Accident of the Mind




Disclaimer: The following is erotic fiction that depicts acts of gay sex as well as mind control. If these things offend you please do not read any further. The situations mentioned are meant to be fantasies and any similarities to real life events are purely coincidental.

It all started innocently enough. I was swimming in my pool on a warm summer afternoon. A sudden thunderstorm came up and I decided I had better get out of the water. As I was getting out of the pool a bolt of lightning struck and enough of the charge traveled to my position to knock me unconscious. I did not reawaken until 3 in the morning. Fortunately, I was relatively unscathed accept for needing a new pair of sandals, and I proceeded into the house to change into dryer clothing. Once I had changed and cleaned up,I proceeded to the convienance store a block from my house to get something to drink. I entered the store and saw that the gorgeous 18 yr old blond haired clerk who I had a serious crush on,was on tonight. I proceeded up to the counter to pay for my pop. While he was wringing me up I was thinking to myself "blow me stud". As I thought this he set my money down and came around from the counter and dropped to his knees in front of me. He then proceeded to pull out my cock and blow me like I had never been blown before. I was in total shock over the events taking place. I simply must have been dreaming. Suddenly another customer walked into the store and saw the clerk blowing me "what in God's name are you fags doing". I stood there speechless as the clerk ignored him and continued blowing me. I thought to myself, "get the heck out of here and forget what you saw". The customer proceeded to leave the store and drove off as if he had seen nothing. I simply had to be dreaming. All this time the clerk had continued servicing my member and I could take no more and exploded into all my juices into his mouth. He took it all in and then stayed on his knees waiting for my next order. I proceeded to see if my voice had the same effect as my thoughts. When he did not react to my voice command I thought to myself, "Go back behind the counter and finish my purchase as though nothing has happened. Also, give me the tape from the surveillance camera." He proceeded to follow my thoughts and handed me the tape and my pop in a plastic bag. "Have a good night, thanks for coming sir", he exclaimed as I left the store still believing I'd wake up any moment in my bed from this beautiful dream. I made it home finished my pop and headed off to bed. I just knew that when I woke up in the morning my powers would be gone and I'd realize that none of it had really happened.

I woke up as usual when the alarm went off. "What a great dream, too bad it couldn't happen for real", I thought. I went into the kitchen and saw the plastic bag with the video tape in it. For the second time in less than 24 hours I was in shock. Last night had not been a dream after all, it was REAL. I fealt as though I had one a million dollars. All the things I could get people to do with my newfound power. It was BETTER than MONEY. I was eager to try out my powers on other guys I had always wanted. As I ate breakfast,I began to plan out how and on who I would use my powers now that I knew I had them. I decided I needed to test my powers and see how they worked. All I knew up to this point was that one accidental thought had caused quite a wonderful experience at that convienence store. It was now time to see how planned thoughts would control others. I got dressed and headed out for the first day of my new life.

My first planned act of control was an act of mild revenge. My sister had just been dumped by her boyfriend Kevin and was quite upset because he did it over her answering machine calling her a slut and saying he had only dating her for sex. Now it was time to turn the tables on him. I drove to the Oil change shop he worked at and pulled my car into the bay he was working in. He came up to the car, but the only time he had seen me he was extremely drunk, so he didn't reckognize that I was Kristine's brother. I made contact with his "little" mind very quickly and as he verbally asked what service I needed I mentally projected a message to him. "Kevin, immediately after changing the oil in this car, you will walk out on your job and drive over to the residence at 123 Maple and wait there in your car until you are told to do otherwise." He verbally replied, "all done with your car sir, have a nice day." I pulled my car out of the bay and headed home to 123 Maple.

Five minutes after pulling in my drive I noticed a blue mustang in front of the house with Kevin sitting motionless inside the car. Since I had told him to wait for instructions, I decided to see how long the message would hold. Eight hours later he was still sitting motionless in the car awaiting instructions. I looked out at the car and projected a thought to him. "Get out of your car, go up and knock on the door." He proceeded to do as I had mentally instructed. I opened the door and he stood there with a blank stare on his face. Since both he and the clerk had the same stare, I realized that my mental projections must block out other thoughts in my subjects during the times when I am doing the projecting much like a trance state. "Do everything the man in front of you tells you to do", I ordered him. I then had him enter the house and come into my bedroom. I told him to strip naked and lay down on the bed. For a moment I admired his gorgeous 19 yr old bod. He was totally smooth with washboard abs and a military style haircut. I would totally enjoy every moment of this act of revenge. Since I was unsure how much power my verbal commands would have I decided to use the mental projections for everything that I wanted to become a permanent part of his being. "I am going to fuck you now, and you will greatly enjoy it. When I have shot my load inside of you will realize that men are the only people you are attracted to and want to have sex with or spend your personal time with. You will never have a sexual or personal interest in a women again. You will have an become a male stripper at a gay bar and become an escort as well. You will give half of all the money you make to this address ( I would give all the money he sent to my sister)." Having finished changing his mental makeup I proceeded with using him to fullfill my sexual desires. Being a virgin to gay sex, he was very tight, and I got off quickly. I then proceeded to have him pose for some pictures for me to catalogue this wonderful event. When we were done I projected for him to feel fully alert and happy and he proceeded to thank me at least 5 times for the hottest sex he had ever had. He asked me if he could use the phone, and left a message breaking on his new ex-girlfriends answering machine breaking up with her. When he was done he asked me if I new of any gay strip bars or escort services. I told him where to go and then proceeded make sure the owners of the club and service that I sent him to would "mentally" understand that they simply HAD to hire him.

It truely had been a wonderful first day of my new life, and Kevin's new life as well. I proceeded to get something to eat, watch a little tv and headed off to bed wondering what day 2 would bring..................