The Legion of Obedient Super-Slaves

Part 10



Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the

legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male

sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

This is a continuation of a story that began with files containing

Parts 1-9. You'll have alot more fun if you read those parts first!

[Summary so far: Slade Beatty has been made the partner of alien Znort, who is

supposed to protect the Earth from a potential invasion of powerful barbarians

by creating a league of superheroes, but instead does it for his own perverse



Once again, Slade was visiting Znort's lab. The sophomore was pissed off.

His use of the short-range alternate-reality device had resulted in

unexpected consequences. He had changed things so that the Powers brothers,

leaders of the school's unbeatable baseball team and scornful, like everyone

else, of the worthless wrestling squad, were now (in altered reality) losers

on the school's hapless baseball team, and ass-cleaners to the school's

unbeatable wrestling squad. But the Powers brothers had been enslaved by

a young Assmaster in their main rival school Springdale, who had misused

his power to force the ass-cleaners to sabotage Winterfield's wrestling

team in its meet with that rival. Now Winterfield had a loser baseball team

AND a beaten wrestling squad.

"Well, even with just a short-range reality alteration, things can happen,"

said Znort.

"Yeah, well, I think I need to make a small adjustment to my adjustment,"

said Slade. "I'm going over to Springdale High today and see what I can do."

"Remember, keep it small, the change can only cover a very limited number

of people or it won't happen at all. Springdale has almost 5,000 students.

What do you intend to do?"

"I think I can keep the number of people I alter WAY down and still have a

big impact. I've been thinking..."

Nobody at Springdale High noticed Slade's quick visit, or saw the flash

that occurred when he put his hands around the alternate-reality device.

But afterwards, they ALL knew who really ran the school. Not the principal,

not the faculty, not the administrators, but... The Ten!

Of course no one knew that for sure, and no one outside the school knew

about it AT ALL. And no one even knew who The Ten were. And The Ten liked

it that way. The Ten were the nine students, and one teacher, who had the

biggest cocks in the school. And with those cocks, they ruled with absolute

authority. When they chose to reveal themselves, no one could refuse them

anything. And they always covered up their tracks afterwards, leaving no

trace for the students, or the outside world, to follow.

Of course, most students suspected particular guys of belonging, and in

one or two cases they were correct. But in most cases, they would have

been astonished, because they had no clue... and that was intentional.

The Ten mostly made sure no one got a good long look at their cocks in

the locker rooms or showers, and if anyone DID look too directly, he

might find himself wandering the halls shortly thereafter having totally

forgotten the last ten minutes. And these guys were HUNG: having, say,

nine and a half inches might put someone in the top 2-3% of all guys,

but it wouldn't get him into the top ten out of several thousand.

Six of The Ten were gay, three were straight, and one was truly bisexual.

This was way out of proportion to the general school population, but it

was one of Slade's subtle adjustments. Slade didn't do this by making

six of the biggest-dicked guys gay; he did it by giving six gay guys

enormous dicks. He felt the gay minority should be overrepresented in

The Ten because gay students were in greater need of protection and

assistance than the straight majority. Plus, there might more good kinky

fun as a result!

The Ten mostly ruled for what they believed to be the good of the school.

Of course, with such absolute power, they didn't refrain completely from

taking a few personal benefits along the way. They did try to make those

benefits inconspicuous, and most of the students and faculty members

providing the benefits either didn't realize what they were doing, or

thought it was their own idea.

Take Paul and Julie. Both seniors, they had been inseparable since the

 seventh grade. Paul, a star swimmer, was 6 feet tall with a sleek body,

shiny black hair and a killer smile. He wanted to become a doctor so he

could help people in third world countries. Julie was blonde, 5'6", one

of the best-looking girls in the senior class, and an outstanding guard

on the basketball team. She too wanted to help people, by becoming a

teacher. Paul and Julie planned to get engaged, go to college together,

then head out to help the world as husband and wife. The two had been a

popular couple for years, and went everywhere together.

Now Paul and Julie were sitting in the office of Vice Principal Henderson.

Not that Mr. Henderson was aware of this. He was too busy, naked on his

hands and knees eating kibble out of a doggie bowl on the floor in the

corner. Meanwhile, sitting at the desk, long hairy legs sprawled across

the top of the desk, was Number 6, a very tall senior with longish brown

hair wearing shorts and flip-flops. On one finger was what looked like

an ordinary class ring. But on the hand of one of The Ten, it was a

source of enormous hypnotic power. Paul and Julie were currently both

fully under its influence. Ruby-red beams were leaving the stone in the

center of the ring and entering the eyes of the two sweethearts, who

seemed oblivious to the world at the moment.

Number 6 contemplated the very attractive couple in front of him, eyes

and minds wide open, awaiting programming. He spoke: "You guys are very

dedicated to helping others. OK, I'm going to work with that. Paul --"

the helpless senior's eyes widened even further to accept his new

reality -- "You have always admired and secretly worshipped guys with

big, powerful feet."

Paul murmured "...big, powerful feet... worship..." His eyes shifted

down to the huge pods being flaunted on the desktop by Number 6. Even

from the far side of the desk, Number 6 could see the fabric in Paul's

pants stir as he grew hard.

Number 6 continued. "You know that many of us with big feet sweat a

lot. And there are pockets of toe jam..."

Paul repeated "...toe jam..." and kept staring.

"You have always wanted to help us by keeping our feet clean, using

your nose to sniff out the most disgusting spots, using your tongue

to clean off the sweat, wiping our foot stench onto your clothes, where

you can secretly enjoy it later..."

Paul repeated "...foot stench..." but a part of him was fighting this

perverse repurposing of his life. He began to sweat profusely.

"Noooo....." But his eyes never left the giant feet hovering in front

of his face.

Number 6 sat upright at having been contradicted. Moving his thumb

behind the ring, he touched a small button that increased the intensity

of the beam hitting Paul. "You MUST help us foot gods, or you feel weak,

you feel useless. Your VALUE in life, your PURPOSE in life, is pleasing

our feet." The higher power level of the beam forced this idea past

Paul's rapidly faltering defenses. It all made sense to him now. The

rest was easy for Number 6.

"This has always been true. You just didn't realize it until now. It is

a natural part of your being. Now, kneel at the edge of the desk and

surrender yourself to my feet." Paul dropped off the chair to his knees.

Number 6 kicked off his flip-flops, and allowed Paul to bow his head on

the edge of the desk, at the feet that would rule his life from now on.

Number 6 rubbed his left foot over Paul's beautiful black hair. Paul

felt something electric course through him as the foot made contact.

Then Number 6 pushed Paul's head back, and Paul slumped back in his


Number 6 turned his attention, and ring power, on the girl. "Julie --"

her eyes responded to the commanding mention of her name -- "You know

how hard it is for us poor guys with gigantic cocks to get satisfaction."

Number 6 pulled his giant man-sausage out of those confining shorts for

Julie to stare at, as he fingered it to erection. "Women refuse to let

us in all the way, or won't even let us near them at all, for fear of

being torn up inside. This is TOTALLY unfair. You want to help us. You

NEED to help us. You must train your pussy and your throat to hold,

massage, and please our huge cocks. You feel empty without one of these

cocks inside you."

"...empty..." repeated Julie.

Number 6 sat back. He really hadn't wanted to do this, to pervert their

sincere desire to help people. Julie and Paul had been such a sweet

couple for all those years and had decent ambitions for their future,

but Number 6's straight superior, Number 3, had kept his eye on Julie

for years, and was now in a position to turn his casual desire into

reality. And of course Number 6 had to do what Number 3 wanted. Number

6 just figured, as long as he had to split Julie off from Paul for the

benefit of Number 3, then it would be OK for Number 6 to take possession

of Paul for his own enjoyment. After all, Paul would have been devastated

over losing Julie otherwise. This way, he wouldn't even know the

difference, he would be too busy exploring the disgusting joys of the

giant feet of Number 6 and his friends.

Number 6 filled in their instructions. "What you have learned here has

always been true. Paul, all afternoon you will be looking at guys' shoes

and sandaled feet and, in your mind, comparing them unfavorably to mine.

At the end of the day you will see me outside your last class, and you

will try to find a way to talk me into bringing you home, where you will

try everything to seduce me in order to get at my feet. I'll brush you

off at first, and you'll have to try more desperate measures to get me

to go along. But if you do it right, you will earn your place at my feet

and will be happy. Julie, throughout the day you will try to guess how

big guys' cocks are from their height, the size of their hands and feet,

and the outlines you will try to see in their pants. As you leave your

last class, in the hallway you will see an athletic guy with the biggest

outline in his pants you have seen all day. THIS will be the guy you need

to help tonight. You will do anything to get him to take you home, where

you will get your first mouth and pussy fittings on the cock you will be

working to please from now on.

"Neither of you will remember anything since you left English class. You

may now leave." Paul and Julie got up in unison and walked out of the

room. Number 6 got up, put his shorts and flip-flops back on, and left.

A couple of minutes later, Mr. Henderson got up off the floor, got

dressed, and sat at his desk to do some work. A bell rang, and he noticed

it was lunchtime. That's odd, he thought. I had no breakfast this morning,

so why am I not hungry for lunch?

Paul and Julie walked down the hallway together, as usual. But Paul was

troubled. As his eye roved across the floor of the hall, assessing the

size of the shoes going by, he wondered how he was going to tell Julie.

While he and Julie had always been friends, he had never told her about

his intense desire to serve the special needs of the big-footed. And he

was afraid she had somehow gotten the idea that they would get together

after high school, in a permanent sort of way. How could he break it to


Meanwhile, she was having similar thoughts, as she involuntarily examined

the bulges in the pants going by. If the pants were too loose, she would

look at hands, feet, anything to give her a clue as to how big a cock was

in those pants. Paul was cute, but her life's work wouldn't involve him.

His cock wasn't big enough to need her services, or to win her dedication.

She wondered, was it finally time to tell him?

Of course, by the end of the day their problems would be solved, as they

would discover the objects of their lives' ambitions inside the pants and

shoes of Numbers 3 and 6, respectively.

As the leader of The Ten, and the guy with the biggest cock in the school,

Number 1 was not exactly a secret. Tall, with a boyish grin, long chestnut

hair, a nicely sculpted upper body and legs that went on forever, he exuded

self-confidence and a sense of command that seemed natural rather than

arrogant. Most students had him correctly figured as the leader of The Ten,

assuming The Ten even existed. Number 1 didn't have to use his ring often

to get what he wanted; people gave it to him anyway, wanting him to be

happy with them. Number 1 also tended not to keep people as permanent sex

toys; when he felt the need, he'd quickly grab someone, zap them into

mind-free obedience, use them for a short while, erase their memory, then

let them go.

By contrast, skinny, dark-haired junior Number 10 had developed a whole

little harem for sex play. This was probably to compensate for his feelings

of inadequacy as the lowest-ranking member of The Ten, due to his relatively

small (under 11 inch) endowment. His favorite pair of love toys were Bob and

Benny, both juniors. Bob was, at ten inches plus, one of the best-hung guys

in the school not quite big enough to be in The Ten, while Benny had the

smallest peanut dick to be found in the school. Number 10 never tired of

pairing these two up, having them work together on pleasing him, or play

out domination scenarios, where Bob was constantly humiliated as "donkey

dick" and cock-tortured by little Benny. Bob was not allowed to defend

himself as Benny would cage Bob's cock, or dress it up in doll's clothes,

or paint it in bright colors using food coloring. Number 10 made Bob wish

all the time that he were lucky enough to have a peanut dick like Benny's.

Number 2 was one of Slade's little gay boy upgrade specials. His life had

been perhaps the most changed by Slade's alteration of reality. Before

Slade changed things, life had been extremely frustrating. He was the

younger of two brothers in a very conservative family, and the two brothers

couldn't have been more different. The future Number 2 was short, skinny,

smooth almost everywhere on his body except for his head of long brown

hair, unathletic, and had a four-inch cock. At school, the sophomore was

too embarrassed to shower with the others after PE, afraid both of getting

hard at the sight of all the guys and of showing how small he was.

Meanwhile, his older brother was one of the school's top senior athletes.

Tall, blond, muscled, with a nice layer of hair on his legs, and well-hung

at nine inches, Vance had always wondered how he and the twerp could have

the same parents. It must have been a cruel accident of genetics, thought

Vance, who had never been able to feel anything but scorn for his little

brother. He hadn't picked on his brother for years, but he had little to

do with him, in or out of school. And when he would spot the occasional

bully cornering his brother, calling him names like "fag" and humiliating

him in front of friends, Vance wouldn't walk over to intervene. After all,

he half agreed with the bully's assessment of the twerp, anyway.

The little guy's feelings towards his big brother were quite different,

however. The brothers shared a bathroom between their two rooms, and the

bathroom door in the twerp's room sat wide off its hinges, so even when

it was closed, it afforded a great view of Vance behind the glass shower

door. Little bro wondered, too, how he could have been so cheated by

genetics as to not even appear related to the boy-god he jerked off to as

he watched him shower. He wished his brother would have more to do with

him, even if it were to pick on him. He fantasized about being used

sexually by Vance and then discarded when he wasn't needed anymore, being

forced to keep Vance's incredible cock happy, being naked under the desk

licking Vance's legs as he did his homework, being verbally humiliated by

Vance as he did anything Vance wanted, cleaned his room, ironed his

clothes, anything.

When Vance would have a number of his jock friends over, and they would

secretly get drunk in his room, the little guy would be in the bathroom

on his knees, staring through the gap in the door to Vance's room,

listening to the sloshed dudes comparing notes on their athletic and

sexual conquests, wishing he could be in the room being passed from one

drunk jock to another as a sexual party favor. He felt so inadequate as

a guy, he knew he DESERVED to be nothing more than a toy for those jocks

to use. This thought excited him so much he had to be careful, as he

watched the lounging jocks, not to make a sound when his little cock came

as he knelt on the bathroom floor. And when any of the jocks was about

to stumble into the bathroom to take a piss, he had to race back into

his own room so he could get a good view through the door crack of the

monster cock that was sure to be at least twice the size of his own.

Needless to say, he could never say a word about this to his brother.

The best he could hope for was never to come to Vance's attention. In

short, he led the life of a superhorny, closeted gay teen in what he

was sure was one of the most frustrating situations possible.

However, since Slade's reality change, the shoe was on the other foot,

or perhaps it might be more appropriate to say, the jock was on the

other cock. The change only affected a few people directly, but it went

big and deep, altering history as well. While little bro was still

mostly the same physically -- short, skinny, long brown hair -- now he

was the secret possessor of the second-largest cock in a school of over

5,000. Of course he STILL couldn't shower with the others after PE, but

for a different reason. While he still didn't want to attract attention

by getting hard looking at guys, he also needed to hide the endowment

would surely have marked him as one of The Ten.

At home, he still didn't have much to do with his jock big brother

Vance. But ever since the day a couple of years previously, when Vance,

looking through the crack between the bathroom door and its frame,

spotted his brother, then age 14, in the shower, soaping up his

incredible cock, Vance's world had changed completely. He felt utterly

cheated that his brother would have gotten -- THAT, while he himself

had taken ribbing for years for his four-incher (another Slade change).

His sexual world began to change that day. His interest in girls faded

away, and all he could think of when jerking off was that commanding

cock from hell. It felt to him as if all the masculinity in the house

had been sucked into that cock, leaving none for him.

Vance was still one of the school's top jocks. But whenever he would

make the winning basket, or score the winning touchdown, he would

fantasize he had done it for the glory of his brother's cock, to try

to prove he was worthy of serving that cock. He would imagine himself

on his knees in his room, facing his brother's hard cock, awaiting

orders, sexual or otherwise. While he had to act macho in front of his

jock friends, he knew his little brother really wore the jock in the

family. But of course he couldn't say anything to anyone about it,

least of all his brother.

Slade had picked Number 2 to be part of his reality alteration project

when he spotted him during a scouting visit to Springdale. The kid was

about the same height, age, and stature as Slade, and it didn't

require much of Slade's gaydar to get the picture. Slade thought that

he would make a great defender of the interest of the school's gay

social victims. And as the school's ruling gay guy, he might work to

improve the school's homophobic culture. And have some satisfying sex


Number 2 and Number 8 were meeting in the office of Mr. Donner, who

had suddenly felt the need to clean out the urinals in the neighboring

boys room with a toothbrush.

Number 2 came to the point. "We've got a problem Assmaster on our hands."

"What's an Assmaster?"

"You've heard of ass cleaners, right? Well, it turns out that an ass

cleaner is the natural slave of an Assmaster. If he ever meets one, he

becomes bonded to the master ass. Assmasters are very rare, but we've

got one right here at Springdale. Problem is, he abused his power last

week, to get Winterfield's state-champion wrestling team to lose to ours."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Well, aside from the ethical implications" -- both of them laughed at

this -- "it calls a huge amount of attention to us when something as

improbable as that happens. If people were to look too closely at exactly

how we won, how the WInterfield guys all failed the same sort of way, it

could be bad for us."

"So, can't Number 7 take care of it? He's our head of discipline." Number

7 was the sole faculty member with a cock big enough to qualify him for

The Ten. But since there were far fewer teachers in the school than

students, even as the oldest Ten member he was not high up the size order

of the group.

"Number 7 is busy conducting the weekly faculty orgy. I hope it's as good

as last week's, the one that was caught in that video he showed us,

'Schoolteachers Gone Wild'. Oh, you missed it, didn't you? It starts

slowly, with Mr. Ferguson calmly discussing strategies for mandatory

testing with Ms. Jones, Hatcher, and Olsen, and before long everyone

is naked and the three ladies are taking turns swinging on his dick,

but HIS attention is totally on servicing the schlong of Mr. Norris

being shoved in his face... after the heavy oral action, it gets even

better. But I digress.

"Our cute little sophomore Assmaster needs to be brought down a peg.

He doesn't know it, but he has an appointment with Mr. Kleinschmidt

this afternoon." A shudder from both of them. "Don't worry, Kleinschmidt

knows in this case to restrict himself to refashioning the attitude,

not the body."

As at many schools, the PE faculty seemed to have attracted a few of

those sadists who enjoyed watching, and encouraging, the Darwinist

spectacle of the strong dominating and humiliating the weak. Number 2

had used his power to mostly eliminate those types; they quit of their

own accord when they discovered they were becoming irresistibly

attracted to each other's smells, and unable to stop themselves from

licking each other in front of students. But Number 2 left one of

these sadists in place, the nastiest and most creatively cruel of

them, Mr. Kleinschmidt. He was short, with crew-cut blond hair, big

muscles in his chest and legs, and a short but really fat cock. Number

2 had him construct a mini-dungeon in the school basement, and gave

him the special power to prevent his victims from telling anyone what

he was doing to them.

"But once Kleinschmidt has 'broken' his will, what happens to him?

Do we let him mope around without having sex? Do we have any ass

cleaners here at Springdale?"

"If he doesn't abuse his powers, I don't mind letting him have a small

stable of ass cleaners. And they're not so rare, I'm sure we have some

here. We'll just let him find them naturally. Once they get a whiff of

his master ass, they'll be his for life if he wants 'em. Nothing else

matters in that relationship: age, height, size, makes no difference.

I heard of one small teen Assmaster assembling his own set of burly

biker-gang ass slaves. They all raised hell during the day and secretly

worshipped his ass at night. They had tattoos of him on their own asses.

I wish I could have seen them in action."

English teacher Mr. Donner felt the sudden need to leave his office and

go to the basement to do pushups. Soon after, into his office walked two

students: one a member of The Ten that no one suspected, the other a guy

everyone ASSUMED was one of The Ten, but wasn't. Lonnie, a football

offensive lineman, was big in every good dimension, tall, beefy, muscular

arms and legs, and a cock that approached ten inches. Many students

assumed he must be one of The Ten, and he made no effort to discourage

that assumption. In fact, he did everything he could to suggest it was

true, often twisting his class ring absent-mindedly as if he were

thinking about activating it. This would cause some of his fellow

students to immediately offer him things: help with projects, rides,

money, their virginity, or whatever they thought he would value.

Unfortunately for him, one of the girls he was seducing this way

happened to be the girlfriend of Number 8.

This annoyed Number 8 considerably, for quite a number of reasons. First,

for the good of The Ten, he had not revealed to her, or anyone else, that

he was a member, nor had she ever seen his cock (which would have provided

a pretty good clue). This restraint had been frustrating to Number 8, but

he was willing to do it for the good of The Ten and the school. He was

sort of average-looking, not that tall and not that built, and was more

musical than athletic, so getting and keeping a normal, real girlfriend

was more of an effort for him than for the studlier guys at school (as

opposed to zapping some girl into a horny big-breasted sex toy, which

a beam from his ring could have done anytime he wanted). It had taken

him awhile to win over Lacey, and now in one hour this lout, this popular

athlete, was beginning to peel her away from him, by pretending to be one

of The Ten. Didn't Lonnie already have enough girls hanging off his arm at

it was?

As Lonnie stared helplessly into the ring beam, Number 8 considered his

punishment. "Lonnie, I know you like to pretend to be one of The Ten, and

normally we don't mind. Your act distracts attention away from us REAL Ten

members. But it seems you're using that image to get favors from people,

and especially sexual favors from girls."

Even though Lonnie's expression was mostly blank as his face was

penetrated by the ring beam, a worried expression briefly passed across

his face.

"This has got to stop. You've gone too far, and it's not only hurting

our image, it's totally dishonest. You're good-looking and sort of hung.

You should be able to get all the girls you want without making it look

like you're using the power of The Ten." Number 8 didn't mention anything

about having witnessed Lonnie's most recent conquest, of his own

girlfriend. "So I'm going to have to keep you safely away from the girl

population here at school.

"Over the next few days you're going to alter your image. You're going

to change from alpha male girl-hound into a sex-starved gay bottom boy.

You're going to dress, act, talk like a guy that constantly needs his

ass and throat filled with cock. You're going to seek out every gay guy

in this school, and BEG him to use you anyway he wants, the more degrading

the better. You can try to work on the straight guys too, but that may get

you beat up, and since you now fight like a girl, that won't work out so

well for you.

"Every day, you'll be swinging your ass from side to side seductively as

you walk down the hall, you'll call all your fellow gay guys 'girl',

you'll stare at the muscular athletes in the locker room showers and

wish they would do it with you. Including your football teammates.

ESPECIALLY your football teammates. Who knows, you may luck out there

with some closeted guy."

Lonnie was looking outright distressed. Number 8 was astounded at

Lonnie's ability to even know what was going on, much less offer any

resistance. He flicked off his ring beam.

"Something wrong, Lonnie?"

Lonnie shook his head to clear it. He soon saw that he had not dreamed

what came before. He even felt the changes in himself, although he was

not completely sure how different he had become. He found himself

subconsciously evaluating the average-looking guy behind the desk,

and asking himself, "Gay? Umm... I guess not." The thought frightened


Lonnie began pleading. "Please don't make me gay. I love girls! I'll

stop pretending to be in The Ten to get girls. But you're changing who

I really am. You're throwing away the real me. I'm as straight as it

gets. I've never even had a gay thought like most of my friends have.

Please let me be straight!"

Number 8 was impressed by Lonnie's strong mind and audacity, but he

was still angry about Lonnie's attempt to seduce his girlfriend. "So

you like the way you really are, huh? Disgusting as that is? Are you

absolutely sure that's what you want?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Absolutely sure. Please, let me be straight!"

Number 8 smiled cruelly, and activated the booster on his ring beam

as he reaimed it at Lonnie. Again, Lonnie's eyes opened wide, but this

time there was no independent thought, no resistance. "OK, I'm granting

your request. You are going to remain straight. Oh, you're still going

to do everything I told you to do before -- act and dress like a gay

bottom boy, seek out guys for degrading sex, flirt with your football

teammates -- but all the time, you'll be straight. You'll be totally

disgusted at what you're doing, but you won't be able to help yourself,

and your cock will be erect whenever you're flirting or having sex with

a guy. Too bad, as a gay guy the sex would have been enjoyable. But now

it'll just feel like you're doing what you have to do. And of course

you'll have no idea why you're doing it. Naturally, you're never

allowed to look sexually at, much less make out with, a female again.

"OK, now get out there and serve all the gay cocks you can find!" Lonnie

soon found himself walking down the hall, feeling somehow... different.

There were the attractive girls he knew, but for some reason he couldn't

really look at them or talk to them. Instead, his focus seemed to fall on

guys, especially smaller ones and effeminate-looking ones, and he would

wonder, "Is he gay?" The thought that some guy might be gay caused his

cock to jump in his pants. WHY? "What can I do to satisfy that guy?"

the thought would then course through his mind. And that thought would

freak him out. But he knew he would somehow HAVE to find out about the


Slade Beatty was visiting Springdale with his friend Little Jay. He

knew Jay was gay and had had very limited sexual experience, so he

thought he would show him a good time at the new-reality Springdale.

In a classroom after school sat Slade, Jay, and the naked and erect

Number 1, oblivous and fully controllable under the influence of Slade's

bottle of supercum. Jay couldn't help staring at the largest cock he had

ever seen in his life.

Slade explained the Springdale hierarchy, how The Ten worked, and how

the hypnotized Number 1 was basically in charge of the whole school.

Jay absorbed it all, and considered the possibilities.

Slade said, "You can play with him if you like, but you've got to erase

his memory before the supercum wears off. Then he's the boss of his life,

at least until next time I exchange his daily 'medicine' with the swig of

supercum like I did today."


"But he's way under, dude. Can't we just program him to obey us from now


"No, the supercum is only good for a limited time. Afterwards, only a

hint of what you tell him will remain. Back at our school, I had to use

it over and over, day after day, to even get a small suggestion planted

in guys. And of course the more I used the supercum, the less effective

it was, and the shorter time it lasted."

"What about his ring? He's Number 1, it's got to be the most powerful

one. Can't we just take it and take control of the school?"

"Nah, I've tried it. The rings won't work off the fingers of The Ten.

There's no difference among the ten rings. They're powered by being

connected in some way to those humongous cocks. I don't completely

understand how it works, but away from this guy, that ring does no

more than an ordinary class ring."

"Bummer, dude."

"Yeah, well, I'll let you play with his dick for awhile. Remember,

you've only got about fifteen minutes left until the stuff wears off.

I need to run another errand. Enjoy!" And Slade left.

Little Jay ordered Number 1 to lie on his back on the floor. Number 1

robotically complied, his eyes staring straight up. Jay used his foot

to push around the hard foot-long cock. He was amazed how much bigger

the cock was than his foot. It was just too bad he wouldn't have enough

time for an intense cock-and-ball play session.

Jay knelt beside Number 1. He picked up the huge hand to examine the

ring. He twisted it this way and that, to see if he could work it off

the finger. As he did that, suddenly some hidden switch was activated,

and a red beam shot out of the ring. Surprised, Jay looked into the

beam. Suddenly, his mind felt totally empty. When he came to again,

it was because his body had slumped and his eyes slipped below the

beam. He noticed that ten minutes had disappeared. Time was running


Suddenly, he had a thought. The ring was working because it was still

on Number 1's finger. Of course! He moved the hand, pointing the beam

towards Number 1's head. "Look at your ring," he ordered the giant.

Number 1 complied, his eyes going wide as the beam entered his mind.

Jay decided to go for it. Grabbing his captive's cock, the largest

in the school, and swirling it around in his little hand, he said to

the frozen hunk, "This cock is the property of Master Jay. It is not

allowed to cum without Master Jay's permission."

To Jay's delight, he heard Number 1 repeat, "...not allowed to cum

without Master Jay's permission."

He thought fast. "And you will use your powers to burn into the minds

of the other members of The Ten, one at a time, that THEIR cocks are

property of Master Jay, and may not cum without Master Jay's permission."

"...their cocks are property of Master Jay, and may not cum without

Master Jay's permission."

"Tell them that Master Jay will be back here in this room in exactly

two weeks, to give them tasks, and to see if they're worthy of being

allowed to cum."


"Here are the conditions of the meeting," said Jay, continuing with

his instructions to be relayed to the rest of The Ten.

Finally, he said, "You will forget we were here, but you will obey

my instructions."


Satisfied he had been understood, Jay moved the big teen's hand so

it was no longer aiming the ring at Number 1's eyes. As he did, the

ring shifted on its finger and the red beam stopped. Number 1 seemed

to move his head a bit, as if shaking off a dream. Jay very quickly

put on his shoes and left the room, finding Slade coming towards him

down the hall.

Slade said, "Wow, still there? That supercum must be wearing off

right about now! You were cutting it close, dude!"

Jay smiled. "Yeah, but I think it was worth it." As the two left

Springdale, Jay chose not to get into details with Slade about his

session with Number 1. After all, he wouldn't know if it worked for

two weeks. But it had been necessary for him to leave a good long

interval until his next visit, to allow the hung and horny Ten to

go completely nuts with unfulfilled lust!

Over the next few days, as Number 1 accomplished his secret programming

mission among The Ten, their sexual frustration began to build. None of

them could cum, even when they spent hours pumping their immense cocks

in and out of their favorite live sex toys. In the back of their minds

they somehow knew their ability to cum was out of their control, but

they didn't know why, and they didn't know the identity of "Master

Jay" who did have control. But they were excited to know he would be

at Springdale in a couple of weeks. They couldn't wait... but they

had no choice.

Soon after Number 5 discovered he couldn't get off anymore into little

Kasey, his personal cock repository, he gave up and stopped even talking

to Kasey. This was very frustrating to the freshman. He had grown to

greatly enjoy being filled with the giant cock of Number 5, and enjoyed

some of the power that came with being associated with one of The Ten.

For example, Number 5 had allowed Kasey to add one of his favorite lust

objects to their sex sessions. Tony Ponza was a senior, a 6'6" football

player, and one of those guys who looks much older than they are. He

could often get into places without being carded when he went out, and

was usually to be found with college girls or even adult women clinging

to his arm. He had the aura of a man's man, and drove an expensive sports


Tony's tall body went perfectly with his mature, confident-to-the-point-

of-cocky attitude. His muscular chest, arms and legs were covered with a

nice layer of fur, and his more than respectable cock grew to just over

9 inches hard. All of this added up to an unobtainable jerk-off dream

for Kasey. Until he became the property of Number 5's cock. Number 5

wasn't interested in making love to Kasey, talking to him, or caring

for him in any way; he just loved Kasey's cute looks, trained Kasey's

ass to be able to receive and enjoy being penetrated by his amazing cock,

and then pushed him away when he was done. So Number 5 was very receptive

when Kasey asked him for a favor. Soon Tony was sitting naked in a chair

being programmed by Number 5's ring while Kasey nibbled on his pecs and

licked his prominent biceps.

"Whatever Kasey tells you, you will believe."


"Whatever Kasey suggests that you do will make perfect sense."


"You cherish taking care of little Kasey's every need."


For all his cockiness, big Tony was the perfect ring subject. He offered

no resistance during his programming.

"Until Kasey calls on you, you do not remember any of this."


Soon, Tony was rushing down the hall to his next class, wondering how

he could have been running late. He remembered he had to find a gift

that afternoon for Brianna, his date for the evening, before he picked

her up over at her sorority at State. He knew he would get some action

that evening. And he was right... but not exactly in the way he expected.

That night was the first session involving Number 5, Kasey, and Tony

together. And it was a model for the sessions that followed. First,

Number 5 would prepare Kasey's ass for penetration with his supercock,

while Tony covered Kasey in kisses, and lick and nibble on his chest and

crotch. Then, as Number 5 entered Kasey and began pumping into him,

Tony would engulf Kasey's cute little rock-hard cut cock in his newly

talented mouth and throat to give him maximum pleasure. Next, as Number

5's erupting cock overflowed Kasey's ass with shot after shot of cum,

Tony would swallow everything Kasey pumped out. Finally, as Number 5

rolled away satisfied, Tony would lay Kasey front-side down, and begin

using his tongue to soothe Kasey's stretched ass, while sucking Number

5's cum gently out of it. And since Kasey would still be a little too

sore to walk, Tony would get on his hands and knees and let Kasey climb

onto his back and ride him away to a bed in another of the suite of rooms

where Number 5 lived. (Naturally, nobody else in the suite was ever able

to 'notice' what went on with Number 5.) While getting his 'ride', Kasey

would stroke Tony's muscular back and call him "Tony the Pony". Tony

loved that nickname, although he didn't know that was because Kasey had

TOLD him he loved that nickname!

After these sessions, Tony would wake up in his own bed, having forgotten

the whole thing but feeling somehow sexually satisfied. And until he was

next approached by Kasey, Tony would live his normal straight girl-studded

life. When he would occasionally see Kasey in the hall at school, he would

know there was SOMETHING about that kid, but he couldn't quite remember

exactly what. But they didn't cross paths often. After all, it was a

5,000-plus student school, their schedules were quite different: Tony was

a senior and a varsity football and basketball player, while Kasey was a

freshman and only a bench-warmer on the freshman soccer team.

So both Number 5 and Kasey were getting exactly what they wanted out of

the relationship. But that all came to a halt after Jay's instructions

to Number 1 to shut off The Ten's ability to cum, and Number 5 pushed

Kasey away. Tony still had his normal sex life with his older women, but

Kasey was going nuts without sex. So he decided to take matters into his

own hands. He approached Tony after the big guy had showered and changed

after football practice.

Tony looked down at the little freshman. Kasey said, "Hey, Tony, could

you give me a ride this afternoon?"

Tony thought this request weird, and would have asked more about it, but

then found himself saying, "Sure... no problem. Where to?"

"Well, actually I'd like to see your room at home. That's OK, isn't it?"

Tony didn't know what was going on, but then it seemed to make sense, so

he agreed, "Sure. Let me get my stuff from my locker and we'll go to my

car." By now Tony had forgotten about his date for the evening. She would

wait, but he wouldn't turn up. Tony drove the two of them to his house,

then led Kasey up to his room.

"Well, here it is," said Tony, uncertainly.

Kasey admired the room. It was tastefully furnished, walls covered with

sports posters, and had an expensive music system and computer. "I think

that as long as we're in here, we shouldn't need to wear any clothing,

should we?"

Tony found that he had to agree that that made sense. So they both

stripped off their clothes. At the sight of Tony's manly body, the horny

Kasey got hard immediately. "Hey, it's not fair that I'm hard and you're

not. You find me attractive, don't you?"

Tony looked at Kasey's cute, smooth little body. Somehow, Kasey's words

were getting to him.

"I'm cuter than any of your girlfriends, right? You really want to feel

my body, don't you?"

Tony's considerable cock began to rise without being touched, as his

hands began to run over Kasey's hot little body. "And your tongue... you

love to lick my body, don't you? Go ahead, lick it!"

Tony had to drop to his knees to run his tongue along Kasey's skinny

chest. When he put his arms around Kasey's body, the muscles rippling

under his tan skin and arm hair contrasted with the tender girl-like

smoothness of Kasey's bright ivory-colored skin. As his tongue circled

Kasey's chest, a memory was stirring...

"You can remember now, can't you? You're my Tony the Pony..."

And suddenly it came flooding back. The lost memories of what he now

remembered as the hottest sex sessions in his life energized Tony and

worked him into a frenzy! He was so horny he couldn't take it anymore!

Then Kasey gave him the final push:

"Fuck me, Tony! You HAVE to fuck me NOW!" Tony grabbed Kasey and flung

him onto his bed face down. But even then the "cherish" part of his

programming kicked in. "But... I don't want to hurt you. I'm not lubed

and my cock is pretty big --"

Kasey laughed. "It's NOTHING compared to what I'm used to in there!

Just spit on it and LET'S GO!"

That overcame Tony's last defense. One bit of rubbed spit later, he was

pounding in and out of his beloved Kasey as he had never done before

with a female! And in almost no time, he was filling little Kasey's ass

with the loads of cum it had craved for a week. And as he was cumming,

Kasey was shouting, "You're my pet Tony the Pony! You're my pet Tony the

Pony!" And this was inscribing itself into Tony's helpless mind, as his

old hetero self was being washed away and replaced by his new status as

freshman Kasey's permanent sex pet...

Exactly two weeks after his first visit, Little Jay returned to the room

at Springdale where Slade had introduced him to Number 1, and where he

had used the combination of the supercum-induced obedience and the power

of Number 1's own ring to seize control of Number 1, and with him, hopefully

The Ten and then the whole school. As soon as Jay opened the door, he knew

his bold ploy had worked. The Ten were there in exactly the position he had

ordered them to be: naked and kneeling in a row, facing forward. In front of

each one was a short stool topped by a cushion, on which lay his huge cock,

exposed and ready for either pleasure or punishment. As ordered, the sex-

starved teens did not move their eyes from looking straight ahead when the

door opened. They had no idea what had happened to them, but they were

absolutely desperate to win permission to cum from the Master they had not

yet met.

Jay stripped off all his clothes except for the ratty old jockstrap he had

worn especially for this occasion. He then began strutting along the line

of kneeling superhung dudes like a little Patton, holding a leather riding

crop and fondling the jockstrap that held his own proud 5-inch erection.

Little Jay's smooth, slim boyish figure made a huge contrast with the

collection of tall, muscular bodies on display, with the exception of

Number 2, the skinny geeky kid that in the new reality possessed the monster


Little Jay smiled. He had taken the source of The Ten's enormous power, and

transformed it into their greatest weakness. As we walked among them, he

would occasionally stroke the length of one of the giant cocks with his

riding crop, causing a moan of both intense pleasure and intense frustration.

Sometimes he would give the cock a sharp slap with the crop, producing a small

yelp of pain, still not causing the overstimulated cock to shrink even a bit.

Jay greatly enjoyed the power trip he was on.

One at a time, he walked up to each of The Ten, stroked his hair -- their

eyes never moved, since they were too afraid to disobey his instructions

about looking straight ahead -- and assigned him a task to prove his

worthiness and devotion to his master. Once he had done this, it was time

to give them the reward he had promised them. He walked to the front of

the room.

"I will review your tasks with you, one at a time, and then I will grant

you permission to cum. Only when you feel a part of my body touching

yours -- not counting Thrasher here --" he waved his riding crop -- "are

you permitted to cum. Let's begin.

"Number 2!" The ultrahung geek recited, "I will use my superior brain to

think of ways to add to Master Jay's power and pleasure!" At this, Master

Jay lifted one little foot and brought it down as hard as he could on the

cock that dwarfed his foot in size. As the foot made contact, despite the

pain it caused, the huge cock shuddered and erupted, shooting cum across

the room, although some of the cum was trapped in a little lake in the

cushion on which the cock was lying. Exhausted by the effort, Number 2

slumped headfirst into his cock-cushion, his face becoming drenched in

the little cum lake.

Jay moved down the line. "Number 9!" Jay was intentionally not calling on

The Ten in numerical order, to show how unimportant to him their internal

ranking was compared to his own lofty status as their cock-owner. Number 9

was a baby-faced wrestler with red hair and a nicely-built, fuzz-covered

upper body. "I will find all the cutest guys at Springdale and use my

powers to add them to Master Jay's toy collection!" Jay looked over the

tasty sculpted chest, leaned down towards the pecs, and closed his teeth

around the furry nipple. At this contact, Number 9's cock exploded, also

shooting for distance while puddling in its cushion. Number 9's head

slumped, although he managed to remain kneeling upright.

Next: "Number 4!" Number 4 was a cute tall blond tennis player from a very

rich family. His usual style of dress, his watch, his shoes casually

displayed that wealth, although naked as he now was you could see his

toned but not overly muscled upper body, his long silky legs, and his

oversized feet. "I will sacrifice some of my own possessions and lifestyle

so that I can bring offerings and gifts to Master Jay!" Jay knew that

Number 4 was straight, and he found the lanky teen quite attractive, so

Jay fucked with his mind by dropping to his knees, grabbing Number 4's

head, and planting a strong, passionate wet kiss on the teen's lips.

Naturally, the physical contact caused Number 4's cock to blow by itself

at the same moment as he was receiving the kiss, causing the poor straight

kid strange sexual sensations. As his head slumped, various dizzying

thoughts coursed through his mind.

Then: "Number 7!" The teacher said, "I will use my powers to make bare-ass

spanking over the teacher's lap in front of the class the main method of


And so Jay went up and down the line, making sure each of The Ten knew

his assigned task.

Finally, he came to "Number 1!" "I will make sure my fellow cockslaves

perform their duties so that Master Jay will allow us to cum again next

time!" And as Jay pulled down his ratty jockstrap and touched his proud

erect member to Number 1's forehead, Number 1 exploded with his

mind-bending orgasm two weeks overdue...

Jay quickly dressed and left. His life would never be the same. And

neither would The Ten's...

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