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Super- (But Maybe Not Entirely) –Natural

(A Tom LeBlanc Story)



   Tom put down the phone and practically rubbed his hands with glee. The call had been from his manager, and Tom was once again summoned to the glittering world of Hollywood. It seemed that someone (who knew someone, who knew someone, etc.), who had worked on the movie project for which Tom had (at the director’s request) hypnotized the entire cast to “foster greater emotional commitment to their performances” (and incidentally enjoyed the private favors of two of the hypnotized young men acting in the project), had recommended him for another job. “Hypnotist to the Stars” he smirked to himself. And the star in question this time was the delectable Jensen Ackles of the WBS hit show “Supernatural”, who, it appeared, desired to become smoke-free. Well, Tom could certainly oblige him in that. And if Mr. Ackles proved to be at all susceptible, there were a number of ways in which Tom could imagine the handsome young actor obliging him!



   “So, Tom, how is this going to work? Do you dangle a watch in front of my eyes?” Jensen chuckled. He and the hypnotist, after having been introduced, had removed themselves to his extremely large and comfortable trailer on the set of “Supernatural”.

   Tom laughed as well. “No, not unless you want me to,” although to himself, he made a mental note that it would be cool to watch Jensen losing it in just such a fashion – perhaps later, after he already had him under control.

   “Rather not. It always struck me as really hokey. So what do you want me to do?”

   “First, I want you to get comfortable, Jensen.” Tom gestured towards the make-up chair, which had head- and foot-rests, rather like a dentist’s chair. “That looks ideal. Put your feet up, let your head lie back, and let your hands just be loose in your lap, palms up,” he continued as the young actor moved to the indicated seat. “Now, close your eyes and just listen to my words… let them be the only thing you’re paying any attention to….”

   Within fifteen minutes, Jensen Ackles was deeply in trance and going deeper by the second. Tom had used all of the tricks at his disposal, and the young man had been rendered helpless. After planting the “official” suggestions to stop the smoking habit (as well as a number of deeply entrenched trance cues to guarantee easy re-hypnosis), the hypnotist decided to indulge his whim. “Open your eyes, Jensen, but don’t wake up.” The actor complied, looking adorably confused and out-of-it. Tom took the trusty watch and chain from his pocket and held it, spinning and swaying, before the young man’s glazed eyes. “Look at the watch,” he crooned, “Feel how it draws your gaze… how it draws your will… You can’t look away for an instant… There is nothing but the watch… spinning… glistening… nothing but the watch and my commands… nothing but th…”

   Suddenly the door of the room opened and Jensen’s co-star Jared Padalecki barged in. “Hey, Jensen, I just finished up. Want to go grab a brew…?” He trailed off in surprise as the scene before him registered. “Oops! Sorry to interrupt.” He began to back out of the room.

   “Jensen, close you eyes and sleep deeper,” Tom said. Then he addressed Jared. “It’s okay. We’re past the point where you could disturb him. I was just deepening the trance. You can even stay and watch if you like. Then when I’m finished the two of you can go have your beers.” The hypnotist’s mind was in high gear, as he weighed the possibility of trapping this gorgeous stud as well. Could he pull it off?

   “I’d better not. If I stay here I’ll be under in a split second.”

   Tom raised one eyebrow. “Really? I can’t imagine anyone could be that susceptible.”

   “I’m not kidding. In high school there was a hypnotist at the after-prom party and apparently I ended up being the star of the show. I don’t know if it’s a trait I’ve always had, or if he did something to me then, but ever since, I can’t even watch stupid b-movie hypnotism scenes without zoning. I’m a total hypno pushover!”

   Thinking to himself, “This couldn’t be more perfect!” the hypnotist turned to face Jared fully, the watch still dangling from his hand as though forgotten. “That sounds very curious. Tell about the after-prom party. What did the guy do?” Tom could see that the actor’s eyes were already finding it hard to keep from fixing on the shiny metal.

   “Well, I don’t remember that much about it. I was with my date, and I didn’t plan to go up on stage because I thought it’d look geeky. But she wanted to watch the show, so we took seats down near the front and I got a good dose in spite of myself. He had this really amazing voice – sort of soft and deep – and he was using a big crystal thingy on a chain… kind of like your watch…”

   During this little speech, Jared’s eyes had spent more and more time on Tom’s swaying pocket-watch, and, to the hypnotist’s practiced ear, his speech patterns had begun to slow and flatten ever so slightly. Tom quietly interrupted, “And once you started to look at it, it was really hard to look awayimpossible to stop looking…”

   “Y-yeah…” Jared sounded as though someone had slipped him a hefty dose of tranquillizer.

   “And when your eyes are fixed like that, you find you have to relax and listen… relax and listen… Don’t you, Jared?” Tom’s voice was as sweet and smooth as honey.

   “Relax… and… and… listen….” The young actor’s expression had taken on a frozen deer-caught-in-the-headlights quality. His eyes no longer moved or blinked.

   “That’s right… relax and listen and feel yourself drifting down… down… down… so sleepy… so safe… You want this, Jared… you can’t resist it… you want to listen and drift… and sleep… so tired… so safe to let ago and sleep… sleep…” Tom watched as Jared’s eyes slowly, slowly began to slide shut. The handsome boy’s head was drooping and his body was beginning to slump. Then, on the hypnotist’s last softly compelling “Sleep”, the boy lost the battle. His eyelids finished closing, and his body crumpled helplessly. Tom caught him just barely in time to ease him to the floor without injury. “Jared,” he commanded, “You’re going to stay in trance until I awaken you. You have no awareness of anything besides my voice, and you’ll obey every suggestion I give you,” thinking to himself at the same time, “Man, he wasn’t kidding! I’ve never seen or heard of anyone that vulnerable! It really was like something out of a b-movie!”

    Tom recaptured Jensen’s attention as well, and then began his extensive secret deepening routine on Jared, while taking the somewhat less easily programmable Jensen along for a second ride through the process at the same time. When he had finished, both boys were utterly, mindlessly enslaved… and, to the hypnotist, who loved the blank, vacant appearance of a handsome guy well-entranced, they looked absolutely delicious. Satisfied that he’d established everything he needed for the time being (and realizing that, since they’d been at it for nearly an hour, he couldn’t afford to continue much longer without the risk of drawing undesirable attention), Tom ordered them both to stand up. “In a moment I’m going to leave the dressing room. When I do, you’ll both wake up. You won’t have any memory of having been hypnotized this afternoon, or, for that matter, of ever having been hypnotized. You have never been hypnotized, have you, Jensen?”




   “Jensen, you’re going to come to my hotel this evening at eight, because that’s when we have planned to do your anti-smoking therapy. You’ll bring Jared with you, but no one else. Plan to spend the rest of the night. You’ll both do whatever is necessary to make yourselves available for that time. And Jared, you want to come along with him because you’re very curious about hypnosis. You want to see Jensen get hypnotized. Do you both understand and agree?”

   “Yes… understand….” the two young men droned their answers, nodding like idiots.

   “Good. As a sign that you obey all of these suggestions, I want you to kiss each other on the lips.” Neither young man opened his eyes, but both fumbled about until they’d located each other and then kissed mechanically. There was no passion in it, nor was there distaste; just two robots executing programmed motions. “Excellent,” Tom chortled. “I’ll see you both tonight, and you’ll be even more hypnotizable than you are now. You’ll both go into trances infinitely deeper.” He exited, quietly closing the door behind him.

   As the latch clicked, the two actors blinked and woke up. “So, how about that brew?” Jared asked, the previous hour completely banished from his awareness.



   At eight o’clock on the dot the two hypnotically punctual stars were knocking on the door of Tom’s hotel room. “I brought Jared along. I hope that’s all right,” Jensen said as they were admitted. “He’s really interested in the whole thing, and I don’t mind if he watches.”

   “Not a problem at all,” Tom said suavely. “Jared, why don’t you sit in this chair? That way you’ll have a ringside seat. Jensen, I want you in this one, please.” As the two young men took their positions, Tom continued, “It’s important that you be very comfortable, so let yourself really relax back into the chair.” He watched as Jensen’s body automatically assumed the posture it had adopted that afternoon. His mind may have been wiped, but his muscles evidently had some residual memory of the experience. The hypnotist walked over to Jensen and tapped his forehead, at the same time saying “Sleep.” At the sound of the cue phrase, the young man froze instantly, his face blank, his eyes vacant and fixed. He was, even to the untrained eye, quite obviously deeply entranced.

   From Jared, Tom heard a surprised gasp. “Holy shit! That’s all it takes!? This has to be some kind of trick!” The boy was goggling at his companion as though convinced he’d be able to spot some tell-tale sign of fakery.

   The hypnotist turned to face him. “Oh no, I assure you that he’s completely under now. You can test him, if you like. Jensen won’t hear or respond to anyone but me until I release him.”

    Looking a little spooked, Jared got up and cautiously approached the motionless Jensen. He seized his friend’s wrist and lifted his arm. It hung from his grasp, loose and limp as the arm of a rag doll. Dropping it back into Jensen’s lap, he waved his hand in front of the staring eyes. There was no more reaction than if he’d been trying to attract the attention of a waxwork. “Unreal!” he murmured.

    “And now it’s your turn, Jared.”

    “Huh?” Jared spun about to face Tom, who now had his pocket-watch out and was holding it up so that it sparkled in the lamplight. “You’ve got to be kidding! I’m not gonna get hypnotized!”

    “Of course you are!” Tom walked towards Jared who backed away from him nervously. “Jared, stop fighting the inevitable,” he said quietly. “You know you can’t keep your eyes from tracking the watch as I swing it back and forth… back and forth…”

   “Cut it out,” Jared pleaded, but, in spite of himself, his eyes had indeed once again begun to follow the swaying motion of the shiny timepiece. As Tom had set Jared up for this with earlier post-hypnotic suggestions (and after what he’d seen that afternoon, the hypnotist half believed it might have worked even without his prompting), the outcome had never really been in doubt.

   “But I won’t ‘cut it out’... and you can’t stop yourself from looking at this watch and going into trance. You can already feel yourself slipping under, Jared… your legs won’t let you walk away… your eyelids won’t blink… and your mind is getting so fuzzy and obedient… so sleepy and helpless as you watch the watch…”

   “No…” Jared moaned, but without much conviction. The young actor had stopped moving and was staring fixedly at the glittering watch case, for the second time in only a few hours trapped by his own extreme suggestibility.

   “Yes, Jared, you’re going deep into trance… Now, sit back down in your chair.” With no apparent awareness that he was doing so, the boy obeyed. His handsome face now had lost its previous expression of alarm and in its place was one of innocent blankness. Jared’s mouth had fallen open slightly, making him appear younger and more vulnerable, like a child mesmerized by a television program. “You’ll do anything I tell you now, won’t you?”


   “Okay, sleep. And wait for more orders.”

   Tom inspected his two new victims, each slumped in his chair, staring vacantly at nothing, a pair of hypnotist’s bookends. He undressed himself in a leisurely fashion. Before beginning to play, however, the hypnotist wanted to satisfy his curiosity. Just how the heck had Jared become so incredibly hypnotizable? Could he possibly be that naturally suggestible, or had his first hypno-experience been more than he realized? (Tom, who knew more than anyone about what an unscrupulous hypnotist could get up to with an unsuspecting victim, was skeptical about “accidental” trance effects.) He quickly set Jensen an open-ended deepening exercise to keep him occupied, and then said, “Jared, we’re going back into your past, back to the hypnotism show after your prom the first time you were ever hypnotized… You’re there now with your date, waiting for the show to begin. How old are you?”

   “I just turned eighteen last week.” The boy sounded younger, and (in a sleepy sort of way) proud of his recently acquired maturity upgrade.

   “The hypnotist has just come out on stage… You’re going to re-experience it all and describe everything that happens until I tell you to stop.”

   Jared sat a little straighter in his chair, his staring eyes now apparently focused on a stage. “He’s wearing a tuxedo – not as sharp as mine – and he’s telling us about hypnotism and what it’s like. This is such bull-shit! I don’t know why Julie is so into the whole thing. Still… his voice is pretty amazing. I wonder how he gets that much richness into it. I want to know the trick for my acting. Now he’s telling us to clasp our hands together and lock our fingers… Yeah, right! But he’s looking straight at me, and then Julie pokes me and so I have to go along. This is so stupid…” Jared’s hands acted out what he was imagining. “He keeps talking about concentrating, in that amazing voice, and about our fingers getting tighter and tighter…” Suddenly the young actor’s eyebrows shot up in amazement. “Holy shit! I can’t separate my hands! Just like he says… And now he’s telling me that my locked hands are magnetized to the chairs on stage… that they’re pulling me up to the stage… that I can’t fight the magnetic pull… Damn! I don’t want to go on stage… I’ll look like an idiot!” But Jared’s hands were indeed pulling him right up out of his chair in spite of his pantomime struggles. “Am I hypnotized? I don’t feel hypnotized… Is this what it feels like?”

   Tom intervened. “You’re up on the stage now Jared. What happens next?”

   Once more sitting calmly, Jared continued, “He’s taken this crystal pendant-thing out of his pocket. God that’s hokey! It’s on a long chain and he’s making it swing a little back and forth so that it glitters in the light. He’s telling us we have to watch it … can’t take our eyes off of it… and that it’s... it’s sending… us… deeper… it’s….” The hypnotized actor’s voice trailed off into silence, and his eyelids once again began to descend over his blank, staring gaze.

   “Yes,” Tom crooned, “And it worked very well, didn’t it… even though you thought it wouldn’t? He put you into a very deep trance… so deep that even just remembering it is making you go deeper now… deeper and deeper… Tell me all the things he said to you after you were under his control.”

   Jared recited a fairly typical list of routines that he and his helpless classmates had performed. It having been a high school dance, they were all pretty much G-rated. As the young actor had said before, it appeared that he’d been used with great frequency and success in the show. The only slightly suspect phrase Tom could detect had been one uttered near the beginning of the performance, when the hypnotist had instructed all his subjects that they would remain easily re-hypnotizable. He hadn’t specified that this was to be the case only during the show itself. “Amateur!” Tom snorted scornfully to himself. And yet, as he thought about it, the hypnotist felt that, by itself, the slip hardly seemed enough to account for the boy’s almost pathological vulnerability to trance states. Surely just that single, clumsily worded, one-time suggestion shouldn’t have wreaked this degree of havoc, should it? The effect ought to have worn off long ago. “Tell me how he woke you up at the end of the show.”

   “He didn’t wake me up at the end of the show.”

   Jared’s demeanor hadn’t changed at this statement, but Tom’s eyebrows rose. Now this sounded more like they were nearing the real explanation! “Please explain that, Jared.”

   “I was the last one left on stage. He’d had me frozen stiff, stretched out between two chair backs, and after he unfroze me, while he was helping me down, he told me I was still deeply hypnotized and that I would only pretend to wake up. I had to try to seem exactly the way I would if I were awake, but I’d stay completely under his control. I don’t think any of the audience heard that part … he was speaking very softly. He ordered me to meet him in one of the classrooms fifteen minutes after the show was over. I was supposed to act like I was heading for the restroom.” Jared still sounded innocently unconcerned about what he was saying. “I wanted to fight it but I couldn’t; I did exactly as he said,” he continued, and went on to describe how, once the hypnotist had him sequestered in the classroom, his trance had been systematically deepened until he couldn’t think for himself at all. He had then been instructed to come to the hypnotist’s house the following day. Finally, Jared’s memory had been carefully wiped. Upon awakening, he was told, he’d remember nothing that had happened after coming up onto the stage and looking at the pendant, and that he’d justify his compulsion to visit the hypnotist in any way that satisfied him, but that he wouldn’t ever connect his actions with the hypnotism show. A fully awake, but decidedly disoriented Jared had then wended his way back to the gym and his date, convinced he’d only been to the john.

   Tom was sure now that the rest of the tale would be one right from the pages of his own journal (except of course that he would never have been so clumsy as to leave the tell-tale post-hypnotic super-suggestibility where just anyone could trigger it). However, he was enjoying the story (not to mention Jared’s excellent hypnotized-teenager delivery of it - the kid was a terrific actor), so after giving Jensen a different set of deepening suggestions, just to keep him hypnotically involved (and avoid the chance of his trance degrading into simple sleep), the hypnotist said, “It’s the next day, Jared, and you’re driving to the hypnotist’s house.”

   The young actor’s hands immediately assumed the 10 and 2 positions on an imaginary steering wheel, his eyes wide and unfocused. Then a look of annoyance flashed across his handsome face. He pantomimed pulling over and coming to a stop.

   “What’s happening now, Jared?” Tom prompted.

   “Car’s making a funny noise. Damn it! I’m not sure where I am. I had some time to kill while I was running errands, and I drove into this neighborhood just to check it out. I guess I’ll have to go up to one of these houses and try to phone a service station.” Obviously the memory wipe had worked perfectly. Teenage Jared hadn’t had any idea that he was where he was because he’d been ordered to be there.

   Jared started to leave his seat, again reliving the experience physically as well as mentally - he was in an exceedingly deep trance. A timely intervention by Tom, and he returned to a strictly narrative mode. The tale unfolded that he’d gone to one of the houses (picked, he thought, at random) and rang the doorbell. To his surprise (but most emphatically not to Tom’s), it was answered by the hypnotist from the previous night. He was invited in and then…

   Suddenly Jared fell silent, so totally still that he might have been a waxwork in a museum. After a moment, Tom asked, “What happened next?” There was no response. “Jared?...” Still nothing. Finally the hypnotist repeated the trigger phrase he’d implanted in the actor and said, in a quietly no-nonsense tone, “You will answer me.”

   Jared’s voice was so soft and dull that it might have been coming from another time. “He… he says… something… I can’t move… can’t think… can’t do anything but what he tells me… no mind… no will… He takes all my clothes off… I just stand there and let him do it… He feels me up… all over… I can’t even twitch… He tells me to get hard, and as soon as I am, he sucks me off… then he tells me to let him fuck my ass… I can’t help myself… It hurts, but every time I try to resist, to struggle… he says… whatever it is… and I just have to obey… He tells me I’ll come back anytime he wants me to, and then he sends me home… As soon as I’m in the car again, I can’t even remember stopping.”

   “And did you go back?” Tom prompted.

   “Yeah… a lot of times… Sometimes it was just me… sometimes there would be other guys… but we were all always in deep trance… I remember fucking the captain of my school wrestling team… he was so zonked that it was like using a blow-up doll… I don’t know how the hypnotist got to him… I don’t think he was one of the guys who got hypnotized on prom night…”

   “How did it all end?” Obviously, the busy young actor wasn’t still paying regular visits to his old hometown for the purpose of being seduced hypnotically!

   “I moved to California that summer… there was a great job opportunity… kind of last minute… unexpected…”

   “Well,” thought Tom, “That explains why hypnotist X never covered his tracks. The next time he tried to reel in his little sex-zombie, the boy was no longer there. Still, it was pretty damn sloppy. It wouldn’t have been that hard to find out where he’d gone!” Now that he had all of the facts clearly laid out, the hypnotist proceeded to de-bug Jared’s psyche. After all, even though Tom’s personal bent and teenage traumas had made him dangerous, his experiences with good old Dr. Tanner (who was neither gay nor predatory), as well as his college training, had made him an expert hypnotherapist. And, of course, he left all of his own hypnotic hooks firmly in place! It wasn’t that Jared wouldn’t continue to be a hypno-pushover, since he would be exactly that. But now he’d be one only for Tom.

   Satisfied at last that everything was as much in order and under his control as he wanted it to be, Tom moved on to the main event. “Jared, Jensen, stand up.” Both young men rose to their feet. (Jensen, who had been deepening his trance steadily for upwards of a half an hour, took a second or two to pull himself together enough to manage it.) Then he led them, unresisting, to the bedroom.

   “Jared, please undress Jensen,” the hypnotist commanded. With the dreamy indifference of a sleepwalker, the young actor drifted over to his colleague and slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Jensen stood quietly, offering no resistance, his wide eyes vague, innocent and untroubled. Tom, now as hard as a rock, began to stroke himself after first triggering one of his own self-implanted hypnotic cues against losing control. After Jared tossed the shirt aside, he pushed the white T-undershirt up Jensen’s muscular body and then (as the spellbound actor obligingly raised his arms) pulled it off over his head. The torso revealed was stunning.

    “Stop for a moment, Jared.” The hypnotist walked closer to the now-motionless tableau. Jared was staring stupidly at Jensen’s exposed chest, the t-shirt having slipped un-noticed from his relaxed fingers. “He looks very good, doesn’t he, Jared?”

   “Uh-huh…” It wasn’t really an opinion, just the agreement of a hypnotized slave.

   “Why don’t you make love to that pretty chest? Kiss it, lick the nipples…” Tom’s voice was seductive and encouraging rather than commanding, but Jared was nonetheless incapable of refusing. He slowly reached out on hand to caressingly trace the contours of Jensen’s pecs and stomach, and then began to kiss and lick him all over. Tom moved in behind Jensen, and his mouth laid claim to the tender nape of the young actor’s neck, while his hands explored the satiny skin and hard muscles of the boy’s back. The hypnotist’s hard-on randomly bumped and rubbed against the still jean-covered mounds of Jensen’s buttocks, and the unsatisfactoriness of this finally caused to him command Jared, “Okay, finish undressing him.”

   Jared pulled away from his friend’s chest, his lips and cheeks now a bit damp and flushed from the contact, and with Jensen’s occasional, unconcerned cooperation of lifting one foot or the other, divested him of shoes, socks, jeans, and finally underwear, until he stood naked in all his glory. “And glorious it is!” thought the hypnotist as he walked slowly around, admiring from all angles the buttery-tan skin and hard muscles of Jensen’s nearly perfect body. And Tom (being Tom) was equally captivated by the utterly helpless, blank innocence of the young actor’s glazed expression.

   Jared, having finished his assigned task, and with no further suggestions forthcoming, had lapsed into motionless stupor. He was still on his knees in front of Jensen, like a forgotten toy, his mesmerized gaze directed, in an unfocused way, more or less at Jensen’s crotch. That, as might be expected, gave Tom an idea of what to suggest next. “Jared, suck his cock until he’s hard.”

   “Yes, master…” Tom almost laughed out loud. Apparently his clean sweep through Jared’s mind had missed a few small remaining post-hypnotic suggestions left over from that previous hypnotist, who, it would seem, liked his drama. Obediently Jared went to it, and, thanks to his extensive (if unwitting) high school experience, he was quite good enough at it that Jensen was soon in full erection, a state which Tom quickly made permanent until he should order otherwise.

   Then he commanded then to switch roles, jacking happily while he watched as the naked and totally bemused Jensen now fumblingly undressed a quietly cooperative Jared. When it was Jensen’s turn to try his hand (as it were) at sucking cock, however, things no longer went quite as smoothly. Poor, helpless Jared flinched more than once from unexpected tooth-contact before Tom stepped in and gave the novice cocksucker a few hypnotically compulsive pointers in the art. After that, the effect improved markedly, and in no time Jared too was iron-hard (and under the hypnotist’s total orgasm control as well).

   Tom ordered the two to return to motionless standing positions. Other than for their rigid cocks, they showed no signs of either emotion or awareness as the hypnotist walked around them inspecting at leisure. He fondled both erections. The guys were quite well-hung, Jensen’s being a little the thicker, Jared’s, a little the longer. The hard muscles of their chests, stomachs and thighs were total tactile satisfaction to Tom’s softly exploring fingers. The hypnotist did find that he had a slight preference for the pertness of Jared’s tight butt, and this made up his mind that Jared would be his personal playmate for this evening. Besides, there was something so helplessly blank about Jensen’s frozen expression that it made him think of Jared’s description of his high-school wrestler “…so zonked it was like using a blow-up doll…” It seemed to be time for another trip down the young actor’s memory lane.

   “Jensen, from now on until I tell you otherwise, you’re as much in Jared’s power as you are in mine. You must obey him without question.”

   “…must obey Jared…” came the dull response.

   “Jared, you’re eighteen again, and Jensen is another deeply hypnotized boy. I’ve commanded him to do whatever you tell him to do, and I want you to fuck his ass. Use him the way you used the wresting team captain you told me about.” Tom handed him a condom and some lube,

  “Yes, master…” Jared set the items the hypnotist had given him on the nightstand by the bed and then stood in front of Jensen. He placed his hands on his friend’s shoulders. “Look into my eyes, Jensen.” The other obeyed, staring helplessly. “You have to believe everything I tell you. Isn’t that right?” Jensen nodded solemnly without breaking his frozen eye-contact. “Your asshole is turning into a pussy… just like a girl has.” Deeply under though he was, Jensen still twitched in shock at this statement, but he couldn’t free his gaze or refuse the suggestion. “Turning into a pussy,” Jared repeated insistently. “I’m going to begin to rub it, and as I do you’ll feel how moist and sensitive it gets. You’re going to be able to have an orgasm from being fucked, just like the woman. Hell, when I fuck you, you’re going to have multiple orgasms! And cumming, every time you cum, is going to take away more and more of your ability to think, until you’re just a stupid, sex-crazy bimbo-slut moaning and humping. Now get on the bed on all fours. We’re doing this doggy-style.”

   Jensen clambered into position, the bewildered helplessness on his handsome face priceless, as far as Tom was concerned. Jared slipped a condom onto his rigid cock and then liberally squirted lube into both hands. First he greased his latex-clad dick, and then began to ready Jensen’s waiting ass. At the first touch, Jensen let out a soft little whine of pleasure. Soon he was arching his back and thrusting against Jared’s fingers. When Jared actually began to fuck him, Jensen had already cum once, all over the bedspread, and he was indeed ‘moaning and humping’ like a porn goddess getting ready for her money shot. Tom lost track of how many times Jensen orgasmed (or at least appeared to), but by the time Jared (with the hypnotist’s permission) finally clenched his buttocks and shot deep into his co-star’s hole, all Jensen could do was whimper ecstatically, his body totally out of his control, and his mind turned to mush. Afterwards, he collapsed belly-down into the pool of cum, staring blankly, for all the world like an abandoned sex-doll.

   Tom, who had been stroking himself like mad throughout the whole show, was more than ready to take his own turn. A word or two, and both young actors, now sweaty and smelling of sex, but still blankly oblivious, once again stood before him waiting helplessly for their next commands. The hypnotist removed and disposed of Jared’s used condom and then ordered the guys to begin kissing each other. He added that they’d find it incredibly sexy, so, unlike their previous kiss in Jensen’s trailer, these were given total commitment. Even though they had cum so recently, it wasn’t long before both young actors were hard and ready again (which was what Tom had intended in the first place).

   First, he attended to Jensen, since he wanted himself free from distraction to use Jared. “Jensen, you can stop kissing Jared now. Stand over here by the bed and become a statue. Feel your body turning to stone… heavy…stiff… feel your mind slowing down… thoughts fading… You can’t move, you can’t think, you can’t feel, and you have no awareness of the passing of time… You will remain that way, motionless, oblivious until I release you.” The young actor’s mouth had begun to open as if to plead or protest, but then the suggestion took full effect, and he no longer had that ability. Tom thought that the half-open lips gave his face an especially young and appealing look. He turned back to Jared, however, knowing that the ongoing nature of his hypnotic command would keep Jensen occupied and helpless for as long as he wished.

   “Jared, look at the tip of my finger. That’s right… Keep watching it as it moves to the right and then the left… the right… and then the left… back and forth… back and forth… so smooth…” Jared’s mesmerized gaze slavishly tracked Tom’s finger as the hypnotist slowly waved it before his eyes. “Every time the finger moves to the left your brain grows slower… every time the finger moves right you feel more sexy… left… right… left… right… stupid… horny… left… right… you can’t think at all… left… right… nothing but sex… left … right…” As Tom systematically destroyed Jared’s mind, the young actor’s eyes never stopped following the finger. His cock was even harder than before, dripping pre-cum. His mouth had fallen open helplessly in a vague, idiotic grin, and suddenly… he giggled. It was a sound of absolutely innocent, unsophisticated happiness, like a child delighted by a new toy. “That’s right,” the hypnotist encouraged, “You can’t manage a single serious thought… and you love it! Nothing makes you happier than giving up everything and letting me do the thinking for you… to exist only for sex… so happy you just have to laugh… so happy you can’t stop…”

   Tom pulled the mind-fucked young man, now giggling uncontrollably, down onto the bed and proceeded to ravish him thoroughly and in every way imaginable. By the time the hypnotist was pounding away at Jared’s perfect ass, the boy had stopped laughing, but he was meeting Tom’s violent thrusts with savage answering thrusts of his own. The total blankness of his preoccupied expression, the animal grunts issuing from his slack mouth, the frenzied response of his passion-wracked body made it perfectly clear that every atom of his being was concentrated on one thing and one thing only: the fucking he was receiving. The hypnotist thought (to the extent that he was thinking at all, which, at that point, wasn’t any too clearly) that he’d never had sex anything like it. He’d hypnotized and seduced great numbers of desirable young men, but none of them as thoroughly defenseless against hypnosis (by nature or from pre-conditioning) as Jared, and so he’d never before succeeded in fucking anyone’s mind to quite this extent. The resulting increase of intensity was incredible. Tom might be in absolute control of Jared, but the effect of the young actor’s total loss of inhibitions (or even personal awareness) was so amazingly compelling that the hypnotist felt he was no longer very much in control of himself! It was actually a little frightening to be swept away to such an extent. Tom’s orgasm, when he reached it, was so physically powerful that it literally hurt him as his muscles all went rigid at once, although the pleasure and pain were so intertwined in the sensation that it had entered some indescribable level of experience beyond either one. It took him many minutes to calm down even to the point where he could be sure he hadn’t done himself real harm. He gingerly withdrew from Jared’s ass, relieved to find all of his limbs still in working order, and collapsed beside him with a sigh.

   Jared had also blown another load, but of whether it had taxed him as much as it had Tom, there was no sign. As soon as the hypnotist climbed off him, he just stretched like a contented cat. His lips curved into a vague smile of slutty satisfaction, and he began to finger paint on his belly with his own cum.



   “Jared, Jensen, as I touch your forehead you will forget everything that has happened since you came here.” Tom suited action to his words, brushing a finger across the brows of the boys who, now cleaned up and once again dressed, were standing at mindless attention in front of him. “Instead, this is what you’ll remember: Jensen, you came here to quit smoking, and, just as I promised you will never again have the desire or even the physical ability to smoke. You will remember nothing about the evening itself, because I put you into a totally deep trance. You will only have memories of that brief portion of time you spent here not in trance. And, of course, to allow for the future reinforcements of your anti-smoking conditioning, you’ll still go into trance instantly when I use your trigger. Jared: you will remember watching me hypnotized Jensen. There wasn’t much to see, really, but watching him lose consciousness and go into trance was fascinating to you. You have will still have no idea that you yourself have ever been hypnotized, but as of tonight, you’ll find that you really want to try it. You’ll think about it until you can come up with an acceptable reason to have it done. And you want to try it with me, and only with me! No one else will ever be able to put you in trance unless I permit it.” Tom trusted his memory blocks to hold, but he nonetheless had no interest in tempting fate on that point. He tested the two hypnotized boys to make sure they understood and had accepted these final suggestions, and then woke Jared.

    “This is awesome,” Jared chortled, as his newly opened eyes rested on the sleeping Jensen. “Now that you’ve got the legitimate business out of the way, is there any way I could persuade you to prank him? Make him howl at the moon whenever I say ‘Fido’ or something like that? That would be so cool.” His grin was devilish, and it was obvious he hadn’t a clue that, only moments before, he’d been just as vulnerable.

    “Sorry,” Tom smiled but added firmly, “Not only would it be unethical, but it would probably land us both in a law suit unless your colleague here is extraordinarily easy-going.” The hypnotist had to bite his tongue, because he thought it would be cool too. He just couldn’t let either young man realize that while they were awake enough to draw conclusions. “I’ll just wake him up. If you’re so keen to prank him, then you’ll just have to learn to hypnotize him yourself, and you won’t get very far with it if he knows he can’t trust your intentions!” Tom then counted Jensen out of his trance.

   Jensen stretched luxuriously. Then his eyes caught sight of the clock on the coffee table. They widened in a classic double-take. “Four hours?!! I just closed my eyes and the next thing I know you’re telling me to open ’em again! Four hours and I don’t remember dick about it?! Holy shit!!”

   Jared was laughing like a hyena. “Yeah, dude, you were Sleeping Beauty all evening. I tried to get Tom to slip you some extra suggestions, but he’s too darn honorable. Your ass is lucky I wasn’t the one in charge.” He dissolved in giggles again.

   Jensen shot him a dusty look and then turned to Tom, his eyes questioning. “That’s right,” Tom said pleasantly. “You were in deep trance for very nearly four hours (other than for some rest breaks that you probably weren’t even aware of). The bottom line is: would you like a cigarette?”

   Jensen’s face screwed up as though he’d just been offered the chance to suck on a turd. “Uh… no thanks!” Then, realizing what he’d just said and, more importantly, felt, he grinned. “Well, that sure seems to have worked. I guess I owe you one, Tom!” he shook the hypnotist’s hand heartily.

   Tom grinned back at him. “Happy to help.” He handed the young man his business card. “Just remember to call me in no more than two weeks for your reinforcement session. Without it, you’ll still dislike the very idea of smoking, but your withdrawal symptoms may start to annoy you again. I have to go back to ______, but it will work fine over the phone, now that I have you trance-trained.”

   With a studied casualness that might have fooled Jensen, but didn’t fool Tom, Jared said, “Could I have one of your cards too? Who knows but maybe some time I’ll want a little hypnotic fine-tuning for something or other.”

    The hypnotist blandly handed him a card, thinking, “You’ll want whatever I tell you to want. I wonder when they finish filming for the season.” As the two young men left his hotel, still bubbling over with thanks and enthusiasm, he was already planning their next encounter.