The Thief


It was a bright sunny afternoon. Scott had taken off early from his job. It was quite easy since he had discovered his mental ability to push his will on others. He was quite modest in the use of his powers since he had an above normal conscience, but every now and then he had some fun with them. He could easily have made it so that he did not need to work at all, but he enjoyed keeping busy in a work setting and he left work anytime he desired. Plus he enjoyed his line of work, producing male porn videos.

Scott pulled in the drive and noticed a strange van in front of the house. The door was cracked open, even though Scott was sure he had left it locked. He was steamed at the thought that someone was in his house robbing it. This was one thief who was going to pay. Before entering the house, Scott used his powers to put anyone in the house to sleep. He then walked in and found the thief on the floor of the living room. He had dropped Scott's VCR to the ground as he was put to sleep by the mental command. "DAMN," thought Scott. He had lost his brand new VCR. This thief was definitely going to have to pay him back. Josh looked at the snoozing bandit and could not believe that such a gorgeous male could be a criminal. This guy should have been a model or porn star, not a thief. Regardless, Scott was ready to make sure that this crook would never steal again.
"Wake Up," Scott projected to the sleeping thief. The thief let out a yawn as he regained consciousness. "What the hell...Who the fuck are you...What happened?" he exclaimed!"I am the owner of this house were stealing from. I happen to posses the ability to control minds and I forced you to sleep when I discovered I was being robbed.""So are you going to turn me over to the cops?", the thief inquired."No my friend, I've decided to punish you myself."Scott could sense the fear building inside the man."I'm getting the hell out of here.", the thief shouted as he began to bolt for the door.Scott quickly projected a stop command to the thief's brain. The crook stopped in his tracks just a foot away from the door."From this moment on you are not to move unless I instruct you to do so.", Scott ordered."What's your name?""Justin Beecham, Sir.""I'm extremely upset with your actions today Justin. You are now going to have to pay me back for the damage you have done. You feel extremely sorry and will NEVER steal again. Show me how sorry you are"Justin dropped to his knees and began groveling at Scott's feet and begging for mercy from his master."Good, remorse is the first step to change, but now you must go further and discover why you are a thief"Scott probed Justin's mind to discover that he had an addiction to gambling and prostitution. He erased the addictions from Justin's makeup but kept intact and even intensified an extreme desire for sex and decided to make Justin's desire change from women to guys since Justin was going to become a gay male porn star at Scott's studio. Scott knew he could make a fortune from such a hot looking stud.
Scott released his lock on Justin's mind. Justin stopped groveling and got up and looked at Scott with lustful eyes. Scott was extremely attractive and with his increased desire for sex, Justin had to have him. He began to undress in a very seductive manner and Scott was pleased that the implanted desires were showing show strongly this early on in Justin's conditioning. This boy had a great deal of energy and being unable to satisfy his other addictions he had become the ultimate boytoy and money maker. Scott was sure this boy would make back the money he needed to buy Scott a new VCR before the night was halfway through. As Justin continued his striptease, Scott implanted a couple of safety commands for Justin to use condoms when having sex with any guys other than Scott and give 1/4 of his earnings to his new found master. Scott may have been to generous, but Justin was too cute to punish too severly.
After Justin's stripshow Scott sent the horny stud off on a mission to earn the money to buy a new VCR. Only then could Justin have his master's love.
Scott was quite correct in the short length of time it took Justin to get the money to replace the VCR. Scott barely had time to collect the money from Just before Justin was naked and on his knees begging for Scott's cock. It was time to see how good at sex this newfound porn star would be. Scott planted the thought in Justin's mind that he was now starring in a porn film. He was a bottom and he had not come in 2 months. The sex was fabulous and Justin's ass was tighter than any Scott had ever experienced. It took all his mental abilities to keep both himself and Justin from shooting to soon. After an hour Scott had to give in and both master and slave shot large enough loads for an orgy of 6 men. As they collapsed in each others arms Scott realized he had struck gold in more ways than one by catching this thief. Soon his porn studio would be the largest and most powerful in the world and millions of men would willingly dump their money and their loads into his lap for a chance to taste the superstar known in gay porn circles as the "Thief".