My 29th Birthday


Thom 21


A Work of Fiction Dedicated to Sunfiregod and Hyptrance for awakening new Hypnotic fantasies within.

I was born on June 10th 1973. I cant say that anything eventful happened during the first 28 years, so I wont bore you with them. It is the events that began with my 29th birthday just a few short days ago that have awakened me to a whole new world that awaits me.

It started on June 4th with a visit to a hypnotist for therapy. I had been suffering from depression and it was the hope of my therapist to get to the root of the problem with the aid of hypnosis. The hypnosis session felt deeply relaxing and I answered all the therapist questions and took in all of his suggestions to help solve my problem.

The session lasted a good hour and from a therapeutic side it hadnt yielded much, but the therapist taught me self-hypnosis and encouraged me to use it to help get to my inner self. I began practicing it that night and each night for five days. On June 9th just before bed I started my nightly self-hypnosis session. I had perfected the induction and this time I added some personal elements to relax me such as the country setting I grew up in. It was during this phase of the induction that I became acutely aware of the deepening state of self-hypnosis I was entering into. My body had never been so relaxed and at peace. My mind had never been more alert. It was a state of trance that I wish I could remain in permanently. I can only describe it as being beyond bliss. I ended up not waking up from this state that night and instead drifted into one of the most peaceful sleeps I have ever had. I would awaken to my new world in just a few short hours on my 29th birthday.

I awoke at 6 am and immediately realized that I had experienced one of the best nights sleep ever. I also became aware of a presence that I had never felt before. It came from within me and I sensed a great deal of energy. I can not explain it further as it is still new to me. I can only hope as time goes on I will look back on my writings and be able to explain it further.

My day was just beginning. Since I had awakened so early I went to my computer and logged on to one of my favorite porn sites. Nothing like a morning J/O session to get the day off to a good start and I needed some way to release my energy.

I logged onto the site and immediately began surfing the photos. One of my favorite photo sets was of this cute 20 something college student climbing stairs with a book bag. As he climbs the stairs he looks he begins to play with himself and eventually the photos show him jerking off and stripping off his clothes completely half way up the stairs. There was just something about this photo set that would get me off every time with a solid month in the making orgasm every time I went to it.

I got myself off and proceeded to get dressed and head off to class. Im still a part time student, as I had not found a direction for myself in my early college years. I guess the inner me didnt want to leave college as college guys are my favorites.

I pulled into the parking lot of the college I was attending and headed in the direction of my first class. As I went into the Applied Science building and walked to my class, there was a set of stairs that I had to walk down to get to the classroom. Six other male students were in the hall. All of them would have met my definition of dream boy, and they reminded me of the stud I had just jerked off to this morning. I thought to myself how nice it would be if they were just like him.

I stopped to take a drink from the water fountain and enjoy the view for a moment before going the rest of the way to class. As I was drinking I saw one of the dream students walking toward the stairs. He was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that tightly hugged his torso. He had a lot to show off and he did his best to do so.

I watched him move up the stairs. Half way up, he seemed to be having some difficulty and dropped the books he was carrying in his left hand. Then he put his hand in his jeans to make an adjustment. I nearly spit my water out at that site. There was nothing quick about his movement and I could tell he was debating giving his member further attention right there on the stairs.

After a minute of major self groping with his left hand, he dropped his book bag and moved his right hand into his crotch as well. I remember thinking that I hoped no one would notice him.

Right after that, the door at the top of the stairs opened and some female students walked down and past him as though he did not exist. I was in total shock. How could they not have noticed!

Then it hit me that I had thought about him doing this, just like the model in the photo set and he started doing it, and I had just thought that no one should notice him and no one did.

I decided to test this further and looked down the hall at the other guys still assembled by the classroom door. I picked out two more of the best looking of the group and thought about how nice it would be if they gave each other a long passionate kiss right there in the hallway and no one would care.

To my delight they turned towards each other and after a moment of hesitation (I guess they were trying to fight this foreign thought) they gave in and passionately embraced and kissed each other for over a minute. None of the other student made any objections and when the two studs separated each looked at the other in absolute horror. They both turned the brightest shade of red I had ever seen and ran in opposite directions. One of them ran towards the stairs with my friend the masturbator. As the one member of the kissing duo went up the stairs a look of distraction appeared in his face and he stopped midway up and began jerking himself off as well.

Then it hit me that my first thought was about the whole group that had been in the hallway. Apparently each guy who had been in the hall when I had that thought would jerkoff if they tried to walk up the stairs.

Again, I was curious enough to test this out and I looked directly at the 3 guys left from the original group of 6. I thought that they should walk up the stairs. All three of them turned towards me and walked towards the stairs oblivious to the fact that two hot guys were jerking themselves off on that same stairway.

One by one each of the three began to walk up the stairs. Each one followed the motions of the guy from the photo shoot exactly. Dropping what they were carrying, sticking their hands in their pants and final giving in to lust completely and stripping their clothes beginning the most sexually charged J/O sessions of their life.

I could tell from the first guy still jerking off madly that they were not going to cum unless I gave them a hand mentally. After I had taken in enough and was jerking off in the hallway myself, I thought that they should cum at the very moment I cum.

Sure enough, when I came all 5 guys came simultaneously. There was quiet a mess on the stairway and I didnt want anyone to slip so I thought that they should clean up their mess. Each of them got down on their knees and licked the floors clean. I nearly came again at the site of them licking cum from the floor naked.

After I projected thoughts to them to get dressed and forget what they had done, I decided it best to skip class and head home to think about this new power I appear to have developed. It had been quite a start to the first day of my 29th year on this planet. How had I not noticed such a power before now? Was this caused by my self hypnosis session the night before? How long would it last? How far could I go?

How far should I go?

These are all questions I have yet to answer, but will be sure to record in future stories as my understanding grows…….