Accident of the mind 2

by thom21



I awoke to my second full day of my new post lightning strike life full of joy and anticipation. There was so much I wanted to do, but first I had to mentally awaken. I headed for my favorite coffe house, Java Joe's. It was a beautiful summer day in in town and many gorgeous shirtless hunks walked by my table outside the coffee house. One particularly gorgeous stud walking by with his girlfriend in hand noticed me glance at him and noticed my rainbow flag hat. "What the fuck you looking at, faggot. Go fuck your dog.", he yelled as they passed by me. I just couldn't let him get away with talking to me like that so I sent out my first mental projection for the day. YOU ARE A DOG, SO START ACTING LIKE ONE. The stud dropped down on all fours and began barking. He girlfriend screamed at him to stop fucking around. Little did she know that he really believed he was a dog. A cop in tight bicycle shorts approached to see what the problem was. SNIFF AND LICK THE COPS ASS. My obnoxious doggy stud began doing as instructed as his girlfriend ran away crying and the cop desperately tried to get in front of him to stop the ass licked. He was very agile and athletic and the cop had a very difficult time getting him under control, then the doggy stud bit the cop. Just as backup was arriving I returned him back to normal. He could remember everything, but had no explination for his actions as the cops took him away. Just to make sure eveything turned out ok, I sent a commands to the cops to fuck him before releasing him with a warning. I sent a final command to the stud to be more understanding of people and search out gay friends. Having vented my anger I gave him the choice of trying to get back together with his girlfriend or seek out a boyfriend. Later that afternoon, I saw him walking by the coffee house again holding hands with the cop who's ass he had licked earlier that morning, GO FIGURE......

With the afternoon sun beginning to heat the day up I decided to head for the local mall. There were plenty of hot looking college guys in the mall since the local university was accross the street. The hottest looking of all was a 6 foot tall red head wearing red shorts and a blue tank top. He was walking through the mall alone. As we walked through the mall I had him strip naked and made sure no one interferred with the display. I did allow any guys who found him attractive to jerk off as soon as they saw him. Eventually, I projected for him to head for the nearest men's clothing store and try on some clothes in the fitting room I just happened to be in. With both of our hot bodies so close to each other, I needed a drink. PULL YOUR SHORTS DOWN AND HAVE A SEAT. I had already given him a projection to get a hard on before we entered the clothing store, so as soon as his shorts came down his ten inch cock was fully exposed. This was a man I just had to service. I made sure to put a block on the people in the store so there would be no interuptions and then I decided to try a physical command for the first time. He would greatly enjoy the blow job, but not be able to cum until I said the words "fill me up stud". I then went down on his massive throbbing cock. He could not contain his emotions and screams of pleasure filled the store. It turned me on so much that I sucked his cock for a half hour before finally sending the command. He shot so much in my mouth that I couldn't swallow fast enough and half of it spilled out onto the floor. I came shortly after. LICK OUR CUM OFF THE FLOOR. He eagerly did so. Afterwords, He left the store with a new found desire for blow jobs by men and a desire for sex in public places. He would always call me the day before so I could be around to watch him and the stud of his choice go at it in public, and prevent the authorities from interferring. I left the store and saw over 2 dozen college guys still jerking off with more following suite as the red head walked by. I had forgotten to take that command away and was suprised to see it still in effect. My powers were quite powerful. I decided that I would take that command away at a later date. I followed him all the way to the his car where even more guys stopped what they were doing and began their j/o sessions. As the red head got in the car, I sent the command for every guy in the area to orgasm immediately. There was so much cum shot out that the mall was closed for an hour for the janitors to clean the floors. I head off to continue with my plans for my powers. This was a million times better than any lottery.