Fetish Man






Matt was leaving the night club when he saw a strange man approach him. He was middle-aged with a mustache wearing all black. When he was 5 feet away he spoke to Paul. "Hey Bud, you got a cigarette?"

"Sorry, don't smoke," replied Matt.

"That's great. I would have spared you if you did. Well, it looks light I'll be having some fun tonight."

"Get lost, Creep!", Matt yelled as he started to head back to the bar to get away from this weird man.

"Don't turn away from me slave, Look into my eyes NOW!", the man ordered.

"You can't tell me what to do," exclaimed Matt as he unknowingly began looking into the eyes of his new master.

The man moved closer as Matt became stricken with fear, upon the realization that he was unable to look away from the stranger.

"Calm yourself and take deep, relaxing, breaths. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the top of a stairway. As I count down from 10 to one you will become more and more relaxed. You WILL become more and more my slave willing to follow my every command........10......9.......become more and more relaxed, unable to open your eyes even if you try, 8, 7 6.....deeper and deeper.....5, 4, 3, noticed a soft, relaxing bed at the bottom of the stairs, 2, 1...falling into the bed deeply relaxed and asleep." The induction was quite rapid, but the strange man had done this 100s of times before and his special mental powers made the induction nothing more than an insurance policy that his victim would not awaken from a trance state before the programming session was complete.

"How do you feel slave?", the man inquired.

"Relaxed," Matt said in a monotone voice.

"You like being a slave"

"Yes, Master"

"DO you have sex often?"


"With men or women," the man asked.

"Women!", Matt exclaimed.

"That's about to change my young friend. Let me introduce myself. I'm fetish man and my one purpose in life is to bring out hidden fetishes in men. I'm in a good mood today, so I will allow you to gain enjoyment from the change I'm about to make in your mental makeup. Many of my slaves remain the same inside trying to fight the changes without any success, but YOU WILL enjoy all the changes I make to you and think of them as though they came from your own mind. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," Matt droned.

"From now on, you are going to only desire sex with other men. Too many people are having straight sex and you are needed to serve all the lonely gay and bisexual men you can find. You will have sex with any man who asks, no matter how much you dislike his looks or personality. To make your sex more interesting, you will be open to all forms of male sex including bondage, leather, foot, and hypnosis fetishes. The more unique the sex, the more excited and happy you will be. Do you have a computer?"

"No Master."

"You will have to buy one. If you have to, you will work the streets until you have the money to get one. When you buy one, you will access the web site I give you, for further instructions. You will tell NO ONE about this web site. Even if you are ever captured by police for lewd conduct" You will start a web site and show your body in as many strange poses as you can think of, for all the men of the world to see on the Internet. That, finishes the standard stuff, now its time to give you your unique fetish. What do you think of exposing yourself in public?"

"It's disgusting and perverted."

"No slave, it is sexy and daring. From now on, you will always look for ways to expose yourself to other men in public. You are welcome to seek out nudist resorts and beaches, but you must also find a new place and cute man every week to show your hard cock to. I will send you an amulet, that you must wear when doing so, in order that you not be harmed or arrested. Once your hard dick is seen by a man he will become aroused and order you to have sex with him. You will be his slave until you both cum, then you will both me mine.

"Now go slave, I'll be watching so follow my orders exactly"

The telephone rang for the fifth time before Matt had awaken enough to pick up the phone. "Matt, your late.....". Matt leaped out of bed, "I'll be there in ten Steve." He dashed for the shower and was out the door in three minutes. How could he have slept in? That was the last time he was ever going to get drunk before an interview, he thought. He didn't even remember how he had gotten home last night. His only saving grace was that his friend Steve was driving him. He rushed out of the house where Steve was waiting in the driveway.

"Thanks for everything, I owe you," Matt exclaimed.

"Anytime, I'm always glad to help out a friend. Say, that's an interesting necklace. Where'd you get it?"

"Um, I'm not sure, I just grabbed it from my dresser. Maybe Susan left it behind when she moved out. I thought it would go well with this suit," Matt replied.

As Steve drove on Matt became distracted by a growing hard on in his pants. He had always thought of Steve as well built, but he was not gay, or was he. "Why am I so horny, I should be worried about the interview," Matt thought to himself. "I've got to do something about this before we get there. I can't go into the interview with this bulge in my pants."

Matt pulled out his cock which seemed to be bulging beyond its normal 9 inches. Steve was aghast that his friend had pulled his cock out in the car, but his shock quickly passed and his thoughts shifted between driving and staring at the gorgeous sex god next to him. How could he have not seen how attractive Matt was before? He had never seen another guys penis look so good.

"Listen Matt, You are going to let me suck that cock of yours right now." Steve blurted out.

"Yes, Master, Matt replied. "Can we do it someplace in public view?"

"Sure slave, we'll do it in the park on 25th street." "You understand, I'll have to tie you up to the swings, so you can't escape."

They arrived in the park. The amulet Matt wore drove women and kids away thinking a bad storm was coming, but any men in the park would be forced to have sex with Matt at the site of his cock sticking out in public view.

The left the car and Matt was stripped and gagged with his necktie. He was tied to the swings and then Steve sucked him until they both came. Then Steve went back to the car and waited in a trance as 10 guys lined up to have their way with Matt. After two hours Matt arrived back at the car with a strange walk. His tongue was brown from licking the boots of male number 8, and his shirt had a yellow stain courtesy of stud number 10, but he had enjoyed every minute, more than any in his life to date. The 10 guys followed behind. Matt gave all of them and Steve a web address that they HAD to SEE called FetishMan's Place, and then they all left. Matt got back in the car. He was a mess with cum all over his face and clothing.

"Steve, I'm completely drained. Matt moaned. Drive me back home. I'm going to be too busy for a regular job. I've got to get a computer."

"No problem Matt, Your place is closer anyway. I've got to get home, call off my date with Jessica and contact that web page."

Later that evening Matt awoke refreshed from his afternoon orgy. He had to get a computer, but he had no steady job. He dressed up in the sexiest clothes he could find and headed for the bar. It was time to use the body GOD had given him to get that computer and contact the Fetishman page. He got to the bar, and got an instant erection. There were so many strangers in the bar, and he wanted every single one of them to see his gift to them. The amulet and his cock sticking out of his leather pants helped him get $1000 before the evening was through. He'd have that new computer in another day, then he could contact with his MASTER. He smiled at the thought.