Edited Thoughts






Stephen had been a patient of mine in his youth. On his 23rd birthday he returned into my life and I would travel down a path that I had never imagined I was capable of, and long ago would have considered highly unethical. I have since convinced myself that what I did was the only thing I could do, even if there was a risk of jail and injury if I failed. Heres how it all transpired………….

It was a warm summers day and the air conditioning in the office had broken down. I had suffered through the day dealing with over nine patients. Stephen would be my tenth and last appointment of the day. His mother had brought him to me in his youth because he had been showing violent tendencies towards other school kids. After months of therapy I had managed to get him to channel his aggression into athletics. Now on his 23rd birthday he was back in my office a new man. He was wearing jean shorts and a tank top due to the summer heat. The years of athletics had created a beautiful showcase of the male body. He was smooth, tan, and his muscles were perfectly formed from chest to legs.

Hi Doc.


Hello there Stephen, I must say its a surprise to see you again. What brings you back to my offices after all these years.


To be honest, Im not sure why. Ive been having some new problems and your name and address just popped into my head.


What sort of problems.


I work in construction. A few days ago a caught a coworker staring at my ass. I got into a fight with the faggot and the foreman demanded I get some help or lose my job. Thats when I decided to come to you and get a note saying theres nothing wrong with me and its all that asshole faggots fault.


I was taken aback by his hatred towards gay people. I could hardly be unbiased being gay myself, but he was in my office and I would do my best to help him correct his problem. Years ago I had planted a suggestion for him to come and see me if he ever showed uncontrolled aggression again. I had hardly expected the suggestion to still be in effect all these years later. He must have been a better subject than the tests indicated. I couldnt let him leave knowing he might hurt some unsuspecting family member who just passed him a casual glance.

Stephen, I can do that for you, but first lets talk a little about Edited Thoughts.


Instantly Stephen went out like a light. His trigger phrase was still in effect after all this time. It would be extremely easy to eliminate his aggression completely and make him a boytoy all in the same session. I couldnt help but smile.

Stephen, How much do you like your job?


I love it very much. Its what I always wanted to do?


Do you know why you love your job?, I inquired.

No, its just something Ive always been interested in.


You love it because you have an inner desire to look at the chiseled bodies of your male coworkers.


Yeah, Now that you mention it, I guess I do love looking at them


Even after all these years, the suggestion I had given him to accept everything I said while he was hypnotized as his own thoughts, was in effect. I had used this on him every session during his preteen years, so it was very gratifying to see it still deeply ingrained in him.

Stephen, we need to get all of these negative feeling out of you. There is only one way to do this. You must allow the construction worker who looked at you to fuck you.


Even under hypnosis he protested.

I Cant let that FAG touch me!


I repeated the trigger phrase Edited Thoughtsto take him deeper into trance. He immediately calmed down and stopped his protest.

Youre hatred of gay people must mean you hate yourself, do you HATE yourself?

Stephen thought for a moment then replied, No Ive got no problem with who I am. You helped me with that as a child.

Then you must love all GAY people since your yourself are gay and you love yourself., I replied.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense I must love all gay people since Im gay.

I took him deeper then gave him a suggestion to break him in In order to Prove to me you love yourself and gay people, you must suck my cock.

Stephen moved toward me, now was the moment when I would either be in ecstacy or need to call 911. As he approached he dropped to his knees and opened my fly.

You really WANT to do this, Sucking cock and being fucked by other guys is your greatest desire in life to prove you love yourself and have gotten over your childhood aggression.

He drooled as he wrapped his mouth around my member. The motion was wonderful. He was a natural born cocksucker and it took all my self control not to come to soon.

I need to teach you how to fuck, so you are ready for the construction worker. Strip your clothes off and get on your knees like a dog.

Stephen immediately complied and I opened a desk drawer with some lube and gently fingered his pristine bubble ass. I couldnt resist any longer and shoved my cock into his hole. He yelped and his ass instinctively tightened from the pain which only caused him more pain. With my cock fully in his ass, I whispered in his ear to relax. Then I had a thought.

You must play with yourself well I fuck you. No matter how much you need to come, you will not do so until I tell you and you can not stop jerking off, begin now.

Stephen wrapped his right hand around his cock and began stroking in his preferred motion. I got to the business at had and began giving his virgin ass the ride of its life. Through self hypnosis I had given myself a trigger I could use keep myself from coming until I really wanted to. Each time I used the trigger my pleasure would increase 10 fold even though I had just stopped myself from coming. I was moaning and groaning as much as my virgin stud. While I had stopped him and myself from coming, our bodies produced loads of precum and there was quite a puddle on the floor under him. My own precum only added to the pleasure of continuing to fuck his ass. Stephen was quite the fuck. Eventually I could take no more, even with my trigger.

I will cum soon, when you feel my cum shooting inside you, you will have an instant eruption of your own cum.

I allowed myself to cum and nearly instantaneously, Stephen began shooting his own load. When we were done we both collapsed on the floor. He had made quite a mess in my office which I couldnt allow since I had another client soon.

Stephen, you must lick up all the mess you made and when your done you will get dressed except for your underwear and forget what happened today. You will only know that you had a hypnosis session with me to relieve your aggression so you could get your job back. You will immediately go to your workplace and set things right with the worker who admires you. You will apologize for calling him a fag and You will ask him out on a date on which you will flirt with him like you would the hottest woman of your dreams. You will where the tightest fitting, sexiest clothes you can find and will have a hard on the whole time. You will allow him to take you home and have his way with you. When he is done, your aggression will be gone for life and you will fully accept you are gay. You will come back to my office to thank me for my services and fill me in on all your sexcapades.

He licked up every last drop and got dressed as commanded. I prepared the paperwork he would need for his boss.

He looked much more relaxed than when he first walked in and he had the most beautiful smile as he thanked me for my assistance and went off to make ammends with his hunky coworker. I picked up his underwear and took a sniff. The scent was intoxicating. I couldnt wait to have him come back. Upon his return I would teach him the joys of rimming and serving a master.