The Person Inside

by Thom21

Marcus set down his pen and began to marvel at the words he had just written. He had been practicing magic his entire life and with each passing year he could feel his inner power grow within. He had assumed that at some point in his life his power would reach its apex, but up to this point it had not. He could tell this because of the new spell he had just written. He had not even had the chance to use it, and yet he could already feel the powerful implications it would have on the person he had written it for.

Marcus could not use the spell for his own personal gain, because if he did so, the consequences of a spell this powerful would destroy his life. Marcus
best friend Pete had approached him for help when he began to suspect that his lover was cheating around behind his back. Not knowing the truth was ripping Pete apart inside. Pete loved Tim enough to forgive him for a moment of indiscretion if Tim truly loved Pete and would come clean with him. Marcus was initially reluctant to help, as matters of love were often complicated. However after 3 months of witnessing his friends depressed state, Marcus finally decided he had to help his friend and wrote the spell.

Marcus began meditating and after a half hour of preparing himself he began incanting the spell. He felt a connection with Tim
s soul even though Tim was miles away. It took just a few moments to finish and the connection with Tim was broken. Marcus smiled with satisfaction because he knew the spell would help his friend one way or the other. It would up to Tim to determine whether the spell would lead to love or justice. Marcus was confident that Pete would find healing from either path Tim chose.

Across town Tim was just arriving home late for the fourth time this week. Pete was inside watching TV.
Hey, sorry Im late. I really got behind in my work due to personnel issues., Tim stated in an almost robotic tone. Who were you fucking from behind this time, Pete replied with disgust. Tim instantly became defensive, I cant believe you dont trust me by now. I love you with my whole heart and would never do anything to hurt you.Its been a long day, we can talk about this tomorrow.Pete had heard Tims denials before, but was in no mood to fight tonight so he just shook his head and went back to staring at the TV while he thought about how Marcusspell would soon resolve things.

Tim went into the bedroom and sat down at the computer. He logged onto their bank
s website and transferred money from their joint account into Tims personal account. Pete was a great guy, but Tim really just was looking for a roof over his head. He was not a monogamous or even a moral guy and Pete would never understand that, so it was best to lie to him. What he didnt know couldnt hurt him. Tim felt he was great at keeping his indiscretions a secret. His years of acting school had to be good for something. He sat down at the computer and took his weekly look at Petes financial program. Pete had been investing for years and the money was now at a level that Tim would not feel guilty taking a share of and leaving Pete behind. Tomorrow would be a new day. He would leave town without having to worry about finances or a relationship he could do anything he desired. He would be free.

Tim woke up in the morning and got ready for work like normal. He could not let on to Pete that anything abnormal was about to happen.
By dear, Im really sorry that weve been fighting so much lately and that I havent been there for you.” “I promise that Ill make it up to you. I really do love you.Pete looked at him and gave a cautious grin. I love you too. Ive been desperately hoping we could work things out. Ill see you when you get home.Pete gave Tim a kiss and then watched as Tim went off to work.
Tim was at the airport happy with his ability to pull things off so successfully. He was about to purchase a plane ticket to California when he had a strange thought. He should call Pete
s friend Marcus. No, thats stupid I need to get out of town,he thought as his body walked over to the nearest payphone. He was alarmed at what was happening. He could not control himself as his hand reached into his pocket for change and then began dialing Marcusphone number. He desperately wanted to hang up but was unable to do anything but wait for someone to answer the phone.

Marcus heard the phone ring and instantly knew that it would be Tim. The moment of Truth was now at hand.
Hello Tim, you have something to tell me.

Yes Master Marcus, I must inform you that I am a slut and a thief.

Well Tim, I had hoped things would be different, but you are who you are. It is time you let the person inside out into the open for all to see. Now hang up and forget you called me.

Marcus felt his power surge within. He was going to make sure that Tim could never hurt Pete again. Time to reign in this free stallion, Marcus thought. He sat down and entered a deep state of meditation. From this state he would be able to see and influence all that Tim experienced. For, while the spell would affect Tim, It was necessary for Marcus to use a different mind control spell to guarantee the proper reaction of those around Tim.

Tim stared blankly at the phone. Why was he holding it? Who would he call? He needed to get out of town. He walked back to the ticket counter and got in line. While he was waiting he couldn
t help but notice the beautiful face of the clerk at the ticket counter. It was perfection. He had never seen a more attractive man. Tim felt a twitching in his crotch. His dick was harder than he ever thought possible and he was wearing tight fitting sweat pants that were revealing his massive problem for all to see. He had to cool down, as he tried to look away he noticed that he was surrounded by nothing but 20 something guys and he was horny as hell. How the fuck did this happen, he thought? Of all the times to be horny, he was stuck in line at an airport, wearing tight sweat pants, surrounded by college jocks, and sporting the largest hard on ever. He had to do something now. He saw a bathroom nearby and decided the line would have to wait. As he turned to walk towards the bathroom he bumped into one of the jocks. In his mind he thought he was going to say Excuse Me, But instead he heard the words Please fuck me now soccer boy. You know you want me.

Though he was meditating, Marcus was also in awe at the beauty of the soccer studs. They had the energy and strength, now they needed Marcus
s guidance to properly punish a slutty thief like Tim. Marcus drew a mental conection with all the members of the team. He made them feel extreme arousal for Tim and an extreme desire to humiliate and dominate him sexually. The effect of the spell would only last until they each dominated Tim, then they would forget all about him and go back to normal.

Tim screamed out inside as he waited for the stud to slam him to the ground, but instead he saw the stud glance at his bulge, smile, and walk towards the restroom. Tim could do nothing but follow. As soon as they were inside the athlete pushed Tim into a stall and ripped his clothes off, pushed him onto his knees and fucked Tim harder than a jackhammer in concrete. Tim could not contain his screams of pleasure/pain or his massive load. The soccer boy finished quickly and left the bathroom as though nothing had happened. Tim could do nothing but lay there gasping as his orgasm continued. Meanwhile, the soccer stud told all his friends they should visit Tim in the restroom. One by one, each guy went inside and Fucked Tim harder than the guy before. Tim was in a continuous state of arousal and orgasms, followed by pain throughout the entire ordeal. Finally the last member of the team finished up with Tim. As he put his clothes back on Tim finally stopped cumming. The entire room was filled with his jiz. As the last soccer stud left he look at Tim lying in the pool of cum.
You be sure to clean that up before you leave, wouldnt want someone to slip and fall. To Tims utter shock he complied with the studs request even though his body screamed out against it.

When he had finished licking the last drop off the floor, all he could think about was getting the hell out of the restroom. He got to his feet and ran as fast as he could for fear that another guy would soon enter and fuck his extremely raw ass. He raced out of the airport and fetched the first cab.

Marcus was please with the affect the ordeal had on Tim. He was now in an utterly confused state and would fall deeper and deeper into the spell
s control.

Where To, the cab driver inquired?
511 Main street, came Tims reply.

Tim was again surprised as he really wanted to get out of town, but he had unwillingly given the cab driver the address of Pete
s friend Marcus. He wanted to scream out, but his mouth would not cooperate. It was as though his was merely a passenger in his own body. As they were driving to Marcushouse Tim saw his bank and blurted out for the Cab driver to stop so he could make a deposit. Tim went inside and transferred Petes money back into the joint account. Then he went a step further and transferred his own money into Petes account as well. Tim now had just enough money for the cab ride to Marcus' place and a date with destiny.