The Legion of Obedient Super-Slaves

Parts 1-2



Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the

legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male

sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

NOTE: This series is a spin-off of my "Lifetime Alterations" story.

This whole multi-part tale begins with a preliminary "origin" story

that isn't published here. I've summarized it in brackets below. Just

knowing it will allow full enjoyment of the rest of the stories.

[Summary of the origin story: Cute but physically average teen Billy Norton

is visited by an alien, who gives him the power to transform into PowerPuppy,

who is superstrong, can fly, and is endowed with powers like those of a dog:

he can solve crimes by sniffing a smelly old pair of shoes and following a

trail they made; he can tell who was sitting in a chair by sniffing the

chair, and then sniffing the butts of suspects. He also gets a costume with

two interlaced P's, which appears on his suddenly super-built self when he

goes through the transformation ritual. Anyone drinking even one small drop

of his cum becomes totally will-free and obedient for two to two and a half

hours, depending on weight and susceptibility.

Slade Beatty, a student at Billy's school, accidentally and secretly sees

Billy going through the transformation ritual, watches PowerPuppy in action

using his powercum to break the will of and obtain a confession and

cooperation from a criminal, and when everyone leaves the room, discovers

and collects a few spilled drops of powercum on the floor. Trying a drop on

himself, he discovers its power when he stands frozen for over two hours,

desperately wanting someone to tell him what to do, but no one is around.

He gets the idea to try the remaining drop on Billy, slipping it into his

drink at lunch; he orders Billy to transform, and discovers that the

hypnotized PowerPuppy is his to command, but only for a little more than

two hours. Slade has to be careful not to exceed this period without

covering his tracks, or Billy / PowerPuppy will find out what's going on

and put a stop to it.

Now Slade has set up a regular schedule. Every evening, Billy takes the

"medicine" he knows he needs to stay healthy (or so he was told, while

"under the influence"). Enslaved, he helplessly transforms himself into

PowerPuppy, flies to Slade's house, and awaits orders. At first, Slade

enjoys the humiliation of having PowerPuppy perform dog tricks, and then

using him sexually, especially his amazing dog tongue and cock. Slade

enjoys rubbing his enslaved superhero's powerful, churning balls while

PowerPuppy is standing at attention staring straight ahead, manufacturing

powercum for bottling and use on himself the next day. And Slade loves

taking PowerPuppy doggy-style, at which the entranced hero is of course

instinctively good.

But eventually Slade wants more power and more variety, so with his

limited time of control each day he has PowerPuppy leave behind a jar of

powercum which Slade then uses to bend others to his will, although for

only a couple of hours each time. And he uses the rest of PowerPuppy's

enslavement period each day to have him fly to a remote area and use his

superpowers to construct a giant Fortress of Servitude, where the master

bedroom will have a huge bed for Slade's use, and a big puppy basket

next to it for his pet superhero. If only Slade could overcome the two

hours a day use limit...]



PowerPuppy finished his assigned task of filling the two bottles with

powercum fresh from his superballs, one bottle for Billy Norton's

"medicinal" use the next evening and the other for Master Slade's

personal stock in his refrigerator. PowerPuppy couldn't resist giving

his balls a thorough cleaning with his tongue before pulling up his

costume and flying off for another hour's work on his Fortress of

Servitude, at his master's instruction. He was under orders had to get

home after the hour, since his master knew that at that time the

powercum would wear off and PowerPuppy would become plain old Billy

Norton again.

Meanwhile, up in his bedroom, Slade was enjoying the feel of the

duelling tongues of the powercum-enslaved captains of the football

and basketball teams on either side of his engorged cock. Just the

sight of the two straight "big men on campus" on their knees, muscles

bulging, having temporarily lost their own wills to the strength of

the powercum, looking earnestly up at him to see if they were pleasing

him, was almost enough to set him off. He held off as long as he could,

sprayed their faces with shot after shot of his load, and ordered them

to lick it off each other. While they were eagerly at it, he noticed

that the powercum would be wearing off soon, so he hurriedly sent them

into the shower, had them clean each other off, get dressed, and drive

home and forget the whole evening, remembering only that they had a

successful study session. He knew he would try to get them back over

someday soon!

Sexually sated, Slade contentedly prepared for bed. But this night,

sleep was not to be. Just before he switched off the light, Slade

noticed a sort of "disturbance" in the air across his room, bending

the light like a mist, although there was no mist. As the seconds went

by, it was clear that something was materializing near the bedroom door.

Frightened, Slade grabbed the lamp by his bed and prepared to throw it

at the materializing object, until he noticed that it was becoming...

An incredibly beautiful boy about his age. Blond, naked, and with

every part perfect. Slade's arm froze in place. And then, the object

-- boy -- began to speak.

"Slade?" it/he said. Slade was shocked that this, this being knew his

name. "Uh... uh..."

"Hi, I'm Znort. Don't be scared, I'm here to make your life even more

fun than it is now."

Slade had not yet completely recovered. "Uh... uh... you..."

Znort looked down at himself. "Oh, is my nakedness making you nervous?

I'm kind of surprised at that, considering how quick on your feet you

were with PowerPuppy. Found his weakness, did you?"

Slade blurted out, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mess up your friend,

I'll put him back the way he was."

Znort chuckled. "Don't bother, I like him better the way you've made

him. Well, if my appearance is making you nervous..." His body

shimmered a bit, and then he appeared fully dressed, in the latest

skater wear. "This isn't what I really look like, anyway. I don't think

you'd understand if you saw me the way I really look.

"Anyhow, I'm so impressed by what you did with PowerPuppy that I'm

prepared to make you my partner in creating a league of superteens

here on Earth. I think you'd do a great job making suggestions."

"Partner? Superteens? What are you talking about?"

Znort sat down, or seemed to sit, on a chair, although the cushion

didn't compress at all as he sat atop it. "I'm from a planet near the

center of this galaxy, and I came here for a reason. A powerful, evil

race of beings called the Kryuthians is going from planet to planet,

enslaving or killing all the creatures they meet, depending on which

is more convenient for them. They're much more advanced than most of

the beings that they encounter, so it takes them very little effort

to destroy or enslave a planet.

"My people are trying to stop them, and we're more advanced than they

are, but there's not enough of us, and we can't be everywhere at once.

So we are visiting inhabited planets around the galaxy, creating

superbeings that will allow those planets to defend themselves in

case the Kryuthians show up. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me I

guess, I'm not highly thought of at home, so I was sent to do the job

way out here in this remote spiral arm of the galaxy. The odds of the

Kryuthians coming HERE are pretty much zero. It's way out of their way

and there's nothing here they would want. But that means no one from

my planet really cares what I do out here, so I can pretty much do what

I feel like."

"Wow! That's alot for me to think about. Er, so why don't they like

you at home?"

Znort thought a bit. "Well, I guess I should tell you, it will help

you be my partner. Our race has three sexes, all of which are necessary

for reproduction. I, on the other hand, am only sexually attracted to my

own gender. That makes me a --"

"Pervert?" guessed Slade. Znort chuckled. "No, a certain percentage of

our race is born that way, I was born that way, and only the most

primitive of cultures blames someone for the way they were born. Oh,

did I offend you?"

"Not at all, I agree with you completely. Go on."

"Well, of course there are others like me, attracted to our own gender,

and we tend to hang out, get together in our own, well, 'clubs' I guess

it would be to you, and even live together in threesomes of the same

gender. Everyone is fine with that.

"But I have, well, somewhat different tastes. I am actually attracted

only to 'straight' members of my gender. And to get them under my power,

I have been experimenting with, shall we say, illegal methods of mind

control. Some of my kind suspect me of this, and THAT's why I'm not

that popular, and why I was selected for one of the least important

parts of our galactic defense task, the farthest away from home.

"Not only do I enjoy mind control, I get off on watching others doing it,

seeing someone learn how to take another individual, slowly strip him of

his own will and desires and even identity, and convert him into a playtoy

for his controller's amusement. And the stronger the enslaved individual

started out, the further down he's brought, the more exciting I find it.

And you did a great job with PowerPuppy! How did you figure out his


"Well, I secretly saw the effects of his powercum on other people, and

while I figured it wouldn't work on HIM, I thought it might work on his

secret identity, Billy Norton, when he wasn't 'transformed'. And of

course it did."

Znort laughed appreciatively. "We always leave a weakness in our

superheroes, so they don't get out of control on their worlds. Of course,

I personally have OTHER motivations for giving them a weakness. And your

figuring out that Billy Norton was vulnerable to PowerPuppy's cum was


Slade laughed. "PowerPuppy doesn't even know that he's really Billy

Norton anymore, and Billy doesn't know he's PowerPuppy. He just wonders

why he can't remember a few hours each evening and weekend, but for some

reason he can't talk to anyone about it. And the Pup makes sure there's

always a fresh bottle of powercum available in my refrigerator for when

I need someone else's... cooperation."

"Actually, his powercum has more than just the mind control effects that

you're using. If you were to inject it into a fertile female human, you

could get a litter of, say, five super-powerful offspring, and then in

just a little more than two people-years, you would have five sixteen-year-

old superteens flying around your high school and around town. We could

give them all different superpowers, and maybe some deliciously humiliating

weaknesses. And they would be bonded to you as their master, of course."

For some reason that picture turned Slade on incredibly. Five superpowerful

teenagers to serve him, and no more of that constant worrying about the time

limits of his control.

Znort went on, "So, are there any suitable females available for breeding?"

Slade thought for a moment. "I know EXACTLY who would make the right mate

for PowerPuppy. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's stacked, and she's

amazingly athletic, but she doesn't exactly have guys hanging off her.

She's a bit over six feet tall, and pretty strong, and I think that

intimidates most guys. But as breeding stock for PowerPuppy, I think she'd

be absolutely perfect. All the teen pups would probably end up bigger,

taller, and stronger than Billy, their unwitting 'dad'. Maybe better

looking, too. I bet he would really look up to them." Slade smirked at the

irony. "So how do we get those two together?"

Znort laughed. "That's easy. Let them do it themselves. Slip her some

powercum at the end of the day, and tell her what she must do. When

PowerPuppy shows up here, tell him where he can find her, and to obey her.

As soon as she sees him, she will be programmed to order him to fuck her,

which he will do very efficiently. There is no possibility of failure. The

powersperm will find and enter their eggs no matter what.

"Now that that's settled, what's your suggestion for our next superhero?"

Slade laughed. "I can't come up with that so quickly. But I think I can

get help. Tomorrow afternoon, after I spike the chess club's drinks with

powercum, some of the smartest geeks in the school will kneel before me

and provide their best suggestions. Come back then and I'll tell you what

they came up with."

Znort began to disappear in a swirl of color in the air, starting with

his legs and moving up his body. "See you tomorrow..." his voice trailed

off as he vanished.



The next afternoon, the scene at the chess club meeting was not exactly

as its members had planned. On the tables sat half-empty cups of the

punch generously provided by Slade. But instead of studying openings

as they had discussed, they were naked and on their knees before their

new master Slade, trying to come up with ideas for perverted superheroes

that would satisfy him and earn them a big reward. Slade looked them

over. There was a remarkable diversity of body types and endowments

in the group, more than he would have guessed. But after listening to

a number of interesting ideas, the absolute best one came from Curtis,

the smallest-built and smallest-hung guy. He almost didn't look like he

belonged in high school at all, although he was a junior. And Slade knew

immediately that his idea would become the first new superhero created,

if Znort could pull it off. "MorphTeen... absolutely brilliant.

"Now for your reward. What's your ultimate sexual fantasy involving

people at the school?"

With no hesitation, Curtis said, "Debbie Norquist, the cheerleader with

the big boobs. I want her..."

Slade commented, "Conventional, I suppose..." But Curtis continued,

"...and her boyfriend Chuck, the football player..." Slade muttered,

"OK, less conventional, but he outweighs you nearly three to one, and

outmuscles and outhangs you more than that..."

"...I want them together in front of me, competing desperately with

each other to show me who is the bigger slut. They can use sex toys,

slutty clothes, filthy talk, whatever they want to humiliate themselves

with. The winner of the biggest slut contest gets fucked by me, while

the loser gets to watch, masturbate, and wish they were being fucked by

me. And the whole thing, from start to finish, I want burned onto a DVD

for me to watch, or show others, forever."

"Hmmm. So we'll need an audio-visual slave as well. No problem, plenty

of possibilities right here in this room! OK, guys, in a few minutes

you will all get dressed. You will forget everything that happened

here this afternoon. But in your subconscious minds, you will continue

to think of other perverted superheroes that could be created. You won't

know why you're thinking about that, and you won't share your thoughts

with anyone else, it would be embarrassing.

"Curtis, Thursday afternoon after school you will go to the study hall

room. You won't remember why you need to go there, but I guarantee

you'll like what you find there.

"Oh, and guys, you WILL remember how FANTASTIC the punch I brought

tastes." Slade walked out the door.

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