Hypno Flip: The Introduction










WARNING: This story is a work of fiction intended for consenting adults interested in reading about gay erotic fiction consisting of hypnosis and/or mind control and sexual situations. If you are under 18 or offended by such material, turn back now.

            Sergi Valentinov was a master hypnotist and had been performing on stage for at least ten years. About five years into his career he learned that he could make money on the side via a secretive organization of master hypnotists who shared techniques and technology to create an organization that could bring in millions of dollars for its members. Only an select few elite hypnotists were invited to join the organization “Somnus” headed by a scientist known only as Master. It wasn’t an imaginative name by any means, but Master was not in this business for names, he was in it for money and control. Sergi was Master’s greatest prize and had brought in $300,000 from satisfied clients. When Master was approached by his latest millionaire client with an especially tough assignment he knew the money was as good as his. It was time to bring Sergi home from tour and put him to work.

            It was a beautiful spring night at Eastwood college. Sergi was performing his stage routine in Simpson Hall. The group was a usual mixture of college coeds of various looks. As usual Sergi focused on those most receptive to standard hypnosis. He had the girls think they were being tickled by the guy next to them, the guys got stuck to another guys ass, and there was the standard hypno strip. Sergi always made sure to balance his act between guys and girls, but his greatest interest was always the guys as Sergi was gay. Every now and then Sergi would find a guy he was especially interested in and go beyond the standard hypnosis routine and use techniques he had been taught from “Somnus”. The organization allowed its members to use all techniques and technology any way they wished in exchange for complete obedience when the organization called on them for their services. Tonight’s show had an exceptional subject. His name was Paul and he was exactly Sergi’s type. Paul was just an average subject but that would not be a problem. While the audience and subjects were busy with a Martian skit Paul was told to remain in his chair. It was not unusual for one or more subjects to not participate in a skit, so no one would be aware that Paul was in for some changes.



            Before Sergi began altering his “special” subjects he always did some daydreaming in his mind. Paul still had his shirt off from the earlier “male stripper” skit so it was easy for Sergi to picture the handsome stud at his shirtless on the deck of his mountain retreat. Such thoughts were like a mental warmup for Sergi, as the techniques he would use to become the master of this stud
























required all the mental energy at Sergi’s disposal. There is a special point behind the neck that massaged properly and with the appropriate control words thrown in, deepens the hypnotic trance to a state that will allow the hypnotist to create any reality he desired within the subjects subconscious. Once in the subconscious the reality created by the hypnotist would manifest itself externally for the subject would actually think the thoughts were their own. Without drugs or technology, this method was the most proven available for a hypnotist to control his subject, but reinforcement was needed as the “altered subconscious” would revert to normal after a couple of days. Sergi was a Master at this special method of hypnosis, which is why he had been selected to join “Somnus”. He was achieved the fastest and most powerful results of any hypnotist in the history of the organization.


            As the Martian routine continued Sergi walked behind Paul and told him he was going to perform some deepening techniques to help with the next skit. He immediately began the deepening induction using the special control words and after a few seconds began the special message. No subject had every resisted him as the control induction through them off to the point that they never suspected they were about to lose control. It never took Sergi more than a minute to complete the procedure. Once he was in the subconscious of the subject he could rewrite anything as easily as flipping on a light switch, but he always did a test first.


“Paul, you’re bladder is extremely full from too much drink, when I between you and the audience you will ask me for a cup and urinate in it. From now on, Anything you hear after the word “Somnus” will be your own thoughts and you will believe and act on these thoughts out without question.


            Sergi moved from behind Paul and interacted with the Martians telling them they were now Elvis Impersonator’s. As the Elvis music blared and they danced around the stage Sergi moved in front of Paul. Paul immediately came to.


            “Sergi, I drank way to much and need to piss so bad. Can I please borrow a cup so I don’t ruin your show by rushing to the restroom or pissing my pants.”


            Sergi handed Paul the cup and Paul unzipped and urinated into it as the audience view of him was blocked by Sergi.


“Somnus, Better drink that piss or someone will find out and you’ll be embarassed.”


            Paul finished urinating into the cup and put it to his mouth and chugged it down. He was definitely in Sergi’s grasp. Sergi moved onto the next phase of Paul’s enslavement.


“Somnus, all your friends and family have betrayed your trust and are plotting to control your life. You want’ to be free to do as you please and you want a real friend. You know that Sergi can help so you will visit him after the show. You trust Sergi and you find him extremely attractive in appearance and personality. All you can do is think about him until you meet him later tonight.”


            Paul did not give any reaction that he had received Sergi’s suggestions but, Sergi had no doubts as that Paul would fail to comply. No one had every resisted Sergi’s will since he joined Somnus. Sergi went on with the show and Paul performed perfectly as he was much more hypnotized than anyone could ever have guessed. Sergi also notice Paul staring at him every opportunity he had during the rest of the show.


            When the show was over and Paul met up with his friends they wanted to go out and Party. For whatever reason, Paul felt they were being extremely controlling and not allowing him to decide what he wanted to do. In fact he had suddenly realized how sick he was of everyone he knew. His parents, girlfriend, brother, and friends all controlled him in one way or another and he was sick of it. He needed someone who could help him find his freedom, a real friend, someone like the Hypnotist Sergi. Paul broke away from his former friends and set off behind stage to find Sergi. He knocked on the dressing room door that a stagehand told him was Sergi’s. Sergi opened it and invited him in. Once in the rom and the door closed behind him Paul began to discuss his digust in his family and friends. The information was all made up in Paul’s imagination but he believed as though it were real due to Sergi’s subconscious interference. Sergi was in no rush and allowed Paul to discuss all his grievances as it would further increase Sergi’s control over the stud. It took Paul an hour to spill his guts and Sergi listened attentively and was quite impressed by the subconscious reality that Paul’s imagination had been able to create in such a short period of time.


            Once Paul was finished Sergi moved into the third phase which he considered the conquest phase. It was his favorite and he never grew tired of it despite the hundreds of people he had already done this to for his own pleasure and that of the organisation.




            Paul had become quite lively from the talk about his family and friend, but as soon as he heard the word he became robot like and appeared deep in meditation. Sergi repeated the word to deepen the effect.


“Somnus, Sergi is your best and only friend in the world. You will do anything for him, even if it is against your morals or desires initially, because following his requests makes you very happy with yourself for choosing such a great and loyal friend for life. You will find yourself becoming more and more happy and sexually aroused with every request you follow. You believe that anything he says is 100% accurate and truthful and will immediately forget any knowledge you had that disagrees with what he says.”


“Paul, it’s extremely hot in here, you should take your shirt off to cool down.”


            Paul immediately felt unbearably hot and realized that Sergi was right and he took his shirt off, with each button he unfastened he felt more and more happy. It was so wonderful of Sergi to look after him. He also noticed that his cock was getting hard. He thought to himself how good looking Sergi was. If he was gay he’d fuck Sergi silly, but Paul knew he was straight even if his former girlfriend was a bitch. Still, he was so horny He was definitely going to have to jerk off when he got home tonight.



“Paul, now that were becoming such good friends, I want to know you better so I’m going to ask you some questions in order to help you.”


“I know that you hate your job and want to quit. Would you like to be my assistant?”


Paul briefly thought that he loved his job, but it was quickly and forever erased when he heard Sergi say he hated it. He thought how wonderful it would be to quite such a horrible job and work for such a great guy.


“DO I EVER!, I’d love to quite my job and work for you. It would be my dream job. Would you let me do that?”


Sergi smiled, “Sure, what are friends for. Don’t go back to your old job, just abandon it. You can definitely work for me.


Sergi’s approval almost made Paul cum in his pants. He couldn’t believe how sexually excited and happy he was at Sergi’s offer.


Before his programming went any further, Sergi himself was in need of some release and the moment had come to get some action.


“Somnus, you have known you were gay for the last 5 years but been in denial and in the closet. Whenever you had sex with your ex-girlfriend you always thought of other guys from your school’s swimming, football, and soccer teams to get you hard because thoughts of women kept your dick limp. You remember all the digusting smells from licking a womens pussy that made you gag and want to vomit. All you ever wanted since puberty was a dick in your mouth and your ass. Your friend Sergi makes you so confident that you can now accept who you are and be free of the horrible sexual experiences from the past. You’ll accept and enjoy your sexual desires for other guys, especially Sergi. You will notice that Sergi is sweating and needs a drink but there is nothing available so you will devise a plan to quench Sergi’s thirst and your horniness by offering your cum. In fact you will offer your cum anytime you feel Sergi is thirsty.”


Paul realized that Sergi was the kind of friend he could have complete confidence in regarding anything, including his gayness. Paul was tired of being in the closet and sick of suffering through sex with women. He knew that Sergi was the one guy in this world who could save him. He looked with admiration and a touch of lust at the handsome hypnotist and notice a bead of sweat on his forehead.


“Sergi, you look pretty hot, maybe you should get something to drink.”


“I am feeling a touch warm, but were all out of drinks and the fountain is broken”


“I can’t let such a good friend suffer, why don’t you let me help your thirst. I’ve been really horny lately and have needed to get rid of all my cum that has built up in my nine inch cock.”


Paul pull his enormous member out of his pants as he spoke, not waiting for an answer to his offer to Sergi.


Sergi could not have been more pleased at the site of Paul’s massive cock out in the open for the taking. He dropped to his knees gave Paul a lesson in oral sex that know woman could ever know. No part of Paul’s cock or balls was spared the Techniques that Sergi had learned for the organization had taught that sex could be one of the greatest tools to use in gaining control of the mind. The training for administering the perfect blowjob that would create maximum pleasure and mind control effect while preventing the subject from cumming had taken many hours of practice at the Somnus field training center. He would now spend a few hours on Paul showing what a master he truly was in hypnosis/mc sexual techniqes..


Paul was completely out of his mind with pleasure. He never wanted it to stop and would have let Sergi service his cock forever.



At that moment Sergi’s pager went off. Somnus was calling and he’d have to put his fun on hold for a moment.


“Somnus, you are super tired and will instantly sleep when Sergi says the phrase “baby boy”. You will dream about Sergi naked and sucking your cock as well as having orgies with guys you know. If you cum in your dream you will cum for real as all your dreams will now be wet dreams.”


“I need to take this page “Baby Boy”


Instantly Paul eyes shut and he fell limp in the chair he’d been sitting in. Sergi went to his computer and opened the program to start the webcam so Master and he could have a video conference call. Master instructed him to wrap up his business with his new playtoy quickly and be on a plane to headquarters. Special training and gadgets would be need for his new assignment codenamed “Hypno Flip”. Master told him it would be difficult but there would be lots of sex in it for Sergi and money for the organization. Sergi finished the call and looked over at his new sleeping beauty. Paul had taken the blow job so well that it would be a shame for him to waste his first load as a slave, in a wet dream. Sergi decided to wake him up.


As soon as Paul awoke Sergi mention his unquenched thrist. Paul pulled his cock back out and practically shoved it down Sergi’s throat due to his desire to repeat the sensations that Sergi had made him feel earlier.


With a mission about to began Sergi began a different blow job technique designed to make the subject cum more than normal. Within less than a minute of using the new technique Paul’s whole body was shaking as he began to shoot load after load into Sergi. So much cum was shooting out that Sergi could not swallow it all as it shot against the back of his throat and also spilled out the sides of his mouth. The whole experience made Sergi shoot his load across the room. They laid next to each other a half hour before Sergi recovered. Paul was still laying next to him with the happiest look possible and an expression devoid of all though as a slave should look.


What a catch Sergi had made today. He was extremely pleased with his selection, but business now called so he would have to continue later. It was time to send Paul on his way, albeit temporarily.


“Somnus, Sergi has to go on a business trip, but while he is gone you will move all your belongings out of your parents house and find a new apartment of your own for the next six months. While Sergi is gone you will workout everyday to improve your body further and you will go out and find some other gay guys to fuck and suck so that you will learn how to better serve your new master when he returns. Your home will be Sergi’s home when he is in town so be sure to never let any trick stay with you more than one night and you can not fall in love with anyone but Sergi.”


Sergi left Paul in the dressing room naked on the floor. The programming was intense and it would be another hour before Paul could appear in public. Sergi made sure that no one would intrude, by hypnotizing a cute young theater employee to lock the door and jerk himself off in the room with Paul until Paul was ready to leave. In order to time things right, the employee could not shoot his load until he saw Paul completely clothed and from that moment on he would only cum when looking at or having sex with guys who were wearing clothes. He would clean his cum up with his clothes and never wash or discard any clothes with cum stains.



















Sergi had no idea why he enjoyed doing these things, the young man had done nothing to him, but he had to keep his skills fine tuned and Master encouraged all his hypnotists to be creative with how they changed people. It made him feel good to do what “Somnus” and Master wanted. Now he was off to take on the challenge of the case titled “Hypno Flip” He had not received a full briefing yet, but Master told him twins were involved and that thought was all it took to get his depleted member fully hard again.





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