While his Girlfriends Away






Alex Dupree was on his way to his meet his best friend Steven. He had nothing better to do since his girlfriend Alicia would be out of town for the next 2 weeks for a convention. It was a twist of fate that Alex had been forced to stay at home due to a work commitment. Otherwise, he would have traveled with Alicia. It just so happened this time that things worked out as Steven had phoned the same day Alicia had learned she needed to go to the conference. It was more sudden than normal, but Alex did not question her. He had total trust in her, and when she handed him the phone and he heard Stevens voice on the other end he couldnt think of anything but the great time he would have hanging out with his old high school bud.

Alex got to Stevens hotel room right on time. This was highly unusual as Alex normally was at least a half hour late. He was just so excited to meet Steven that he could do nothing but watch the clock and leave to house exactly at the time needed to get to Stevens hotel room by 7 PM. When he got there Steven opened the door and the to good friends hugged. Alex would normal shake hands with his friends, but it had been so long he let his emotions get the best of him and he almost jumped into Stevens arms when he saw him. Steven welcomed him in and offered him a beer. There was a video playing on the tv that Alex had seen before. It was a Video from his senior year in High School. At graduation a hypnotist had been invited and Alex was one of the participants in the Stage Show. He had a very enjoyable time, especially when he was told he was a stripper. Alex went further than anyone else and showed everyone in the auditorium his 6pack abs and white briefs. Strangely enough, when the hypnotist brought him out of it he had found the whole experience extremely enjoyable and exciting. It had been a turn on for him to show off in front of everyone.

The video was right at the part of the show where Alex and the group was being put under. Steven said something to Alex and he felt extremely relaxed. Alex sat on the bed and began watching the show with an even greater intensity. After the induction, Steven stopped the video. Alex was completely under trance. Steven was not the least bit surprised as he had paid the hypnotist extra money that day to give Alex some post hypnotic suggestions for Stevens future use.

Steven had called Alex periodically the last couple of years to make sure the trigger and other suggestions stayed fresh in Alexs mind. Steven also took time to become a master hypnotist and had practiced his skills on Alicia many times before, making her forget she had seen him in town. He had to make sure he was ready before he put his plan into action. It had taken a little longer than he had hoped, but it was finally time and he had called Alicia and sent her off on a vacation she knew she desperately needed. She would spend her time meeting new girls and guys as well as reevaluating her lackluster relationship with Alex. She would only be able to tell Alex that she was going to a work conference as Steven had directed her. Surely Alexs best friend knew what was best for her and Alex. By the time she returned she would be ready to break up with Alex. With Alicia out of the picture, Steven triggered Alex, and now here he was in Stevens hotel room ready to be the central part of Stevens greatest fantasy.

Steven told the entranced Alex that he was going to prove that he was gay. Alex immediately proclaimed his heterosexuality, but since he was under trance he continued to await Stevens next statement. Steven had spent the last couple years furthering the bonds of friendship that Alex felt through phone hypnosis session. He also had spent the phone sessions making Alex a fan of the metrosexual craze. As much as Steven disliked the term it was useful in keeping Alex as open minded, physically fit, and gay looking as possible. All these things would make it that much easier to transform his friend permanently. Steven was going to give Alex a night of new experiences and sexual expression. He told Alex that if he did not succumb to his Gay desires that would prove his love for Alicia. However, should Alex have any gay sexual encounter this evening he would prove that he was gay. Since Alex, really was straight, Steven put some suggestions into Alex to assure that he would get his wish. He gave Alex triggers that would make him more and more horny and extra sensitive to the feel of clothing and touch by another person every time he heard the trigger until he came. He also gave Alex a trigger that would make all women look like his grandmother, but smooth guys, especially Steven, would remind him of the things he liked most about his masculine looking girlfriend who had taken on the appearance of a lesbian over two years of phone hypnosis. Steven finished by reminding Alex, that any sexual contact with a guy tonight would prove that he was only attracted to Alicia because she was masculine looking, and that he would then have to except once and for all that he was gay. Once the suggestions were in place. Steven brought Alex out of trance thinking he had just rewatched the entire stage show. Steven suggested to Alex they go out and get some booze before the hockey game. Alex felt compelled to agree, even though something deep inside screamed out not to go.

Steven suggested they go to Alexs house to catch the hockey game on widescreen. He also suggested that they stop at a party store and pick up some booze. On their way to the store there was an adult video store. They stopped in to rent some porn for later into the evening. As they were walking into the store Steven gave Alex the triggers he had implanted earlier. The rest would be Alexs doing. Steven watched with amusement as Alex browsed impatiently through the straight porn. He had the look of a guy who was going to vomit any moment. Steven could only imagine how Alex pictured his grandmother would look naked. Alex attempted to leave the store with the excuse that nothing turned him on and hed rather get drunk tonight without porn, but before he could get out the door Steven triggered his horniness suggestion again. He walked out the door, but turned around and came back into the store. The straight videos gave him the same reaction as before. Steven joked that he should try the gay porn if the straight porn wasnt helping. Alex called him an asshole, but had glance in the direction of the gay porn thanks to Stevens comment. He saw some male models that reminded him of Alicia. In his horny state he walked to the gay section. Steven triggered him again for good measure and a half hour later Alex had rented gay porn films and had a huge bulge in his jeans. He tried to rationalize his actions by stating the models all looked like Alicia in one way or another and that renting gay porn did not mean he was gay as he would never do anything with another guy. Steven reassured him that his actions were valid and straightand they left the video store. Alex was so distracted by his own actions he didnt notice the huge grin on his best friends face.

They were still on their way to the liquor store when Steven suggested they pull into a strip mall. The mall had a leather shop. Alex knew that Alicia had developed an obsession with leather recently and Stevens suggestion that he buy her some gifts was easily accepted. The two guys went into the store. Steven gave Alex one of the friendship triggers from their phone hypnosis sessions. Alex would accept any item Steven suggested without question because his friend knew what was best for him. Alex picked up various erotic male leather garments as well as four pairs of hand cuffs, a gag, and an electroshock butt plug. All under the guise of being for Alicia to use on Alex when she returned.

Their final stop was the liquor store. He also had the previous put the clerk who could have been a clone of Matt Damon under his hypnotic spell. The clerk whose name was Paul, had been a major nemesis of Stevens in High School. Once Steven had mastered hypnosis one of his first acts was to get Paul under his control. Tonight was going to be part of his payback. After Alex had purchased the booze and headed back to the car. Steven asked Paul what his plans were. Paul had a hot date tonight and would not have broken it for anything or anyone. Steven triggered Paul and made him forget all about his plans after work. His only desire would be to come to Alexs house even though he did not know why. He would have no choice but to obey.

With everything in place Steven and Alex headed back to Alexs house. Once there, Alex headed to the living room ready to watch the hockey game. As luck would have it, one of the teams scored and just as the tv was turned on Alex heard his trigger as the announcer cried out he shoots, he scores, which made him horny beyond his wildest imagination. Steven went to the bedroom and watched briefly as Alex grew increasingly uncomfortable with his bulging erection and inability to act on it since he was at his best friends place and he was supposed to watch the game. He would have to get Alexs new toys ready quickly since one more goal and Alex would be ripping his clothes off for anyone who offered to have sex with him.

As Steven was prepping the bedroom for an S&M session one of the teams had scored twice in 30 seconds, and Alex was in a frenzied state. He reasoned that his friend was busy so he could sneak in a quick JO session. He grabbed one of the videos and put it in the VCR. It was gay porn, but Alex was extremely aroused by all the models. As he jerked off he began to fantasize about Alicia, but the longer the video went on Alicia was replaced by the hunky porn models he was viewing. They were so masculine. Why was he settling for a masculine substitute like Alicia when he could have the real thing. At those thoughts he realized he had a gorgeous masculine hunk in his house right now. He had to have him, he WOULD have him. There was nothing that would stop him. Like a wild animal in heat Alex charged the bedroom Steven was in. Not knowing that Steven was gay, he rationalized he would have to gag him so he grabbed a tie from the tie rack as he ran towards Steven. Before Steven could do anything he felt himself in Alexs firm grip and his mouth was being gagged. This was not in his plans. He was the TOP. He was the MASTER. But there was nothing he could do. He slave was in an erotic rage and he was at his mercy. Alex ripped Stevens clothes off and pushed him face first into the bed. Steven felt the painful jab of Alexs dry cock thrust into him. His scream was muffled as tears rolled down his cheeks. Fortunately Alex had lots of pre-cum and the pain of being dry fucked was replaced by pure ecstacy. There was one major problem, Alex was trained not to cum until he heard a trigger. Steven had to find a way to get his arms free or he was going to have a VERY LONG night. As Steven wriggled and fought to free his arms from Alexs grasp, Alex continued to thrust in and out with the speed and energy of a 100 horny teenage guys. Soon Steven could take no more and he was shooting his load into the bed. Now the pleasure turned back into torture as Stevens ass tightened post climax, while Alex continued fucking full force since he still could not cum. Stevens had to find a way trigger Alex or this was going to get very messy. He looked around and saw the remote control on the bed with him and realized, the hockey game was still on. If all heard the word Penaltyhe would go into trance, if he heard the words Final Scorehe would shoot his greatest load ever. Either way Steven would be free to control his slave once more. He was able to move his upper body towards the remote as Alex continued to fuck away oblivious to anything but trying to come. The tip of his nose just touched the remote and he heard the click of the TV turning on and the blessed voice of the Hockey announcer. While Steven was waiting for the words to free him from his wonderful ordeal, he came yet again. He had never in his wildest dreams thought he would cum twice in one ass fucking. Then he heard the word Penaltyand the hole world became peacefully still and silent for a moment. It was over. Alexs grip released and Steven freed his arms and removed the gag. He was so drained he could do nothing but lay then and stare are his hunky slave. He had never once thought something like this could happen. Then he and Alex heard the words Final Score. Steven was still too tired to move as Alex shot moaned and shot his load multiple times. He shot so far that he hit Steven in the mouth and eyes. When Alex was finished he remained in trance and after a few more minutes Steven got up and made Alex lick the cum off his face. The Master was back in control and had learned a valuable lesson about hypnosis and slaves. He would not make the same mistake twice.

Then the doorbell rang. Stevens party store slave Paul was at the door as instructed. It was now time for Steven to exert real control over his now gay slave, Alex, and get his revenge on Paul. He still had all of Alexs toys to break in with Alex and Paul help, But thats for Part 2.................