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Photo Shoot



   When Brent Stamford first approached me, I’d felt as though I’d just won the lottery. First of all, when you’re still only in your twenties and trying to build up a stable of faces and bodies for a male adult modeling/film business, you are normally the one doing all the approaching and persuading, and even then, the good ones usually end up at the big studios with well-known names. A fresh talent just dropping himself into your lap (so to speak) is practically unheard of. Secondly, Brent isn’t just acceptably good-looking. He’s mega-hot, superstar handsome. His face is the face of an angel (or maybe a particularly seductive devil, since there’s a mischievous, boyish quality to it): grey-green eyes with incredible long dark lashes, red, red lips with just enough (but not too much) pout, bone structure to die for, and a perfect, perfectly cute nose. His thick, dark-brown hair is neither too long nor too short, and expertly cut. Brent’s body (although at only 5’ 10” and slim, he isn’t about to win any Mr. Universe titles) is smokin’ hot in an unexaggerated twink/skaterboi kind of way, and he has the proverbial dick of death. And even though the kid’s notarized birth certificate guarantees him to be 20, he looks just barely 18. In all, he’s the kind of talent that could make a studio’s reputation all by himself – the next Lucas Ridgeston or Brett Winters.

   But now, at our first attempt at a shoot (and this, not even a film, but only a simple solo photo set), things weren’t going at all well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone seem more uncomfortably self-conscious. Instead of projecting smoldering sensuality, the poor kid looked as though he were waiting for the dentist’s drill, and he was as physically awkward and stiff (in every way except the useful one!) as it’s possible for a guy to be. My hot blond lover, cameraman, and business partner Scott, himself as much at home in front of the camera as behind it, was doing his best with jokes and seductive banter, as well as lens and angle manipulation, to try to salvage some kind of usable, marketable product, but we could all see that we were getting nowhere.

   “This just isn’t working, is it, Matt?” Brent asked, looking over at me apologetically.

   “No,” I sighed, “I’m afraid it isn’t. Yours is exactly the kind of face and body that could make DVDs and photo sets practically jump off the shelves, but right now, you look so uptight that you wouldn’t turn anybody on! I thought this was something you wanted to do. You signed a contract. Are you having second thoughts?”

   “No!” His eyes pleaded. “And I really need the money.”

   I sighed again. “Scotty, take five. Brent, why don’t you put your clothes back on? Let’s talk about this some more, and see if we can’t figure out how to make you more comfortable with the whole thing.”



   Back in his clothes, Brent was distinctly more at ease. We had left the bedroom area of the hotel room we were using for filming, and were now all sitting in the living room, Brent and Scott on the sofa, me in an armchair facing them. “Okay,” I said, “It’s obvious how uncomfortable you were in there. What I’d like you to do is try to explain to me exactly why… and I do want you to be as specific as you can.”

   Brent looked like he was thinking hard, but then he just mumbled, “I don’t know… It just felt really awkward.”

    Man, this was going to be like pulling teeth! “Was it me? Or Scotty? I mean, are you that uncomfortable about being watched?” I surely hoped not, because that would be insurmountable. “Or maybe was it that you’ve never just masturbated with anyone else around, and you have trouble thinking of it as a spectator sport?”

   “No…” Brent was considering again. “I don’t think you guys were bothering me. I know you both now, and I think I’m used to you. And I’ve been in circle jerks before this and didn’t have any trouble getting off. Besides, I came here expecting to perform for you…” He thought some more and then said slowly, “I think it was the camera. I hadn’t really thought about what that was going to be like. I mean… well… it’s like it was all the other people, the ones I don’t know, who will be looking at this stuff later on. I started thinking about them… wondering whether they’d like what they saw, and if I was doing it well enough… or what if somebody really creepy would maybe be looking and thinking about getting at me somehow. I just couldn’t get myself out of my head and into sex.”

   This was not good! For a career in porn (or, for that matter, any kind of acting or modeling), you need to be able to relate to the camera practically like it’s your lover. (It’s one of the reasons, besides that he’s very good at it, that I’m so happy to have Scotty as my photographer. I’m not the only guy who melts for him.) And now that Brent had discovered this sensitivity to the camera, it wasn’t just going to go away. It’s like that old psychology wheeze: ‘whatever you do, don’t think about a blue elephant’. Once the idea has been planted, you can think of practically nothing else. Hmmm…

   Then I had a brainstorm. Why hadn’t it occurred to me sooner? Scott and I both love role-play. It’s probably why we decided to try porn production as a career in the first place. (I mean, what could be more fun than watching handsome studs pretending to be construction workers or cops or frat brothers or cowboys while they have hot, sweaty sex?) And in our own sex-life, we’ve fooled around with erotic hypnotism to make the role-playing more vivid. My Scotty’s a great little subject, and I’ve developed into a pretty fair hypnotist. Maybe I could use that to de-sensitize Brent. It was worth a shot.

   “Brent, have you ever been hypnotized?”

   Whatever he’d thought I was going to say, it wasn’t that! He burst into startled laughter. “Hypnotized!? You’ve got to be kidding!! You mean like ‘look into my eyes; you’re in my power’? Woo-o-o….” Brent wiggled his finders in a classic mock-mesmerist pass. “That stuff is total bullsh…” His comment died away as he realized that I wasn’t laughing, nor did I look amused. “You’re serious,” he said in a stunned voice.

   “Yes, I’m serious. And so is hypnosis. It’s a powerful psychological tool, and if you cooperate, and you’re at all trance-susceptible, it just might be the answer to getting rid of this camera phobia of yours. And trust me, if you ever expect to make any money in this business, that phobia has got to go.”

   Scotty chimed in enthusiastically, “You’d love it! Matt’s had me under dozens of times. You won’t believe how great your body feels when you’re that relaxed. And for your fantasy life, there’s nothing else like it! He’s made me believe I was his virgin younger brother while he ‘taught’ me how to jerk off; that I was a college TA and he was a student trying to seduce me for a good grade; that I was a cop and he was a speeder I was willing to let off in exchange for a blow-job. Once he was even an evil hypnotist and I was the helpless straight jock who fell under his ‘spell’! I could go on and on. And the sex is always awesome!” He winked at me.

   I was blushing fire-engine red. I certainly hadn’t expected to have my own sex-life thrown that wide open, but Scott’s instincts appeared to be right on the money. Brent was now looking genuinely interested, instead of scornfully skeptical.

   “How would it work?” he asked cautiously. “You wouldn’t really be staring me down and waving your fingers, would you?”

   “Of course not! I think that’s every bit as silly as you do. If you like, we could give you a demonstration of the real deal.” I turned to Scotty and asked, “How about it, lover? Up for a little show?”

   “Sure.” Scott grinned, “I could use a nap.” He quickly assumed trance-induction pose: feet flat on the floor and hands palms up in his lap. “Now watch closely,” he said to Brent with a wink. “That expression you’re gonna see on my face is pure pleasure!”

   I could have put Scotty under with just a word or two, since he’d already let me implant a couple of instant-trance trigger phrases in his subconscious, but I wanted Brent to see the whole process, both so that he wouldn’t be nervous about it, and because, if he paid attention as I went along, he’d already be partway into the mood even before I started his induction, so I began a standard progressive relaxation induction, just as I would have with an untried subject. In less than ten minutes my wonderful boyfriend was deeply, totally, unmistakably entranced and ready for our demo.

   “Are you going to make him do sex stuff?” Brent asked. His fascination was obvious, as was the boner tenting the crotch of his preppy khaki pants (and where the hell had that been when we needed it!).

   “No. That’s private between Scotty and me. And besides, I can’t exactly make him do anything anyway. Hypnosis only works with suggestions that the subject’s unconscious is willing to accept.” Brent looked so disappointed that I relented just a little. “Okay, there is one thing that I know we’d both be willing to do for you. Scotty, it’s much too hot in here. Take off your shirt and get cooler.” My lover began to look uncomfortably flushed. He plucked at the neck of his t-shirt a couple of times, and then, in one fluid motion, skinned it off and immediately collapsed back onto the couch, a perfect picture of boneless contentment, his gorgeous chiseled torso now on full display. “Of course, other than the suggestion of being too hot, Scott’s reaction doesn’t actually have all that much to do with the hypnosis,” I explained to wide-eyed Brent. “He’s proud of his body, and likes showing it off, so he’d most likely have taken that shirt off anytime you asked him to, trance or no trance. Now let us show you something a little more impressive.”

   Scotty and I gave Brent quite the little show, although I didn’t suggest anything else remotely sexual. (Even if I hadn’t had qualms about pimping out my unconscious boyfriend, I didn’t want to get our young guest any more excited than he already was until I could put him in trance and direct that libido energy into a more commercially useful channel.) But by the time Scotty had been made to forget his own name, rendered unable to see Brent (Scott yelped and jumped as though he were witnessing a haunting when Brent picked up a soda can), and finally stretched out between the couch and the chair, rigid as a plank, supported only by his heels and shoulders while I sat on his stomach, all without him showing the least sign of strain, Brent was completely convinced.

   “That was fucking amazing! And you can hypnotize me and make me forget about the camera?”

   “Yes, provided you’re a good enough subject and you cooperate. You won’t so much forget about the camera as just not be aware of whether it’s there or not. And after you’ve had a few successful experiences, you probably won’t even need to use hypnosis any more, because you’ll be used to the whole operation. Let me wake Scotty back up, and then we’ll try you out for trance capability.”

    Brent swallowed and then nodded, “Okay.”

    I quickly counted Scott back to normal consciousness (along with the usual suggestions of feeling great). He opened his eyes, smiled lazily at me, and then stretched with the self-satisfied abandon of a pampered cat. “Um-m-m, I love that.” He began to put his shirt back on, then, turning to Brent, added, “You’re gonna love it too. There’s no way to describe how good trance time feels! You’ll just have to experience it to understand.”

    “Okay, Brent, your turn.” The young model quickly adopted the posture Scotty had assumed for being hypnotized. He was a quick study. Good. Intelligent people are almost always better hypnotic material. “The first thing I want you to do is to begin to pay attention to your breathing. Notice how each breath feels… let it fill your lungs and them empty and cleanse them… so steady and even… in… and out…in… and out…” I went on in this vein for a bit, imperceptibly slowing and softening my words. Brent was soon visibly more relaxed, and his breaths were following my pace, slower and steadier than when he started. Excellent! This was going to work quite well. “Now, I want you to close your eyes, and then begin to concentrate on letting your muscles relax. Let’s start with your feet and legs… see just how relaxed you can make them feel… imagine your muscles just melting like wax in the sun… loose… limp…heavy… like the legs of a rag doll… It feels so-o-o good… and the more they relax, the better it feels and the more they keep on relaxing… even after you stop noticing… just the way your breathing is slow and completely steady even though you’re no longer concentrating on it…” I worked my way up Brent’s body, muscle group by muscle group, until I was saying, “And now your head and neck are relaxing… relaxing… your head is so heavy now that it’s impossible to hold it up… all the tiny muscles in your scalp and forehead… the muscles in your cheeks and you jaw… the muscles around your eyes and eyelids… so loose and limp you no longer control them… they’re too relaxed… you can’t lift your head or open your eyes… you can’t do it no matter how hard you try… and the harder you try, the more relaxed they get, and the deeper you go into this hypnotic trance… Go ahead and try… but you can’t do it…”

   Brent was slumped on the couch, to all appearances as boneless as the rag doll I’d suggested to him. His eyelids twitched briefly, but he wasn’t able to open them, and his head, hanging chin on chest, didn’t even stir. Since it’s an uncomfortable posture to hold for any length of time, the next order of business was to get him stretched out on the couch before his neck cramped. Without taking my eyes off the hypnotized boy, I said, “Scotty, get up and give him some space.” As soon as the my boyfriend was off that end of the couch, Brent, at my command, and without opening his eyes, swung his feet up and lay back, his head now resting comfortably on the throw pillow. He melted into the plush upholstery with a little sigh of contentment.

   I began my usual series of deepening exercises (I like walking down stairways as visualization and then using a few of the more standard depth tests). Brent was responding to it all perfectly. Yes! The last in the list of tests was automatic movement. I got his hands revolving around each other, and was just going to challenge him to try to stop them, when I sensed a stir of motion coming from behind me. Turning to look, I saw Scotty standing there, eyes closed, face blank, his hands flapping around each other as steadily as if they were mechanized! I’d been paying such close attention to my intended subject, that I hadn’t even noticed that my boyfriend had been caught in the fallout. Well, too late to do anything about that now. I’d have to free him after I got Brent squared away. I went on with my routine until I had the boy (and, or course, my lover as well) in deepest trance state. Then I put my hand on Brent’s arm. “Brent, when I remove my hand, you’re not going to hear or pay attention to anything except going deeper into trance until I touch your shoulder. Do you understand?”

   “Um-hum…” Brent wasn’t articulating very well, but it was clear enough that he accepted the suggestion. I let go of his arm, effectively isolating him from what I needed to say to Scott.

   “Scotty, I’m going to count down from ten to one. By the count of one, you’ll be wide awake, feeling relaxed, energized and, in general, wonderful.” My boyfriend’s blank face formed a shadow of a frown. You don’t live with a guy for two years and not get a sense of when he has something on his mind. “All right, lover, what’s the problem?”

   “Don’t wake me up yet, Matt. I’m feeling really good. And I know even if I’m in trance I can still handle the camera work just fine when we get to it.” Scott’s voice was small and sleepy, but his determination was pretty obvious. If I continued to try to rouse him, he’d probably just refuse anyway.

   “Okay, Scotty, fine with me. Continue to go deeper. You can hear everything that goes on… but you’ll accept as suggestions only those things that I direct to you by name. Got that, Scott?” I sure as hell didn’t want my photographer to become oblivious of the camera!

   “Yes, Matt…” He grinned vacantly and then went back into zombie mode.

   A quick pat on the shoulder and Brent was back in the arena.

   “Brent, you know you’re deeply hypnotized now, don’t you?”


   “And that means you’ll find it very easy to do whatever I ask you to do, automatically without thinking about it, unless it’s something you really don’t want to do. Isn’t that right?” Again, Brent sleepily accepted that statement, and by agreeing, made it true for himself.

  “Excellent. Okay, Brent and Scott, remain deep in trance, but open your eyes, stand up, and come with me back to the bedroom.” It was like watching choreography. In perfect unison, both pairs of eyes opened, both guys stood up, and then, practically in step with each other, they followed me out of the room. Their handsome faces had identical, slightly blank expressions, and I have to admit, I was getting pretty turned on, as Scott’s dreamy, wide-open stare in particular was reminding me of some of the other times I’d seen it that way.

   Back in the bedroom, I started with Scotty. After all, first things first, and I was going need camera action immediately once I could get Brent going. “Scott, as soon as Brent begins to undress again, you’ll start shooting photos of him. You’re going to find it very easy to use all of your artistic skills and erotic awareness to take the sexiest possible shots you can get, even though you’ll continue in trance, just going deeper and deeper. Once Brent has started his performance, you’ll also be able to give him directions if you need to. Do you understand all this, and agree?”

   “Yes, Matt…” My dick jumped. I just love Scotty’s sweet little trance voice!

   “Good. Get your camera and be ready.” As my lover moved to obey the command, I turned back to Brent, who was now sitting on the bed, blankly waiting for instructions. “Brent, I want you to picture the most peaceful, private place you’ve ever been… a place you feel your most relaxed… your most contented… a place you feel completely safe and at ease.” I gave him a moment to make the mental image. “Okay, Brent, what place are you picturing?”

    His face blossomed into a sweet, innocent smile. “Our place in Colorado. My folks have a time share way up in the Rockies. I’ve spent every summer there for as long as I can remember. I love hiking way back into the woods where it’s so secret and quiet you feel like you’re the only person in the world.”

   “It sounds lovely. Brent, that image in your mind is becoming more and more real… You’ve hiked deep into the forest and have come to a little clearing… it’s a beautiful day, and the clearing is bright with sunlight… not hot… just warm and inviting… you’ve spread a blanket out on the grasses… It’s as cushiony as a bed… You’re sitting in the warm sunlight… relaxing… enjoying… The place is so peaceful and isolated… All you can hear is the soft whisper of the gentle breeze in the trees around you… the occasional call of a bird in the forest… the quiet rush of a little stream nearby… You can smell the fresh clean smell of the pines and the warm grasses… the earthy scent of woods and water… the freshness of the air itself… More and more real, Brent… until, when I count to three… you’ll actually be there in the beautiful, peaceful glade… It’s becoming more and more vivid… the sights, the scents, the sounds... isn’t it, Brent?”

   “Um-m-mm…” The boy was looking positively blissed out!

   “That’s right… you feel wonderful… and at the count of three, you’ll be right in that wonderful place… you’ll be able to open your eyes at any time you wish, but you’ll no longer have any awareness of this hotel room… you won’t be aware of Scotty or me… you’ll be all by yourself in this most beautiful place, and that’s what you will see, what you will hear, what you will smell and feel… You will still be aware of everything that either Scott or I say to you… but it will be as if those words are your own ideas… your own thoughts… You will obey those instructions without question because they’re your own thoughts… you will have no sense that you aren’t completely alone and private… do you understand?”

   “I understand.” Brent almost sounded impatient. It was pretty obvious that he really wanted to go where I was sending him.

   “Good. One… two… and three…”

   With a totally unselfconscious laugh of pure pleasure, Brent fell backwards onto the bed and flung his arms wide. His eyes were open now, but it was obvious that he was no longer seeing a hotel bedroom, nor either Scotty or me. He just lay there, breathing deeply as though to savor the mountain air, and looking as happy as I’ve ever seen anyone look.

   Now, to business! “Brent, it’s warm enough now that your clothing feels a little heavy on you… there aren’t any bugs around, and you know that no one is going to come here and disturb you… Wouldn’t it feel great to take off everything and be completely natural? You want to be naked… Take off all your clothes, one piece at a time, slowly… Each item you remove will make you feel better and better…”

   I didn’t have to ask twice. Brent immediately sat up and began to remove his shoes. Within seconds, Scott’s camera began to click away, flash after flash lighting the room, but our hypnotized model took absolutely no notice. His expression was completely unconcerned, even happy, as he continued to shuck his clothes in a leisurely fashion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other commercial photography capture that kind of totally natural, unposed quality. It would be obvious from the angles and the immediacy of the finished pictures, as well as the pixel count, that Scotty had been right in the room with his subject (and therefore must have had his permission to take them), but otherwise, they were as free from artificiality and self-awareness as if they had been taken by stealth with a hidden camera.

   It was all incredibly sexy in one way, yet a bit of a problem in another. I needed at least some of the shots to connect with the camera (and the implied viewers). “Brent,” I said, testing the effect of my previous suggestions as he was in the act of undoing his pants, “Freeze your hands where they are for a moment.” The handsome young model’s hands stopped where they were as though he’d temporarily lost track of what he’d been doing. Good. He was able to react without losing his grip on his fantasy scene. “Now, look over at Scott and think about the hottest boy you’ve ever seen.”

   Brent turned his head towards the camera. You couldn’t exactly say that he was looking at Scotty, rather than just looking in his direction, because the focus of the boy’s gaze wasn’t really that certain. I don’t know how Brent’s hypnotized brain was explaining or rationalizing all of this to itself, but however that was, it was working. As soon as his face was towards the camera, his expression was instantly filled with the most perfect blend of invitation and lust. Whoever he was thinking about was definitely being welcomed to party in his pants! The camera clicks went into overdrive.

   “Excellent, Brent! You can finish undressing now… enjoying how good it feels to be naked in the great outdoors… how natural… how free…” The boy pulled his khakis the rest of the way off, and then shucked his shorts. He lay back on the bed, basking in the imagined sunlight. His golden bod, stretched out at full length, was awesome, and the dick-of-death, partially hard, no doubt, from the still-operating suggestion to think of a hot boy, was going to sell a lot of copies!

   Scotty moved in to take some close-ups, and I could see that, hypnotized or not, he was getting turned on as well. There was some major wood pushing out the crotch of my boyfriend’s jeans. All I could think was, “I want some of that!” I wondered how quickly we could wrap this up so that I could throw his hypnotized ass down and have my way with him!

    A little breathlessly I continued, “Brent, you feel so good now that you’re completely naked, that your dick is beginning to get hard… harder and harder… and harder still… You’re very turned on now… you want to enjoy your body… and there’s no reason not to… you’re all alone… no one will interrupt or disturb you… You just have to touch yourself… to give yourself pleasure… you can’t resist the need… you don’t want to resist… Go ahead, Brent… give in to your desires… be creative and explore the wonderful sensations your own hands can give you… all over your body… your lips… your neck… your chest… your ass… and of course your dick… But you’ll want to take your time to explore and enjoy everything… so you won’t let yourself orgasm until I tell you to cum…” Brent, his dick now hard as a rock, began to touch himself exactly as I’d suggested. He did indeed start slowly, but not in the least hesitantly. It was obvious that he was luxuriating in every single stroke of his hands. Every so often I would pull his gaze back to Scott and the camera, but, for the most part his eyes were halfway closed and he was in his own private world of fantasy and lust.

   I have to say that it was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen plenty! I was hard and dripping in my pants, and Scott was groaning softly to himself. But my hypnotized boyfriend helplessly continued to shoot picture after picture without pause. I guess the hypnotic element of the proceedings had taken such root in his mind that he couldn’t force himself to stop long enough to relieve any of his feelings. The tent in his jeans had pushed out to an extent that even I, who knew it so well, found hard to believe, and there was a damp spot on the fabric at the head of his erection that looked to be nearly two inches across. I slipped up behind him as he worked and whispered, “Scotty, lover, you won’t cum either until I tell you to. After we finish with Brent, you’re still going to be deeply under hypnosis, and you’re going to do whatever sexy things I suggest… so you’ll want to save your orgasm until then… won’t you, hypnotized boy-toy?” (That last was one of his trance cues, so it had the effect of ramming that particular suggestion home with double intensity.)

   “Yes, Matt, sir…” came his ritualized hypnobedient response.

   Yeow!! I was definitely in full horny mode now, and the whole photo-shoot thing was just in the way. I was pretty sure we had plenty of good pictures of everything except for the money shots, so I sped up Brent’s activity. “Brent, you are so turned on now that you can’t hold off any longer… it’s okay… your orgasm will feel great… incredibly intense… incredibly satisfying… Go on and get yourself off.”

   Brent’s hands, which had been alternating between manipulating his cock and balls and fondling his ass or stomach, now zeroed in on dick, dick, and nothing but dick, and his strokes became more rapid and absolutely purposeful. The boy’s beautiful face flushed and then contorted with passion as gout after gout of spunk pumped out onto his stomach. I nearly came in my own pants, and Scotty, although my timely hypnotic intervention had saved him from the danger of a premature explosion, was gasping almost as loudly as Brent. (However it didn’t seem to be affecting his job; the camera continued to click away as fast as it was able.)

   At last Brent heaved a final mighty sigh, and his hands fell back to his sides. He lay there almost glowing with post-orgasmic contentment. I quickly sent Scott out of the room, under instructions to put his camera away, get naked, and wait for me (of course without either cumming or emerging from his trance state). Then, as soon as he’d dutifully complied, I set about cleaning Brent up and preparing to send him away so that I could get busy in the way I was now dying to.

   “Brent,” I addressed the now fully re-clothed model, “Whenever you want to relax for photo-modeling or filming, you will allow yourself to go right back into this deep state of hypnosis, as deep as you are now, or even deeper,. All you will have to do to achieve that is to hear me say ‘trance-time Brent’. Please repeat that phrase that will cause you to go into deep hypnosis.”

   “Trance time Brent…”

   “Very good. Whenever you hear me say that phrase you will instantly close your eyes, relax, and be deeply hypnotized… and just as you did this time, you will find it very easy and very pleasant to do all the sexy things we agree for you to do, whether by yourself or with other guys… without self-consciousness or distraction. And every time it will be easier and more satisfying… easier and more satisfying… You will begin to associate your work as a porn model with that pleasure and satisfaction, until you find that you look forward to posing or acting and filming… You understand and you agree… you understand and you agree…”

   “I understand and I… I agree…”

  Okay, there was a little hesitation there, but it wasn’t accompanied by any signs of emotional distress, and, after all, he did agree. My guess was that the little pause was more the result of him still not quite being convinced that it could happen as easily as I said than of him having any objection to it. However, I wasn’t worried about that. A few more trips into trance (and since he had agreed, it would work), and young Brent would accept that he didn’t have to be uncomfortable and that hypnosis was a tool he could rely on. From there, it would be only a tiny step to the point where he’d realize he no longer even needed it, and then he’d be truly free.

   I woke Brent back up, making sure that he remembered everything that had happened, but also suggesting that he not be inclined to linger, and that he take no notice of Scott (who would somewhere in the living room, naked, hard, and obviously entranced) as he left. (If I didn’t get down to business with my beautiful lover damn soon, I was going to burst a couple of blood vessels!)

   Brent opened his eyes, blinked a couple of times, and then grinned like a kid at a birthday party. “That was awesome! Man, I can’t wait to go again! When’s the next time you might need me?” However, he was already making his way to the door as he talked. The hypnotic bum’s rush I’d given him was obviously working.

   He barely paused to grab the check I handed him as I answered, “I should imagine it will be very soon. I’ll call you,” and then he was out the door and gone, and I could get on to more important things!

   Just as ordered, my handsome Scott was on the couch, naked, bone-hard and stroking himself (but very gently so as not to lose control), and in palpable, face-blank, eyes-closed trance. Yes!!! “Scotty, my love, what game would you like to play this time?” I asked as I quickly stripped out of my own gear.

   “Matt… I think this is the deepest I’ve ever gone…” Well, his voice certainly sounded peculiarly flat and distant! “Would you try to take away my will completely… make me a robot that obeys without thinking…”

   Owww!! Only by quickly thinking about my grandmother was I able to keep that from being Game Over right then! As it was, the resulting squirt of my pre-cum was almost projectile. I hadn’t realized Scott had fantasies about being that thoroughly dominated, but the idea was sizzling hot.

   “Scotty, you will listen carefully. In a moment I’m going to count to three. At that time you will no longer be Scott Anderson, human… you will become Pleasure Unit 5C077… Pleasure Units are cybernetic androids that provide and experience sexual pleasure… they have no other function… they obey the orders of their owner without questioning or analyzing them… While you are Pleasure Unit 5C077 you will no longer form thoughts as a human being… if your mind tries to form a thought, you will instantly find yourself thinking over and over ‘I am Pleasure Unit 5C077… I exist for sex’ and that will banish any other idea in your mind. You will notice that cybernetic androids experience sexual sensation with even greater intensity than humans… but only at their owner’s command. I am your owner. Do you understand and accept these suggestions?” I hardly needed to ask, since he’d already requested this, and, besides, all the time I’d been describing what would happen to him, his erection had been twitching and (although I hadn’t thought it possible) even growing a little.

   “Yes…” If it’s possible for someone that hypnotized to look eager, then Scotty was eager.

   “One… two…three…” Scotty’s hands stopped their gentle stroking of his cock. He scarcely seemed to breathe, and his eyes wide and unfocused, as empty of awareness as a mannequin’s. “Pleasure Unit 5C077 activate,” I commanded.

   Instantly my lover was on his feet at attention, his face still utterly blank, but his eyes now focused straight forward. “Pleasure Unit 5C077 active,” he droned, “Awaiting pleasure sequence programming.”

   I’ve mentioned how much we both like role-play, and Scott is an excellent actor, even when he’s not in trance. This was going to be our hottest scenario yet! I described to him what we were going to do and then said, “Pleasure Unit 5C077 initiate pleasure sequence.”




   No, I’m not going to tell you what we did! As I told young Brent before, that’s between me and my lover. Suffice it to say that if I have sex like that very often, I’ll be dead before I reach thirty. It was unbelievable! I woke Scotty up for a post-fuck cuddle in the afterglow (making sure, of course, that he would remember every delicious moment of the main event).

   He snapped out of it looking, for an instant, totally disoriented. Then memory flooded back and his grin was enormous, “Holy shit!!! That was… that was… Oh my God!!! Matt, have I told you recently how much I love you?” Scott grabbed me in a passionate hug.

   I also was grinning like an idiot. “Yeah, you have, Scotty, but I never get tired of hearing it! I love you too!” Is there anybody happier than I am? I doubt it!


  …Oh, and Brent’s photo set? Well, as I predicted… selling like hotcakes!!!