The Sex Genie by



The Genie walked unoticed down the streets of San Francisco. He had rarely made himself visible to mortal men since he was set free by his last master 100 yrs ago. Humans were foolish in their wishes and the Genie had benefited from his last master's foolish wish to become like the Genie. By granting the wish he and his master switched places and the Genie was free at last. Fortunately, the Genie had retained his powers and he had spent the last century making mortals pay for their foolishness by granting their wishes exactly as they wished for them. The results were always entertaining for the Genie and nearly always ended badly for the mortal making the wish because men always failed to be specific enough when making a wish.

The Genie walked into a mall and begain listening to the thoughts of the shoppers as they passed by. A group of four college age men walked by. As they did, the genie heard one of the men make a wish. "I wish I could fuck my brother's friends." The genie granted it and instantly two of the guys pulled their pants down and beg to be fucked in the crowded mall by the fourth stud, who instantly complied, pulled his cock out began to fuck one and then the other while the 3rd (the brother) watched in horror as his brother and his friends had sex in the mall. Each of the three guys having sex knew they should stop and in their minds they were trying to stop, but their bodies were not in their control. By the time the security guards arrived all 3 men were shooting their loads all over the mall floor. They were dragged away with dazed looks on their faces to the mall police station, while the genie looked let out an amuzed chuckle and continued on his way looking for his next victim.

Later that evening the Genie walked through a local neighborhood scanning the inhabitants minds for wishes. He heard a wish from a nearby apartement and went in to view the action as he granted the wish. "I wish I had the largest dick in the world." The genie saw that wishee was an 18 year old with a 4 inch dick stroking off to a gay porn film. The wish was extremely vague and the genie could have made it miles long, but chose to be kind and gave the boy a 20 inch dick. That alone would be fun/punishment enough for the boy. The smooth blond haired boy went into shock as his 4 inches grew to 20 inches. He had already been close to coming and the site of his growing cock made him cum instantly. The genie hoped the poor kid would wish for pants to fit his cock, but the boy wasn't the smart. One thing was certain, this boy would never wear tight fitting pants again. The genie hoped the kid was lucky enough to own a pair of sweatpants and walked out into the moonlit San Francisco night.