Military Crossover

 By Thom21


Military CrossoverPart 1

 Anything that can be thought up by the human mind, will one day be created by a scientist, whether the world is ready for it or not.

I am a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper. The story I have to tell is to hot to even make it into the tabloids let alone my paper so I am left to tell it to those who will listen on the Internet. An unknown hacker of a government computer passed this information on to me and the world must no what our government is doing to its people. The capability now exists to change people without them ever knowing as this document I am about to discuss clearly points out. I have left out or translated scientific jargon into English so that the reader may clearly understand what has happened to these men. The document reads as follows.

PROJECT New LifeObjective: To study the ability to control unknowing subjects thoughts, actions, and beliefs using inaudible subliminal mind control methods.

Subject Information: Greg (Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps) 23, 512, 170lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, married with no children. Ultra Conservative Right Wing Christian (based on questionnaire). Steve ( Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps) 22, 61, 187lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, single with no girlfriend/ heterosexual, Moderate political views (based on questionnaire). Experiment 1 Objective - Introduce the subjects to the first series of electronic subliminal suggestions. While on duty, both subjects are ordered to a small solitary room with a door marked No Admittance without Clearance. They are told to not allow anyone to enter without checking for appropriate authorization. After one hour of duty, the transmission of the first set of suggestions is transmitted to both men. Based on the results of previous studies, each man should think that the transmitted suggestions are his own thoughts and act accordingly. The suggestions have been individually tailored to each subject based on previous interviews and questionnaires. Greg is fed suggestions to become extremely sexually excited every day that he is on leave from this post. He will not be able to relieve this sexual tension with his wife because he will find that he is no longer sexually attracted to her or ANY woman. He is told he desperately wants to leave her. He will also begin developing a desire for his fellow officers. His desire will be strongest for any young manly stud in who stays in a room with him for more than 6 hours today (this just happens to be what Steve will do). He knows he can seduce any guy he wants to, but he must have Steve. He MUST do so to relieve his sexual tension. Also, He no longer is interested in any Religion that prohibits his sexual freedom and is told that he will become extremely liberal in his thinking about social issues such as homosexuality. Steve is fed suggestions that he is lonely and extremely desperate to spend time with any man who shows an interest in him. He is told that he will do anything to keep this man with him to get rid of his feelings of loneliness. No woman can do this for him, just attractive and interested men. Steve is also told that he will no longer be able to stand wearing clothes when he is on leave. He MUST go around home naked. He loves the feeling of being naked and the look of his naked body makes him desire other men, especially Greg, even more with each passing minute of nakedness. Both men are told that the suggestions they are given will be strengthened even more each time they look at a clock or calendar. With each passing hour and day they will become more determined to carry out their newfound thoughts and desires. They are then instructed to take all their clothes off and stare at each others beautiful sexy bodies. They will desire each other extremely, but will not know how to fulfill their desires until they return to this post after 2 weeks leave. They are told to stare at each others throbbing erect cocks and not notice anything else that is happening in the room. A scientist now enters and plants a microchip smaller than the eye of a needle on the head of each man. With this chip it will now become possible to monitor the actual thoughts of the two subjects. The scientist leaves without the two men knowing he had ever been there. With the chip implant complete, the two men are told to put their clothes back on and not remember anything that happened today. They are told to go on two weeks leave and return here immediately after their leave has ended for orders. They are also instructed to become friends with each other during the leave and Greg is told to spend time at Steves place, if it is at all possible. After 8 hours, the two men leave and both request and are granted a leave of absence for the next two weeks.