Sex Wars - The New Order




{Writers Note: "The Naked Mile" is an actual event that takes place each year in Ann Arbor, MI on the U of Michigan campus. The local police do crowd control, but no tickets are issued or arrests made for nudity. I doubt you'll find any other police department in the nation that would tolerate this. It's interesting and its really cool, so I added it to this story}

The SWAT team moved swiftly into position. Their target seemed like a peaceful middle class house that nothing possibly illegal could occur in. However, the members of the team had been briefed on the deceptiveness of the surroundings. Inside the house, live a scientist named Jacob Astor. He was wanted for conducting bizarre experiments on human beings that had left 20 of his volunteers in mental institutions. He had been on the run for 8 years, but thanks to an anonymous tip, SWAT had caught up with him at last. When everything was ready the order was given and 5 officers burst through the door, not realizing they had stepped into a trap that would forever change their lives. One by one the officers moved through the house ransacking everything in sight looking for Mr. Astor.

Dr. Astor smiled as he watched the SWAT team on his video moniter from a safe house far from the action. The police had taken the bate from the anonymous call he had phoned in and now he master plan would be set in motion. He cheered wildly as though watching a football team score each time another officer passed through the door into the house and was hit with a electromagnetic wave that would reprogrammed certain parts of the brain with just 1 minutes exposure. The wave programmed a message into each male officer that they secretly lusted after every other male officer in their department. Their desires could not be acted out unless they did as Dr. Astor told them. They could talk to no one else about it and the more they fought the more uncontrollable their desires would become. They were given a phone number to call when they reached to point of becoming so lustful and horny for their fellow officers that Dr. Astor was their only hope and their Master, since he could fulfill their wildest desires.

Within a month all of the officers had become servants of Dr. Astor. On and off duty they were his to control. His mission for them was to find new recruits for his own private army that would eventually bring everyone's sex lives under his control. He did not desire world domination, just domination of the sex lives of the people of the world and a few billion dollars for living expenses. Phase one of his grand scheme involved recruited the men he would need to move the rest of his scheme forward. Each man of his army had just one weapon, a little remote control shaped device that was to be pointed at all suitable male candidates for 1 minute before orientation was to proceed.

Steve Michael was 23 and a collegiate wrestler. He had just gotten through with practice and was taking a breather at his favorite hangout on campus. He thought of the date his had planned tonight with Susan. He had been trying to get in bed with her for 3 years and tonight was finally going to be his opportunity. As he sipped on a Coke, oblivious to the world around him a 31 year old male police officer took a seat in the booth behind him. Dr. Astors agent took out the remote, faced it towards Steve, and activated it. After a minute he placed a card in the hand of a stunned and paralyzed Steve Michael and walked out. Steve stayed motionless in the booth as his mind drifted from fantasies about Susan to today's practice and Mark Bodine. Mark was chiseled like a rock and Steve could not help but think about what kind meat a hunk like that packed. They were so close to each other every day in practice that Steve had every inch of Mark's body etched in his mind. He wanted desperately to approach Mark and beg him to have sex and be his slave, but Steve knew he could never have Mark unless he sought out help. There was only one man who could help, but who? Steve awoke from his trance and looked at the card in his hand. It said, "Dr. Astor can help with Mark, visit him tonight." Steve cringed, he could not believe he had been thinking of having a date with Susan tonight. No woman could satisfy his true sexual desires. He had to have Mark. Dr. Astor could help, so he called the number on the card to get directions to Dr. Astors and never thought of Susan again.

Later that evening Steve arrived at Dr. Astor treated Steve like all his recruits. He told him that he could have Mark as his sex slave if and only if he did exactly as Dr. Astor told him to do. Steve was instructed to quit his job in order to become a full time employee of the doctor. His job was to distribute the brain devices at Steve's college and all the colleges he visited as a wrestler. Mike's first target was the University of Michigan. During a visit there he planted the devices in multiple locations throughout the campus. Then he proceeded on to his meet. With the devices in place Dr. Astor activated them. Soon all the male students and a few females from the campus would all be altered and forced to visit the Doctor's website for their instructions. Since this was the first test of large group mind alteration the Doctor instructed all his new student slaves to participate in a new event at the school called the Naked Mile. They would all be completely happy and eager to strip their clothes in public and run the marathon. They would also be especially eager to show off in front of any cameras they saw on their run. The Doctor made sure that the university officials and local police would tolerate the event. He couldn't have his new recruits thrown in jail. They were still few in number and extremely valuable to him.

The Naked Mile proceeded without any problems. Hundreds of the best looking guys on campus participated and videos appeared of the gorgeous hunks strutting their stuff in public. Dr. Astor was extremely pleased and generously rewarded Steve by giving him a preprogrammed device designed to make Mark a willing sex slave to Steve.

The next day in the locker room, Steve pointed the device at Mark. During practice Steve could tell that Mark seemed distracted and when they wrestled it seem as though Mark could not resist "accidentally over touching" Steve's nipples and cup protected crotch. After practice Steve walked over to Mark and told him to come with him to the bathroom stall after everyone else was gone. They entered the stall and Steve order Mark to strip and show Steve everything he had to offer. Mark ripped his clothes off and rubbed his cock until it was rock hard. Steve was impressed with the 10 inches Mark was packing and he ordered Mark to shove the 10 inches up Steve's eager ass. It was the best anal sex Steve had ever had and Mark shot so much com that it formed a puddle on the floor. They couldn't risk anyone seeing the cum puddle so Steve ordered Mark to lick the floor clean. Mark had the floor spotless in less than 10 seconds. They then headed out of the building and proceeded on to Dr. Astor's office for Marks initiation into his new career under Steve and Dr. Astor.

As the two studs headed off to their master. A stealthy figure followed behind. Agent Scott Steven's had seen the same sex scenes repeated numerous times by the local police and now the college crowd was getting into the act. He knew Dr. Astor was behind this someway and that it had to be stopped, and maybe the two sexy studs he was following could help him to stop Dr. Astor cold.