By Thom21

Justin Matthews had learned of the power his mind late in his teenage years. He was in 12th grade ready to be punished for skipping class for the 10th time this semester. His counselor was very attractive and athletic blond in his early thirties, but he had the dullest personality Justin had ever encountered. While he went on about Justin risking his future, Justin (who was a closeted gay teen) had begun to stare at him deeply and examine every inch of his body due to teenage horniness and a conscious effort to keep from falling asleep. As the counselor went on and on with his deeply boring lecture Justin took in more of the hunks outer beauty and too Justin’s astonishment felt as though he was connected with the mind of his counselor. When the counselor finished his lecture and was about to mention the week of detention Justin would receive, Justin thought how great it would be if the counselor asked for Justin’s opinion. The counselor stopped midsentence and looked extremely disoriented. He looked and Justin and smiled before he continued.

“Justin, Before I continue why don’t you tell me what you think we should do about this..” Justin did not connect that he had just changed the counselors mind and his rebellious nature kicked in with a defiant “Well for starters you can forget this ever happened and let me go on my merry way”, he said. Then thought “and let me see you shirtless

The counselor got a strange momentarily blank look on his face, then he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it so Justin could get a perfect look at his chiseled pecs. “Justin, why are you wasting time in my office you should get back to class.”

Justin was in shock as the counselor had practically ripped his shirt off and literally forgotten that Justin was supposed to be there. He quickly picked up his bag and darted out of the office concealing the huge tent that had popped up in his shorts in the few seconds it took for his counselor to remove his shirt .


Justin decided he best skip the rest of his classes and try to figure out what was going on. On his walk home he passed by a convenience store and went inside to get a soda. The assistant manager was a 20 something college student who was yet

another of Justin’s secret crushes. Justin knew the exact days the manger named Tony worked and made sure he popped in the store every day to get a glimpse. Justin picked out his usual assortment of junk food and walked up to the counter. Tony rung up the items.

“Anything else for you today?”

“No, that’s it.”, unless you’re will to blow me

Tony got the same blank express of the guidance counselor then snapped out of it.

“Hey Sandy, I need you to come out and watch the counter. I’ve got to talk to this young man about a job offer.”

Tony looked at Justin and winked as Sandy came up to the counter.

“Follow me bud.”

Justin followed Tony into the office and Tony closed the door and locked it. He then whipped out his 8 inch cock and put his hands on Justin’s shoulders. The next thing Justin knew his knees were touching the ground and his mouth was full of meat.

It had a wonderful taste to it and Justin was excited even more so by the pleasure Tony was showing from Justin’s amateur blow job. Before he knew it, Tony was shooting down his throat. It had a more salty taste than Justin’s own and it was extremely appealing. I wish I could have this every day.

Tony put his spent cock back in his pants and gave just a quick kiss on the lips.

“Why don’t you stop by after school every day, I could use a boy like you to stock for a few hours,” he winked again.

Justin happily agreed and licked his lips free of some come that had made it out of his mouth before he and Tony left the office.

He left the store and headed home. His parents were out of town for the week visiting an aunt and had left instructions that his brother was in charge. Many different thoughts went through his mind about all the things he could do with his new abilities, but the first thing that crossed his mind was getting a handle on his twenty year old brother who had been beating him up ever since he found out Tony was gay.

“Is that you cocksucker”, Justin heard from the family room as he entered the house.

Justin did not think through what he did next and acted on pure emotion.

“Yeah Asshole, it’s me”

Justin heard a crash as his brother Chad ran into the room and tackled him before Justin could react. Immediately after the tackle Justin felt the first blow to his midsection

and then an excruciating pain in his groin as his brother grabbed hold of his balls and began crushing them.

“So you’ve grown some balls fag boy, guess I need to shrink them down for you.”

As Justin cried in agony his brother continued the torture. Justin desperately tried to focus and create a connection with his brother. The moment came when his brother stopped the ball torture and was grabbing him to pull him up for a few more jabs at Justin’s. The brief letup in pain was enough to allow Justin to make the connection he needed. “Crush your own balls,” Justin screamed and thought at the same time. His brother let go and as a look of terror appeared on his face he grabbed and squeezed his own balls then fell to the ground in agony as his hand continue the involuntary self torture.

“Ahhh, what the fuck, make it faggot, what’ll pay”

“I don’t think so Chad, it’s you who are going to pay for the two years of torture you’ve caused me. You’re sorry you hurt me, and you’ll serve me as your Master until I tell you otherwise.”

“Uhhh, I’m sooooo sorry, I’ll do anything you say. I’ll be your willing slave brother, just let me stop.”

Justin looked at his brother squirming on the floor in pure agony, and thought about leaving him this way for a few hours, but decided it would be more fun to stop the physical torture.

You may stop. Even though you’re my slave, you’ll be the same brother inside that you’ve always been but you’ll be unable to express your feeling outwardly unless I say otherwise.

Chad stopped and a look of anger was on his face, but he could not act on it.

I want you to call your friend Mark over. Tell him you need his help punishing me.

Chad went to the phone and called his best friend Mark. Mark had been a willing accomplice to torturing Justin on many different occasions and Justin felt is was not time to form a plan that would punish both Chad and Mark.

Before Mark got there, there was still much for Justin to do with Chad.

Chad, you are now gay just like me whenever you are in public and you’ll want to openly express your gayness to everyone, but in private you be your normal straight self. You will buy clothing from gay sites on the net. By next week all your clothing must have gay slogans or be leather. If you fail to buy the proper clothing you’ll have to go out in public naked because you can not wear any clothing that does not have a gay slogan or is leather in nature without my approval. Whenever I say the words “how do you feel” you will get a hard on and become extremely horny. You’re hard on and horniness will not go away until you find a guy to have sex with you. You will come on to any man you see even if you know they are straight. I will be in the kitchen until Mark arrives, you will not disturb me.”

Justin went into the Kitchen and watched his brother revert to his near normal self.

“Fucking Faggot, I’ll castrate him when I see him next.” Even as he spewed hate and obscenities, Chad went to the computer and began ordering the new clothes he was going to need. After a half hour and many online orders later there was a knock at the door. Chad did not want to let mark in, but he had to invite him in since that was Justin’s will. He went to the door and immediately felt different when he saw his friend Mark standing there. He invite him inside.


Mark had been with his girlfriend and was shirtless as he usually was during the summer when he wanted to show his body off in front of her. Chad felt a swelling in his jeans and more than a hard on, he began to realize how cute his friend was. He wanted to see what was under Marks khakis and boxers. He was horny and needed some release.

“So where’s your pussy brother. I’ve felt like he was overdo for a beating.”

“Well get to him, but I need something more important right now. I’m hornier than ever before and I desperately need to fuck your tight ass to relieve it.”

A look of disbelief and horror was now on Mark’s face. Shock had kept him from reacting physically.

“What the fuck, you’re a fag now to. Screw this shit, I’m out of here.”

He turned to head toward the door but Chad tackled him from behind and began to rip his pants off. Chad and Mark were the same size and given Marks desire to get out of the house, Mark should have been able to escape, but unbeknownst to him Justin was looking out at them from the kitchen and had already entered Marks mind. He was sending thoughts of weakness and confusion to Mark to prevent him from being able to escape his fate.

The next thing Mark knew, he was being penetrated by Chad’s cock. Chad was extremely horny and was forcefully pumping his cock in and out of the paralyzed Mark.

If Chad cums in you you’ll become a slave to both Chad and his brother Justin. You’ll have to break up with your girlfriend, because women don’t turn you on any more. You’ll have to buy a dildo and keep it up your ass at all time so that you are ready for you’re masters cocks whenever they call upon you. The choice is yours.

Mark tried desperately to escape and almost did, but Justin increased the sensitivity in both Chad’s cock and Mark’s ass, so Mark kept getting distracted by the pleasurable thrusts as he attempted to break free, and before he knew it there was a warm squirting sensation from within as Chad moaned with pleasure and Mark felt his freedom slip away. He was filled with thoughts of servitude towards Justin and Chad. He also wanted to keep a didlo up his ass at all times so he was ready to serve. He knew that when he left Chad’s house today he would have to break up with his girl and go find a dildo.

It was at this moment of triumph over his slave brother and Mark that a new idea formed in Justin’s mind. Turning the two studs into gay slave was not enough. He needed to do more. He need to give them gay fetishes.

Chad, you are now interested in the feet of any man you have sex with. You will grovel before them and beg to lick their feet with your tongue. The dirtier a guys feet the more turned on you will be. You will sleep with the dirty socks of guys you have sex with wrapped around your face.

Mark, You will have a fetish for used underwear. You will buy them from the net or steal them from guys you have sex with. You will have to smell and lick them at least once an hour even when you are at work.”

Justin sent his two slaves off to fulfill his orders to them and marveled at what a great day he had experienced. He could have anything and anyone he wanted. Life was good.

In Justin’s glee he failed to notice a shadow from the corner of the room. The figure looked on with satisfaction as he had transferred his energy successfully into a host as had been done to him just a couple of years ago. The world was a large place and many of his kind were needed to get the job done. Now another Fetish Man was born inside a young healthy gay stud named Justin.


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