Visions of the Mind





The following is a fictional account containing images erotic gay mind control. If such stories offend you or your are underage do not read any further. All persons mentioned in the story are fictional. An similarities to real life are purely by accident The story my not be distributed without the title, author, web address, and warning.

Part 1- The Dream

Grant Long was in a deep sleep. He had just turned 19 and had returned to his off campus apartment depressed at still being a closeted gay male and a virgin. It was a warm summer night and he was totally nude with his sheets thrown onto the floor. The moonlight was shining through the window and illuminated his muscular torso with a mystical glow. A mysterious figure appeared from the shadows of his room and walked to his bed. The apparition looked at the sleeping hunk and placed his hand on Grant's forehead. Grant was dreaming about his experiences as a swimmer in high school when suddenly all the visions in his dream disappeared and he was enclosed in a totally white featureless room. A ghostly figure of a 20 something male appeared.

"Who are you? Where am I?", Grant inquired.

The apparition responded. "I am a friend. You are dreaming and I am here to tap into your subconscious to release that which you continue to hold within."

Grant tried to awaken from his dream but was unable to. The figure continued to speak.

"Grant, you must do everything I tell you. Sit down and relax. You are no longer dreaming, but you are in a deep hypnotic trance. You will think of nothing buy what I say to you now."

Grant became totally compliant and sat down in the chair that now appeared within the room. Dream time was over and he knew his mind was shifting from dream sleep to a hypnotic state just as the stranger had ordered. The was nothing he could do and his mind went totally blank as the stranger began his programming of Grant.

"You have been holding in your sexual identity as a gay male for far too long and it is now time to open up to who your really are and what you are capable of. You must also know that you are a special breed of human with the ability to control anyone you desire by simply picturing the person you wish to control within this room you now see before you. Though the room and the mental image of the person are not real, anything you command the person to do or picture a person becoming, from within this room will become a part of the real world. Your mind is an object with immense power and you must now let that power out or risk your own demise. This is why I have appeared to aid you. You have gained a buildup of energy from your teenage years that must be released. When you awaken you will have an uncontrollable urge to use your power to relieve all forms of stress that have built up from your unfulfilled fantasies and from any negative experiences during your life. Once you have purged this energy you will gain full control over your power and be able to teach others like yourself how to use it. You will have no knowledge of my visit to you until you have gained full control of your powers. Then you will learn exactly how I was able to come to you tonight and awaken your inner self."

The stranger disappeared and the white room went totally black. Grant's dream world reappeared and his dream continued on.

Back in the real world the apparition was still present and glancing over the still sleeping body of Grant. It was now time for the stranger to ensure that grant would not during any harm to society as a whole while experiencing his new power. The apparitions hand now moved from Grant's hand to his dick. A wave of energy passed from the stranger's hand to Grant's genital region. The energy would make Grant so horny that the only fantasy's and revenge he would be able to seek out would be sexual in nature. The Spirit knew from past experience that humans with MC powers could cause great bodily and world harm if they were not limited in where to channel their powers. With the energy transfer complete, Grant's cock would stay hard until his first mind control experience. The spirit disappeared and the night continued on.

* * *

Part 2- The Awakening

The morning sun awakened Grant from his slumber. He opened his eyes and looked around. He could not believe the dreams he had last night. That would be the last time he ever drank cheap vodka. He looked down and discovered his raging hard on. Had it been that long since he last jacked off, he thought. Grant pulled out his only porno mag and began a futile attempt to relieve the hard on. , but his hard on still remained. Eventually he realized he could not come. There was nothing else he could do. He had to get to class. He went to his closet and picked out the baggiest pants he could find in order to hide his erection Once dressed he headed out from his apartment and began the mile walk from his apartment to the UofM campus.

On his way to campus he passed through downtown. Sitting on a bench, he saw one of the school's most popular and Hunky looking jocks and seniors who had just finished as Quarterback of the school`s football team. Looks aside however, the Jock who Grant knew to be Tom B. was a stereotypical jock who had gone to the same high school as Grant and had ridiculed and made fun of Grant ever since Freshman gym class and an accidental Hard On he had gotten from looking at Tom's chiseled physique. All throughout the High School, everyone branded him queer thanks to Tom's big mouth , the jocks at the school had even beaten Grant up on more than one occasion.

Grant stopped a few feet away and looked at Tom who was talking with his girlfriend. He was close enough to hear what was being said. The jock did not notice him. The blank room appeared in his mind. "I don't have time to fantasize" he thought. However he could not get the white room out of his mind. Grant sat on a bench within view of Tom. In his mind, the image of Tom appeared in the room sitting in the chair. Grant could not stop himself from talking to the mental image of Tom. "What are you really thinking about?", he wondered. Suddenly the image began telling him exactly what the real Tom was saying. Tom was telling his girlfriend how beautiful she was and how much he was looking forward to going to Florida with her for spring break for a week full of sex. "Stop talking.", Grant thought and the mental image as well as the real Tom stopped speaking. Grant was surprised by the reaction from the real Tom. He thought about stopping, but his mind was already moving ahead with a revenge fantasy of his since his high school days.

Grant pictured Tom's dick fully erect. The bulge was too much for Tom's clothing to conceal. His girlfriend smiled as she looked at it. "My, my what's got you so horny?", she asked. Tom was about to tell her it was his fantasy about her, but Grant had other plans. "Tell her you were thinking about the hot sexual encounter you had with one of your former coaches last night." Tom did just that and she ran off crying as he put his hand over his mouth in total disbelief of what he had just said. He began to run after her, but his hard on was making it tough to run. Grant cried out to the image in his head, "Stop! Don't go after her, she only loves you because your famous." Tom stopped and stood in place with a confused expression on his face. "Why don't you adjust your cock so you can walk comfortably and head to your first class." Tom stuck his right had into his jeans and wiggled his cock so that he could walk. It had never been this hard before and he struggled to get it in a semi comfortable position. A couple of kids nearby began giggling at the site of this man with his hands in his pants in public. "What's going on with me?" ,he thought as he began walking towards campus.

Grant began following behind him at a distance of 50 feet. He was extremely excited at the fun he was going to have today. After all these years he would finally be able to make Tom know what it was like to be embarrassed in public. Tom was walking by a restroom when Grant commanded Tom's mental image "You can think of nothing but fucking Grant Long and you are now extremely horny and have to jack off in the restroom. You can not leave until you come and you can not come without asking for and receiving a blow job from another guy." Tom walked into the restroom and began his Jack off session.

With Tom busy, Grant could not focus on the mental image of someone else. A teacher name John Masters who flunked Grant in a past class was getting set to enter the restroom. This was not someone Grant had pictured in his revenge fantasy with Tom so Grant quickly created a mental picture of John and told him to forget about using the restroom. When he got to class he would relieve himself in front of his students. As John turned away from the restroom Grant dropped the image from his mind, and privately hoped that John only had to piss. He wanted to give the students a laugh, not gross them out. The next person preparing to enter the restroom would be perfect. It was a campus Police officer. Grant pictured the officer and ask mental image of the officer his name. "Officer Patrick Mallard", the image replied. Grant began his instructions for the officer, "Officer Mallard, when you enter the restroom you will be asked to give a student a blow job. You become to horny to resist and you will accept the student's offer. First you will rip off every ounce of clothing the student is wearing and then you will give him the blow job he is begging for. When he comes you will swallow every last drop so there is no evidence. You will then forget everything you did and arrest the student for public exposure and soliciting sex. You will claim the student's clothes came off as you struggled to cuff him. You will know that a student named Grant Long was the only witness and you will take a statement from him."

The officer entered the restroom and Grant followed behind and locked the door. Inside was Tom jacking off furiously and too no avail just as Grant had commanded. Tom saw the officer and began begging him for a blow job. The officer walked up to Tom and ripped his jacket, shirt, pants and underwear off. Then he dropped to his knees to give Tom the first blow job of his new gay life. The sensation was beyond belief and beads of sweat were poring down Toms chest and forehead by the time Tom came five minutes later. As he was coming, Grant recreated Tom's mental image "you will put up a weak struggle if the officer tried to arrest you. You will plead guilty to any charges the officer makes and will never be able to tell anyone that the officer sucked you off before arresting you. By the time you are bailed out or your sentence is complete you will be fully aware that you have been a closeted gay male since you were a freshman and that is why you harassed Grant Long throughout high school. When your are released on bond or after your sentence is complete,you will seek me out to apologize to me and I will be the only person you fantasize about sexually You will have an uncontrollable desire to do anything I ask of you to make up for the years of suffering you inflicted on me." By the time Grant had finished his follow up instructions for Tom, The officer had snapped out of his trance and his mind started over from the point where Tom asked for the blow job. He began to arrest Tom and a brief struggle ensued in which the officer eventually won. The officer brought Tom out of the restroom naked and sweaty. Students nearby saw him in all his glory as Officer Mallard took him to his patrol car before giving him a towel to cover his birthday suit. Grant was still in the restroom an had been unconsciously stroking his cock which had been erect since morning. While the officer arrested Tom, Grant began shooting a load larger than ten men combined at the thought of the mental conquest he had just had over Tom Brady.

As Grant was leaving the restroom, Tom was still putting up a struggle and was naked in front of the crowd. Many of the guys were looking away while Tom was exposed, but one was staring in the direction of Tom's cock. Grant reckognized the young man as the teams Water Boy. Grant created an image of this boy in his mind and found that the he had a secret crush on Tom. He commanded the the lad to go into the restroom and take Tom's underwear to use in his fantasies and to sell the rest of Tom's clothes in an online auction.

Tom was slapped on the wrist and was released on probation after Grant put the appropriate sentence in the Judge's mind. Tom immediately called Grant to tell him how sorry he was and asked how he could make it up to me. Grant told him to stop by his apartment and he would show him how to make things right. Grant hung up the phone and smiled at the thought of teaching the first member of Long's Escort service a thing or two about sex.