When You Wake Up









Mark opened his door and walked into his apartment more exhausted than he had ever felt in his life. He knew that he needed to get to bed quickly. The Hypnosis show had been a lot of fun and he put on a great act. He especially enjoyed the striptease he was able to perform. Even now it turned him on thinking about all the women and MEN in the audience who were turned on by his dancing in his underwear. He wouldnt normally care about what guys thought. But he just assumed he had too much to drink before the show. Even now he thought it was the alcohol making him tired and he headed straight for bed. When he woke up he new he would feel like a new man. He headed into the bedroom and passed out without taking his clothes off.

1. The sun shined into his room as Mark pushed the blaring alarm clock to the ground. He no longer remembered going to sleep last night. The last thing he recalled was volunteering to be a part of the hypnosis show at the local comedy club. Must have had a little too much to drink, he thought to himself. Since he didnt remember coming home, he decided it would be best to call Susan his girlfriend and make sure she had made it home ok as well. He went over to the phone and tried to dial, but his mind drew a blank. He couldnt remember the phone number! Rather than be alarmed, he felt calm and was sure that he would remember the number in time if it was important enough to him. At this moment, he felt an intense urge to take a shower.

Mark stripped off all of his clothes and began showering. As he lathered himself up he began to focus on his ripped abdominal muscles and his huge cock. He began to daydream about what it must have felt like for the person on the receiving end of his full 10 inches. He wanted to be that person. He began imaging guys he remember from the audience in the hypno show telling him they wanted him. These were strange thoughts, as he was certain he was not gay, but he was becoming increasingly horny thinking about it and he had unknowingly begun stroking himself. Once he had finished he got dressed and headed out for work.

As he walked outside towards his car he saw a women, whom he should have recognized as his girlfriend a distance away walking towards him.

Mark, stop we need to talk, she yelled

Mark did not hear her. Little could he know that he had been programmed to totally ignore her. As he started the car and took off, the distraught woman fell down on the ground crying.

As Mark drove to work he remembered talking to the hypnotist after the show and realizing for the first time that he could have any career he wanted. The hypnotist had suggested Mark become his assistant and Mark initially was apprehensive, but promised the hypnotist he would sleep on it before making up his mind.

Half way to work, he decided that he was going to quit his job. Work had become a chore and he wanted to seek out a new career. Being the hypnotists assistant would provide a perfect opportunity to do that.

Mark pulled a business card out of his pocket that the hypnotist had given him. On the back were directions to the hypnotists home office. Mark turned the car around and headed off in the direction of the hypnotist.

He parked on the street and walked up to the front door. The door opened before he could knock. Strange how the hypnotist knew he would be there, he thought. He brushed it aside quickly as he looked at the hypnotists face. He had the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen in anyone. It was as though they were looking into his soul. He heard the hypnotist speaking about coming inside and beginning his training. He did as instructed.

Good to see you again Mark. Youre really going to enjoy being my assistant. Doing what I ask you to do pleases you tremendously and is rewarding.

Mark really was happy. Just the simple task of walking inside as instructed made him feel better than any sex he had had with his girlfriend.

In order to be my assistant you must always follow the instructions I am about to give you. Failure to follow my instructions will result in you losing your position as my assistant and would make you extremely unhappy.

Mark knew this would be true. No matter what he really felt inside, he would do anything the hypnotist asked because this was the career he always wanted and he couldnt stand the thought of not being able to look into the hypnotists blue eyes and hear his voice every day of the rest of his life.

You are a really great looking guy, and you will keep in shape the entire time you are my assistant. If you are not physically fit you cant be my assistant so daily workouts and healthy eating are a must. Being my assistant means you must track down new guys who are as physically fit as you to perform in my show and become my assistants as well. You will lure them by telling them I will pay them to perform onstage. While working for me, you have no time for women so they will no longer be attractive to you because they would lead you away from me. Since you are a guy and have hormones I will allow you to have fun with other guys under my employ as well as anyone I tell you is a client of mine. You will enjoy playing with them tremendously because it is part of your job and it is what I want. I am going to snap my fingers. When I do, you will still enjoy my deep blue eyes but you will no longer go into trance looking at them. From now on you will do as I say even when not in trance, but the keywords When you awakewill bring you back to this pleasant state you are now in.

The hypnotist snapped his fingers and Mark awoke. He became fully alert and he looked at his new employer, awaiting some instructions.

Are you ready for your first assignment?

Sure thing, I cant wait to get started so I can please you.

The hypnotist handed mark a card with an address for a local Video Store as well as a video tape and a sheet of paper.

There is a clerk whose name is Matthew. His brother is and employee of mine, but Matthew has been interfering with his brothers duties and has even damaged my vehicle and tried to turn me in to the authorities. You will return this tape to Matthew and tell him it did not work properly. Ask him to view it while you are in the store. Once he has viewed it, you will give him the instructions I have written down on this paper. When you are finished reading them to him, you will ensure they have taken effect by ordering him to do something that is both sexual and humiliating. Do you understand?

Yes Sir, Ill do it now sir., Mark replied eagerly.

Mark Drove to the video store. He walked inside. It was early in the day and there were no other customers. Matthew was the only employee.

Hi, Can I help you, Matthew stated as Mark walked in.

Yeah, I rented this the other day and it doesnt work right. Can you please check it out to see if it is my machine?

Sure, No problem.

Matthew took the tape from Mark and put it into a small TV/VCR combo on the counter. As the taped began playing Matthews face went blank as he was put under by the tapes subliminal programming courtesy of the hypnotist. It took just a few minutes for the tape to finish playing, automatically rewind and eject. Matthew continued to stand in front of the TV blankly. Once Mark saw the tape eject he took out the sheet of paper and read the hypnotists commands for Matthew.

You love your brother Andrew greatly. Because you love him, you want him to be happy. He is happy serving the hypnotist so you are happy he serves the hypnotist. You are extremely sorry for damaging the hypnotists car and you want to serve the hypnotist to make up for your anger and violent actions. You will serve him by no longer having any interest in women. You will serve him by always being horny in front of other men. You will serve him by doing anything another man asks you because you are now a slave to the will of all other men, especially the hypnotist and any of his assistants. This Friday you will come to the hypnotists show and volunteer.

Mark had finished reading the hypnotists instructions to Matthew and now it was time to test him. On the car ride over to the video store Mark had thought about what he would command Matthew to do. Due to his newfound attraction for guys, Mark decided he would have some fun since that was one of the requirements of the job.

Matthew, when I snap my finger you will awaken, but from now until Friday when you see the hypnotist, you must blow another guy every hour. Where you find the guys to do this is up to you, however I recommend you visit some gay bars. You will make sure they come on your face and you can not clean it off no matter what anyone says. The first guy you will serve is me right here, right now.

Mark snapped his fingers and Matthew awoke. He looked at Mark and knew he need to give some great customer service to such a handsome and athletic guy. He dropped to his knees and ripped Marks pants open. Matthew was extremely eager to please and it did not take long for Mark to leave his mark all over Matthews face.

His work done, Mark zipped up and headed back to the hypnotist for his next assignment. He was extremely gratified at having served the hypnotist successfully on his first assignment.

Matthew went back to work with his face stained. The customers that came in gave him weird stares and told him he had something on his face. He would give an embarrassed grin knowing what it had to be, but he could not get his hand up to his face to wipe it off because as soon as the customer left he became so horny he had to grope himself.

An hour after Marks visit Matthew could take no more and he abandoned his job to seek out another guy who he could serve.