A Class to Remember






It was the first day of college for 18 yr old Jeff Spencer. He had left all of his friends from H.S. behind in the small farming town of Oakdale. The transition from small town to university had not been too difficult thus far and he really enjoyed the 2 guys he shared his dorm room with. If they only knew how MUCH he enjoyed them.

1. Jeff entered the classroom for Natural Science 101. The professor was the same person who had been assigned as Jeff's faculty advisor. He was a nice enough old man nearly ready for retirement. Jeff had already had a meeting with him, though for some reason he did not quite remember what it had been that they had talked about. As Jeff looked around the room he noticed that there were no women. The room was full with 30 of the best looking men that Jeff had ever laid his eyes on. They were all good looking enough to be porn stars. He could not believe his luck. He felt certain that he would have many opportunities to daydream in this class.

Professor Steven's shut the door behind him as he entered the room. He smiled as he looked at Jeff and then began to speak.

"Hello class. You have all been personally selected by myself due to special mental abilities that each of you possess. Over the next 3 months each of you will test and fine tune your abilities using the students of the university as your subjects. At the end of the term the highest scoring student will take over as my successor, while the rest of the class will have their memories erased and be led to believe that they have just completed a natural science course. Anyone who wishes to, may transfer out of this class, but you will immediately forget everything that you have learned up to the point of your withdrawal."

Jeff looked around to see if anyone had left, but no one did. The professor proceeded to begin teaching the first set of lessons and everyone in the class paid extremely close attention.

Jeff left class and proceeded his dorm room to begin practicing his first days lessons. The professor had instructed the class to begin small with one or two subjects. As suggested, Jeff would start the exploration of his mental powers using his two roommates as unknowing subjects. The first assignment was to create changes in subjects personalities and appearances without their knowing that an outside force had made them do it. When he got to his room he saw that Ron and ken were both doing their usual after class routines. Ken was glued to the small TV near his bed, and Ron was lifting weights. Jeff stared for a moment at the two beautiful forms before him. Both Ron and Ken were built like GODS with rock hard abdominal muscles. Ron was on the swim team and had a buzz cut. Ken was not involved in any athletics, but could easily have played football. Jeff smiled as he realized that he would finally be able to "play" with his roommates. It was a dream that only a few hours ago he thought impossible. Jeff decided to work on one guy at a time and projected a sleep command around Ken. Instantly Ken fell deeply asleep on his bed.

"Look at that lazy ass. He slept 12 hours already today and now he's snoring like a train again", Ron commented.

Jeff did not comment, but placed all his concentration on entering Ron's mind. It was quite easy for him to do. Not surprisingly, the first thought Jeff read from Ron was sexual. Ron was horny as hell since his girlfriend dumped him and he was planning on renting a porn film tonight to rectify things. His weakened state would provide the perfect opportunity for Jeff to plant a thought in his mind. Jeff looked over to see if Ron noticed anything, but Ron continued his workout as normal. Jeff almost began to drool at the sight of Ron's glistening chest, but he controlled himself and continued with the mental exercise. The connection between himself and Ron was beginning to weaken, so he proceeded to quickly plant two new thoughts in Ron's mind.

You will become horny, take your clothes off and jack off in front of Jeff whenever he says "Feeling horny Ron?" . Once you cum you will clean yourself up and forget what has happened. You will always sleep naked with no blankets of any kind even if other guys are present.

Jeff released his mental connection with Ron. Ron proceeded with his workout.

"Feeling Horny Ron", Jeff eagerly stated.

Ron immediately stopped his workout and stripped his sweaty T-shirt and shorts off. His cock was becoming hard and revealing an amazing 8 inches to Jeff. Ron proceeded to stroke it. Five minutes later Ron's cock exploded and cum squirted all over his chest. After he had recovered, Ron grabbed a rag. When he was clean he put his clothes on and returned to his workout as though nothing had happened. When his workout was finished he went to get his porn video. Ron told Jeff he was so horny and had not cum in the week since Becky had broken up with him. He couldn't wait to watch the video and jerk off once Jeff and Ken were sleeping. Ron had a thing against jerking off when other men were in the room, even if they were watching straight porn together.

When Ron got home, Ken was still sound asleep and Jeff was pretending to be asleep. Not remembering that he had jacked off earlier in the evening, Ron put in the video and jacked off once again. When he was done he left his clothes off and fell fast asleep with no blankets of any kind covering his muscled physique.

Jeff proceeded to remove the sleep field surrounding Ken. As Ken began to awaken Jeff entered his mind. Ken was thinking of going out and having sex with his girlfriend tonight.

It's way to late to go out, call Gina and cancel.

Jeff heard Ken call and cancel his date. When Ken was off the phone Jeff began more thought projections.

Ron sure looks hot lying there naked on the bed. His asshole sure would make a good substitute for Gina. I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping a fellow horny roommate out as long as he isn't awakened, but you can't cum until you've fucked him for at least an hour.

Jeff watched eagerly from his bed. He had a perfect view of Ron's bed. Ken stripped his clothes revealing a hard 7 inches, ready for action, and walked over to Ron's bed. Jeff left Ken's mind and proceeded to place a dream field around Ron so he would open his eyes and participate in some hot sex, but think it a dream when he awoke tomorrow. Ken lubed his dick up with baby oil and shoved his cock forcefully into Ron. As Ken moaned loudly and thrust in and out of Ron, Jeff began stroking his own hard cock. Ron screamed with pleasure as Ken fucked him for the next hour. When Ken was ready to cum, Jeff projected for him to pull out and cum all over Ron's face. Ron's face was quite a mess when it was all over and Jeff decided to have Ken clean Ron up with his tongue. With all the action going on Jeff realized he was nearly ready to cum himself and he had decided he needed Ken to help him out.

Go over to Jeff and suck his cock. Do not stop until he has filled your mouth with his cum.

Ken strolled over to Jeff's bed and removed the covers which revealing Jeff's 6 inches. It took less than a minute before Jeff could take no more and let himself explode in Ken's mouth. Ken swallowed and licked Jeff's dick a couple more times before he went back to his own bed at Jeff's command.

You will fuck Ron and suck Jeff every night after they fall asleep, for the rest of this term.

With both subjects in deep states of sleep. Jeff proceeded to get some sleep of his own so he would be ready for another day of his favorite class.

The next day, Jeff head out to his class. On his way a cute guy, with a 29 inch waist wearing tight fitting jeans and a tank top, bumped into him and tried to pickpocket Jeff's wallet. Jeff noticed immediately and took actions into his own hands as the studly criminal attempted his get away.

Turn around and give the wallet back to the guy you just took it from. Tell him your sorry your an asshole and thief.

He turned back and quickly walked up to Jeff handing him the wallet and apologizing to Jeff as instructed.

Jeff decided this petty criminal needed a lesson that would put his attractive body to better use than that of a thief.

You will go to the Campus Mall and strip all your clothes off. Then run around naked with your dick rock hard, yelling "fuck me, I'm a petty thief", until you get caught by the police. You will confess to all your crimes. You will keep your body in excellent shape in jail. When you're released you will go to the Rainbow strip bar and become a stripper. You will do anything you are asked to do sexually, by a man, if money is offered, since you need money so badly. You will keep what you need to live on and give the rest to charity.

Jeff headed off to class. The next day he saw a headline in the paper, "Streaking Thief caught by Campus Police." Jeff headed to the court the day of the thief's trial and "convinced" the judge and prosecutor to give him 90 days and community service after the thief displayed his oral abilities on both. This cute stud had important work to do as a stripper and Jeff did not want jail to tarnish his body too much.

Jeff went off to do more studying. He had to make sure that he was number one at the end of the term. There was no way he wanted to forget the events that had happened to him these last couple weeks.