“Permanent Changes”




         Justin Slater was one of the brightest members of his graduating class. He had always considered himself to be smarter than anyone else he knew. The only thing greater than his intelligence was his ambition. He had only been out of university for a few years, but he would do anything to move up in corporate America, and this had led him to destroy the lives of quite a few people including some whom he even considered friends. His raw ambition and lack of scruples had allowed him to become a vice president in his research firm by the age of 28. He had money, power, and a desire for even more money and power. Little did he know that one of those left in his wake had power as well, and that power was going to be directed at getting revenge on Justin, by taking all he had accomplished in his life and turning it completely against him.

         The man out to get revenge was Mark Thurmond who just happened to be as gifted as Justin in intelligence. Mark had created several remarkable inventions he had intended to use to better people’s lives. Unfortunately he did not have the money to create these marvels on his own so he had to join forces with H.Y.P enterprises. It was there that he was partnered up with Justin in making his invention marketable. He had created a device that increased the ability of the brain to retain information at ten times normal. This would have great implications in education and for those with learning disabilities. It just so happened that right when his first invention was completed Justin took full credit for its creation and set Mark up as a corporate spy. Mark was let go and his invention was sold to the military instead of being put to the civilian use that Mark had intended.

         Justin incorrectly assumed that Mark would disappear like all those before him, but Mark had not told anyone about another invention he had been working on that was more powerful and would have had an even greater value to people than his first invention. Mark was smart enough to recognize the potential harm it could have caused in the wrong hands so he kept it secret and worked on it at home with extra supplies from the lab. Mark’s second device was a brainwave recorder/writer. He could take the record the signals from one person’s brain, run them through a decoder, and plant signals responsible for specific actions onto another individual. The individual would then perform the new action and accept the new thoughts as their own. Mark had been extremely cautious in his testing as he didn’t want to harm anyone. He had actually intended for the device to be used in conjunction with his other inventions to increase and speed up learning capacity. The lack of support he received from his colleagues and the clearly intentional destruction of his career by his former friend, Mark, had led him to declare war on those who had destroyed his career.

         His first test of the device was innocent enough. He had recorded his roommate Paul over a series of weeks to determine brain patterns created during different acts. One day immediately after his roommates jog Mark implanted what he believe to be the sleep brain pattern into Paul. Paul’s reaction was swift. One minute, He was standing there in his sweat pants, shirtless, talking to his girlfriend on the phone and the next he was a the floor in a deep state of slumber identical to the night before. Mark could only look in awe at the complete success of his first experiment. A few minutes later Paul awoke as the brain pattern had only been a record of a few minutes of sleep. Mark would have to work further to get the brain patterns recorded to loop and allow for longer lasting reactions from the subjects. Mark had become horny while looking at his shirtless roommate sleeping on the floor. He went to his room and recorded his own brain waves as he looked at pictures of naked guys and jerked off. He then ran them through the decoder he had created and found the pattern that most likely was that for his horny state of mind and actions including orgasm. He would test them tomorrow on Paul.

         The next day Paul was in his room working on some projects due for his job. Mark knew there was no way Paul would stop his projects for anything as he was a complete workaholic. Mark activated his brainwave machine and planted the orgasm wave. Paul was caught up in his work and suddenly he yelled out “shit” as he began to moan and writhe in the pleasure of a completely unexpected erection and orgasm. Mark walked into the room as Paul’s orgasm and reactions continued for the same amount of time as Mark’s from the night before. “You okay in here,” Mark inquired.

 Paul jumped up and stammered “I’m just fine, just need to use the bathroom.”

         Mark noticed the huge stain on Paul’s pants as he quickly ran out of the room in embarrassment and confusion and proceeded to run into the bathroom.

          Next mark decided to run the entire loop of his jerkoff session from the day before on Paul. He pointed the machine in the direction of the bathroom and put his ear up against the door to listen. If he worked as planned Paul would be making loud noises during his involuntary jerkoff session and cum for the second time in less than 5 minutes. Paul pressed the button on the machine.


          As Paul was cleaning up the cum from his spontaneous cum session wondering what the fuck had just happened he started envisioning pictures of gay guys having sex and when from soft to hard as he stopped cleaning and began jerking furiously. He had no idea that these thoughts were unusual and foreign. They seemed perfectly normal and entirely his even though he knew he had never had them before. His was completely caught up in his jerkoff session as Mark cracked open the door to sneak a peak. Because Mark timed his session the night before he knew how much time he had before Paul would reach the point of no return. Sure enough 5 minutes later Paul orgasmed again and Mark closed the door as Paul’s brain waves returned to normal and left him wondering why these thoughts had come over him and how he had shot so much cum in so short a time.

         The next step in Mark’s test of his device was to make a permanent change. Determining brainwave patterns that would cause permanent changes had been particularly difficult. He eventually discovered that the process took hours to complete and need a combination of thoughts introduce during hypnotic stages of the sleep cycle, brain waves, and stimulation of the brains pleasure/pain centers to bring about the desired change. He realized that for his purposes it would be easier to incorporate his device into everyday objects so the subjects programming could be changed, if needed, as long as the subject wore them. After less than 8 hours the thoughts would be permanent in all but the least hypnotize-able people.

         Mark pulled out a necklace and once Paul had cleaned up and headed back to his desk to study Mark turned on the sleep pattern. Paul’s head instantly hit the desk and as Paul slept Mark put the necklace around his neck. Mark set the necklace unit to loop that Paul was a nudist around the house when he and mark were alone. When he awoke late the next morning he cursed himself at having falling asleep studying and was perplexed as to how the necklace had gotten around his neck. He had no time to figure that out as he was going to be late getting to class for his test and he rushed out the door. When he got home that night the first thing he did was take his clothes off in front of Mark as though it was something he had been doing for a long time. He even took the necklace off, but remained nude and completely comfortable around his roommate. Mark made a not to himself to include a loop in all training programs that programmed subjects to put wear their specific brainwave training devices every day. It wouldn’t do him any good if he couldn’t ensure he’d be able to adjust programming daily, he thought.

         For the next month, Mark prepared his devices for their ultimate test by continuing testing on Paul. By the time he had perfected everything, his roommate was now a gay nudist. who masturbated openly every day when Mark was home, and would make himself readily available for blowjobs and anal sex any time Mark commanded it.

         Mark felt it was now time for his revenge on Justin. A revenge that Mark would be sure would be permanent. He headed to the office. It was easy enough for him to get in. He just used the jerkoff / orgasm wave on the guards at the same time so they both left their posts to clean up. It was Justin’s 5th year with the company so all Mark had to do to get the device on him was substitute a company watch with one of Mark’s brain wave watches. Mark left the new watch on Justin’s desk and waited for him to take the bait and put it on.

         Justin walked into his office. He was looking at some papers from another scientist about research that would lead to people enjoy movies they watched more through subliminal influence. With this technology people would never watch a bad movie again. The studios were very interested in this and lots of money was at stake for H.Y.P. and for Justin. He would monitor the research closely and be sure to step in and destroy the man’s career just in time to take credit for the research and money from the patents. He placed the paperwork in his filing cabinet as he noticed the twinkle of a brand new watch on his desk. He read the paper about a 5 years service and put the on new Rolex and proceeded with the days business.

         As soon as mark got home he went online. During his time at H.Y.P. he had easily hacked into the security cameras and even added a few secret cameras to protect his projects from outsiders. He only realized when it was to late that the real danger was from within. Now he was finally going to rectify everything. He activated the camera in Justin’s office and saw that Justin was wearing the watch. Mark saw that Justin was on his cell phone, so in his distracted state the first test would be a very simple yet damaging one. He proceeded to have Justin begin absent mindedly shredding the documents in his filing cabinet while he was talking. All the files that Justin had collected about current projects he could steal were history within minutes. Once Mark saw that Justin had completely destroyed his files it was time to give him an excuse to have to leave the office. Mark sent the command for Justin to piss his pants. “Shit”, Justin swore over the phone as warm liquid drained down his leg to the floor. “Emergency came up, I’ll call you later”, he stuttered as he hung up his phone. Normally he would have gone out the back if he didn’t want to be noticed but today he was taking the longest most public route possible to leave the building and he could only walk thanks to Mark’s interference. He had never been more embarrassed as he walked by all his coworkers and saw the smirks on their faces as they looked at the huge stain on his tan pants. For some reason he could not stop himself from telling every person he passed that he had pissed himself and would be gone for the day. He felt smaller than he ever had in his life. His thoughts and actions were his own, but he did not understand was he was subjecting himself to this public humiliation when he could have easily snuck out the back.

          It was now time for some more permanent changes. With the help of the device he made sure that Justin got a cameras for his computer home and connected them into his computer so that Mark could see everything he did. Once the cameras were active Mark set the first training loop into action. Mark had made a training loop about sticking a finger up the ass and pleasuring his prostate to the point of cumming. By the time the night was done, Justin would be fingering himself regularly no matter where he was or who he was with. The process would make him hornier and hornier the more he did it. Every night for the next week Mark tuned in to Justin alone in his condo fingering his ass and cumming all over his clothes. The training had made Justin to preoccupied to think about taking his clothing off or washing his clothes, and when he finally went to work a week later he reeked of dry cum as he walking to his office with one hand in the back of his pants fingering his ass. His coworkers at the lab could only think that their once powerful vice president whom they had feared had completely lost his mind, and they made sure to make their concerns known to the C.E.O. of H.Y.P. , who promptly called a board meeting at which Justin became a former employee and vice president of the company. Even with the strange behavior, the C.E.O. offered him a chance to stay if he had any new projects in the works that could provide revenue to the company. As Justin had shredded all his stolen ideas and had long since stopped creating things on his own he was quickly fired. Justin could care less as he was totally immersed in the pleasure of fingering himself as Mark had ramped up the programming to include thoughts of fists and cocks up his ass. As the guards escorted him out he moaned in pleasure as a new cum stain appeared in the front of his pants.

         With his job lost and his clothing soaked in cum Justin left H.Y.P. for the last time, but Mark was only just getting started with making more permanent changes on the man who had so changed his life.


         It had been a year since Justin lost his job at H.Y.P. Mark has added new programs that made him an expert at all aspects of gay sex. He was still playing with his ass on a regular basis at home, but had increasingly desired larger and larger objects in it and now stripped naked when he played with himself. The only time he didn’t play with his ass was at the gym since He now worked as a stripper at a local gay bar and had to keep in top physical shape. All the patrons knew that he’d do anything for any guy, and would especially drop what he was doing if a guy offered to fist him. When guys did fist him he always made sure to record the action and send it to an email address he thought was his own, but actually belonged to Mark. For his part, Mark used the proceeds from selling videos of Justin online, to open his own research firm and hire other scientists that had lost their jobs from Justin’s actions.