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Making the Team

(a Jason Dee/Curt Jenner story)



   Jason Dee had made himself invisible. He was in the men’s locker room at the university, watching while his favorite little pet hypnotist, Curt Jenner, was once again engaged in procuring the cooperation of a new playmate for them. This time it was David Brewster, the shortstop on the college baseball team, waylaid when he dawdled changing out of his uniform after practice. Jason was finding himself more than a little curious at his own new-found delight in hypno-sex. Until he’d turned Curt into a gay hypno-fetishist, at that time only to protect his kid sister’s somewhat loosely guarded virtue, the possibilities had never particularly occurred to him. Now, the handsome young warlock-about-town looked forward to their encounters eagerly, anticipating each one with relish. And, he’d begun to suspect, it might not be the hypnotism after all, but rather Curt that was the real attraction. Not that the young studs they hypnotically “borrowed” for three-ways weren’t plenty stimulating; David Brewster, as an example, was a beautiful, innocent-faced, honey-haired hottie – only 5’9’’, but with a body of flawless proportions, and a basket that promised to be loaded with goodies. But more and more, Jason was enjoying Curt’s company for its own sake. The handsome army brat/college boy was sexy as hell, of course, but also, when he wasn’t in his own trance, smart, funny, and classy. Could he be falling in love, Jason wondered? With a mortal??? And if he were, would there be any chance that just-another-notch-on-the-bedpost Curt might someday feel the same? After all, magic could compel lust, sex, and enslaved obedience, but love was completely beyond the scope of its powers.

   “Have you ever seen one of these, Dave?” Curt was saying, as he pulled the hypnotist’s bauble that Jason had enchanted for him out of his shirt and dangled it in front of the surprised shortstop’s eyes. He’d been pretending to be about to change into his own workout clothes.

   Dave was only halfway through buttoning up his own shirt, but he stopped and looked. “No,” he answered, “Why? What is it?”

   “It’s a hypnotic pendulum, Dave. See how it glitters as it swings back and forth… back and forth… how it draws your eyes to it until they follow it helplessly? It’s making you sleepy, Dave… very sleepy.”

   “What the fuck?!” David Brewster tried to turn away, but the magic spell on the crystal making it irresistible (for mortals, at least), had already caught him. In spite of himself, his feet remained planted where they were, and his eyes continued compulsively to follow the motion of the pendulum as it swayed before him.

   “Don’t bother trying to fight it, Dave. It’s useless. You can’t look away from the crystal… can’t resist listening to my voice… can’t stop yourself from falling under my spell. Feel how relaxed your body is becoming… your muscles so loose and comfortable… no tension anywhere, as you just watch the crystal. Why don’t you go ahead and sit down?” The shortstop obediently plumped down onto the dressing bench, his eyes still locked on the crystal, his gaze now blank and rapt. “There, that’s better. Now you can really relax… loose, limp, heavy… losing all control over your own body… giving it up to me… feeling your mind relax… your thoughts vanish… you can no longer form a single thought of your own, Dave… you can only obey my voice… my words become your thoughts… And you’re so sleepy now that you can’t hold your tired eyes open any longer… Going deep, deep into trance… deeper and deeper… deeper and deeper… nothing can awaken you, Dave, until I awaken you… you won’t pay attention to any sound except my voice. Nod your head to show that you understand.”

   The spellbound ballplayer’s head waggled like a dashboard doll’s.

   “Very good,” Curt continued smoothly. “You’re beginning to feel very horny… very sexy, Dave. You want to…”

   “Yo, Dave, you slug, get your ass in gear! We’ve been waitin’ twenty minutes. What’s the freakin’ hold-up?” Suddenly, to Jason’s annoyance, the locker room door had burst open and a half dozen or so of Dave’s teammates noisily spilled in. The warlock had been so sure that they had all left for the day that he hadn’t bothered to set any wards around the place. Shit! This was going to take some major power expenditure for damage control! And he’d better think of something quickly, before they realized what was going on and took Curt apart. Yet even as the warlock began to mutter the first syllables of his incantation, he realized that the hypnotist seemed totally unflapped; he’d merely lifted the pendulum up higher so that it would be in clear view of anyone who might come near. Jason paused in his spell to see what would happen next.

   The other boys had reached a point where they could see their friend and, more importantly, notice that he was sitting unnaturally still, his shirt half-unbuttoned, his eyes closed, and all traces of animation gone from his face (not to mention that, clearly visible in his light summer slacks, he seemed to be sporting an erection!). It was impossible to miss, and their bustling hilarity quickly died out in confusion.

    “Dude, what’s going on?” one of them asked cautiously. The speaker was a wiry, good-looking young man with neat dark hair and sexy five-o’clock shadow.

   It wasn’t entirely clear whether the question was addressed towards Dave or Curt, but the shortstop was, of course, unable to respond. “Your buddy’s in a deep trance,” Curt said casually. “I hypnotized him with this hypnotic crystal and now he’ll only listen to and obey me.” When he’d called their attention to the magic pendulum that was now dangling in prominent view, every one of the boys had been suckered into looking at it. They didn’t realize it, but their fates were already sealed, and Jason relaxed, at the same time experiencing a rush of admiration for Curt’s bravery and quick thinking.

   “You hypnotized him! Why the heck would he let you do that?” The team’s self-elected spokesperson’s voice was scornful. And yet his eyes, like those of each of the other ballplayers, remained focused on the crystal.

   “He didn’t ‘let’ me,” Curt replied smugly, “He had no choice in the matter. It’s completely impossible to resist… as all of you are discovering. You’re caught by the crystal just as Dave was… just as unable to look away… just as unable to keep from relaxing and falling into trance. By the time I count to five, you’ll all be just as fast asleep as he is… just as completely in my power…”

   “That’s bullshit!” The dark-haired boy sounded angry, and there were some rumbles of agreement from his teammates. However neither he nor any of the others were stirring from their current positions, nor had any of them managed to withdraw their gazes from the pendulum. And none of them seemed to have registered that fact or its implications.


   “You can’t hypnotize somebody against their…”


   “Against their… their….” The protest trailed off weakly, and the speaker’s eyes began to glaze.

   “Three… Four….. Five.” And Curt was surrounded by a virtual sculpture garden of motionless, helplessly enchanted college baseball-players. The young hypnotist calmly began to take them all through deepening exercises and soon every last boy was his mindlessly obedient slave. Jason, breathing a deep sigh of relief, allowed himself to become visible.

   By this time Curt was so accustomed to the warlock’s appearances and disappearances that he didn’t even twitch. “It’s about time you dropped in,” he said with some asperity. “I could have been beaten to death with a baseball bat by now if I’d been trying to use real hypnosis instead of your magic jewelry! Why didn’t you lock the doors?”

    Jason laughed and began to applaud. “Bravo to you, sir, for keeping your wits about you! I didn’t lock up because I assumed, just as you did, that Brewster was the last one here. Who knew they all had plans for later? But you were never in any danger, since you were using the crystal, and I was here all the time, ready to bail you out if you needed it. However, I am grateful that your quick thinking spared me the necessity - blasting out that much power all at one time would have been really tiring. Heck, I might even have had to do something drastic, like promising the Goddess to abstain from sex for a month! And you wouldn’t want me to do that!”

    Now Curt was laughing too. “No way! I like you just as you are: tricky, manipulative… and horny as a three-balled tomcat! But what shall we do now? We seem to have rather a surplus to our needs.”

   “Oh, I don’t know about that. These new guys are mostly pretty hot, and I’ll bet if we put our minds to it we can think of things for all of them to do,” Jason grinned wickedly. “For now though, let’s get out of here to some place more private and find out exactly who we have here.” He quickly performed the transportation spell and they were all instantly in his living room, the hypnotized baseball players in the same frozen positions and postures they had previously held, Dave Brewster now seated on the sofa instead of a locker room bench. “Okay Curt, introduce me to our new friends.”

    The young hypnotist said, “Guys, listen up. You’re all completely hypnotized and ready to do whatever I tell you, right?”

    “Yes…” It was like the ritual response from a Greek chorus.

    “Open your eyes, but stay deep in trance.” He waited a moment until all of them had complied and were staring vaguely at nothing in particular. Then he continued, “This is my friend Jason. You must obey him just as you obey me.” All of the boys turned as one to look at Jason and then, having registered his existence, resumed their blank stares.

    “Good boys,” Jason took over the proceedings. “Now I’m going to touch each of you, one at a time. When you feel my hand on you, you’ll tell me your name, your sexual orientation, and your age.” (This last item wasn’t as critical to a warlock as it would have been to a mortal, since he didn’t have to worry about human law enforcement, but Jason was, in his own way, not without the same moral compunctions, and he didn’t mess with underage guys.) He walked over to the nearest ballplayer, that one, as it happened, being the thin-dark haired young man who’d taken such vocal exception to the hypnotizing of his buddy Dave, and gently began to stroke the back of his neck – pure tactile bliss!

    “Dan Lanier, straight, twenty.” The information was delivered so tersely that the boy sounded almost like a military cadet. Jason halfway expected him to conclude with a “Sir. Yes Sir!”

    The warlock moved on to the next young man, an exotically handsome Asian-American lad graced with the sleek, silky black hair and beautifully proportioned body so often found in that genetic pool. “Mark Chen. I like girls and I’m nineteen.”

    Jason continued through the remaining five guys, fondling each one as they sounded off in turn.

    “Chris Ortega, ladies only. Twenty.” As his name indicated, Chris was Latino. To the warlock’s eye, he was probably the least attractive of the group, his Indio blood giving him a facial cast that was perhaps a little flattened. But his athlete’s body was excellent, and among that good-looking company, even second string wasn’t half bad. Jason could see that Curt, at least, was eyeing him with distinct interest.

     The next two were obviously related to each other. Their blond hair, blue-green eyes, hard-muscled bodies, and dimpled Huck-Finn faces were so similar that Jason assumed they were probably twins, a fact quickly borne out by their responses. “I’m Nick Templeton. I’m bi – I fool around with girls, but I fool around with my brother, too. I’m nineteen.”

    “Ethan Templeton. I tell my brother I’m bi, but really I’m gay. I’m nineteen.”

    The last dark-haired boy’s pretty face was so innocent and boyish that the warlock feared he would have to “throw him back” as much too young to keep. A pity, he thought, since the deliciously sensuous mouth (that Jason was dying to see wrapped around a cock – his, Curt’s, anybody’s!) was enough to make him weak in the knees. He took this young man by the hand (just in case that was as intimate as he was going to allow himself to be), but the kid’s information turned out to be a pleasant surprise. “My name is Johnny Calabrese. I think maybe I’m gay, but I’ve never done anything with anybody. I’m eighteen.” The warlock’s fist shot into the air in a gesture of delighted triumph and he leered comically at Curt.

    The hypnotized ballplayers, having done as they were told, had now reverted to their motionless state. Jason backed off a little survey them as a group. No doubt about it, they were mega-hot. This was going to be a blast. As if reading his mind, Curt said, “They’re something else, aren’t they?” The he added, “Too bad we only got to them after practice. The team outfits are really sexy.”

   “That’s a good thought.” The warlock uttered a string of arcane syllables by now familiar enough to Curt that he knew a costume change was in the offing. Instantly each rigidly entranced boy was dressed in his university baseball uniform: gold and white jersey, form-fitting pin-striped white pants. Several also had bats or gloves. However, the tightness of the trousers made it clear that Jason hadn’t bothered with padding, cups, or jockstraps. Nor, for that matter, had he included any other form of underwear. Underneath the clinging fabric there was nothing but boy. Jason had also dispensed with the cleats (to protect his expensive carpeting), so the young men were all barefoot. They looked awesome! “Oh yeah,” Jason grinned with satisfaction, “Much better! So, Curt Buddy, let’s get this show on the road. Who shall we do first?”

    Curt looked them over. “Better stick to our original plan and deal with Dave. He’s been under instructions to feel very horny for more than a half hour. Much longer, and he’ll self-destruct.” And indeed, even though the shortstop’s expression was serenely blank, the extreme bulge of his erection, and the corresponding wet spot at his crotch were clear evidence of his rather desperate state.

   Jason nodded his agreement, and Curt said, “David, you are perfectly agreeable to doing anything I ask. Even though you’re a straight boy, you’ll allow us to use your body for gay sex, just because you want to agree. Isn’t that right?” It wasn’t really a question.

   David Brewster’s slack face took on some semblance of animation, and he quickly answered, “Sure,” in a polite, almost eager voice.

   “Excellent,” the hypnotist continued suavely, “I knew you’d feel that way. I’d like it if you’d take off your jersey, and then reach into your pants and play with yourself. It will be perfectly safe, since you won’t be able to cum until you’re told to.”

   The shortstop again hastened to agree, “Okay, Curt.” He put aside the baseball bat he’d been absently cradling ever since Jason had magically suited him up, pulled off his top to reveal a lightly hairy, exceptionally well-formed chest with large, deep pink nipples, and a fairly elaborate tattoo on one shoulder. Dave then unbuttoned the top button of the uniform pants, plunged his hands under the waistband and began to massage his crotch, his eyes sliding shut with pleasure. He looked adorably sexy and helpless. Both Jason and Curt took the opportunity to undress as well, since by now they had both thrown boners too large to remain comfortable in their clothes. The rest of the hypnotized team took no notice of any of the proceedings.

   “That’s very good, Dave,” Curt said somewhat breathlessly as he worked his own erection. “You see how good it feels to agree.”

   “Oh, yeah!” moaned the hypnotized boy.

   “Very well then, I want you to take off your pants, and position yourself so that anyone who wants to can use your ass. You’ll find it very easy and comfortable to maintain that position, and you’ll really enjoy being so accommodating, not to mention that you’ll also find even a straight boy loves to have something up his ass while he jerks-off.”

    Dave’s eyes flew open again. He stood up and, as rapidly as was possible with the soft, clingy flannel, pulled his pants off and kicked them aside. Then he bent over the side of the couch. Looking up at the young hypnotist, with a charmingly deferential expression, he asked, “Is this okay?”

   “Oh yes indeed,” Jason grinned. The warlock reached out to caress Dave’s muscular, out-thrust butt, allowing one finger to tease along the crack. The boy shivered from the sensation. “Dave, go ahead and start playing with yourself again. I want you to stop thinking and I want you not to hear or notice anything that goes on until we talk to you again. You’ll do that for us, won’t you?”

   “Yes, sir.” The handsome face immediately went blank again, and the hypnotized shortstop resumed fondling his cock.

   “Goddess but he’s cute!” the Jason crowed. “Curt, I’m in the mood to watch for awhile. Do you want to go first, or shall we have one of the others loosen him up a little?”

   Curt considered for a moment. “I think I’d like to see what our young Mr. Chen can do with that white boy ass.” Then raising his voice ever so slightly, “Mark, take off all your clothes, get your cock hard, and come over here.” The young Asian ballplayer, to no one’s surprise, obeyed instantly, and was soon standing before Curt and Jason, slowly masturbating, his honey-colored, honey-smooth body and beautiful, blankly entranced face theirs to command.

   Jason smoothly took the reins. “Mark, when Curt counts to three, you’re going to realize that Dave’s asshole is, in actuality, the sweetest, tightest pussy, of the hottest woman on the planet. She’s ready and waiting for you to take her doggy-style, and the idea will be so irresistibly hot to you, that you won’t be able to restrain yourself. Neither the presence of your pals, nor anything else you may see or hear, will have any effect on your determination to have her. So, count of three, you’ll eat her pussy until she’s all sloppy and moist for you, and then you’ll fuck her brains out. You don’t need to worry about contraception; I’ve taken care of it.” (This last was quite true. The warlock never failed to invoke protection against disease, so all the young men were as safe as virgins from a monastery.)

    “One, two, three,” Curt chimed in merrily. Mark’s nostrils flared like a stallion scenting a mare, and then he quickly buried his face in Dave’s butt-crack and began to tongue for all he was worth, his hard-on pulsing with renewed excitement. Dave, as per his most recent instructions, took no apparent notice, his expression blank and far away. But in accordance of the other set of instructions he’d received, both the hardness of his cock and the intensity of his stroking had increased as soon as the ass action began.

   It wasn’t long before the young Asian was pounding away in his teammate’s ass. Mark, as it turned out, seemed to be a very vocal lover. He was moaning and panting out obscenities and endearments with complete impartiality. “Oh, baby, you’re so hot and tight! Gonna fuck you til you can’t move! Oh God, you’re so beautiful!”

   Manfully trying to stifle his incipient case of the giggles, Jason turned to Curt. “They’ll be busy for a bit. Who else shall we get going? Maybe the twins? They ought to put on a good show, having already had all that experience.”

   “Good idea,” the hypnotist agreed. “You want to do the honors?”

   The warlock nodded and said, “Ethan, Nick, stand and remove your clothes.” Like robots the brothers obeyed, their motions curiously coordinated as though, even deep in trance, there were some sort of twin “psychic” bond at work. Without garments, their smoothly muscled, nearly hairless bodies were even more erotic, and they looked, somehow younger in their nakedness. Jason continued, “You boys have fooled around together before this, by your own admission. At my count of three, you’re both going to be hornier than if you hadn’t had any in weeks, but in addition, you’re going to feel more in love with your brother than you ever dreamed was possible. You’ll be filled with tenderness as well as desire, and you’ll truly make love to each other and not just have sex. You won’t be disturbed by anything else going on. As far as you’re concerned, you’re alone together in your own room, although you’ll always hear and obey our orders. One, two, three! Make love to your brother.”

     Both twins immediately sprung into erectness. They stared spellbound into each other’s eyes for a long moment. Then Nick reached out and gently stroked his brother’s cheek, gradually coaxing his face closer. In the next moment they were kissing each passionately, their bodies locked together for their full lengths. The duel of lips and tongues continued with increasing fervor, and their rock-hard cocks, trapped between their clinched abs began to leak pre-cum lubrication. The suddenly, with one quick motion, Ethan broke free of the lip-lock and pulled his brother down onto a nearby day bed, where they began to thrash about like eels in heat.

   Jason walked over to them. Closer up, they were even cuter, and it was obvious from the way they continued to kiss and caress each other even as their sex grew more and more athletic, that they really were engaged in an act of love. The warlock reached out to stroke the smooth, writhing flesh, reveling in the lushness of the tactile sensation, but found himself seized by an unfamiliar, and not at all pleasant, emotion. It took him a moment even to identify it. He was jealous! Not of the brothers themselves, since he could have either or both of them at a simple command, but rather of what they were experiencing, even if only as a hypnotic delusion. He wanted someone to adore and to adore him, the way Nick and Ethan were worshipping each other. He wanted not just sex, but a lover! Suddenly the beauty of the two blond young men and their passionate bliss was as dust and ashes to him. Jason turned away, his hard-on beginning to wilt, only to be brought up short by the sight of Curt’s perfectly formed butt and straight, strong back, as the young man was began to work on another mesmerized ballplayer. The warlock’s erection surged back to full with a vengeance. That was what he wanted, damn it! He was in love with his little pet hypnotist! Goddess, what a predicament!! Helplessly, Jason looked on as Curt gave the next young man his orders.

    “Dan Lanier, front and center,” the hypnotist commanded, and the formerly argumentative, wiry, dark-haired boy shuffled obediently over to stand before him blinking stupidly. “You believe in hypnosis now, don’t you, boy?” Curt was obviously enjoying himself hugely.

    “Yes, sir,” Dan answered meekly.

    “Take off your shirt.” The boy obeyed. “Very nice,” Curt purred. The hypnotist began to stroke Dan’s chest and shoulders. “Tell me again about your sexual preference…”

    “I’m straight. I hate fags.” This ugly little sentiment was delivered without any heat whatsoever as the young man’s mind was far too thoroughly controlled to allow him access to his own emotions.

     “Ah! So you hate fags… and hypnosis against your will is… uh… bullshit, wasn’t it… yes, that’s the word you used: bullshit. I think you need a little lesson in your proper place, slave boy. I’m going to turn you into a cock-loving faggot, just like me. Won’t that be fun?”

    “No.” Ah, the literal-mindedness of the deeply hypnotized!

    “Sure it will! Close your eyes and sleep, Danny.” The handsome young man was instantly dead to the world, fast asleep on his feet, his head hanging limply. The hypnotist pressed one of the baseball bats into his unresisting hand. “By the time I let you open your eyes again, you’ll be the biggest cock-hound in the place. You can already feel it happening, Danny… feeling your memory of ever having wanted girls or pussy fading away… feeling your lust, your desire, your obsession with cock growing stronger and stronger until you can’t deny it… can’t resist it… can’t think of anything else but your need to suck and be fucked… need to suck and be fucked… say it!”

   “…need to suck and be fucked… need to suck and be fucked…” Dan’s mesmerized voice droned his new mantra, sounding more and more in tune with the idea.

   “But, my hypnotized little bottom boy, you’ll need some practice before you’re ready for the big leagues,” Curt continued relentlessly, with a smile that was more than a little angry. “When I touch your forehead, you’ll open your eyes onto your new sexual life, but for the time being, I want you to fall in love with your baseball bat! Lick and suck it until your ready, and then use it for a dildo. I want you able to handle real men!” The hypnotist brusquely tapped Dan’s forehead.

   The dark-haired boy slowly opened his eyes, looking about in hypnotized confusion, then, as his hands began to fondle and finger the bat he was holding, his expression grew openly lustful. In another moment he was licking the head of the bat (which, fortunately, was aluminum and splinter-free) and grunting with satisfaction.

   “Curt!” Jason cried with alarm, “He’ll tear himself apart!” The warlock couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.

   Curt laughed, and suddenly all the scariness he’d been projecting was gone like a shadow in direct sunlight. “Relax, Jase! I’m not gonna let him fuck himself with that monster! I’ll find him another cock long before he gets that far. I just want him to think he’s gonna have to rape himself! Deep inside, that homophobic prick knows exactly what’s happening to him, and he’s scared shitless… which he deserves! Now, let’s get Ortega out of the bull pen. I know you want to save pretty little Johnny for last!” and he winked. “Chris, stand up.” The Latino sleepily rose to his feet.

    “Hang on a minute,” Jason interrupted.

    “Chris, relax where you are and wait for further orders. Okay, Jason, what’s up?”

    Because the warlock was no longer really interested in having anyone there except for Curt, it leant him a certain perspective where the hypnotized ballplayers were concerned. “I was just thinking that, since Johnny’s a virgin, maybe we should see who he wants to be his first. It would be the nice thing to do.”

    Curt shot him a look as if to say, “Where did that come from?” but he nodded and went over to where Johnny was standing. “Johnny, listen to my voice and go even deeper… deeper… deeper…. twice as deep now… ten times as deep… one hundred times as deep… so deeply hypnotized that you are beyond any ability to lie… not to me…. not to yourself… you can’t hide… you can’t hold back… you are in the realm of absolute truth. Do you understand?”

    The beautiful boy nodded mechanically and murmured, “Yes, I understand.”

    “Now tell me, are you gay?”

    This time there was no hedging. “Yes.”

    “Open your eyes and look at all the men in this room. You can walk around and examine them as closely as you like… touch them… even kiss them. I want you to decide which of them you find the sexiest and most desirable. When you’ve made your choice, you’ll tell me who it is.” Curt raised his voice slightly. “The rest of you will all accept whatever Johnny wants to do with you. You can’t refuse him anything.”

    Johnny slowly opened his eyes. He was so deeply under that every movement was executed as though he were swimming through some thick, gluey liquid. Chris, standing blankly immobile, was the closest to him, so he stopped there first. He looked raptly into the dull, expressionless face of his teammate, and then he pulled the unresisting boy into his arms and began to kiss him. At first Chris didn’t react, but then his lips parted and he joined in.

   For a short while, Johnny seemed content just to kiss, but then he tugged at Chris’ jersey trying to pull it up. Since Chris was embracing him, this didn’t work very well, and he began to look vaguely frustrated. Jason, seeing the problem, said, “Sleep now, Johnny…. sleep, Chris.” Instantly the boys’ hands fell helpless to their sides (although their mouths remained close together). The warlock pulled the Latino’s shirt up and over his head, although he didn’t bother to free the arms, and so Chris, his arms in the air, was more or less trapped by his own uniform.

   “Okay Johnny, Chris, you can start up again.”

   Animation returned to the two young ballplayers and they resumed their foreplay, this time with Johnny exploring Chris newly exposed flesh with hands and mouth. Fairly soon though, Johnny appeared to have satisfied his curiosity and moved on to the day bed where Nick and Ethan were engaged in mutual sucking. He looked at them for a long time, so tangled up together, and appeared, at first, a little confused at how to approach them. Then, it seemed, he made up his mind that they might just as well be left to themselves.

   He walked up to Dan, still feverishly licking his bat. Johnny gently took the bat away and began to kiss Dan’s open and sloppy mouth. The erstwhile homophobe looked (in a sleepy, hypnotized way) as though he’d just won the lottery, and, closing his eyes in bliss, began to kiss back as passionately as a new groom on his honeymoon.

This time, the younger boy didn’t grow bored. As the kissing went on and on, both young men grew more and more frenzied, and Johnny’s explorations grew bolder. He slithered down Dan’s chest with hands and tongue until he was licking his navel, then, with one swift tug, pulled his teammate’s pant down and fastened his lips around the steel-hard erection that had been set free. Both boys were moaning like whores in a skin flick. Having made his choice, Johnny took his mouth off Dan’s cock just long enough to gasp, “I choose Dan!” and then went back to sucking.

   “Well, that takes care of that,” Curt chuckled. “Johnny and Dan, finish undressing and then have all the sex Johnny’s been dreaming about.” There was no demurral from the two hypnotized boys. They were already tearing off their clothes like mad things, and in seconds, both were completely naked and again hard at it.

   Curt was especially turned on by watching them, since, thanks to his magically engineered hypno-fetish, the degree to which Johnny, in particular, was managing his extremely intense sexual activity while still looking like the totally mind-controlled zombie he was, thrilled the hypnotist utterly. Curt had begun to play with himself himself, almost without realizing it.

   Jason walked over to Curt and put his arms around him. “There now, don’t you feel good about that? Johnny gets an initiation into sex to match his widest fantasies, and Dan doesn’t have to fuck himself with a freakin’ Louisville Slugger!” he hugged the hypnotist more tightly.

   Curt snuggled in his arms. “It is kinda sweet, isn’t it? Now we have Johnny and Dan, and the Templeton boys taken care of, and, unless I’m completely misreading the signs, Mark Chen is about to pop his nut, so that’s five down. What shall we do with the other two, and more importantly, which of them all do you want to play with? Dave? Johnny?”

    Avoiding that last loaded question, Jason said, “Let’s tell Mark to cum now. When he’s finished, he can pay Dave back what he owes him. As for Chris Ortega, why don’t you decide who to let loose on him?” The warlock’s fingers were silently crossed in hopes that Curt wouldn’t elect himself as Chris’ bedmate.

    “Sounds like a plan. Mark, orgasm now!” The sweating, straining boy pumped twice more in Dave’s ass, and then, every vein standing out on his neck, he came, snorting like a stallion. It was obvious that his climax had been just about as strong as his body was capable of enduring. Afterwards the young Asian slumped panting and exhausted across the oblivious shortstop’s back. “Jason,” Curt asked, “I don’t suppose there’s some way you could… you know… zap Mark to get him in the mood to suck off Dave? I mean… I know I can do it with hypnotism if I work at it, but I’m getting tired of talking. I want to get to the part where I get some action.”

   Jason smiled. “No problem.” (And, of course, it wasn’t, since that was the same spell he’d used on Curt the first time they met!) The warlock pronounced the necessary incantation, and as if he were a puppet jerked up on strings, Mark straightened up from Dave’s back, robot-marched around to stand in front of the shortstop, knelt, and slurped up his cock as though he’d been doing it for years.

   “Thanks. Now that’s taken care of,” Curt said. As an afterthought, he added, “Dave, you can cum whenever Mark gets you off. Okay, now, which of them do you want, Jase? I figure I’ll plug Chris into whatever set you break up.” He grinned at the unintentional wordplay.

   Jason started to give him an answer, but then stopped, heaving a deep sigh. It was just too damned hard to keep up the pretense. Bracing himself, the warlock blurted, “Damn it, Curt! You’re the one I want! I think I’m in love with you!” His handsome face had a hopelessly vulnerable expression, the likes of which it hadn’t worn since he was a powerless teen before coming of age. “Do you… could you… uh… could you ever… maybe… have any… any feelings… for me?” Jason felt as dizzy as if he were swinging over an infinitely deep precipice. His heart almost seemed to stop beating while he waited for a response.

   Curt stared at him, stunned, his mouth half open. Then he pulled himself together and said, angrily, “Idiot!!” Jason flinched as though he’d just received a hard slap. “The only reason I’ve been hypnotizing all these guys for sex since you and I have known each other, is because you’re a freakin’ warlock! YOU can’t be hypnotized!!! As soon as I met you, I wanted you so much I could hardly think straight! You’re in love with me?! I’ve been in love with you from the first time I saw you!!!! Why, in the name of God, or your Goddess, didn’t you say something sooner???”

   Curt would have continued in this vein, but Jason’s tongue was suddenly in his mouth…