Hypnosis Spell






Timothy Burton had been fascinated with the subject of hypnosis since his college days. The stage shows he saw on campus were hilarious and even too a degree sexually stimulating for him. He was totally infatuated with the idea of control and began seeking all information on hypnosis that was available. Thorough research of all texts in the U.S. indicated that the Subject was always in control and Hypnotists were merely guides in real clinical hypnosis, and even worse stage shows were shams. However, some older hypnosis books from the 40's and 50's mentioned cases where a subject would do something if his perception of reality was altered that he would not do under normal circumstances. This was the key that Timothy felt would lead him to the truth about hypnosis and whether he could use it to fulfill his greatest fantasies. He went on a worldwide quest to find all information ever written about Hypnosis. After three years of searching he stumbled across the writings of an Egyptian doctor who was killed in mysterious circumstances in a tomb collapse while attempting to excavate a boulder that contained a most unusual spell and curse . The doctor wrote of the discovery of a spell used by some of the greatest of Ancient Egypt's Pharaohs to exert an almost hypnotic control over their enemies as well as their subjects. The doctor's writings indicated the spell only worked due to the addition of an unknown plant (The Hieroglyph naming which plant was damaged) with hypnotic properties. The Pharaoh would swallow the potion at the beginning of his rein. For as long as he lived, he merely needed to touch a person and say the words "Open your mind to me" while touching the subject or a possession of the subject. The Pharaoh could then exert total control over that person in both life and the afterlife. Timothy was overwhelmed with joy at both the discovery and the fact that he only paid 50 cents in U.S. currency to purchase the only copy of the doctors text and the spell. His next task was to find the mysterious plant or substitute it with a modern drug and hope the spell would still work.

1. Timothy scoured Egypt over 7 years for every living and extinct plant that had ever existed in ancient Egypt. He eventually came across a local with a story of a nearly extinct plant so toxic that no local would dare touch it because it induced a trancelike state followed by seizures and death. Could this plant be the plant used in the Pharaoh's spell he thought? He had exhausted all other options and decided to risk it. His quest for absolute power to control others had led him to care nothing for his own life. He collected all the plant sample he would need for the spell and returned to America.

Upon returning home he began the task of recreating the potion that he would have to drink before reciting the spells incantation. If he was wrong about his choice in plants he would surely die. It was midnight on June 10th, when he finished the potion and gulped it down. He thought nothing of it being his last drink, for he had to begin the incantation within 5 seconds of drinking the potion or, according to the doctor's book, his mind would be overwhelmed with the thoughts of others and he would go mad. Timothy recited the incantation five times as instructed and then began to feel lightheaded. His last thought was, "My God, I've killed myself".....

The sunlight glared through the window if Timothy's living room and began forming a mild sunburn on his exposed face. He awoke to the dazzling noon sun astonished that he was still alive. "Had the spell worked?", he wondered.

It was time for him to test it out. As he was making plans on who to test it on, he heard the familiar sound of a lawnmower. His lawn service was cutting the lawn ahead of schedule. He looked outside to see that is was his usual lawnboy. The young stud was cutting the grass in his usual baggy shorts attire, but was shirtless today due to the hot summer sun. His bronze skin was glistening from sweat that helped to accent his muscular features. Timothy decided today would be a great day to pay his bill. He walked out side and greeted his intended subject. "Hello, I just wanted to pay my bill today" he shouted as he wave the money in his hand.

The lawnboy stopped the mower and walked over to take the money from Timothy's outstretched hand. As they made contact Timothy recited the words "Open your mind to me" in Egyptian as the spell required. "What's that" the lawnboy replied. "Oh nothing, just Egyptian for Your doing a great job cutting my lawn", was Timothy's reply as he wondered if the spell had worked. He would soon find out with either a trip to ecstasy or the hospital. The lawnboy had started walking back to the mower. Timothy blurted out, "you feel really hot, why don't you come inside and cool off". The lawnboy turned around and walked back towards Timothy. As he neared Timothy he began to speak, "Mister, I'm burning up I need to go into your house and cool off." Timothy smiled as the lawnboy passed by on his trip into the house. He now realized that any command he made would be accepted as the boys own thoughts. "That's how the Pharaoh's controlled their subjects and enemies", he thought. He could hardly contain his excitement as he ran for the house and his waiting subje....slave.

As he entered the house he saw the his newfound prize standing in the living room like a statue. He could see that the lawnboy was very tense. The boy may have been following commands, but Timothy could tell from his reactions that this stud was still himself deep inside and wondering why he had so willingly accepted Timothy's comments as his own thoughts.

"Why don't you relax, but you can not move unless I tell you to. I want you to count backwords from 10. When you reach one you will feel completely at peace. Begin counting."

As soon as Timothy saw that the boy had relaxed he began with his questioning.

What's your name?"

"Justin Mathers", the boy replied.

Timothy decided it was time to get to the boys personal information so he could determine how best to proceed. He found out that Justin was 18 even though he looked a few years younger. He had a girlfriend and was a high school dropout. Timothy also discovered a dark side to his new possesion. Justin had beaten up a neighbor who he thought was gay, and he was on probation. Timothy decided to probe him for more information.

"Why do you hate gay people?"

"Because its sick and perverted. It's not natural. The Bible says its wrong. They should all be killed.", he replied with no emotion even though Timothy knew he must have some feelings deep inside to spew such hate.

"Have you ever been abused?"

"No, I just hate them because they're perverts. They are the cause of the destruction of the family", came Justin's reply.

This enraged Timothy and he was now set on a new course of action. He could would take this naive straight boy away from his life totally by making radical changes that would teach him a lesson and let Timothy have some fun in the process.

"Justin, from today forward you will love gay people. They are no threat to you and you are very happy to associate with them. Your girlfriend is now very unattractive to you ,she tries to control your life to much, and you will do whatever it takes to get her to dump you. You are still straight inside and you always want sex, but you will be unable to make advances on women because every time you try you will piss in your pants, or on your partner due to nervousness. This will cause you to give up on women. You will be constantly horny and masturbate as many times a day as possible, even if there is a chance you may get caught. The embarrassment of being unable to have sex with women along with your huge sexual appetite will make you eager to have sex me first, and any other guy you find who is willing to have sex with you when I tell you I am unavailable. You will know that I am responsible for your changes and you will always try to thank me for them by having sex with me and doing anything I command you to do without question".

"You will now return to normal and go back to work, but you will follow all the commands I have given you. When you become so horny that you can no longer stand it you will return here."

Justin regained a normal state of consciousness and somewhere inside he wanted to leap forward and beat the crap out of this pervert in front of him, but instead he found himself walking back out the door to finish the lawn. As he began cutting the lawn he began thinking of ways to break up with Susan. It was her fault he was stuck in this job. He would find someone new.

Timothy smiled as Justin wrapped up and drove off in his pickup. He hoped it would not take Justin too long to become overcome with lust and return to his home. Timothy went to rest, he still did not feel totally recovered from the spell.

Meanwhile, Justin finished the rest of his lawns two hours late because he found that he was horny as hell and had to keep taking breaks to jack off. By the time his last lawn was cut he had been jerking off behind bushes, in restrooms, and every other place he could think of. He didn't care that someone might see, his dick had to come first.

On the way home he decided to stop off at a strip joint. He was so horny he had to get laid. His bitchy girlfriend would not be enough. In the bar he paid one of the strippers who he knew well to go into the restroom with him for a quick blowjob, but before she even got her mouth around his cock he was pissing in her face. She hit him in the balls and before he had recovered enough to even stand up he was being thrown out by the bouncer. He would never be able to live this down, but that was the least of his worries. He still had not relieved his intense horniness. He stopped by an ex girlfriend and tried to get her in the sack, but as soon as she agree he became extremely nervous and pissed his pants. She laughed him out of her house. In his car he could barely take it anymore. He had to have sex. Even if it was with a gay guy. Gays were great people and he knew that if he asked Timothy to help, his horniness problems would be taken care of. Justin decided he needed to get to Timothy's as quickly as possible, after he stopped home to change his urine stained jeans.

It was 8:30 pm when Timothy was awakened to the urgent banging at his front door. It was Justin. Timothy was pleased at how quickly Justin had succumbed to his horniness. He went to the door and let him in. "How are you, Justin? You look like you need something." "I need your cock, bad", came Justin's desperate reply. "Well if you do everything I say, you shall have it. Have you broken up with your girlfriend yet?" "No." "Well if you do it now, I'll let you take off your clothes so I can determine if your worthy to have sex with me." "What do I tell her?" Timothy thought for a moment then responded, "Tell her that your going to have sex with a guy because she was such a bad lay." "Sure anything you say. Where's your phone?" Timothy pointed in the direction of the phone and in the few minutes that it took for Justin to destroy his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, he prepared a camera to record the evening festivities. Justin returned and Timothy was ready for the real fun to begin.

"It's done. Can I please let you fuck me now?" Timothy hesitated in order to drag things out as much as possible and increase his slave's desperation. "First you need to take your clothes off and let me inspect you. I want you to strip like a stripper and when you are totally naked I want you to pose so I can see all your muscles. Also, from this moment on you will always Call me sir because I am your master. Do you understand?" "Yes, sir." Ok, begin your strip routine for your master. Timothy started some music and Justin began the most seductive strip routine that Timothy had ever witnessed. Once he was totally nude he began his poses. "That's super Justin, you've made your master very horny, but there is one muscle you have flexed yet. I need to see your cock hard before I can know if your worthy of me." "Yes, sir!" Justin began stroking furiously. His horniness had reached levels no man could tolerate, even a hypnotized one. His dick grew to the largest size he had ever seen it. It was normally 8 inches, but today it had seemed to grow to 9. Justin's veins were bursting out and just one touch from Timothy would have made him burst, but Timothy was careful not to tough his prized possession, yet.

"Justin, you are truly worthy to be fucked by your master. In a moment I am going to enter your ass. You will not be able to come until I say so." "Thank you sir. I am so desperate sir. I need your help badly sir. Please fuck me sir." Timothy stripped his clothes off and lubed his dick up. The penetration would have been to much for Justin to keep his load had Timothy not prevented him from coming. The feelings for both men were beyond description. Neither had ever known that such feelings ecstasy were possible. The spell that controlled Justin had made him so responsive to pleasing his master that his whole body both consciously and subconsciously was now programmed for Timothy's total pleasure. Timothy could contain himself no longer an he exploded inside of Justin's body. As soon as Timothy could think coherently again he spoke in Egyptian. "Open your mind to me" "Justin, You may come now and your orgasm will last for as long as my dick is inside of you." Justin instantly began gushing out fluid and convulsing do to the pleasure he was experiencing. His reaction was causing Timothy to experience more orgasms as well and it was a good hour before Timothy was able to separate himself from his slave toy.

Justin was exhausted and fell deep asleep. Timothy cuddled up next to him and caressed the studs chest and stomach. His slave was truly a prize. He couldn't wait to open up the minds of other hunks and ad them to his collection. He would be a modern day pharaoh and he would make his slaves wear Ancient Egyptian attire. His mind drifted off into dreams of conquest. As Justin dreamed of submission for all eternity.