The Magical Saxophone

 by Thom21


Randy ran into the magician at a hypnosis show. The 31 year old magician took a quick liking to the features of the beautiful 23 yr. old and quickly put him under his control by getting him up on stage as part of the hypnosis portion of his magic show. During the show Randy was given the suggestion to meet with the magician later that night and do anything the magician asked of him. Randy turned out to be such a good subject that the magician did not have to use any magic at all to get him into bed. The magician discovered Randys passion for the saxophone and as a reward for Randys performancedecided he would give Randy a very special instrument. He would send this instrument to Randy when he returned to his hometown after his current tour was over. Randy was instructed to forget about that night and only remember that a special saxophone would be sent to him as a reward for his on stage performance earlier in the evening.

Randy rushed to the door. The delivery man on the other side could scarcely know the importance of the package that was now in his hands. Randy, however, knew exactly what was in the package and he quickly signed his name and snatched it from the hands of the startled delivery man and slammed the door shut. Randy proceeded quickly to the living room and ripped that package open. Inside, he saw the most beautiful and perfect saxophone ever to be created. He expected no less because the creator of this instrument was the most powerful realmagician alive today. Randy knew this based on what he had seen at the magicians last show.

He picked up the sax and put the mouthpiece to his lips and began to play his favorite piece of music. As he played the music he began to feel a rush of energy come over him. It was unlike anything he had ever experience before. He continued to play, but his mind began to wonder and think about how beautiful the male form was. He needed to control men and he knew, though he did not understand why, that he could have any man he desired simply by getting them to hear the music from the enchanted instrument he now held in his hands. He stopped playing for a moment and pulled out a note that was in the package the sax was delivered in. It was from the magician;


Thanks for your splendid performance the other night. It is not often that I reward my participants, but after what you did I felt I simply had to fulfill your desires. This gift to you will enchant any man you desire, except for me, of course. Have fun with it and remember to pay me a visit the next time my shows in town so you can perform for me again. Your Friend, The Magician

Randy set the note down and began to think about who he could try out this new instrument on. He decided that since it was only 4pm and his first choices were still at work, he would call an order a pizza. With any luck, it would be delivered by the cute 18 year old blond that normally did the deliveries at this time of day. As it turned out luck was on Randys side and the pizza boy knocked at the door. Randy answered the door and told the boy to hold on a moment well he got his money. Randy walked over to his sax and began playing. The pizza boy immediately fell under the enchantment of the instrument and entered the house. Randy could see the boy appeared to be in a trancelike state and preceded to find out that the boys name was Joe and that he was straight. Randy was excited by the prospect of having this gorgeous stud under his control. He immediately had Joe call up the pizzeria and tell his boss that he had a car breakdown and would be awhile in getting back to work. Then Randy told Jeff to get on his knees and give the first and best blow job of his life. Afterwards Randy had Jeff pretend he was a male dancer and strip before him. Jeff was an excellant dancer and his smooth body was more than Randy could resist. He had to have this gorgeous stud completely. When Jeff was completely naked, Randy proceeded to the grand finale, for this boy at least, and commanded him to have anal sex with Randy. The boy really enjoyed it and Randy told him that he would make regular visits to Randys house to relive the pleasure over and over again. Jeff readily agreed as he got dressed and then headed back to work with that strange walk that all first timers have, and the music of the magic sax still playing in his head