"Voodoo Sex"

BY thom21



Scott Davenport examined the box sent to him from Haiti by his departed uncles lawyer. His uncle last act was to save a prominent Haitan doctor's life by pushing him out of the way of an oncoming car. The doctor wanted to thank the entire family of the man who had saved him. Scott opened the box to see what gift the doctor had sent to him.

Inside the box were five dolls and a huge book full of spells. Scott realized that this doctor was no ordinary doctor. Scott looked through the spell book and noticed that all the spells were aimed at getting revenge on people through sexual means. There were spells for everything from uncontrollable sex to shrinking penises. According to the book all Scott had to do was obtain a picture or personal item of the person he wished to control and attach it to one of the dolls. Then whatever spell he did on the doll would happen to the real person.

Scott had long been looking for a way to get back at his former lover Tim ever since he had caught Tim stealing money when they had visited Scott's parents last month. Conviently enough scott had a picture of Tim and attached it to one of the dolls. He didn't actually think anything would happend, but it would surely help him get out some of the anger he still had for Tim. Scott looked through the spell book for an appropriate curse for Tim. He decided to make Tim earn his money and opted for a spell that would make him a prostitute. He followed the directions for the spell and placed a 50 dollar bill around the penis of the anatomically correct male voodoo doll and then made the appropriate incantations. It was now time to see if anything had come of his effort, at least he could get the 50 back from the doll if nothing happened. Scott called his 45 year old neighbor Sam and told him that he heard Tim needed some quick cash and would do anything for any amount of money. Sam had approached Tim more than once in the bar asking for sex and Tim had made it quite clear that he thought Sam was a troll and wouldn't be caught dead with him. Sam was hesitant to try again, but after some coaxing from Scott he gave Tim a call. Tim eagerly excepted Sam's offer of all the sex he desired for just $50 and Sam was out the door within seconds for the night of his dreams.

Scott was in awe over it all. This was some powerful magic if a stud like Tim would have sex with a troll like Sam for just 50 dollars. Scott decided he needed to do some serious thinking about who he would try the magic on next and he headed back to his apartment. He spent the rest of the night deciding who should be next.

The next morning he decided that his brother should be next on the list. Scott's brother was an extreme bigot who had joined a hate group and beat the living daylights out of Scott when he found his sexual preference. Scott had never forgiven him and it was time to get him back. There were four other hate mongers his brother hung out with. Scott cut their pictures out of the H.S. yearbook and placed them and his brother's picture on the voodoo dolls. He took the dolls for his brother and the hate groups ringleader and put them together in an anal sex position. Then he took the dolls for the other three guys and placed them together in a three way. Scott took the spell book and made the incantation for uncontrollable male sex urges that would last for the next month. None of the five guys would be bugging anyone else for at least 30 days. Scott made it a point to stake out the house where the group held the meetings and he was able to get some great pics, with his zoom lens, of all five men having sex over and over. They only took time out to eat and sleep. After a week of keeping an eye on them, Scott got bored and left them to their 30 day orgy.

After the month was up the group broke up permanently and Scott's brother and the group's ex-ringleader had moved in together as lovers. They kept apologizing to Scott for hurting him, and Scott did forgive them eventually.

Scott did not use any of the voodoo magic for the next three months. He had no desire to do anything to anyone who had not harmed him since he now realized how powerful this magic was based on the previous to spells.

After three months Scott wondered if it would be possible to use the spells in a safe way that would be nonvengeful. There was a clerk he had a strong infatuation with at the local grocery store and Scott wanted desperately to be closer to him than the checkout lane at the grocery store would allow. One day Scott stole the clerks name tag and then headed to the parking lot and attached it to a doll. He placed a love spell on the doll and wrapped his own picture around it. Then he went back into the supermarket. The clerk, whose name was Bill, was on break. However when he saw Scott he began following him around the store until he finally built up the nerve to go up to Scott and ask him if he would like to go to a movie. Scott asked if Bill had a girlfriend who would want to come along, and Bill told him he was tired of women and was going to break up with her. Scott agreed on the movie and headed home to get ready. Bill arrived at his apartment 30 minutes early and they headed out for dinner and a movie. When the got home Bill couldn't keep his hand away from Scott's crotch so Scott dragged him into the bedroom and shoved his hard cock in Bill's virgin ass. By the end of the night Bill was begging to be Scott's lover. Scott agreed and then he went into his spare bedroom and locked away the spell book and dolls for safe keeping until he needed them again.