther into the spiral… farther away from your will and your memory… keep trying to look away… and feel yourself yield more and more to the power of the spiral and my voice… by the time I count to five, you will no longer exist… your identity and memory will be gone… you will be nothing but obedience. One… two…”

   As I counted, Bobby’s blank expression took on a shade of alarm, his staring eyes grew even wider, and his muscles tensed as he tried to break away from the spell. But it was useless. Try as he might, his eyes never left the beguiling computer display, and by the time I said, “Five,” his struggles had ceased and he sat without moving, gazing into the dizzying whirl as unemotionally as a discarded puppet.

   “What’s your name, boy?”

   “I don’t know…”

   “Where do you live?”

   “I don’t know…”

   “Do you have a brother?” “Are you straight?” “Are you a virgin?” “Do you like sex with guys?” Each question was answered with the same dull, abstracted “I don’t know”, and he continued to stare into the spiral with such single-mindedness that it was as though he were barely able to pry away enough attention from it to answer me at all.

   I went to work creating the new memories and attitudes I wanted in him for our evening’s games. “Your name is Bobby, and as you look at the spiral, everything I tell you becomes unquestionable truth to you. You’re a gay boy and a hustler. You’ve been paid a lot of money to be here and provide any sexual service any of us asks, but you really get into it. You love sex with guys so much you’d be willing to do it all for free anyway. Most of all, you love the taste and smell of cum, yours or anyone else’s. Your favorite thing of all is to get guys completely turned on and then have them cum all over your face. You don’t know anyone in this house, but as you meet us, you’ll discover that we all are totally sexually appealing to you, and the boy named Tyler turns you on every bit as much as the others.” Then I asked several of my questions again. Bobby’s eyes still didn’t waver from their rapt lock on the hypno-spiral, but this time he gave his name “Bobby”, his sexual preference “gay”, and his fondness of male/male sex acts, especially facials, all without a hint of discomfort, resistance, or awareness that these hadn’t always been his answers to those questions. He was ready. I told him to get up and stand next to Tyler. He dutifully joined his brother (whom he didn’t remember was his brother), and I left them there, an almost-matching pair of mind-controlled bookends, while I went to collect the last member of our little hypno-fun-fest.

   “Jason, stand up and follow me”

   “…dred ’n’… ’n’… twen… twenny-fiiiive… deeeeper…” Still counting, slurring like a drunk, the gorgeous boy dragged himself to his feet and obediently drifted up the stairs after me in a mesmerized zombie march. A couple of moments later, and he too was seated at Tyler’s desk as the others had been, staring into the spiral, waiting helplessly for my careful instructions to erase whatever was left of his will.

   However, unlike Bobby, Jason was an unknown quantity to me. I needed to know a little more about him before I could proceed with that. “Jason, you must always tell me the truth about whatever I ask. Sexually, do you like girls?”

   There was a longer pause than I would have anticipated, and then he reluctantly answered, “No,” sounding both guilty and embarrassed.

   Hot damn! That was unexpected and very exciting, and it made my task pretty damn easy, but I took a moment to be a nice guy and hypnotically condition him to stop feeling bad about it. “Jason, there will always be people who don’t understand that you don’t want girls, but you can’t live your life to please them. From now on, you’re no longer going to be ashamed for being who you are. What you like and what you want are as natural and right for you as wanting and liking girls is for a straight boy. You understand this, and you will never question it again!”

   Jason nodded slowly as though finally reaching a difficult decision, and then an almost palpable wave of relief rippled through his body as tension he’d been carrying, probably his entire life, suddenly departed. And in that letting go, I daresay his trance depth increased exponentially. I’d just given him peace, and in return, he was giving me carte blanche with his mind and body.

   “Are you a virgin? Have you ever done anything with another guy?”

   “No… never done anything with anybody. There’ve been girls who wanted me to, but I didn’t… and I’ve been too scared to have anything to do with the kinds of guys who might… might’ve wanted to fool around.”

   Poor guy! With looks like that and then afraid to reap any of their benefits! Well, I was going see to it that he had a better time of it from now on. “Jason, you must be very honest with yourself and with me. Of all the boys you know, who is the one you fancy the most? The one you most like to think about when you jerk off? The one that, if you thought he were willing, you’d have sex with in a heartbeat?”

   I expected him to need a moment to thumb through his fantasy file before making up his mind, but I’d scarcely finished the question when he answered, “Bobby.” The tone of Jason’s voice was still softly abstracted, but there was no mistaking the conviction in it. The guy was in love with his straight bud! Man, that’s a tough row to hoe! But in this at least Jason had finally caught a break. If there was one straight boy that I could deliver to him in the flesh (as opposed to a mere hypnotic illusion), that boy was Bobby Corman! I looked over at the hypnotized tool standing motionless and available next to his brother. Oh, yeah, Jason’s luck was definitely improving! He’d get to lose his virginity to the guy of his dreams. What can I say? I’m a sucker for handsome faces, lost causes, and happy endings.

   Of course that meant I’d have to alter all my previous arrangements for both Tyler and Bobby. Sheesh! This was getting to be too much like work! As it turned out, though, my last set of hypnotic conditioning had left both brothers so thoroughly zonked that it was scarcely more difficult than simply holding a friendly conversation. In little more time than it takes to describe it, Tyler’s perceptions of Bobby were back to normal, although I’d left him with an absolute compulsion to accept anything I suggested to his brother (including possible sexual interaction with him) as perfectly okay. I’d returned Bobby’s identity to him (except, of course, that I’d left his sexual reorientation in place), and he was convinced that he was carrying a torch for Jason that was every bit as strong as the one Jason carried for him. In a flash of puckish inspiration, I’d even hypnotically convinced Bobby that, upon awakening, he would find Jason sitting in front of a hypno-spiral in deepest trance because he’d hypnotized him! He now “remembered” that, after watching my demonstration with Tyler, he’d persuaded his buddy to allow him to try doing it himself. Jason had proved to be a terrific subject, and was now completely under his (Bobby’s) control, a fact that he would, of course, take full advantage of. (At the same time, I’d lodged a similar false memory in Jason’s pliable mind to make him hypnotically obedient to his “new” hypnotist as well as to myself.) Now, all that was left to do was to set things in motion.

   “Jason, you will remain deeply hypnotized and completely, unquestioningly obedient, until Bobby awakens you. You won’t remember anything about your hypnotic experiences up to this point, except as I have instructed you to remember them. Nothing Bobby or any other hypnotist can say or do will change that.” Then I planted a trance trigger deep in his subconscious mind where I could use it to control him any time I needed or wanted to.

   “Bobby, in a moment, I’ll wake you up. Everything will be as I’ve instructed you: Jason deeply hypnotized by your doing, your irresistible compulsion to take advantage of that and satisfy your lust for him, and no memory now or ever, that all of this is the result you yourself having been hypnotized. You’ll find it perfectly natural that you and Jason are in your brother’s room rather than your own, and you won’t feel any need or desire to go elsewhere to continue your activities. For the rest of the evening, you won’t have any awareness of Tyler’s presence in the room, or of mine unless you hear me say ‘sleep, stud-boy’. If you hear me say that phrase, you will instantly be back under hypnosis, back under my complete control, even deeper than you are now.” (I was using one of Tyler’s triggers because, at the end of all this, I would need them both back in trance simultaneously.) “Repeat those instructions.” He did, and we were good to go.

    I brought Tyler out of hypnosis first. “What’s going on, Dave? Why are we up here now?” he asked, looking around in a vaguely disoriented fashion. Then his mind registered what he was seeing. “Holy…” his voice dropped quickly so as not to disturb the boys he didn’t realize couldn’t hear him. “Are they…?”

    “Yup. Your little bro and his pal watched the induction so carefully that they both went off right along with you. I’ve made Bobby believe that he’s the one hypnotized Jason, and now we can watch the fun. It’s gonna be major-league hot! You’re okay with that aren’t you?” It wasn’t really a question.

    “Y-yeah…” Tyler sounded a little funny.

    I realized that his eyes had started to track the spiral which was still spinning merrily away on the computer screen and he was halfway back into trance. I quickly commanded, “Stay awake for now, Tyler.” He snapped out of it, and I added, “By the way, you don’t need to whisper. They can’t hear you, and once I wake your brother up, neither of them will pay any attention to either of us until I tell them to.” Then I raised my voice, “Bobby, at the count of three you’ll be awake and ready to play with your hypnotized buddy. One… two… three!”

    Bobby’s eyes regained their normal focus. As per my instructions, he had no sense of coming back to consciousness, because he had no memory of having relinquished it in the first place, so there was no appearance of disorientation. He looked at Jason, seated motionless and blank in front of the hypnotic computer and practically rubbed his hands together with glee. “Jason, can you hear me?”

   “I hear you, Bobby.” Jason’s dull monotone was the sound of every hypno-fantasy I’ve ever had. My dick was so hard it hurt, and apparently he was having the same effect on Bobby, whose jeans were bulging at the crotch. Tyler had moved up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. Judging from the hard lump I could feel pressed against my ass, I guess he found it pretty hot as well.

   “And you obey whatever I tell you?”

   “I obey you, Bobby.”

   “Stand up.” Like a good robot, Jason rose to his feet. “Stand on one foot.” The boy obeyed without hesitation, looking as though frozen in mid-step. “Bark like a dog.”

   “R-r-ruff. R-r-ruff.” Jason’s totally unselfconscious solemnity, as he balanced on one foot while woofing dutifully, was both funny and very, very sexy.

   “This is so-o-o cool!” Bobby chortled to himself. “Jase, you can put your foot back down, and stop barking.” After Jason had complied, Bobby stood looking at him for a moment as though weighing his options. Then he said softly, “You like it when I touch you. Say it, Jason.”

   “I like it when you touch me.”


  “I like it when you touch me.”


  “I like it when you touch me.” I of course knew that Jason was absolutely sincere in this, but Bobby seemed to be getting off on the idea that he was ‘corrupting’ his ‘straight’ pal. He was openly massaging his crotch as he listened to Jason mechanically repeating the phrase.

   “You’ll let me touch you any time, any place, in any way I choose to. It will always make you feel happy, obedient, and very, very horny.” Again, at his urging, Jason repeated the instruction a few times. The kid’s mesmerized voice held no emotion, but I could see the beginnings of some hard-on action developing in his jeans. His hypnotized mind definitely liked where this was going.

   Bobby quickly stripped himself naked, then commanded his victim, “Jase, I’m going to undress you. You’ll cooperate with everything I do.” Without waiting for a response, he stepped forward, grabbed a handful of t-shirt, and began to pull it up. Jason obliging raised his arms over his head, and Bobby pulled the shirt off. I gasped out loud. As good as I’d expected Jason’s chest to look, I’d underestimated severely. He was a Michelangelo wet-dream, perfect enough to make a statue jealous! I unzipped in a flash, freeing my cock before it ruptured. Tyler had begun to unbutton my shirt, and he now was unashamedly dry-humping me from behind, his hot breath labored in my ear.

   If I had been Bobby, I’m afraid I would have completely lost my self-control and begun to maul Jason’s mega-hot body then and there. But, exercising what seemed to me to be almost superhuman restraint, Bobby continued slowly and methodically to strip away the rest of his friend’s clothes, one maddening piece at a time, until I was almost ready to scream from the suspense. At last, however, he was standing totally nude, totally oblivious and OMFG he was Adonis incarnate! I could try to describe the perfection, but words wouldn’t really cover it. You’ll just have to use your imagination – and don’t stint! Tyler had finished undressing me, almost without my realizing it, so mesmerized had I been by the show Bobby was putting on with Jason, and the only thing that kept me from using my trance cue to take the apprentice hypnotist out of the picture and flinging my own feverish body on Jason was the fact that Tyler was now on his knees in front of me sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow.

   Bobby continued to take his time. He was running his hands all over Jason’s naked flesh, but at the same time he was saying, “Feel yourself becoming stiff and rigid as a steel bar… you can’t move a muscle… everywhere I touch becoming hard as stone… stiff as a plank of wood… you are helpless… a frozen statue… helpless… you can’t move… can’t move… can’t move…” Suddenly he gave Jason a push, and, like a tree falling, arms frozen at his sides and legs locked rigidly together, making no attempt to save himself or catch his balance, the boy toppled backwards onto Tyler’s bed, where he bounced gently and then lay motionless, staring at the ceiling, a good portion of his legs still sticking straight out over the edge of the mattress as though gravity didn’t concern them.

   Apparently this was what the young hypnotist had been waiting for all along. Bobby no longer made any pretence of keeping his cool. He leapt on the statue-boy and began to kiss and lick every inch of him with a greed and thoroughness that was almost cannibalistic. Other than the fact that his cock was now as rigid as the rest of him, Jason showed no more reaction than a log.

   The head I was receiving from Tyler was getting me dangerously close to the point where, hypnosis or no hypnosis, I was going to lose my ability to control my orgasm. Besides, as the only one of us four who had been conscious and titillated for the entire time, I was more than ready to stop torturing myself anyway. However, my plan from the beginning had involved a little facial revenge on young Bobby for precipitating this whole chain of events, so rather than simply giving myself permission to let nature take its course, I commanded sharply, “Sleep, stud-boy!” Instantly both brothers went into trance, mindless and motionless. Bobby sprawled limply across his buddy’s rigid body. Tyler was still on his knees, and his lips were still wrapped around my cock although he was no longer sucking, but his eyes had closed again, and his expression had that wonderful, spaced-out blankness I so loved to induce in it. I gently detached myself from my boyfriend’s mouth, which continued to hang open, since Tyler hadn’t received any instructions to the contrary.

   “Bobby, let Jason relax his muscles and have him stand up again.”

   Like the good little hypnotized slave-boy he was, Bobby dutifully responded, “Jason, you can relax now… your body returning to normal… no strain… no tiredness… feeling great.” Then, as Jason’s once again bendable knees allowed his feet to thump softly back down onto the carpet, he added, “Stand up Jason… and feel yourself going even deeper into hypnotic sleep.” Jason crawled out from under the hypnotized young hypnotist (who, other than speaking as directed, hadn’t moved a millimeter from the position he had slumped into when I spoke his trance trigger) and stood by the bed.

   “Bobby, you’re going to suck Jason’s cock until he cums all over your face, and then you’re going to do the same for your brother, and then for me. It will be the most sexually intense and the most hypnotic thing you’ve ever done. Each load you take on your face is going to make you feel sexier and more obedient, until at the last one, my load, you’ll shoot your own wad without even touching yourself and go into a trance state infinitely deeper than ever before. Got that?”

   “Yes… Dave…” he sounded almost like the voice of the computer in 2001 - a Space Odyssey.

   “Good. Then begin.”

   The naked, mind-fucked straight boy got up off the bed, knelt unhesitatingly in front of his hypnotized friend and began to give him a blow-job as efficient and enthusiastic as though he’d had years of experience sucking cock. I moved around behind Jason close enough to whisper in his ear (and, as a result, also close enough for my hard-on to rub against his magnificent back-side), and softly said, “Jason, even though you continue to go deeper and deeper into your state of entranced absolute obedience, both to Bobby and to me, you are going to experience complete and total awareness of what your friend is doing to you right now.”

   The effect on Jason was electric. Gone was the blank seeming-indifference of deep hypnotic trance. He trembled and moaned with passion, and his hips bucked as he began to fuck Bobby’s mouth. I had to back off and take up an observer’s position; that hip action had come very close to sending me over the edge prematurely. As is often the case with first sex, it didn’t last long. Jason was just too excited at being with the boy he’d been lusting after for so long and (until now) so fruitlessly. “Gonna cum!” he gasped. After only two more quick slurps, Bobby pulled his mouth away from Jason’s spouting cock-head so as to catch the fountain of jizz full in his face. His mouth dropped open and his eyes grew wider and even more glazed as the first installment of that most recent hypnotic suggestion I’d given him hit home.

   Spent, Jason collapsed back onto the bed again. I quickly ordered him back into deep, oblivious sleep and then, just in time to beat Bobby, who was already turning towards where his brother was still kneeling on the floor, I commanded, “Tyler, stand up. You’re going to let your brother give you a blow-job. You’ll enjoy it a lot and you’ll cum all over his face.” My boy-friend lurched to his feet just seconds before his younger brother’s lips locked around his erection and began to hoover. I embraced Tyler from behind and began to work his nipples, which, hypnotized or not, always makes him crazy. It was also a good position from which to supply additional hypnotic encouragement (just in case he needed more help around the incest thing), but that turned out to be unnecessary. Between the depth of his trance and the degree of physical stimulation to which he was being subjected, my boy-friend didn’t stand a chance of protesting. Like Jason before him, it was only a minute or two before his was giving his brother’s face its second christening of the evening. Another suggestion or two and Tyler was peacefully zoned out next to Jason on the bed. It was finally my turn for relief!

   It’s a lot easier to describe what a great blow-job looks like than to describe how it feels. Let’s just say that two cocks worth of practice had definitely put Bobby on his game! I did manage to last a little longer than either of the others, but only a little, before I too went off like a pressurized sprinkler system in a four-alarm fire. As my cream drenched Bobby’s up-turned face, the hat-trick hypno-compulsion grabbed him. I could feel gout after gout of his hot spunk splash on my naked feet and legs, and he went rigid, as if, even though still on his knees, he had come to full military attention, his facial expression locking down tighter than a cell-door in a prison riot.

   Collecting my orgasm-scattered wits, I set about finishing our little group play-session. I wasn’t sure how long we’d been at this, but Tyler and Bobby’s folks weren’t going to stay out forever. The physical clean-up didn’t take long, and soon we were all back in our clothes, and my three hypnotized subjects were seated side-by-side on Tyler’s bed waiting for the mental clean-up.

   “Tyler, Bobby, Jason, in a few moments I’m going to take you all back to the living room and wake you up. I will snap my fingers and you’ll return to full normal consciousness. When you do, Tyler, you won’t remember anything that’s happened since you first went into trance this evening. You’ll accept that, as part of the demonstration, I wanted to show your brother hypnotic amnesia. Bobby and Jason, you will have no memory whatsoever of having been hypnotized, or of anything you experienced as a result. Instead you will both remember very clearly watching me hypnotize Tyler. You saw him fall deep into trance and then follow my suggestions perfectly.” I gave them a list of typical hypnotic suggestion to believe they had witnessed me practicing on Tyler, including, of course, the production of post-hypnotic amnesia.

   “Bobby, you will remain convinced that you are gay, that you have always been gay, and that you are totally in love with Jason. Of course, you won’t remember that he knows and so you will have to hide it from him. You will find yourself fascinated by the idea of hypnotizing him in order to seduce him, so as soon as you can tonight, you’ll get him alone, and you’ll try to talk him into letting you practice hypnosis on him. It will be an irresistible compulsion.” I made Bobby repeat those instructions because they were complicated and because there was still the possibility that, at some level there might be a little residual resistance to overcome. Soon, though, he was in complete acceptance of the plan.

   “Jason, you’d do anything for Bobby. If he wants to hypnotize you, you’ll always be completely willing and cooperative… and you’ll always go into a very deep trance… deeper each and every time.”

   “Tyler, Bobby, Jason, stand up.” All three boy zombies rose to their feet. “Open your eyes and follow me.” I led the helpless sleepwalkers back down to the living room and soon they were seated in the same places they had occupied at the beginning of the hypnosis demonstration. I quickly repeated their individual suggestions to them one last time as reinforcement, and was just about to snap my fingers to awaken them, when a thought struck to me. I hadn’t dealt with the trance cues! Tyler, of course was well-trained, but who knew if I might not want to get inside the heads of the other two. Heck, there was no reason not to have a repeat performance even tomorrow.

   “What happens if I say ‘sleep stud-boy’?”

   “I go into deep hypnosis instantly and obey whatever you tell me.” Bobby and Tyler might have been singing a duet.

   “Jason, the same thing is true of you. If you hear me say that phrase, your eyes will close instantly, your conscious mind will go blank, and you will be in the deepest and most obedient trance. Do you understand?”

   “Yes, Dave…”

   “Excellent. Bobby, by tomorrow night you will have successfully hypnotized Jason at least once and you’ll want to show off your new accomplishment to me and your brother. We’ll all go up to Tyler’s room, and at that time you’ll give the hypnosis demonstration, using your buddy Jason as your helpless guinea pig.” Then I snapped my fingers. All three boys returned to the here-and-now, Tyler looking a little befuddled, but the other two instantly alert.

    “Awesome,” Bobby crowed, with Jason echoing him enthusiastically. “That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to try it myself. Bro, you don’t remember a thing, do you?” Tyler shook his head, amiably confused. “I bet not. He told you that you wouldn’t. Man, you did anything he said. This is so cool! Dave, I can’t thank you enough for showing me all that stuff.”

    I accepted his thanks and then generously suggested that we break up the party (since I knew that Bobby would soon be aching to get Jason by himself so that he could begin to comply with his own post-hypnotic compulsions. Sure enough, he quickly bid Tyler and me good-night and then invited Jason up to his room to play video games “or something”. They loped upstairs, still chattering animatedly about all the things they thought they remembered seeing Tyler do.

    After they were gone, my boyfriend said, “Well? Are you gonna let me have my memory back?”

     “Oh… I don’t know about that…” I drawled. Then I winked. “Maybe… if you make it worth my while!”