Doctors Orders





It was a rainy day in the town of Cedar Creek. The bus full of wrestlers from the Creek High School wrestling team pulled into the parking lot of a local restaurant to give everyone a chance to stretch and get a quick bite. The bus drivers name was Mark and he had been shuttling the wrestling team around from event to event without incident for ten years. He got out of the bus and was heading to the restroom when a stranger approached.

Hey there, Im a bit lost could you help me find my way.


Mark looked at him and smiled. He never turned down a chance to assist someone. Though the stranger approaching him seemed vaguely familiar.

Sure Id be happy to. Where are you heading?


The stranger walked to within arms length and handed Mark a sheet of scrap paper. Mark took in from the stranger expecting to read a street address, but instead there were just two words lights out. Mark immediately went into trance. His eyes remained open, but he was now extremely calm and remembered that the man before him was Dr. Walter Mantel. More importantly, Walter was Marks master.

We dont have much time, Mark. When you get back on the bus you will appear normal but still be in trance. It is extremely important that you follow my directions precisely so that no one is injured too badly. When you pull out of the parking you will drive one mile from here and come to 5th st. When you reach 5th st you will see a telephone pole on the northwest corner. As you are turning the bus you will feel my cock in your ass. It will be as intense as pleasurable as you have ever felt and you will cum in your pants, you will be so distracted that you will accelerate and run the side of the bus into the pole. Once you do this you will awaken from the trance, and only remember to tell anyone who asks that you felt a serious chest pain. Now, head back to the bus.


Mark gave Walter the scrap paper and walked back to the bus. The last of the wrestlers were getting back on. As soon as everyone was seated he closed the door and drove the bus towards 5th st. When he got there he felt the most pleasurable and distracting feeling in his ass as he made.

Then he shot a load in his pants while turning the bus right into the pole as instructed. The alarmed athletes and coach could do nothing as the bus was jolted. A few guys had been goofing around and were tossed about the bus. Mark snapped out of his trance, and remembered that a pain in his chest was the cause of his distraction. He totally ignored the stain in his pants and smell of fresh cum. The world was a blur for the shaken up team and the sound of sirens blared in the distance as the emergency workers arrived. Dr. Walter had been behind the bus and was the first on scene to check the teams condition. No one was seriously hurt, but there were some scrapes and bruises. As everyone from the team got off the bus, the doctor separated them into three groups based on his level of attraction to each guy. He demanded that every member of the team be taken to the hospital for a checkup. No one argued, as the EMTs who had arrived on scene seconded Dr.Walters assessment of the situation since he had put them under his control nearly two months ago in preparation for this day. The EMTs injected each member of the team with a special hypnotic concoction that the doctor had created. It would render all the members of the team extremely sensitive to suggestion long enough for the doctor and EMTs to give them the hypnotic suggestions that would put them under the docs permanent control. The doctor and EMTs had the team separate into the appropriate ambulances as there were not enough ambulances for each team member. The doctor went with the first ambulance which consisted of the coach and three cutest seniors on the team that the doctor wanted permanent control over. The EMTs would hypnotize the remaining team members on the way to the hospital and plant hypnotic triggers for the doctor to use in the future much like he had done with the bus driver. Once the triggers were in place the team members would be released to their overly concerned parents.

Dr. Walter spent the ambulance ride giving his ultra special hypnotic treatment to the three seniors. Throughout the rest of the year the Coach would reinforce the treatment per the doctors instructions. All three would become patients at Doctor Walters clinic immediately upon their 18th birthdays. They would also have attitude changes about women that would make them totally unacceptable to their current girlfriends. They would order their girls around like slaves, belch, fart, curse, flirt with other women and do anything else needed to get their girlfriends to dump them. The Doctor also made sure that the soon to be single teen athletes would be unable to ease their horniness. No matter how badly they wanted to cum, each guy would not be able to get themselves off because they would subconsciously do whatever it took to jack off in a way that they would never allow them to reach orgasm. They would hold their cock to loose or too hard, stroke too slow, not be able to use lube . Eventually they would get so frustrated or exhausted they would give up As soon as the ambulance pulled into the hospital the doctor let the hospitals staff take over their treatment. He had already gained control over the hospital staff and they would implant chips that would give the doctor total control over his future slaves bodies, as well as their minds.


Pauls 18th Birthday

It had been three months since the accident and Paul was working in his summer landscaping job. It was his 18th birthday and he was looking forward to celebrating with his friend and coworker John.

Ever since the accident, things had gotten worse for Paul. His obnoxious bitch girlfriend dumped him, He had horrible gastrointestinal problems, and worst had been unable to jack off successfully for some unknown reason despite hours and hours. To forget his problems he spent more time with John who was 21 and proved a wonderful resource for booze. John had become close buds with Paul trying to help him resolve his female troubles, but had thus far been unsuccessful hooking Paul up with any woman who would go out with him more than once.

Paul was getting out of the truck and walking over to the trailer to lower the ramp. As he lowered the ramp he felt an extremely sharp pain in his lower back. He screamed out as he lost his grip and the ramp crashed to the ground making contact with his foot. John ran over to assist and once the ramp was removed it was clear he would need medical care.

A concerned look was on Johns face, I better drive you over to the hospital.


Paul was about to agree when a thought came into his mind about how much his bill might be and that Dr. Walters had told him and his team mates if there ever needed anything to not hesitate to call on him.

I cant afford a hospital visit, could you drive me to Dr. Walters office.


John agreed and the two headed off to Dr. Walters office right on schedule.

Strangely enough, When Paul got to the Doctors office the parking lot was empty. He hobbled in with Johns help.

They walked into the office and the receptionist had John assist Paul into room #5. John was going to leave Paul and go back to the waiting room, but just as he was turning around Dr. Walters came up from behind and held a rag to his face. Before he could react he passed out and fell to the ground.

Paul was unable to react either, since his body was frozen solid from prior conditioning. He felt a strong desire to wait for the Doctors orders before he made any further movements. Dr. Walters looked at him and then picked up a small device that almost looked like a remote control and pointed it in Pauls direction.

Paul felt strange new feelings as a surge of programming overwhelmed his brain and made him a bit dizzy. After a moment things settled down.

Would you be kind enough to help me put your friend on the examination table. We have much work to do to make him better.


Paul jumped into action. He had no memory of any injury to himself, but knew that John must be in serious trouble for the Doctor to request his help. As he grabbed his friend from the legs and lifted, he could not help but focus his eyes on Johns tight abs poking through as both Paul and the Doc lifted John onto the table. Paul instantly formed an erection.

The Doctor Smiled at the sight of Pauls bulge. I can see you are in need of aid as well. I promise you that well cure that as soon as Johns treatment is complete. But, for now I need you to remember training program 1.


Pauls mind pulled up the requested information. He instantly knew all that would be required of him to turn his Straight friend John into a another of the docs gay sex slaves. He immediately began undressing his friend as the Doctor reached for some tools.

You remember these well my friend, dont you?


Yes Doctor, they are the tools you used to turn me into your sex slave. The first is an anal probe that will attach a microchip onto Johns prostate and control all sexual feelings. The second is a device that will inject a second microchip behind the new slaves ear and will control and alter his thoughts and memories, at your will. In essence, he will be in a constant state of hypnotic control.


Very good Paul, you will be pleasantly rewarded when we are finished.


Paul smiled. The Doctors praise made him feel extremely happy. He had finished removing Johns clothes and while the doctor would insert the microchips, It was his job to prepare for the new slave by administering an enema.

The enema took just a few minutes and then Paul stripped off his own clothes and waited frozen for the Doctors orders.

Doctor Walters looked at his new slave with lust. John was the best looking of all the Doctors slaves so far. John was also going to be a test for the Doctors newest chip. The new mind control chip would allow John to control others around him who had not yet been converted with their own chips as it emitted a hypnotic field that would render all but the Doctor extremely suggestible when they were in Johns presence..

The various medical procedures took a couple of hours to complete. Once he was finished the Doctor woke John up. The Doctor had long tired of verbally administer the basic control commands so he had included them in the chip itself. All he needed to do once John was fully awake was to give John an order and it would be done.

Wha.....Whats going on., john slurred.

Not much John, The procedure is complete and you feel wide awake and happy.


The alertness instantly became visible in Johns eyes and he gave a wide grin.

Right as always Sir. How may I assist you?


The doctor gave John an evil grin.

I want you to go around town and test the success of the procedure by commanding some guys around town to do anything that comes to your mind that is either humiliated and/or sexual in nature.


Then the Doctor turn to Paul, who had remained motionless the last two hours.

Slave, It is time to reward you for your help in converting John.


Slaves, initiate program 2.


The expression on both slaves faces turned to pure lust. John, who was still naked from the procedures jumped on Paul and began ripping his clothing to shreds. Once Paul was completely naked, John began to feel like a master and ordered Paul to get on his hands and knees. Then John shoved his cock into Pauls virgin ass and fucked him like there was no tommorow. For his part all Paul could do was moan in pleasure as the doc had pulled his cock out and shove it into Pauls mouth. Paul had months of cum stored up, but still could not cum. Soon he felt John quiver and shoot his load inside and the docs cock shot streams of cum down his throat but Paul was still under his the earlier hypnotic programming and had been unable to bring himself to orgasm. When the doc recovered from his own orgasm he looked at Paul and saw that his first slave was in agony.

Oh silly me, I forgot that you still cant bring yourself to cum.


Please help me doc!, Paul pleaded.

That I will slave. You did really well for your first blow job. I think you deserve a reward. To claim it you must rim Johns ass. As you rim Johns ass you will remember how to properly Jack off and you will come once you have made John cum.


The Dr. Walters turned to John.

Present your ass slave., the doc ordered.

Yes, Master., came Johns reply as he bent over the examination table.

Paul got on his needs and stuck his face in Johns ass. Even with all the programming and chips inside controlling him, there was still a part of Paul that hated the thought of sticking his face in another persons ass, let alone a guys ass. He started out hesitantly, but then the doc began leading him further on his journey.

You need to go deeper or youll never get John to cum. You need to breathe deeply and take it all in.


For his part John was moaning and stroking his own cock. Being rimmed was the most enjoyable experience he had ever had. His cock had jumped to life from the previous orgasm as soon as he felt the first touch of Pauls tongue.

The more John moans the closer he will be to cumming and the closer youll be as well


Paul furious worked Johns ass with his tongue. Soon, John was shooting his second load and as he shot his load his asshole was contracting. The feel of Johns hole quivering put Paul over the edge and he shot his three month load for what seemed like and eternity.


Paul and John fell to the ground. The doc gave them a few minute to recover.

Rise and Shine, slaves

Paul instantly recovered from the sex session and knew that he was to accompany John and record everything that happened on video for the Doctors viewing pleasure.

Johns mind began formulating what he could do to fulfill his masters commands.

I am done, you may both go and make your master proud.


The two slaves left the office and headed to the campus to give their master his wish. They went to the park and saw an athletic student jogging. Paul had the camera rolling as John ran to intercept the jogger. The startled jogger stopped as John ran into his path. John instructed him to walk over to Paul so that everything that was said could be recorded for the doc.

John looking to the camera, began to speak to the entrance jogger.

What is your name?, John asked

Justin, sir


Who is your master?


Doc Walters is my primary, You are when he is not around.


Very good, now its time for your orders. When I snap my fingers you will continue on your jog as though we have never met, but you will carry out all my previous instructions. You will also find that you must jog in this park every morning. As you jog today and every day after you will find that you have a desire to stop every ½ mile and remove an article of clothing. You will not stop until you are naked. Once you are naked you will attempt to make it all the way to your apartment and if you get home without being arrested you will Jerk off in front of a camera and then drink your cum as a toast to your accomplishment. You will mail the videotape to the doc. If you are arrested before making it home you will beg every officer you meet to let you suck their cock and you will swallow so that there is no evidence that you gave them a blow job.

John snapped his fingers and the jogger politely excused himself for being in Johns way then continue on his jog. John and Paul followed behind and recorded on video the scene of the cute college athlete as his stripped himself of his jogging attire. Once his was completely naked he began his trek home, but this first day he was caught promptly by the police. Paul and John could here him begging the officers to let him blow them. The officers rejected him in public as bystanders gawked and laughed. They proceed to cuff him, but Paul and John knew that they would give in to the joggers pleas by the time they reached the station since they were already obedient slaves of the doctor as well.

Paul was eager to see what would happen next. He wished he could be present with the jogger and the cops. Even though he was under orders to record everything, he was horny as ever thanks to the chip in his prostate and one of his hands was in his pants. He came before the cops had the jogger in the squad car.

Paul smiled as he looked at John.

What else was John going to do to fulfill his masters orders?, he thought.

He couldnt wait to FIND OUT in Part 2.......................