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Fresh Meat



 Sure, you’ve all seen them, the porno websites where beautiful young men do their thing for video or stills, new guys every few days. A lot of the action is solo, or if duo, curiously uninvolved, the boys only touching themselves, never each other, and staring at something off camera for “inspiration”. By this you can be pretty certain that those young men aren’t gay. Some don’t even appear to have figured out that the target audience isn’t female, while the others are doing their best to pretendthey haven’t. Many of the sites even advertise this, adding little pre-show interviews with the model so that he can express his unblemished heterosexuality before he begins to work it for the guys on-line.

 But every once in a while, you can come across a site where the straight boys seem to suffer a change of opinion and end up really getting into the act and each other; and that’s probably my site. I never do live video feed, because the way I do business requires too much editing for that, but my movies always ring true, because I have the means of making sure that even the most hard-line breeder boy is begging for it in every orifice before we’re done. My name is… well, let’s just call me Piper, as in Pied Piper, since my job is to find these little studs and then charm them away to a place in my magic kingdom.


I spotted them one afternoon when I was cruising for talent on the boardwalk. They were part of a group, skater-bois all. The two I liked as potentials were both doing the show-off moves. One was dressed in a white tank top and cutoff baggies, backwards baseball cap, and a nice selection of tattoos visible on his smoothly muscled shoulders. His brown hair was cut fairly short although not buzzed or shaved. Obviously, he was doing his best to fit the image of tough, street-wise punk. But his soft, chocolate eyes and baby face told the true story. This kid was just a cute little puppy trying hard to be a big dog. His pal, trading fancy spins and aerial maneuvers with him, was a blond. He was tricked out in a fancy (and to my eye hot) spandex outfit. His face was just as cute and boyish, his hair a little longer, but still not floppy, his body just as smoking. But if the first young man was a lamb in wolf’s clothing, this one was just the opposite. His eyes, sharp and calculating as professional poker player’s, gave the lie to his innocent young face.

 As soon as they took a little rest break, I walked over. “Hi. I’m Piper. I wonder if I could have a moment of your time. If you’re over eighteen, I have a business proposition.”

 They looked a little wary, since I’m older than their peer group. But I’m not all that old, and I am clean-cut and nice-looking (if I do say so), so after a brief moment to scope me out, the blond kid said, “Shane, and that’s Bobby. We’re both nineteen. What’s on your mind?” Bobby had started to stand and offer his hand, but when Shane remained seated, he aborted the attempt, confirming my initial impression that he was sweeter and more innocent than he wanted to appear, and also identifying Shane as the leader. I addressed the rest of my sales pitch to the blond, knowing that the little puppy-boy would follow wherever his alpha led him.

 “I’m an agent for an on-line photographic service. You’re both very good-looking young men. Have you ever considered nude modeling?”

 “Dude, we’re not fags,” said Shane, a wise-ass smirk on his handsome face.

 “I never meant to imply that you were. Many of our subscribers are, and I won’t pretend otherwise, but you wouldn’t be dealing with them. Your modeling sessions would be totally private, the camera hidden (and operated by a thoroughly heterosexual male to whom it is just a job and nothing more), and you would have access to a wide selection of straight pornography for ‘inspiration’,” I lied pleasantly. “After all, what do you care who’s watching long after the fact? And we do pay very well indeed, because we place such a premium on fresh new faces.” I quoted a rate that had Bobby’s mouth hanging open in amazement, although Shane was still playing it cool.

 “I don’t know, man. What exactly would we have to do?”

 “Basically, you’ll just strip and jack off for a camera. I assume you know how,” I winked. “If the online audience response is good enough, we may want to hire you for another session, with different clothing perhaps, or maybe for some real sex with a chick. And, as I said, we have a great library of pornographic DVDs to keep your mind on the game while you’re doing it. Think you might be up for it?”

 Shane exchanged a pro forma glance with Bobby, although it was obvious he’d already made up his mind for both of them. “Sure. Why the hell not? But it’s gonna cost you.” He suggested a fee that, if I’d had any intention of actually paying it, would have been out of the question, but, since by the time we’d concluded our business they’d be in no mental state to claim a fee, it didn’t matter. I agreed, and we all three shook on it.

 I gave him a business card with the address. “Show up here tomorrow at noon. Wear the same clothes you’re wearing now; the skater look is very popular. And bring the card, so the doorman knows you’re expected.” (Actually they wouldn’t need the card, but I didn’t want to risk their leaving it lying around somewhere to be found later.)


“Welcome, guys. Our first stop will be the video library for each of you to pick out the movie you’ll watch.” Shane and Bobby had shown up right on time, Bobby looking excited and a little nervous, Shane, looking cool and deliberately blasÉ. They followed me to the DVD collection and were soon happily sorting through the stacks of brightly colored professional porn offerings. After a few minutes, Shane had settled on a girl/girl flick that featured two enormously endowed redheads. Bobby dithered a little, but finally chose a suck & fuck with a really pretty Latina and a young guy who looked a lot like Bobby himself. While they had been concentrating on the selection, a gentle subsonic sound pattern broadcast into the room had already been softening them up. It was a simple relaxation trigger, no hypnosis yet, just an automatic neural response. Even though I had trained myself to resist, I could still feel the effect – a sort of general increase in my peacefulness and sense of well-being.


 “Yeah.” They both looked and sounded mildly stoned.

 “Ok, then let’s get started. I’ll ask you a couple of interview questions, and then your movie will start, and you can just undress and do your thing at your own pace. The cameras will already be rolling. Bobby, you go into this room,” I pointed towards the door we were passing, “And Shane, you’re next door.” Without any further ceremony the two boys walked into their respective rooms and closed the doors, while I stepped into the control room.

 I started with Shane, as I knew he’d need the longest indoctrination period. The lights in his room were flickering (much too subtly for him to realize it) in a hypnotic pattern that would blend nicely with the subliminal elements on the DVD once it was running. “Introduce yourself, please.”

 “I’m Shane Hamilton. I’m nineteen and a sophomore at _______ State.” His response still had a lot of cocky attitude, but my experienced ear could detect the beginnings of a subtle shift towards the mechanical. Besides which, if he’d been in full command of himself, he probably wouldn’t have given his last name or his college.

 “Tell me about the first time you had sex.” Shane obligingly described an encounter in his early teens with the girl next door. His pupils weren’t tracking anymore, so I pushed the button to start his video. “Go ahead and undress, Shane. You can watch the DVD and take care of business.” The blond skater’s eyes quickly locked on the TV screen as he absently began to pull off his spandex. By the time he was naked, his cock was already hard. Gazing fixedly at the video, he sank into the large easy chair and began to stroke. I watched for just a moment and then switched over to Bobby’s room. Shane would be fine now. The suggestions bombarding him from the video, other than inducing deeper and deeper hypnosis, mainly just kept him watching and jerking off without coming. He could sit there unattended all day, becoming more and more helpless, until I returned to give him an induction and specific orders.

 Bobby was already seated motionless in his chair, and his big brown eyes were dilated and glazed. Man, I almost don’t think I needed the program, so suggestible did he appear to be! But I developed this routine because it was foolproof, so I wouldn’t abandon it now. I asked him the same interview questions. His last name turned out to be Serrano, he too was a college kid at State (so much for the tough skater-boi image), and his description of his first sexual experience was so unrealistic that I gathered he was most likely still a virgin. I started up his video, and he as well was soon naked and stroking.

In less than five minutes, Bobby’s face was completely blank, his stare fixed on the screen and vacant, and his hand had developed a completely automatic, mechanical rhythm that had little to do with sexual gratification. It was obvious that his mind was at my mercy, so I hit another button, and the porno was replaced by a vivid hypno-spiral. I began the real hypnotic enslavement.

 “Bobby,” I said into the microphone, “Just keep on watching the screen. Don’t let your eyes or your attention leave it even for a moment.” The dazed boy didn’t shift his gaze as much as a millimeter. “That’s right… you want to keep looking… keep looking at the beautiful spiral… the fascinating whirl of colors that draws your eyes into the center… following the lovely patterns into the center… into the center… so relaxing and beautiful… so soothing and peaceful… You want to let yourself flow into that fascinating spiral… to let your mind and will be drawn into the very center… the center that always retreats from you… to let them flow into the peace of the center until they disappear…” Bobby’s mouth had fallen open into a stupefied gape, and if there were any muscular control remaining in his slumped body, it didn’t show. I continued, “That’s right… it’s so-o-o wonderful to let your mind go into that spiral… better than pot… better than beer… better than sex… better than anything you’ve ever felt before… just to let go… to give up thinking…. to give up control… to forget everythingexcept my voice and my words… words you follow… words you accept completely… words you obey… obey…. obey….” A small dribble of saliva trickled from his slack mouth, and the skater-boi’s hand continued to stroke his cock in an utterly unconscious, nonsexual fashion. “You know now that you’re deeply hypnotized, and that you’ll do anything I tell you, don’t you, Bobby? Just nod.” Like a dashboard puppet, his head bobbed helplessly. “Good. Stand up, get dressed, and then become a statue.” (After all, part of the movie is always having the studs strip either themselves or each other). “You’ll do nothing, hear nothing, think nothing until I touch your shoulder. Just concentrate on going deeper and deeper into the spiral… deeper and deeper into the spiral…”

 With Bobby, who was now re-clothed and as rigid as a department store mannequin, safely under complete control, it was time to see how Shane was getting on. When I switched over to the feed from Shane’s room, it was obvious that the video was doing its job. His hand was stroking as though under its own (imperfectly understood) orders, and his expression showed nothing. However, when I activated the spiral on his video screen, a cocky, somewhat knowing smile appeared on his face. Shit! Had I jumped the gun? Was I going to have to resort to some more criminal means to neutralize him? But Shane didn’t look away from the spiral, and his hand never missed a beat as it fondled his erection, so, gathering my nerves back together, I began his induction spiel. I used one very similar to the one I’d used for Bobby, although it went on a lot longer (as I’d expected, Shane was much more resistant to giving up all conscious control). Finally, however, the calculating blond piranha was as blank-faced, mindless, will-less, and helpless as his much more easily influenced buddy.

It was time to start the real filming. First, I ordered Shane to get back into his spandex. Then I commanded him, “Shane, as soon as you see Bobby, you will know that he’s helplessly hypnotized and enslaved, and that’s going to be the sexiest thing you’ve ever imagined. You’ll have complete control over him, and you are going to want to use that control to have the hottest sex you’ve ever dreamed of. Whatever you tell him, he’ll have to obey without thinking, so you’ll make him do all the dirty things you’ve always wanted to make him do. You’re thinking of those things now; you can’t help it… and you are more turned on than you’ve ever been in your life.” The blond boy’s erection was enormous in his tight spandex, and a shadow of the cocky smirk had returned to his previously expressionless face. God, but he looked hot!

 I went to fetch Bobby. One touch on his shoulder and he was at my service. “Bobby, you remember now that you came here to film a porno scene with your buddy Shane. You have really been looking forward to it, because Shane is the sexiest guy on the planet. You can’t think ofanyone who turns you on more, can you?” Bobby was staring at me in wide-eyed fascination as, beyond his control, his sexuality was wrenched in a one-eighty. He shook his head in agreement with my prompt, and I continued. “The greatest dream and desire of your young life has been to suck his dick and have him fuck you, and now at last it’s going to happen! I’m giving Shane mastery over you… whatever he says, youmust do. Understand?” Again I received a helpless, fascinated nod. “As soon as you see him, you’ll be all over him like the hypnotized little sex-toy you are. Now come with me,” and Bobby obediently shuffled zombie-like after me out the door and on to the room where his new master awaited him.


Needless to say, the resulting video was a big hit on my site. Bobby was so sweetly subservient, and Shane so subtly cruel and kinky. I already got them to agree to do a follow-up (not that they had any choice in the matter), and I’ve begun to train Shane in neuro-linguistic technique and programming. Once he knows the ropes, some of the other skater bois may find themselves quite unexpectedly becoming more interested than they would have thought in strutting their stuff for a camera.