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Remote–Controlled Paperboy



   I am a scientist, an inventor. You won’t have heard of me unless you just happen to have been at the university where I got my degrees while I was there, since I keep a very low profile. (If you insist on having a name for me, call me Jack. It’s not my name, but it’s as good as any.) My inventions are for the purpose of improving my life only, not for money (don’t need it – I’m independently wealthy), not for fame (avoid it like the plague it is), not for public consumption (I cringe at the thought of the government or military getting wind of my work). My field is, and always has been, mind-control: hypnotism, psychology, brain-chemistry and brain-mapping. I’m also a damn good all-round physicist and engineer. My work has been an unending search for better, faster, more non-resistible ways to make people do what I want them to do. And, as a gay man with a distinct fondness for young straight guys, this is always ultimately about sex.

   I had just finished the prototype of my newest brain-child, the human remote-control. I won’t go into the science – you wouldn’t begin to understand it, and it would bore you to tears. Let’s just say that, if the device worked as the theoretical models indicated it would, I would be able make the subject feel completely agreeable to anything suggested to him, no matter what his previous opinion of said suggestion might have been. Combined with some psychological manipulation, it would be unstoppable! I was waiting for the Stevie Portnoy, my paperboy, to arrive to collect for the news. He’d make a perfect test subject, being that he’s a science nerd and would jump at the chance to be a guinea pig. If the device didn’t work, he’d be sympathetic about the failure and not blab about it. (Of course, if it did work, I’d just make him forget the experience. I’d hypnotized him before, in connection with other experiments, and he was still completely susceptible to my control).

   Oh, I can see what you’re thinking: “Disgusting! He’s going to molest a child!” Chill! I had no intention whatsoever of doing anything remotely sexual with Stevie. I don’t know but that he may grow up to be an attractive young man someday, but at the moment he’s just a kid, for Chrissake. The mere thought is simply grotesque! No, the test would be strictly on the up-and-up.

   At least, that’s what I thought until I answered the doorbell to admit him. When the door opened, I was greeted, not by my ten-year-old paperboy, but by a knock-out handsome young man of around twenty. He was dressed in summer college boy standard issue cut-off jeans (tight enough to be interesting, but not tight enough to make me think he might be gay), cut-off gray sweat-shirt (no sleeves and bare midriff), sandals and ratty visor-cap. All of the flesh he was showing (and there was a considerable amount of it) was prime - tanned, toned and lean. It was his face, however, that brought me up short. I can’t recall the last time I saw anyone that good-looking outside of an A&F catalog! Dark brown hair (fairly short, but long enough to fluff out around the cap), amazing cheekbones, a soft, sensuous mouth just made for kisses that last three days; and his eyes… Imagine Ian Somerhalder made up for a modeling shoot. This boy’s eyes were such an intense blue they almost seemed iridescent, like the wings of one of those South American butterflies, and his black, black lashes were long and thick enough to be false (except they weren’t!). And yet, in spite of all this amazing beauty, his manner showed none of the feline self-awareness that pretty people usually project. On the contrary, he came across as such a typical college boy that I wondered if he even realized how stunning he was. All thoughts of a simple, scientific test vanished from my mind. I could only think about how best to get him into my bed!

   I managed to unfreeze my vocal cords and say, “Yes…?”

  He smiled (nearly giving me fibrillations), and said, “Hello, Dr. _______, I’m Sean Portnoy, Stevie’s brother. Stevie wasn’t feeling very good today, and since I’m home for spring break, I told him I’d take care of collecting for his paper route.” He held out his drivers’ license, as though to prove he was who he said he was, and that he wasn’t trying to rip Stevie (or the newspaper) off.

   I glanced at it, both to satisfy his unspoken request that I do so, and to check his birth date so as to know if he were indeed legal (he was – young Sean is a strapping nineteen). “Come in and have a seat while I write you out a check,” I said, gesturing to the sofa (the only uncluttered surface in the room). Waiting only long enough to see him seated, I headed into the other room where both my checkbook and the prototype remote happened to be. I filled out the proper amount on the check and then returned with it in one hand, and the remote in the other.

   Since the unit is about the size of a TV remote (and, indeed, looks a lot like one) there was nothing about it to make him suspicious. As he was looking at the check I handed him with my left hand, with my right hand (without lifting it from its place at my side) I pointed the unit up towards his head and pressed the remote’s ‘send’ button. Then I said, “Please sit back down for a moment, Sean. I’d like to ask you a few questions. You won’t mind answering them, will you.” My vocal inflection didn’t make that a question, but if the control unit were not working effectively, he’d still be likely to take it for one, rather than the command it actually was.

   Sean had already been turning to head for the door. He turned back quickly and sat down again saying, “No, I don’t mind.” Promising, if not yet definitive.

   Keeping my finger on the button, I began to ask a series of questions, starting off with innocuous topics that wouldn’t arouse his defenses, but gradually introducing stranger or more personal ones as it became clearer that he was being influenced. “Where do you go to college, Sean?”

   “__________ State.”

   “What’s your full name?”

   “Sean Harrison Portnoy.”

   “What’s your birthday? Social security number?” He dutifully rattled them off.

   Well, if he weren’t being remote-controlled, he should certainly be beginning to feel uncomfortable, and yet Sean was still sitting peacefully on my couch, his facial expression untroubled. Okay, on to the more intrusive questions. “Sean, have you ever been hypnotized?”

   “Yeah, once. This guy came to freshman orientation at State and I went up on the stage. It was kind of cool. I don’t remember a lot about it, but he said I was good subject, and I guess I must have been entertaining, cause a lot of girls wanted to talk to me afterwards.” Sean smiled at the memory, obviously not the least put off by the patently out-of-left-field direction things had just taken.

   “You’d like to be hypnotized again, wouldn’t you.” As before, it wasn’t really a question.

   “Sure. That’d be cool.”

   “Are you a virgin, Sean?”

   Now he blushed, but he answered right up anyway, “No, not since high school.”

  “Tell me about it.” I wasn’t really all that interested in his adolescent sexual exploits, but if he answered this one for me (whom he didn’t know from Adam’s off ox), it would be definitive proof of my device’s success – and I could move on with confidence to using it in his seduction. Sean launched immediately into a fairly predictable tale of his junior prom date, a hotel room, and quite a bit more liquor than any under-age high school student ought to have been able to get his hands on. To my surprise and titillation, he got pretty graphic in some of his descriptions. When he finished, he looked a little awed, but not alarmed, that he’d said that much.

   I went in for the kill, no longer bothering with the question pretense. “You like boys as well as girls, Sean. You may even like them better than girls. That’s right, isn’t it?”

   Sean’s beautiful blue eyes widened in astonishment, yet he was already accepting the suggestion. “Yeah,” he said wonderingly, “I do like guys.”

   “And most of all, even more than other boys, you like men, older men who can master you… men like me. I’m the hottest guy you’ve ever met.” It was all I could do to restrain the mad-scientist cackle that was trying to escape me as I watched Sean’s polite attention quickly turn to almost obsessive fascination as he looked at me, lust burgeoning in his handsome young face. When my eyes met his, he dropped his gaze instantly and blushed even harder than before. I could have had him right then, but I would have had to let up on the send button, and I wasn’t sure how long the compliant effect would last after I did unless it were reinforced with other psychological underpinning. So I continued to follow the course I’d already planned from the moment he first appeared. “I like handsome young guys like you, too… but I really like them deep under my hypnotic control. Let me hypnotize you now, Sean, and make you my slave. You know you want me to.”

  “Okay, Dr. ________!” he said eagerly, “What do you want me to do?” The increasing tautness in the crotch area of his cut-offs told me that, as long as I continued to make him feel about me the way he did now, he’d be more than happy to do anything I asked him to.

   “For starters, call me Jack.”

  “Yes sir, Jack.”

  “Good. Now kick off your sandals, take off the cap, lie back on the couch and close your eyes. You’re going to go very deep into trance for me.” I let that one sink in for a moment and then continued, “I want you to concentrate on making your breathing as slow and even as you can.” My voice, from long practice, had already dropped into the soothing hypnotist’s delivery, and I kept my thumb on the remote’s send-button so that all my hypnotic spiel would go directly into his mind without any resistance from him. I used a standard progressive relaxation induction, but with a slight twist that I told him to repeat each suggestion I gave him, with the added instruction that this would make the suggestion take hold instantly and twice as strongly.

   “You will relax every muscle, beginning with your feet.”

   “I will relax every muscle beginning with my feet.” Sean’s voice was already quieter and a little abstracted.

   “Your feet are completely relaxed, and your legs are growing heavy and limp and very comfortable.”

   “My feet’r c…completrylaxed… and m’legsss… heavy… limp… com… comf’able…” Oh yeah, he was losing it big time!

   “Now your whole body is releasing all tension… just sinking into the couch… and it’s making you sleepier and sleepier…”

   Sean’s muscles had grown so slack now that it looked almost as though he’d begun to melt. “M… m’whole bod’… r’leasin’… tensh… tensionnn… sinkin’… inna couch…” He yawned hugely. “So-o-o sleepy…” His speech was slurred almost to the point of incomprehensibility, and his handsome face had assumed a goofy, dreamy smile of absolutely mindless bliss. I continued the drill, went on to a series of deepening exercises, and placed all the control and re-hypnotization cues that my greedy little heart could desire. As I’d hoped it would, good hypnotic technique when augmented by the human remote-control had created a trance that was easily a hundred times more profound than any I’d ever witnessed or achieved before. He was mine!

   “Stand up, Sean.” Slowly he got to his feet and stood at something approximating attention, swaying gently, eyes closed, his face the picture of helpless entrancement.

“You understand and agree that everything I’ve told you about yourself, every hypnotic command I’ve given you, are now permanent. You can’t resist or deny them, and nothing and no one other than myself can remove or alter them. You will remain this deeply hypnotized whenever and for as long as I want you to, without any choice on your part.”

    “I understand and agree that…” I had gotten tired of trying to decipher his incoherent mumbling as he went deeper and deeper, and so had given him a standard “you can speak clearly even as you go deeper into trance – the sound of your own voice just relaxes you further” suggestion. Thanks to the extra power the remote had given that as well as every other suggestion, his diction was, at the moment, worthy of the stage, or perhaps a court of law, since he sounded like he was reading out a legal contract. “…without any choice on my part.” Finally I could take my finger off the send button… and a good thing, too; it was beginning to cramp. I viewed my gorgeous, helpless victim with almost indescribable satisfaction. Let the games begin!

   “Sean, in a moment I’m going to say the word ‘disco’. When you hear me say that word, you will open your eyes, but remain completely hypnotized, completely under my control. As soon as open your eyes, you will know beyond question that you are a male stripper, and that you have been hired to give me your sexiest lap dance. You’ll hear music, and you’ll perform. And as you strip and dance for me, you’ll get more and more turned on, but also sleepier and sleepier, until, when you are naked, hard and poised over me, your eyes will close again and you will freeze in whatever position you are in, simply waiting with your mind utterly blank, for my next command.” I paused for breath, and Sean immediately began to repeat the instructions back to me, until I stopped him. It really wasn’t necessary any longer, there being no remaining doubts in my mind that he was quite possibly the most hypnotized boy on the planet. “Disco.”

   Sean’s eyes fluttered and then opened. He looked a little disoriented until his gaze found me. Then his handsome face broke into a smile of such intense sexual voltage that I could scarcely breathe. “Hi,” he said in an intimate purr, starting at me hungrily, “You must be the birthday boy. I’m Sean, and I’m here to make this a day to remember. Just sit back and enjoy.” His hips began to sway suggestively in time to the illusory music only he was hearing, and his hands began to run over the exposed portions of his torso. His sensual explorations of his own body grew more provocative, his caresses sliding up under his shirt, pushing it up and revealing more and more of his sculpted body, until, with one swift motion, he pulled the cut-off sweatshirt over his head and discarded it. Now I could see his entire chest, and it was awesome – buttery tan, as perfectly shaped as Michelangelo’s David, and virtually hairless. He rubbed and tweaked at his nipples, his smoldering gaze never leaving my face, and his ass never ceasing in its almost-hypnotic, twenty-four jewel movement. I could see a marked and continuing increase to the tenting in his pants.

    As Sean reached down to begin undoing the button of his cut-off jeans, I spoke up. “That’s right, boy. You’re nothing but a slutty little boy-toy… feeling yourself getting sexier and stupider and more hypnotized with every passing moment… you can’t think at all… you’re just a mindless little himbo whose only purpose is to give pleasure… and you love it!” Sean continued to unfasten and unzip, his motions becoming even more outrageously sensual, while at the same time his expression was becoming even more vapid and enslaved. I was so hot I could barely keep from jumping up and ripping off my own clothes, but that would have interrupted the dance as well as the process I’d started in his head. Plenty of time for me to get my groove on later! So I just sat and watched as the suggestions I’d given him effectively destroyed his mind and will while he finished shucking his pants.

    Now that my handsome victim was naked except for his silky boxer-briefs, his erection was impossible to ignore (as well as, I was delighted to note, quite large). In response to my previous commands, he was beginning to loose control of himself as well, his eyelids starting to droop, and his movements becoming sleepier and less coordinated, even though his expression of brainless pleasure remained unchanged. He slowly lowered the underwear, revealing a perfect, perfectly hard cock, then, still dancing slower and slower, turned in a complete circle to give me a look at the most perfect ass ever. Yeow!!

   Sean had completed his leisurely rotation and was once again facing me. I could see that his heavy eyes were even closer to shutting completely, and his expression had lost even more of its tiny remaining amount of animation. He truly looked robotic as he danced unsteadily forward to straddle my knees and begin waving his hard-on in my face. And once he was in place, his motions slowed and then ceased, like a machine running down, until he stood motionless above my lap, his eyes all the way closed, his head hanging in completely relaxed submission to the trance, and his diamond-hard dick aimed at me, with its moist purplish head suspended right in front of my lips like an offering of some exotic fruit. I could smell a delicious scent coming from his body, now warm from the dancing, – a combination of some fresh kind of soap or body splash and the odor of the pre-cum that was slicking up his cock.

   Well, I know an opportunity when I see one! I grabbed him by his magnificent ass-cheeks and pulled him forward until I could easily reach his cock with my mouth, and then began to give him the blow-job of my dreams. He was delicious! I sucked and licked with abandon, my own erection growing almost painful in the restriction of my pants. As Sean’s balls started to contract upwards in preparation for his orgasm, I released his cock long enough to command, “Sean, you can’t cum until I tell you to, even though you’ll continue to get more and more turned on.” His balls obediently dropped back to their previous placement, although his cock twitched as eagerly as if it were trying to communicate on its own. I went back to sucking, and he began to groan with desire.

   Finally, I couldn’t take the pressure of my own arousal any longer. I eased Sean back away from me until I had room to stand up. Then I tore off my own clothing as quickly as I could, to join him in nakedness. Then I took his limp, warm hand in mine and led him unresisting to my bedroom. I was going to make that fabulous ass mine.

   At my command, my helpless slave bent over my bed, his virgin hole at my complete disposal. I suited up in a condom and then knelt to eat him out and loosen him up. Straight boys don’t, as a rule, think about keeping their assholes kissing fresh, so I was prepared for a certain amount of funk, but I had underestimated Sean’s personal hygiene. He’d obviously showered quite recently, and his pucker was a succulent delight. I ordered him to enjoy the sensation, so he was quickly squirming with pleasure, uttering satisfied little grunts as my tongue achieved a particular coup of finesse. When he was nicely sloppy, I lubed him up and began the finger-work to open him for my cock (and I’m not small!). Soon, however, thanks to my own sexual technique (and it’s quite good, if I do say it myself), as well as to a constant barrage of hypnotic suggestion concerning how much my hypnotized little stud-boy wanted to be fucked, Sean was thrusting his ass at my probing hand and grinding his dick into the bedcovers in a vain search for release. He was more than ready.

   “Sean, I’m going to fuck you, and I am giving you an irresistible order that you will find it to be the best sexual feeling you have ever experienced. When I’m ready to cum, I will give you permission to have an orgasm as well, and it will be the best and most satisfying one you have ever had, or even imagined having. Do you understand?”

   “Yeah!” He was almost breathless with desperate lust.

   I finally gave in to what my tortured cock had been begging me to do for what seemed like ages, and slowly inserted myself into him. The warm, tight, silky sheathing sensation was so intensely stimulating that I had to stop for a moment to keep from losing it on the spot. I ordered Sean not to move, as well, since his ass was trying to flex and draw me further in. When I was composed enough to continue, I unfroze him and slowly we began to thrust and parry. I won’t go into the details of positions and actions (mainly because I was, at this point, so excited I was almost having an out-of-body experience, and I can’t say that I even really remember all of our give-and-take). Suffice it to say that, even without the influence of hypnotic suggestion, I was as convinced as he was that this was the best sex I’d ever had! When we finally came, the explosion felt big enough to fire up a new galaxy. It’s a good thing I’m still only in my late thirties; otherwise I’d have been a dead man! I fell forward onto Sean’s now-motionless back, and lay there, dizzy and panting, surrounded by the yummy post-coital scents of his sweat and the cum soaking into the bedspread. My own spent cock, limp and sated now, nestled contentedly between the plush mounds of his butt-cheeks.

   I cuddled my helpless hypnotized slave, enjoying it all as long as I could, but eventually the afternoon had drawn on, and I knew I had to send him on his way again (at least for now – I no intention of letting go of my control over him!) After the physical clean-up, I went on to the mental one. It proved surprisingly easy, thanks to the extraordinary depth of Sean’s trance state. I used the human-remote again, but I’m not sure it was really necessary. Sean, back in his clothes again, was instructed to remember nothing about the afternoon, upon awakening, other than coming by to collect for his brother’s paper route, although I made sure that all of the personality changes (bisexuality, an overwhelming attraction to me personally, a love of being hypnotized), as well as an ongoing compulsion to be available to me as frequently as I might want, were firmly in place.

   Then, just when I was about to wake him up and send him out the door, another thought occurred to me. Now that I knew the human remote-control was a winner, a handsome young guy like Sean would be a much better recruiting agent for new slaves than I would myself. “Sean, you’ve very much enjoyed being my hypnotized sex-slave, haven’t you?”

   “Yes, Jack. I’ve enjoyed it a lot.” His sweet voice still had that delightful, sleepy, helpless quality of the deeply hypnotized.

   “Because you’ve enjoyed the experience so much, you will naturally want to share that experience with other young men. You will have an irresistible compulsion to bring other young men (but only those young and good-looking and sexy like yourself) to meet me, even though you won’t remember why. It won’t bother you that you don’t know why you’re doing this, and you will make up any sort of excuse necessary to get these other handsome young men to accompany you here. As a matter of fact, I order you to come here tomorrow at the same time you came today, and to bring with you the handsomest boy you can talk into coming along. Say you understand and will obey.”

   “I understand, Jack, and I will obey.”




   I answered the door to find Sean waiting on the step. Beside him was an adorable young blond guy, also obviously collegiate, with a compact, hot-as-a-pistol body, and totally charming, mischievously dimpled, boyish face. They were both shirtless from the day’s heat. Yummy!

   “Hi, Jack. I’d like you to meet my friend Chris. He’s back in town for spring break, too.”

   “Nice to meet you, Chris. I’m Jack ______.” This was working exceptionally well. “Come in, boys, and have a seat,” I said cheerily, and as they did so, I scooped up the remote. Looking directly at Sean, I said, “Hypno-slave-time for you, Sean.” Instantly he was a rigid, blank-faced zombie.

   Chris giggled nervously, apparently thinking it must be some kind of practical joke. Then realizing that Sean wasn’t faking his trance, he leapt to his feet. “What the fuck?!”

   I pointed the remote at his head, pushing the button. “Sit down, Chris.” His legs obediently folded under him. “Sean is my hypnotized slave-boy, and now you’re going to let me turn you into a hypnotized slave-boy, too. Aren’t you.”

   His horrified expression smoothed out. “Yes, sir.”

   And off we went….