The Debt

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The following work of fiction contains mind control,

Male/Male sex, many assorted fetishes . If this doesn't appeal to you, or you are under age then don't read the story!! The Characters and incidents portrayed and the names used are fictitious and any similarity to the names, characters, or history of any person or persons is entirely accidental and unintentional.

Ted Donovan sat down at his desk and reviewed his schedule for today. At 10:30AM, he saw the words that always made his day DEBT REPAYMENT:Private Male Client. Many years ago such words would evoke boredom, but in todays futuristic world of Nanotech Corp., the words meant the creation of a new life. The thought was thoroughly intriguing for Ted and always had been. He was fortunate to have been born into a family of wealth and prosperity. This had saved him from the fate that stood before his ten oclock appointment. Since the abolition of bankruptcy in 2050, the only way the people buried in debt could save themselves from foreclosure or jail was to strike deals with corporations like Nanotech. In the particular case of subject 6411, Jacob Summers, the deal he struck with Nanotech involved the insertion of Bio-computers into his brain to monitor the function of the brain in everyday activity. At least that is what Jacob, was told. In reality, the Nanotech Biocomputer was used by the corporation to reinvent people and sell them off to the corporations clients. Some individuals were turned into scientists, actors, athletes. Whatever the need of the client was, Nanotech could create it with the Biocomputer. One thing, Ted was most pleased with was the fact that every subject who left would be debt free and happy with their new life.

Ted looked to the monitor and touched the image of Jacob and various personal info. He was a 21 year old college swim team member. He was engaged with his high school girlfriend. He had a slender swimmers build, blond hair, blue eyed. He didnt posses enough talent to get his way out of debt with athletic skills, but his body would be enough to repay the debt. Jacobs file opened and Ted saw that Jacobs debt repayment was to be paid by using a client created fantasy file. These files were created by clients with specialneeds. Ted smiled as he read through the file. Jacob was going to get a completely new lifestyle and be so happy about it he would personally thank Ted when the conversion was done as Teds subjects always did, but personal fantasy conversions allowed Tim to have fun more than the mundane job conversions.

Ted had not always been so happy about personal conversions. Before he was hired by Nanotech he was a professional therapist/hypnotist. He prided himself on being ethical in the practice of his profession. That all changed when a recruiter from Nanotech came knocking at Teds door. From the moment Ted shook the recruiters hand and felt the pinprick his life would never be the same. Nanotech was his life now. He would do anything for the company regardless of what his past ethical standards had been. Ted knew if he disobeyed a company directive he would become a failure and sink into a deep unending depression. Ted didnt want that. He wanted to be successful and happy. Following the orders of Nanotech would keep him that way, and besides, every subject who left Nanotech would leave 100% happy and thankful to Nanotech for paying off their debt and making his/her life complete.

The receptionist notified Ted immediately upon the Jacobs arrival. Jacob was told to wait in a lounge that was specifically for subjects 25 or under. The waiting lounge was always hot and subject were to be kept waiting until they gave in and had a cup of the complimentary beverages. The beverages had special activation agents that would turn on the previously dormant Biocomputer in the subjects brain since all humans had been installed with them from birth for the last 25 years. From that point on it was up to Nanotech agents like Ted to reprogram the individual. After waiting for thirty minutes Jacob gave in and had a drink. Immediately after he was invited into Teds office.

Ted greeted him as he walked in, Good Morning Mr. Summers. I apologize for the delay, but an unexpected conference call tied me up.

No problem, Ill just be happy to get this testing over with and have my debts paid off so I can marry my fiancee., came Jacobs reply.

Ted proceeded with the standard introduction stating the companies policies on debt repayment and then had Jacob sign a couple of legal waivers until the time necessary for the activation agent to kick in had passed. After the introduction, it was Teds job to pretend like he was going to prepare Jacob to have a stock analyst biocomputer inserted into Jacob. The subject was told that a relaxation procedure would make the removal less painful, and every subject Ted had ever met agreed to it, since the activation agent from their drink made them more complient than normal.

Now that we have the paperwork out of the way, its time to insert the biocomputer. Nanotech has learned from experience that the process can be painful and its recommended that you allow me to run you through a relaxation exercise that has proven to make the process less painful.

Sure, whatever.....Im happy to comply

Ted smiled at Jacobs reply. The phrase Im happy to comply was a preprogrammed test to indicate that the biocomputer was activated and functioning properly. He continued with the exercise which would move right into the conversion plan.

Jacob, Close your eyes and breath in deeply then exhale, again breath in deeply then exhale, picture a yourself at the top of a flight of I count down from the number 10 you will walk down the stairs and with each descending step you will become even more and more will only listen to my soothing voice is your voice..........10....9...going deeper...8.....7.....even deeper.....walking down the stairs.......6....5.....4.....3.....2....just one more step to the bottom of the stairs, completely voice is your see a doorway and must open it and walk through enter a room that is completely blue and has a chair in the take a seat in the chair...........whatever I tell you about your self from this room is true and must be carried out.......following my directions will lead you to great pleasure and satisfaction. I am your inner voice, I am your true self, I am your subconscious........failure to follow my commands will lead you to such great depression and feelings of failure that you can not ever comp template disobeying my voice. Do you understand?

Yes, came Jacobs slow reply

Jacobs biocomputer was now fully activated and he could be programmed to do anything required by the company. It was now time for Ted to create the new Jacob. He walked over to the computer and began typing in commands that would be sent remotely to the biocomputer inside his head and reinforced by the hypnotic trance. Ted entered the information:


Biocomputer Ver. 2.0.A

Sexual Orientation: Gay Sex Drive: Optimum Sexual Willpower: NONE

Slave Status: Active Exercise: High Diet: Low fat

Cum Production: Extra High Orgasm on Command: Yes Orgasm length /strength: High

Hobby: Gay Prostitute/Stripper Biocomputer Partial Suspension: Yes Fetish: Leather

Important Hypnotic Suggestions For Subject: Craves acceptance from master, Must swallow, must brake up with girlfriend immediately, Becomes nauseous when thinking about former girlfriends or women in general, Loves to be naked in front of men, Must recruit men over 25 for biocomputer insertions.

Click Here When Subject Conditioning is Complete


I am going to ask you questions about yourself. You will answer truthfully.

1. Are you gay?


2. Are your horny?


3. Would you have sex with a women?

Neve........Jacob began to reply as he started to look ill and then throw up

Once he was done Ted Continued.

Come for me now, slave.

Jacob dropped to the floor and moaned in please as his pants developed a large wet spot.

Stand up and clean yourself up now

Jacob unzipped his pants and quickly gathered as much come into his fingers as possible and licked it off, then he took his underwear and licked the come off. Ted was in ecstasy watching Jacob follow his new programming. He was a very cute boy, and though Ted had not been gay before working for Nanotech he could not help himself from testing out his subjects firsthand. It had started out as just being his job, but he now lived for this moment.

Bend over slave

Jacob bent over with his pants and underwear still pulled down. His ass was fully exposed. Ted released his hard cock and shoved it into Jacobs Virgin hole. Jacob cried out in joy as he was penetrated and moaned with pleasure as Ted thrust back and forth. When Ted could take no more he pulled out and had Jacob turn around. Then he shot his load into Jacobs mouth watched with joy as Jacob swallowed and licked up every drop around his lips.

Once Ted regained his composure and cleaned himself up he order Jacob to redress.

When in public it was important to have the subjects appear normal. The biocomputer was equipped with a feature that would temporarily suspend all but the most basic slave commands to make it appear as though the subject had a free will and to be sure that subjects did not act out sexual desires in public.

Biocomputer Suspend

Jacobss glazed looked disappeared and he looked at Ted. How long will this take?

Were already done Mr. Summers. Your debts are clear and here is the address of your new employer. You will go to him at his home address immediately after you purchase you uniform at the Leather shop.

Jacob sighed with relief. I am so grateful to you and Nanotech. I dont know what I would have done with out you. I feel like Im a new man. How can I ever repay you

Were here to help Mr. Summers. Just be sure to send me some pictures so I can document them for our future clients. Now get going, you dont want to be late.

Jacob cracked a huge smile and left for his new life completely happy just as all Nanotech subjects did.

Ted clicked the intercom button. Matt, Im done with subject 6411. Send the next one in.

He then reset the computer and opened the file for case 6512. The picture of a blond 21 year old appeared and the words Debt Repayment: Private Male Client.. Ted could not get over how much fun he had at this job.