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Slumber Party



   At the outset, it certainly didn’t feel like it was going to be an interesting evening – far from it, and yet it became a turning point in my life.

   The four of us, Chad Newhouse and his brother Tommy, my roommate Adam Kinkaid, and I, Chris Callan, were sitting in the TV room of the _ _ Ω frat house, all in pretty bad moods and expecting to spend the night bored out of our skulls. We were the only Omegas left in the house at the beginning of Christmas break, stranded there in an unwilling slumber party by a winter storm, the rest of the brothers having made it out of there to their various destinations before the snow hit. Chad and Tommy had been on their way to a ski vacation, and the heavy build-up of snow would have been awesome for them if it hadn’t also closed all the roads leading to the high country. Adam and I were stuck because the airport had shut down as well and our flights home wouldn’t be able to leave until sometime the next morning at the soonest. Adam was in a particularly foul mood because he’s been trying to maintain a long distance relationship with his high school sweetheart and was really… um… eager to see her, if you catch my drift. I was a little less bummed than the others were, even though I’d been looking forward to going home too. Since I’m the gay one, I find the company of my roomie and the Newhouse bros to be pretty stimulating. They’re all good-looking athletic guys. Chad and Tommy are twins, fraternal not identical, one dark, one blond, with very handsome faces, and Adam is dark-haired, and really cute, if a little too conservative/nerdy in style. I was no less bored than they were, though. Since I’m deep in the closet and they’re all straight (as far as I knew), there was nothing about my attraction to them that I dared attempt to turn into action.

    Tommy had been channel surfing, flipping past broadcast after broadcast of the same tired Christmas specials we’d all watched to death well before we’d reached twelve years of age. Finally he came to a classic movie channel showing a cornball old horror movie “The Hypnotic Eye”. We all groaned, but at least it was better than yet another claymation extravaganza with elves so sickly-sweet you wanted to stomp them on sight. It began with some guy, supposedly an actual hypnotist, talking about hypnosis and giving a little demonstration of suggestion you could follow along with if you wanted. It was pretty hokey, and the plot, when they got down to that, was even hokier – a hypnotist who entranced and then seduced women, and then afterwards his jealous female assistant would order them to kill or maim themselves.

    Finally Adam grabbed the remote and shut it off with a snort of disgust. “What a load of crap! Look into the Hypnotic Eye,” he intoned melodramatically. “You will play hide-the-salami with me and then French-kiss the Cuisinart. As if!! Hypnotism is all a crock anyway, and even if it weren’t, nobody would kill themselves or fuck some slimy greaseball with a French accent just because someone told them to!”

    Chad cracked up, but Tommy looked a little doubtful. “I don’t know, Adam. The movie was silly, sure, but we had a hypnotist show at our high school safe-grad party, and I’d swear those guys he hypnotized weren’t faking anything.”

    Adam gave him a pitying look. “Dude, I tell you, it’s all crap. You could wave a watch at me and talk about sleep all night long, and the only effect it would have would be to bore me even more than I am already. And if there were anyone here who knew how to do the routine, I’d prove it!” He looked at us all challengingly.

    Chad laughed again. “That I’d pay to see. Fifty bucks says a real hypnotist would have you barking like a seal inside of fifteen minutes.”

    Adam looked affronted. He turned to me. “Chris, you haven’t weighed in yet. Tell ’em you agree with me that it’s bullshit.”

    “Sorry to disappoint you, Adam. The movie was definitely crap, but hypnotism is real. We studied it in my psych class. The professor gave the class a demonstration, and by the time he finished with the girl he used as his subject, he was able to push a sterile needle through the ball of her thumb and she didn’t flinch. Hell, she didn’t even bleed! I’ve never tried to hypnotize anybody myself, but we all had to learn how it’s done, so if you want to take Chad up on his bet, I’d be willing to try the experiment. It’d have to be more entertaining than the bazillionth time through ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’!”

    An Omega never backs down from a bet. Although he looked a little beleaguered, Adam said, “Okay, you’re on, Newhouse. Fifty bucks will buy me a nice dinner out when I get home.”

    “Yeah, it will,” Chad sniggered, “If you win it. Bring on your watch, Chris.”

    “I don’t have a pocket-watch. But you don’t need one to hypnotize somebody. Anything shiny will do, or, for that matter, nothing at all. Adam just has to follow instructions, and then we’ll see what happens.”

    Tommy spoke up somewhat diffidently, “Could you try me too? Ever since I saw that hypnotism show I’ve wondered what it would be like.”

    “No reason why not. If you follow along with the instructions I give my roomie, you have just as much a likelihood of being hypnotized as he has.”

    “Which is to say, no likelihood at all,” Adam interjected sarcastically.

    I shot him a dusty look and repeated, “We’ll see what happens. Now, you two guys sit together on the couch, feet flat on the floor, hands palms up in your lap. Chad, you can sit wherever you want.” They complied, Tommy eagerly, Adam with another condescending snort. Chad chose to sit on the couch too, next to Adam. I guess he wanted to keep a close eye on my roomie to make sure he wasn’t cheating on the bet. “Okay, guys, do you want something shiny to focus on, or do you just want to listen to the spiel?”

   “Whatever,” Adam sighed impatiently.

   Tommy looked a little shy, but then said, “How about using this?” He pulled his class ring off his finger and held it up to me. The stone was red, and pretty large, and it caught the lamplight nicely.

   “That’ll do just fine,” I answered. I wear a gold chain around my neck, so I took that off and threaded the ring onto it, fashioning a perfectly serviceable makeshift pendant. I held it up just a little above their direct eye level where it turned lazily, shooting out glints of reddish light, and continued, “Now, all you guys have to do is to listen to my instructions, but you have to agree to be sincere about following them.” I looked right at Adam. “If you deliberately sabotage your responses, then you won’t get hypnotized, but you also won’t be honoring your bet. So, do you agree to play fair and give the thing a chance?”

    “Yes, I agree,” Adam grated. “Just get on with it, will you?”

   I started the pendant swinging gently and launched into the hypnotic induction patter just like the professor had shown us in class. “Keep your eyes on the ring as it swings back and forth… just watching the pretty flashes of light that sparkle from it… don’t let yourself look away… don’t think of anything but my words… my voice… and if your attention accidentally wanders, bring it right back… take deep, even breaths… that’s right… in… and out… in… and out… let each breath fill you up and then empty out all your tensions… all your cares… all your worries… all your thoughts… in… and out… in… and out… more and more even and automatic… more and more relaxing… in…. and out… feeling so comfortable… so peaceful…” Adam was now breathing in rhythm with my suggestions, and his eyes were already looking just a little glazed. I had a strong feeling he wouldn’t be winning his wager. I continued with the spiel talking about relaxing their muscles one group at a time, about feeling more and more peaceful, about letting their conscious minds fall asleep and drift away, and finally about how heavy their eyelids were growing. It was all straight out of the textbook. The only thing I was doing on my own responsibility was timing the introduction of new suggestions to reflect my roomie’s responses to the previous ones. It all appeared to be working perfectly. Adam’s expression grew more and more blank and abstracted. His posture became more and more slack. He blinked more and more often, his eyelids settling a little lower each time as he sluggishly tried to hold them open. At the same time, his eyes showed more and more of the whites as they began to roll upwards locked on the pendant (according to the book, a sign of a particularly good subject). Finally I was saying, “You are now so relaxed and concentrated on my voice that when I count to three, your eyes will close, your body will go completely limp, and your mind will be fast asleep in deep hypnosis… you’ll only hear my voice… only think what I tell you to think… experience what I tell you to experience… do what I tell you to do… one… two… three.”

     Adam and Tommy immediately folded, obviously miles deep in trance, but, to my great surprise, so did Chad, sagging helplessly sideways, to rest his handsome head on Adam’s shoulder. I guess he’d watched a little too closely. Holy shit! They were all under!

     My initial instinct was that I should wake them up (or Chad at least) right away… but then, like some sort of miraculous vision, my mind flashed back to the movie, to the spellbound heroine romantically snuggling up to the hypnotist, even though she was supposed to be in love with another guy. Again I looked at the three, extremely good-looking guys apparently fast asleep and helpless on the couch. It couldn’t really happen, could it? Or maybe it could… The little angel on one shoulder that was telling me it wouldn’t be right was blind-side cold-cocked by the devil on the other who was talking (almost directly to my dick, it seemed) about how hot they all looked, so handsome and unaware, that, with all of them in trance, there was no one to object to what I might be doing, and that I’d never know unless I tried… but they’d have to go deeper… much deeper… I went to work.



   “What’s your name?” I asked Tommy, and was greeted with a troubled stare of blank confusion. Having accepted my amnesia suggestion completely, he had no idea what his name was. After a long battery of deepening exercises (I’d run to my room and grabbed my psych book to make sure I didn’t forget any of the various ones it listed), all three of my frat bros were sitting like stuffed monkeys in a row on the couch, their eyes open, but as obviously and thoroughly under my control as it was possible for them to be (and apparently it was possible for them to be very deeply under it indeed). “How about you?” I turned to Adam. “Remember your name?” He, too, just goggled bemusedly at me without showing the least sign of being able to pull his wits together. Chad was so far gone that, when I questioned him, he didn’t even appear capable of wondering what his name might be. God, but they were so cute in their helplessness! I was beginning to think I really had a chance at the evil scenario my hormones were begging me for.

   “Well, guys,” I said, “It must be pretty scary not to know your own name, right?” All three nodded uncertainly. “I can let you remember your names easily enough. If I snap my fingers, they’ll come right back to you… but nothing in life is ever free, is it? If I give you back your name, you have to give me something in return. But you really want your name back… more than anything. So it doesn’t really matter what I want in exchange, you’re still absolutely willing to give it to me. Aren’t you?” Again I received three nods, this time emphatic. “No, guys, that’s not good enough. You have to say it.” I looked straight at Tommy. “Say ‘I’ll give Chris whatever he asks if he gives me back my name’.”

   “I’ll give Chris whatever he asks if he gives me back my name,” Tommy intoned solemnly as if he were taking an oath.

   I turned to Chad, “You?”

   “I’ll give Chris whatever he asks if he gives me back my name.” He sounded like a robot.

   “And you,” to Adam.

   “I’ll give Chris whatever he asks if he gives me back my name.” Even my skeptical roomie delivered his hypnotized promise without a hint of insincerity.

   “Again, guys.”

   “I’ll give Chris whatever he asks if he gives me back my name.” All three repeated it together, and, at my further insistence, three more times, cementing the suggestion into their spellbound psyches too firmly for it to be dislodged when I called in the promise.

   “Very good!” I grinned evilly, “Then what I want you to give me is your total sexual obedience!” Before they could marshal any response to that, I snapped my fingers, returning their identities and, at the same time, setting their programmed response into immediate action. I made eye-contact with each one I turn. “Now, state your full name.”

   “Chadwick Alan Newhouse,” he still sounded like a robot.

   “Adam Selwin Kinkaid,” grudgingly volunteered.

   “Thomas Alexander Newhouse,” Tommy sounded very nervous.

   “Relax, guys. My first sexual command to you all is that you enjoy all the rest of my orders. They’ll turn you on big-time! Adam, take off all of your clothes. Do it as a sexy strip-tease and then give Chad and Tommy a naked lap-dance. And Tommy, Chad, you will watch him and you’ll get off on it just as if he were a hot chick.”

   Hypnotized or not, the look Adam shot me had daggers in it. But as soon as he stood up, his expression changed to, first, confusion, and then, growing surprise and pleasure as his body experienced the first waves of the hypnotically induced sexual arousal that his obedience was triggering. He began to dance in a slow, erotic fashion, his hips thrusting and swaying rhythmically, and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Then, with teasing hesitancy, he pulled it open to reveal his beautiful, nearly hairless chest. Chad and Tommy were transfixed, both of them sporting obvious wood in their pants. Adam slowly unbuttoned his cuffs and then allowed the shirt to slide silkily from his shoulders, down his arms, and onto the floor. He kicked it aside.

   I think Adam really tried to stop himself there. In spite of the erection that was tenting his jeans as he danced, it was clear from the renewed discomfort of his expression that he didn’t want to take off his pants. But he’d already gone too far into my hypno-suggestive web to free himself. His body went right on dancing; his hands obediently began to undo his belt and then unzip his fly, and then, inexorably, to push his jeans lower and lower. In only a few seconds more, he was helplessly freeing one foot and then the other, and then was dancing in his underpants (slinky dark-blue satin boxer-briefs, obviously chosen and worn with his girlfriend in mind, before the weather had made it clear he wouldn’t be seeing her tonight after all). His hard-on, shiny with pre-cum, had slipped through the fly and was swaying rhythmically before our mesmerized gazes. (Yeah, I was feeling pretty much entranced at this point too – my roomie was fuckin’ awesome to watch!) Adam’s eyes had taken on a heavy-lidded look of pure sensuality. All of the conflict, so evident in his face only moments earlier, was erased, supplanted by a mindless mask of pure sexual surrender.

   Adam ditched his underpants and then danced over directly in front of the other two, swinging his rigid dick virtually in their faces. Tommy and Chad’s eyes followed it as slavishly as they’d earlier followed the pendulum. “Go ahead and touch him,” I said to them. “It’s okay. None of you can cum until I tell you to.” Chad immediately began to stroke Adam’s rhythmically flexing butt in a mechanical fashion. Tommy squirmed uncomfortably, but his gaze grew even more raptly fascinated. Finally he hesitantly reached out one hand and gingerly touched Adam’s cock. His finger came away with a drop of the leaking pre-cum. He looked at it curiously for a moment and then, to my extreme amazement, brought it to his mouth and licked it off! Woah! Now that I wasn’t expecting!

   “Tommy,” I asked incredulously, “Are you gay? You have to tell me the truth; you’re not able to lie.”

   “I don’t know,” he answered with blank, hypnotized honesty, his eyes still locked on my roomie’s tool.

   “Well, have you ever done anything with another guy before this?”

   “Chad and I used to jerk off together when we were in junior high. We always sneaked a magazine out of dad’s Playboy stash to look at, but sometimes I was thinkin’ about guys in my gym class instead.” While he answered, his hand had returned to Adam’s dick and was once again cautiously exploring it.

   “How about with girls? You’re not a virgin, are you?”

   “No, I’m not a virgin. I’ve had sex with girls. It was okay.” He didn’t sound enormously excited by the memory.

   “There’s only one way to be sure, and that’s to do something definitive.” I leaned in, deftly avoiding Adam’s boogying booty, undid Tommy’s pants and freed his erection. “At the count of three, Tommy, you’ll give my roomie a blow-job. Adam, you’ll stand still and let him. Chad, uh…” I thought for a moment. He seemed so far gone and out of it that I guessed I could get away with the command I was considering (especially since, by Tommy’s admission, they’d already shared at least some mild sex-play in the past). “Chad, you’ll take off your clothes, and then you’ll suck your brother off until he cums. Tommy, Adam, you’ll be able to cum when you’re ready to. One, two, three.”

   Immediately the action shifted in accordance with my orders. Adam instantly froze in place like some pornographic statue, or a soldier locked at attention (if soldiers ever come to attention buck naked with dripping hard-ons!). Chad rose to his feet and began methodically to shed garments. I was watching him closely, but, just as in response to every other suggestion I’d given him so far, he appeared to be offering no resistance whatsoever, showing no conflict or discomfort, nor, quite frankly, even experiencing any real awareness at all of the nature of what he was doing. Tommy looked as though he were struggling with the command just a bit (or perhaps the struggle was against his own unconscious realization that this suggestion was one he actually wanted to obey), but then his resistance collapsed. With a little sigh, almost a moan, he leaned forward to slide his lips over Adam’s erection. His eyes closed in hypnotized bliss, and he sucked as contentedly as an infant on the bottle, his hands busy as possible on any other reachable portions of my motionless roomie’s sexy anatomy. And when Chad finished undressing and sank obediently to his knees to begin mindlessly ministering to his brother’s stiff cock, Tommy began to moan with such obvious, intense pleasure that it was pretty clear (to me at least, and probably to his subconscious awareness as well) that he was having far and away better sex than the mere “okay” he’d experienced with girls.

   The more Tommy got into his spellbound three-way, the better his performance became. His innocent, boyish face flushed with excitement, he sucked more and more elaborately and expertly, refining his technique by adding licks and twists as his head bobbed up and down along the rigid shaft, and, at the same time, the explorations of his hands on Adam’s most erogenous zones became more and more intimate, demanding, and assured. My helpless roomie, already super hard up and horny from missing his long-distance sweetheart, was on a hair trigger. In very short order he was blasting off for all he was worth into Tommy’s suctioning mouth, and then, as the inexperienced young cocksucker ran out of intake capacity, spewing spunk all over his face and shirt as well. The warm wetness, taste and smell were all it took for Tommy. Only seconds later, in chain reaction, he too was cumming, all over his brother’s face and his own pants (since Chad wasn’t swallowing, every drop pumped into his mouth just dribbled right back out again). All three of my frat brothers were a fragrant, sticky mess!

   And I loved it!! So far I’d just been stage-managing, but it was definitely high time for ol’ Chris to get some! I stripped off my own clothing as quickly as I could and gave my cock a couple of encouraging strokes (not that it needed them). Now, which one to use…

   Tommy, I decided, must be pretty much spent for the time being, having both given and received a massive orgasm, as well as having, in my estimation, a lot to process on a sub-conscious level, psychologically speaking. I sent him out of the picture and into a deep sleep, having first smeared the cum on his face into a smoother, less drippy layer, both for his physical comfort and so that the smell of it under his nose would give him sweet, sexy dreams. He wouldn’t be aware of anything going on until I touched his shoulder. I considered Adam, whose dancing had gotten me so hot, but he too had just climaxed and would be slow to rouse again. And besides, since he and I roomed together, I figured I could have him any time. (Oh yeah, none of these guys was leaving here without a permanent trance-trigger firmly in place; this whole scenario had proven much too hot to settle for having it only as an opportunistic one-shot, and I was determined to have the means of putting them all under again whenever I wanted, whether they cooperated or not!) So I rendered my roomie insensible as well (also giving him a little splooge moustache to sniff, since there was plenty of it to go around). That meant zombie-boy Chad was elected as my boy-toy de jour. Truth to be told, he was the handsomest of the handsome bunch, and probably would have been my choice anyway, even if he hadn’t also been, by every measure, the most hypnotized of the three and therefore the easiest.

   “Chad, are you gay?” After all, as a teenager, he jacked off with his brother, so it didn’t hurt to ask.

   “No.” He was still a robot answering questions, but there was no hesitation or doubt – a straight boy through and through.

   “Then why did you suck your brother Tommy’s dick?” I knew, of course, but I wanted him to say it.

   “Because I’m hypnotized and I was told to.”

   “That’s right, you’re hypnotized… deeply hypnotized… very deeply hypnotized. And being hypnotized means you have to do what the hypnotist tells you to do, even if it’s not something you’d ever do otherwise. You’re hypnotized and you obey, and that’s all there is to it. Isn’t that so?”


   “Good. You want to kiss me. Come over here and give me the hottest, wettest, deepest, longest kiss you’ve ever given!”

   Chad zombie-walked over to me, his gorgeous, mesmerized face (still sloppy with Tommy’s jizz) locked into that focused “I’m-going-to-kiss-you” stare guys get when they mean business, pulled me into his arms and delivered the most intense tongue-kiss I’d ever imagined, seen or heard of. I was reminded of the closing lines from The Princess Bride about the five kisses “rated perfect” etc., etc., and how “this one left them all behind”. It felt, tasted, smelled unbelievably good, and it seemed as though it went on for an hour, just getting better and better all the time, until I thought I’d explode from that alone (although, somehow, I managed not to do anything more than streak both our thighs with slicks of my suddenly out-of-control pre-cum). When Chad finally let go of me I staggered, nearly losing my balance. He, on the other hand, merely stood there quietly, the perfectly blank hypno-slave who, having dutifully obeyed one hypnotic command, now was simply waiting, with mind empty and wide open, for the next.

    The vacancy of his expression was a complete turn-on. I could see myself becoming a hypno-fetishist big-time, with no more encouragement than the promise of seeing that look again on some handsome guy’s face. “Chad, we’re going to have sex together, and you’ll let me fuck your ass.”

    For the first time since he’d inadvertently succumbed to the spell, Chad showed a slight reaction. Although there was no way he was going to be able to fight free of his super-deep trance, still, he wasn’t completely indifferent to (or happy about) the thought of being fucked. But I was too horny to care. “Chad,” I commanded firmly, “You will say ‘I’m a hypnotized slave’ over and over again without stopping.”

    “I’m a hypnotized slave… I’m a hypnotized slave… I’m…” the distraction had restored his mindless calm.

    “You won’t be able to stop saying that until I tell you to, and as long as you repeat it, that phrase will be the only thing in your mind, the only thing in your experience. Your body will do what I order, and enjoy doing it, but you will have no awareness of anything but the phrase you are saying.”

    “… a hypnotized slave… I’m a hypnotized…”

    I went over to my discarded jeans and got a pre-lubed condom out of my wallet (well, of course I carry them; after all I am a frat-boy), and suited myself up. Then I knelt behind the handsome blond stud (motionless as a department store mannequin, still helplessly repeating his mantra) and chowed down on his hard-muscled butt (with the neat, straight-boy shape sculpted by thrusting, not the padded hump-cushion of a bottom). I think I set a speed record for opening up a butt-hole (although the depth of his trance-state and the completeness of his physical relaxation surely had something to do with that), and it’s a good thing, since I was so out of control that I would have been dry-humping him if I’d had to try to restrain myself much longer. I plunged my latex-sheathed cock into his waiting ass with one smooth motion and began to fuck like a mad bunny.

     “I’m a… uhhh… hypnotized slave… uhhh… I’m a h…uhhh…hypnotized slave… I’m… uhhhhhhh… a hyp… uhhhh… hypnoti… uhhhhhh… ized slave…”

     I wish I could have been in two places at once. Not for anything would I have given up my position thrusting in and out of Chad’s incredible ass, but I would have loved to be able to watch his face at the same time. The war between the blankness of his hypnotized expression and the inevitable facial contortions from having his butt-hole and prostate fucked to orgasm must have been priceless!

    As much as I would have liked to ravage him for centuries, my control ran out pretty quickly. As I shot what felt like my immortal soul into the condom I screamed, “Cum now, Chad!”

    “I’m a hypnoti-ayyyyyyyeeee!!! Uhhh… uhhhhh…. Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Chad’s butt flexed spasmodically around my cock as he unloaded a massive flood of cum onto his thighs and the floor. It squeezed out one more heavenly, excruciating orgasmic burst of fluid from me that felt like it would turn me inside-out. I pulled out before he killed me. Chad, however, once the spasm passed, merely stood there, his jism trickling down his legs, returned once more in his mesmerized obliviousness, “I’m a hypnotized slave… I’m a hypnotized slave… I’m…” He was hardly even panting, while I on the other hand, felt as though I’d narrowly missed stroking out! Wow, wow, and double-wow!!

   “You can stop repeating that, Chad,” I gasped. “Deep sleep now!”

   “I’m a hyp-” Chad fell silent, his eyelids fluttered, then closed, and he sank gracefully to the floor where he lay in a relaxed, inert heap, fast asleep amid the splashes of his own cum.

   I pulled myself together and considered what next. We’d all shot loads, so any further sex would have to be later after the necessary recuperation, besides, I wasn’t at all sure I had either the desire or, frankly, the stamina to direct another four-way. So, the next job would be clean-up, physical and mental.

   Physical was a problem. I could see that all of us were thoroughly cum-spattered, and even though towels would mop it all up, they’d be their own indisputable evidence of what had been going on. And particularly Tommy, who’d never undressed all the way, was in a state where the sex he’d enjoyed was unmistakable. Both his shirt and his pants were heavily stained with damp splotches of splooge, and only laundering would solve that. Besides, the whole room smelled of man-sex as strong as a gay brothel on coupon day! Well, since I couldn’t clean up adequately, I’d just have to hide the problem – a hypnotic broom instead of a real one. I recaptured everyone’s hypnotized attention away from their enforced deep sleep.

   “Adam, Tommy, Chad, when I wake you back up in a few moments, you won’t notice anything about the appearance, feel, or smell of this room, of me, of yourselves, or of each other, that relates to sexual activity in any way. Your clothing, the floor and furniture, your hair and faces, will seem in no way different to you from the way they seemed before you went into trance. When you get up tomorrow, you will put on clean clothing and all the clothes you wore tonight will go into your laundry, not to be noticed again until after they have been washed. Do you understand?”

   “Yes.” That was robot-boy Chad. The other two just nodded obediently. So, on my further command, they all put their clothes back on, wet or not. I redressed myself too, although I took advantage of the nearby paper towel dispenser first.

   Now for the mental clean-up. This would be trickier, but possibly fun. “Guys, I suppose you’d like to have control of your sexual activity back again, right?”

   “Y-yeah.” “I guess so.” “Okay.” Hmmm… not as enthusiastic as I’d expected. Maybe they’d been having a better time than I realized. Oh well…

    “Just like before, nothing’s free. In order to be released from your compulsion to obey me sexually, you have to give me something else in return. You have to forget everything that happened while you were hypnotized. It’s happening now… your memory is growing cloudy and vague… fading… fading… fading… and gone… completely erased from your ability to recall.” I addressed Adam, “What’s happened while you’ve been in trance?”

    He stared at me blankly, “I don’t know.”

    “How about you?” to Chad


    “And you, Tommy?”

    He looked a little disturbed, but just shook his head.

    “That’s right, you remember nothing… but, Tommy,” I looked directly into his staring eyes, “Without having any actual memories or knowing why, you’re going to find that what you experienced tonight affects your understanding of your own sexuality to the extent that you’ll be able to recognize and acknowledge your own homosexuality. Guys do turn you on, and you won’t try to deny it any longer.” Hell, I was doing him a favor! As rough as being gay can be in certain parts of this world today, it’s nowhere near as rough as trying to pretend to yourself that you aren’t gay when you are!

   Now for the fun part! First, I gave them all re-induction triggers, which I rehearsed carefully until I was sure they were indelible. Now, all I had to do to recapture any of them three was to say the cue phrase plus my victim’s name, and he’d instantly be out like a light, once again helplessly in my power. What a total rush!

   “Chad,” I said, “I’m going to count from five down to one. By the count of one you’ll be wide awake in your full consciousness. Just as commanded, you’ll have no memory of what happened while you were hypnotized, but in addition, you won’t even remember that you were hypnotized. You never went into trance at all. You watched me hypnotize my roomie and your brother, and that’s exactly where you think we are in tonight’s activities. As far as you’re concerned they’ve just this minute gone under. Got that?”

    “Yes.” I was sorry to have to wake him. I was growing very fond of robot-boy.

    “Five, four three, two, and one.”

    Chad blinked and then sat up straighter. I held my breath, but, in spite of the smelly, disheveled state of everyone’s clothing, my newly conscious frat brother appeared undisturbed. He looked at me questioningly. “Are they hypnotized?” he whispered.

     “Yeah,” I chuckled, “Out like lights. And you don’t need to whisper; you can’t disturb them now, because they only respond to my voice.” I went into a modified show-type routine of simple, silly suggestions to the two hypno-victims for Chad’s benefit (although nothing very elaborate – heck, I was tired!) “Seen enough? Shall I snap them out of it?”

     “Sure, go ahead. I’ve won my bet.”

     “That reminds me… I need to do one more thing. You know you won your bet, but Adam probably won’t. He likely won’t remember what went on while he was in trance. He may not even realize that he went under at all. He’ll need some proof.” I bent down and whispered in my sleeping roomie’s ear. Then I woke them up. First, Tommy, who was volubly amazed (and equally oblivious of the sex-residue, even though he was covered in it).

     “That was weird! I was looking at my ring swing back and forth, and wondering if it was working, and then the next thing I know you’re telling me to wake up. How long was I out? What did you make me do? Wow, I feel really good!” He would have gone on, but I shushed him, and his brother pointed to my still-hypnotized roomie, sleeping the sleep of the doomed. Tommy snickered, “Well, there’s a sweet fifty into the ski fund.”

    “Adam,” I commanded, “At the count of three, wide awake. Everything will be as I’ve said it would be. One, two, three.” I snapped my fingers and his eyes sprang open.

    “Pay up, dude,” Chad said. “You totally lost your bet!”

    “What do you mean?” Adam snorted, “I was never hypnotized. I just played along to give you guys a laugh. I remember everything that happened!”

     My heart skipped a beat, but then I realized that, if he really remembered, he wouldn’t be smiling now – he’d be punching my lights out! I relaxed. This was just typical first-timer’s trance rationalization.

     Chad and Tommy both looked comically outraged. “Dude! You were so hypnotized you couldn’t disobey anything he said, even when he made you act like a total doofus!” Chad spluttered.

     Adam smiled smugly. He turned to me. “Chris, buddy, you knew I wasn’t hypnotized didn’t you?”

     “Are you sure you weren’t hypnotized?” I asked slyly. “Not even when I took you,” I gave him an evil grin, “To the… circus?”

     “Arp, arp, arp, arp!!” At the sound of that trigger-word Adam had begun barking like an agitated seal while slapping his extended hands and arms together like flippers. My roomie’s eyes bugged with shock as he tried, quite unsuccessfully, to control himself. In spite of his panicky efforts, he kept right on barking and flapping, “Arp, arp, ARP, ARP!!”

     Chad and Tommy were both laughing so hard that they rolled off the couch and lay convulsed on the floor. They held their stomachs and rolled back and forth, howling (and, incidentally blotting up yet more unnoticed cum).

     Finally I spoke the release word that returned Adam’s self-control. He stopped “arping” and stared at me with wide, shocked eyes, but then found he couldn’t sustain his outrage. His mouth quirked, then formed as rueful smile, and he began to chuckle. “Okay, I stand corrected. I must have been hypnotized after all, and pretty soundly, too. Bizarre! Chris, was that it, or are there other booby-traps?” he was still chuckling but I could tell he was also just a little uneasy.

    “No,” I lied, “That was it. The show’s over. Now pay our bro what you owe him and lets’ turn in. It’s getting late.”

    Sheepishly Adam dug out his wallet and extracted some cash which he handed to Chad, who, wiping tears of merriment from his eyes, had gotten up off the floor to accept it. They shook on it. Chad then reached a hand out and pulled his brother to his feet, and the two of them padded off in the direction of their room with casual “good-nights” flung to us over their departing shoulders.

    My roomie looked at me consideringly, and then shook his head. “Chris… man, you’re dangerous! Have you ever used that shit on girls?”

    I tried to look mysterious. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Then I admitted, “No. Don’t you remember I told you all I hadn’t done it to anyone before tonight.”

    He shook his head again in wonderment, and then started up the stairs to the room we share. I followed directly behind, and found myself becoming way too interested in the motion of his ass as he climbed the steps. It put me in mind of the twenty-four jewel movement of his hips as he’d danced his hypnotized strip-tease. My cock, which should have been satisfied after the workout I’d given it, was suddenly signaling that it wanted more… much more. Well, well, well… maybe this little slumber party was getting a second wind. But that meant there had to be some more slumber…

    As soon as we were in our room, I closed the door. “Adam…” He turned to me questioningly. “Adam, night-night, stud-boy!”

     “Huh?...” and in that instant my handsome roomie was once again a mindless, helpless, utterly hypnotized statue of a boy, ready to do anything he was told. Let the games begin anew!