Be Careful Who You Yell At




It all started out on a Sunday afternoon. I had gone to a Hypnosis show with my girlfriend (now my ex). My girlfriend Jessica went on stage and in one of the routines was instructed by the hypnotist to think the guy next to her was her husband. She kissed him. It was no short kiss either. Tongue was definitely present during it. I got extremely ticked off while the rest of the audience hooted and hollered for more. I was going to give this hypnotist a piece of my mind after the show.

The show ended and I told Jessica I had to go to the bathroom and I'd meet her at the car. I went back stage and saw the hypnotist who went by the name The Great Mesmerina. She attempted to apologize to me, but I was so upset I had to cuss her out. We got into a heated argument and I called her some nasty sexist names. Then I pushed her. I grant you I crossed the line, but what she did to me was more than I ever could have feared (though I now dream about it). She put a spell on me. Apparently she was a witch. She began to chant some foreign incantation and I became drowsy and she began telling me to picture a stairway. The next thing I remember I'm in the car fighting with Suzanne. We broke up in the driveway of her house. I decided to go home and put this horrid day behind me. Little did I know, it was the last day of my heterosexual life.

I woke up the next morning and headed to work. In the car I noticed I was having trouble driving, then I realized that I had been masturbating with my left hand. In fact I couldn't take my hand off my dick no matter how hard I concentrated. I was five minutes away from work when I turned the car around and headed home. There was no way I could go to work in this condition. What was wrong with me? I realized that I must have been hypnotized and this was some suggestion to get back at me. I wanted to go to the auditorium and force the hypnotist to take the suggestion off, but my mind was not in control of my body. I ended going to the video store and renting some gay adult films. My mind was screaming out (STOP) but my body and mouth moved on their own. When I checked the movie out the clerk smile at me and I began flirting with him (even though my mind said not to) I was so attracted to him, I would not leave till I had made a date with him. I left the video store happy to know that Scott would be stopping by my house after he got off work.

When I got home I hurriedly put one of the five tapes I had rented into the machine. I had much to learn about gay sex before Scott arrived. When the first tape began my mind was still telling me it was wrong. By the end of the last tape I knew I was always meant to be gay and that this life was the life for me. I couldn't wait to try out the oral and anal techniques I had seen used by the guys on the tape.

Scott arrived at 8 and we sat on the couch and talked for a while. As the conversation went on I slid closer and closer to him. We embraced and our mouths locked together in a passionate kiss. Better than any kiss I had ever had with a women. I began to undress Scott and then dropped to my knees to practice the new oral techniques I hard learned on the gorgeous hunk before me. Then we moved into the bedroom wear Scott taught my ass what how good it felt to have things shoved in and out of it.

The next day I awoke to the phone ringing. Scott was still in bed beside me. On the other end of the phone was the hypnotist. She asked if Scott or I wanted to be changed back to our old selves (apparently Scott had upset her to). We both answered no and she wished us luck in our budding relationship. I hung up the phone and began massaging Scott's back. I felt invigorated and ready for trying out some more techniques form the gay videos I had rented. Scott was eager to help out, after all we were lovers..........



Scott finished with his workout earlier than usual. He decided to go home and surprise his girlfriend. When he pulled in the drive he noticed that an unfamiliar car was in front of the house. He went inside and called for Suzanne, but there was no answer. When he went into the bedroom his jaw dropped at the sight of his girlfriend have sex with another women. He went into a rage and began cursing and screaming at both women. Suzanne laid on the bed expressionless, but the other women glanced his way and made eye contact with him. He instantly calmed down. He could not take his eyes away from her. The strange woman introduced herself as a witch named Mesmerina. She told Scott how displeased she was with his intrusion and his bad attitude. He clearly had no respect for women and would be better off having relationships and sex with men instead. She continued giving him suggestions and he could do nothing but listen as she programmed him.

He awoke from the trance in a hotel room later that evening. He did not remember how he got here, but he knew it had been due to some disagreement with Suzanne. Then he noticed, to his shock, a man in the bathroom with his cock hanging out of his jeans. Scott wanted to tell the man to get the hell out, but instead he told him that he was ready to do anything the man desired for $150. The man paid him and ordered Scott to strip and get on his knees. The man began whipped him and Scott found that he was enjoying the pain in an erotic sort of way. He began yelling to be hit harder. After being whipped for what seemed like an eternity, the man requested and received a blow job from Scott (who was very eager to please, though his mind was saying it was wrong). An hour later they were finished and Scott went out to find another client to satisfy. Scott remained a prostitute for 3 months, He never returned to his ex-girlfriends home to collect his belongings. They were a part of his heterosexual past. He was starting a new life now. He initially tried to fight his impulse for male sex and relationships, but the harder that he fought the more he wanted it. Eventually he gave in and began to enjoy himself greatly. After 6 months, he had forgotten that he had ever been a heterosexual.

Eventually, he found a job through a client of his, at a video store. It was there that he met the man of his dreams after a call from a mysterious women told him this man was going to come to the store that evening. After a wonderful night of sex he and Jeff received a phone call from that mysterious women again, offering to return them to their heterosexual lives. Jeff and Scott exchanged glances and turned her down. After all, they were in love and determined to be together for life.