The Legion of Obedient Super-Slaves

Parts 3-5



Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the

legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male

sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

This is a continuation of a story that began with a file containing

Parts 1-2. You'll have alot more fun if you read those parts first!

[Summary so far: Slade Beatty has been made the partner of alien Znort, who is

supposed to protect the Earth from a potential invasion of powerful barbarians

by creating a league of superheroes, but instead does it for his own perverse



Slade didn't have to take the bus home. After his meeting with the chess

club, he visited the locker room and spiked the sports drink just as the

football team was returning from practice. By chance, Justin, the captain

of the basketball team stopped by after a personal workout. Within minutes,

Gary the football captain was driving the three of them to Slade's house

for a repeat of the previous night's festivities. Of course, under Slade's

influence, neither team captain had taken the time to shower, simply

putting on their street clothes on their bodies still glistening with

sweat. Once they arrived at Slade's house, he ordered them to go up to his

room, strip, and stand at attention, as he headed into the kitchen for a

cold drink. Although his parents were gone again for the whole evening,

because of the time the jock-slaves spent dressing in the locker room and

driving to his house, he had a mere fifteen minutes left until the supercum

would begin to wear off. He ran upstairs to his room, where just inside the

doorway stiffly stood his prize jocktoys.

Slade looked up at the two sweaty, hypnotized athletes towering over him,

staring forward, awaiting orders. He sniffed their delicious post-workout

jock sweat aroma. Admiring their physique, he ran his hands over their

incredible bodies. He stroked the sinews in the legs of the football

captain, down to the powerful calves. He spent some time feeling the

ridges of the eight-pack, and squeezing and pinching the unyielding

parts of the upper body protruding over the narrow waist. Moving over

to the basketball captain, Slade couldn't reach the top of the blond’s

head even by stretching his arms, so he contented himself with rubbing

the bulging biceps, and moving down the long arm to the hand twice as

large as his. Reaching down to the captain's ankles, Slade stroked the

length of the impossibly large feet.

He would have loved to spend a few hours constructing the perfect evening.

It might have begun with the two prime-beef star athletes worshiping the

cute but somewhat skinny body of their sophomore god. It might have built

to foreplay involving the jocks using electric sex toys on each other.

There might have been a tongue skills training session, where each slave

learned the most effective way to lubricate orifices, clean sweat out of

pits and crotches, and so on. Slade might have taught them how to deep-

throat his cock, and each other's. Slade could have poked his cock fully

into each of their orifices and had them beg for more. All this would have

been perfect, except for one thing. There were only about 45 minutes left

before the supercum started wearing off, by which time the two seniors

would have to be cleaned off, dressed, and safely away from the house,

memories erased.

So Slade had to settle for having them both lean forward over the backs of

chairs, muscular asses wiggling in the air, awaiting their sanctification

with his holy cock. To insert himself into Justin, Slade had to stand on

a phone book. As they moaned, he would perform a few strokes into one of

the inviting upturned asses, then move to the other. Each of them begged

Slade to use HIM as royal cumdump, but Justin proved more skilled at

maneuvering his ass muscles to milk Slade's cock, so Justin ended up with

the prize. Gary eyed Justin with great envy, until Slade ordered them both

to stand at attention again, and their expressions went blank as they

stiffened upright.

Slade felt rewarded -- having the two most skilled senior athletes in the

school using their physical abilities to please him, a somewhat scrawny

sophomore -- but also cheated, having had the time to do nothing more

creative than getting his rocks off. His imagination wandered as he gazed

at the two jock statues in front of him, and he began musing out loud.

"It's too bad I can't keep you as my permanent playtoys. Just imagine the

fun we could have. I could have you dress in gladiator costumes and fight

each other for the right to serve at the feet of me, your emperor. I could

turn one of you into the submissive, effeminate girlfriend of the other one,

who I'd make dominant and abusive, and have you behave that way in front of

the whole school. I could have you select individual teammates to add to my

harem, hypnotically perverting their tastes, disciplining them, and putting

them through slave obedience training while I watch. You each have younger

brothers in junior high, who I could make into real sadists and whose words

I could make it impossible for you to disobey. And imagine if the two kid

brothers ever got together!" As he described each scenario, the team

captains, ordered to imagine themselves helplessly trapped in each

situation, had their cocks begin to gradually fill out and grow in length

without being touched, as they grew excited picturing themselves pleasing

their sophomore master in increasingly bizarre ways.

"But then I could be good for you, too. I could have you become obsessed

with perfecting your bodies and athletic skills to please me, so you would

be recruited to the best schools and bring me along. At your college, I

could really focus the minds of your teammates, and I wouldn't mind having

a national championship team as my sex slaves."

Slade sighed. "But if I go past the two hour limit, you'll kill me. And I

can’t use you day after day, or you’ll start to develop a tolerance for the

supercum. So I've gotta have you forget everything and send you home. But

as an experiment, let me try to plant something into your subconscious and

see if it sticks after I let you go. That’ll test the limits of my power.

Unfortunately, it can’t be anything that would let you trace its origin

back to me. Hmmm…

“First, neither of you ever wants to wear any kind of underwear to school

again, and you'll enjoy wearing tight pants that show off your endowments.

And why not? Just look at them.” Slade reached for the long, thick, proud

cock of the football captain, now at its full size, and stroked it while

the athlete gasped with pleasure. He fingered the veins along its length,

then stroked the mushroom head. Addressing the basketball captain, he said,

“Justin, look at this magnificent symbol of masculinity.” As commanded,

Justin looked over to admire the cock in Slade’s hand. “Memorize every inch

of this cock. Worship its power. You want it in you, enslaving you, badly.

But of course you can never mention it to Gary. He’s straight, and he might

attack you if he knew you wanted him, so you must keep your burning lust to

yourself. But whenever you see this cock bulging inside Gary’s pants, you

won’t be able to help getting hard yourself.” Justin just continued to

stare at the football captain’s cock as Slade’s commands penetrated to his

subconscious mind.

Slade let the football captain’s cock drop from his hand, although it was

so engorged that it continued to point straight forward despite its weight.

Slade reached for Justin’s extended cock. “Now Gary, study this super-long,

sleek cock.” The football captain’s eyes shifted to observe the considerable

sausage now in Slade’s hand. “It’s not as thick as yours, but it’s at least

two inches longer. I think it must be the longest cock in the whole school,

don’t you? You would just LOVE to have this shoved down your throat all the

way, or up your butt to the pubes. The pain would be the most excitement

you’ve ever felt. But naturally, Justin must never find out, or he’d kill

you. But whenever you see the length of this thing profiled in his extra-

tight pants, you’re going to get so hard you’ll have to try hard not to cum

without touching yourself.”

The two athletes continued to stand at attention, each staring down at the

other’s cock, memorizing its shape, its size, its identifying characteristics.

as they had been instructed to. Although the two captains would still be

basically straight when they emerged from their hypnotized state, in their

subconscious they would retain this obsession, this fascination for each

other’s cock that would emerge whenever they saw the unmistakable outline

in the tight pants they would be forced to wear from then on.

Slade then ordered them to forget everything that happened that evening and

head home, remembering only that they had had a good time spending the

evening with each other, although for some reason they wouldn't remember

exactly WHERE they spent it. He had them get dressed, but kept their

underwear so they would begin to notice each other's cocks as ordered. Gary

drove to Justin's house, and the effects of the cum wore off, the two

athletes suddenly regained full consciousness. Neither remembered the

previous time exactly, but neither one could admit it to the other.

Basketball captain Justin asked, "So, Gar, you and Donna broke up last


"Well, we're just friends with benefits now. And, man, what benefits! She

really knows how to give a blow job! Best I've ever had. The things she can

do with her lips... I'm tellin' ya!" As Gary reminisced about the fabulous

blow job, his cock, unconstrained by underwear, began to swell. Justin could

clearly see the growing outline, and was shocked to discover he couldn't take

his eyes away from it. As Gary went on about the blow job, Justin began to

daydream that HE was the one giving it. He imagined himself on his knees in

front of this commanding figure, throat adjusting to fit the thick pole,

being humiliated and called names as he was forced to suck Master Gary in

front of his teammates... Justin quickly looked away in order not to give

away his feelings to Gary. He was sure that Gary would immediately drop him

as a friend, and tell everyone at the school that Justin was a fag, turning

him into a pariah. But the mental picture of him being on his knees in front

of Gary caused Justin's own considerable cock to begin snaking through his

pants until it finally poked out through his waistband over his pants' left

side pocket, mushroom head pointing in the direction of Gary. Justin failed

to notice this.

But Gary certainly DIDN'T fail to notice it when Justin's cockhead popped

out from under his pants, and he almost drove off the road. He made up some

excuse for swerving that satisfied Justin, whose attention was elsewhere

anyway. Gary was amazed at the length of Justin's cock. He had seen it soft

in the showers, but never approaching hard before. That must be the longest

cock in the school, including students AND teachers, no question, he thought.

With that cock Justin should rule the school... I've GOT to get that thing

inside me somehow, inside WHAT doesn't matter... But I can never tell Justin

about this, or my whole future, my social life, my family life, my

scholarship is finished...

So Gary dropped off Justin and then drove home. As soon as each of them

arrived in his room, he stripped frantically and hit the bed for an

uncontrollable whack-off session involving mental images of himself enslaved

before the other's masterful cock...



Bobby Martin and Todd Fletcher were both sixteen and had been friends for

years, although they looked like an odd pair. Bobby was small in stature,

with finely formed little hands and a cute pouty face topped by a shock of

blond hair, while Todd was much taller, had a nice build thanks to daily

workouts, and had a headful of jet black hair. Bobby was gay, although he

had not admitted it to anyone, and had become very attracted to Todd over

the years. Todd kind of suspected the situation, but didn't mind it too

much when he accidentally caught his long-time friend staring at him from

time to time.

But one afternoon, something would happen that would change their

relationship forever. As they wandered through the woods at the edge of

town, Bobby spotted a weird-looking bright yellow package lying on the

ground at a distance. When he opened it, out fell something that looked

like a large article of clothing, and a large book also thudded to the

ground. As Bobby picked up the book, Todd examined the article of clothing,

and exclaimed, "Hey, it's some kind of superhero costume. Maybe someone

lost it on the way to a party or something."

Bobby read the title of the book aloud: "MorphTeen Outfit Instruction

Manual". "MorphTeen... I wonder what that means."

Todd unfolded the costume. On the chest there was an uppercase M that

changed in steps over to a lowercase m. "I guess that's the name of the

superhero this is supposed to be. But I've never heard of him. Is he,

like, some Marvel character? And look, the costume is like exactly my

size! There's no one around, I'm going to try it on." He began to strip

off his clothes. Under normal conditions, Bobby would have been helplessly

staring at the increasingly naked Todd. But Bobby was too engrossed in

flipping through the book in his hands. "It says here that this outfit has

powers actually in it, and they can be operated by some sort of control

chip -- the diagram looks kind of like a watch." He noticed a hole cut

through some pages, in which he could see something. "Hey, here's the

control chip." He put it on his right wrist.

By this time, Todd had finished putting on the costume. It fit perfectly.

The bulges in the outfit nicely showed off his pecs, biceps, and six-pack.

Todd flexed and admired the way he looked as a superhero. Bobby kept reading.

"Uh, says here that MorphTeen can be turned into anything by speaking into

the control chip. But there are limits, something about matter coming and

going into some other dimension. Like, he can't be made into a house, it's

too big, or a drop of water, it's too small. He can't become a car or a

plane, it's too mechanically complex, but since he's a human, he can change

into any reasonably-sized living thing, there are enough similarities that

the organic complexity is OK." Todd was only half-listening, examining how

the costume enhanced the look of his muscles. "Cool!" he said.

Bobby was still contemplating the book. "This is a lot of detail to put

into the description of a party costume, don't you think? Well, OK, let's

pretend we're trying it out at a party." He lifted his right wrist and said,

"An eagle." What happened next shocked them both. Todd began to -- SHRINK.

And as he did, his arms changed to wings, his feet to talons, and his head

to the familiar one of a bald eagle. Todd the eagle took off into the sky,

circled a couple of times, and landed beside Bobby, who said "Revert!" into

the watch-like device. Immediately, the eagle grew in height and changed

back into Todd in the MorphTeen costume.

For a few moments, the two boys just stared at each other. "Oh my God, that

was INCREDIBLE!" said Todd. "I really was an eagle there for awhile! I flew,

I could see the whole town, I landed right where I wanted! But... but how

could this thing be... REAL?"

Bobby thought out loud. "Maybe this is something serious, like some secret

government project, or even, like, from some other planet!"

Todd snorted. "Other planet? And they're including instruction manuals in

English? Get real! Hey, let's try it again!"

"Uh, wait," said Bobby. "It says something here about, once the outfit has

been put on, it can't be taken off. And it says the wearer can never touch

or talk into the control chip." Todd grabbed the front of the costume, to

rip it off. As he did, he realized it wouldn't COME off, it was part of him

now. Some permanent change had taken place! "Bobby, I can't wear this all

the time. I can't go to school like this. How do I get this OFF?"

Bobby thought for a second. He spoke into the control chip: "Todd without

the costume!" Instantly, the costume vanished, leaving a naked Todd

standing there, with Bobby staring a bit. Todd grabbed his original clothes

off the ground and started to put them on. He said, "You know, the costume

is still... there, it's still part of me. You can't see it, but I know there's

no way to go back, to me not being MorphTeen. What can I do?"

Bobby said, "It doesn't matter! As long as I don't say anything into the

control chip, nothing should happen. You just go on the way you normally do,

and we can pretend that today never happened. If you ever want me to bring

out and use the control chip, you'll let me know. Otherwise, I'll put it away

where no one will find it."

Todd wasn't sure. "I dunno... maybe I should keep it with ME." He reached

for the watch-like device on Bobby's wrist, but as he touched it his hand

seemed to burn like fire, and he yanked the hand away. He took off his shirt

(attracting Bobby's involuntary attention to his smooth, well-built chest)

and tried to grab the device through a few layers of his shirt -- same result,

his hand felt like it was on fire even through the shirt. Bobby said, "I told

you what it said in the manual, the wearer can't touch or talk to the control

chip. I'll have to keep it myself. Don't worry, I'll put it safely away. We'd

better get back to our homes before we're missed. I'll call you later." The

boys split up and headed home. But Todd couldn't help wondering what this

seemingly permanent change meant to him. Meanwhile, Bobby stared at the

control chip on his wrist, thinking, thinking... And as he walked home he

started reading the manual from start to finish.



The next few days, Todd and Bobby didn't discuss their bizarre MorphTeen

experience. Todd wasn't ready to talk about it, and Bobby was afraid to

be the one to bring it up. But each day, as Todd prepared for school, he

thought he noticed mysterious and subtle changes in himself. One morning,

he couldn't get the buttons of his favorite shirt to close. The shirt now

seemed too tight to fit over his bulging chest muscles. It also seemed to

him that his fingers were getting longer every day. These days he routinely

had to use them to make sure his soft cock was stuffed straight down into

one of his pants legs, since it was now too large to fit in his underwear.

And one day, as he tried to put on his shoes, he noticed that his feet were

now longer than his shoes were on the outside! He had to cram them into

some now undersized sandals, with his heels protruding out the back. That

was it. Now he was SURE that Bobby was secretly using the control chip to

make changes in his body!

That day Todd was about to confront Bobby in the boys room, when Bobby

quickly said something into the control chip, and Todd opened his mouth to

speak, suddenly his tongue began to grow, longer and longer, until it

reached down to his waist, then down to the floor. When Todd tried to

retract it, it rolled up back into his mouth like a frog's.

Todd was furious, but Bobby just laughed and said, "Normal tongue" into

the chip. Immediately on returning to normal, Todd lashed out at Bobby.

"I know what you're doing to me, every day I wake up and something's

different. My chest, my feet, my cock. I can't TAKE it anymore! You've

gotta STOP this! And that tongue thing --" Todd was working up a head

of steam.

Bobby interrupted "Hey, it was just a joke, CALM DOWN!" To his surprise,

within seconds, Todd DID seem much calmer. Without Bobby realizing it,

his last two words were said loud enough that they were heard by the

control chip, which responded by reconfiguring Todd's brain chemistry

to calm him down. This WAS noticed by the secret witness to this whole

scene, a small gay teen sitting in one of the toilet stalls with the

door slightly ajar, who was sitting frozen in amazement by the tongue

metamorphosis. After everything Ollie saw and heard, he saw the effect

the control chip had on Todd, and he was determined to get that chip

away from Bobby somehow.

He got his chance when Bobby carelessly left his locker open, with the

chip lying atop his books, while he chatted with a friend across the

hall. Ollie grabbed it and ran before Bobby even noticed what had

happened. When he went back to collect his books, he looked all over,

but couldn't find the chip. It hadn't fallen on the floor. Bobby was

frantic. Who had stolen the chip?

Then he realized it wouldn't be too hard to find the thief. All he had

to do was watch Todd like a hawk. If he changed into something, then

the person with the chip was probably nearby. But did the user of the

control chip need to be near MorphTeen to force him to change? Maybe

not, but what use would it be to the thief not to see, or use, the

changes he caused?

Before Bobby could find Todd, however, Ollie spotted him getting ready

to head for the gym for that afternoon's practice. When Todd reached

a quiet section of the hall, Ollie said into the chip, "A&F Adirondack

jacket, size small." And immediately Todd felt himself turning navy

blue and morphing into an article of clothing. Ollie ran over to grab

the jacket off the floor. "I've always wanted one of these," he

thought. Putting Todd on, he noticed he needed a minor alteration.

"Sleeves a bit longer," he said into the chip. Soon, Todd fit Ollie

perfectly. Ollie couldn't wait to get Todd home, where he and his gay

friend Pat could play with him.

Pat arrived at Ollie's house at almost the same time that Ollie did.

"I've got something incredible to show you," said Ollie.

"You mean the jacket? Nice, but what's so incredible?"

"Wait till you see." And Ollie and Pat ran up to Ollie's room.

Ollie took off the jacket, and put hung it on his bedframe. He spoke

into the control chip: "Normal, but naked, cock erect, and tied to my

bed." To Pat's astonishment, the jacket changed, changed, changed into...

a boy! A tall, athletic, naked boy, with a nice hard cock, tied to

Ollie's bedframe! The boy tried to free hands and feet from the rope

binding him to the bedframe, to no avail. Then the jacket-boy spoke.

"Look, I don't know who you two are, but you'd better let me go! You'll

be in real trouble if mmph mmph mmm"... At a few words from Ollie into

the chip, Todd's mouth had disappeared! No lips, no opening, just smooth

skin from nose to chin.

"How... how did you do that?" asked an astonished Pat. "I can make him

into anything I want. I'll show ya. Spiderman!" he said into the control

chip. And Todd began to morph into the masked superhero! When Ollie

noticed that Spider-Todd was beginning to use his super strength to

break out of the binding ropes, he quickly said, "Pat McCafferty!" and

Todd started to morph into an exact copy of Ollie's little friend, which

freaked Pat out.

Recovering, Pat contemplated for a moment and asked, "Can we do sex

things with him?"

"I don't see why not. Here, Pat, you give it a try!" Ollie offered the

chip to Pat.

Pat thought for a moment, then said, "Leonardo DiCaprio, like in Titanic."

As Todd began to morph into the form of the actor, Ollie grabbed the chip

and added, "But with a foot-long thick hard cock," and Todd's body began

to form this obscene appendage. Pat grabbed the chip back, and said "Make

it two feet long, and super sensitive!" Todd/Leonardo stood there dazed

but highly stimulated as the two kids happily started slurping on separate

sections of the ridiculous phallus.

But because Pat gave the cock super-sensitivity, it wasn't too long before

it gave a giant shudder and shot several loads clear across the room.

Leo-Todd, energy expended, collapsed on the floor.

Pat asked, "Now what do we do? He'll kill us for what we did."

Ollie said, "I don't think so. When I watched the chip being used, it was

able to alter elements in his brain. So I think we can have him forget all

this. At least until I can think of a way to make some good money off of

this." He said into the chip, "Normal, but with no memory of the last two

hours." And Todd was soon Todd again, barely conscious and on the floor.

Ollie and Pat grabbed his arms and legs, and pulled him several blocks away

from the house, so that when he came to, he wouldn't know where he was or

how he got there. Then they raced back to Ollie's house.

When they got back, Pat said, "Next time, let's make him into Vin Diesel,

and have him be forced to obey us little twinks but HATE every minute of

the experience." "Hahaha...."

At school the next day, Bobby frantically searched for Todd, hoping to

find the chip. What he didn't know was that Todd was being passed around

for money, used and abused sexually in many different ways... a scrawny

skater dude changed him into Shaquille O'Neal, foot slave... a straight

freshman changed him into a superhorny Hannah Montana and had her beg him

to pork her... later the guy's girlfriend made Todd become Zac Efron with

a foot-long cunt-hungry tongue... (but all of that day is part of a

separate side story, "MorphTeen: Superslut for Rent".)

It wasn't until the next day that Bobby, walking the halls, located Todd,

in the body form of Todd himself, sitting in a classroom before the start

of a class. Todd's memory of the previous day was sketchy, since some of

his abusers were careful enough to erase his memory after they violated him,

while others weren't so thoughtful. As he sat there, Todd concentrated with

all his strength on a fingernail, but he couldn't even grow the fingernail

a tiny amount, since he had no control over his own morphing. Todd thought

that was very unfair, since he was a total pawn to whoever had the control

chip. But today, he had to think totally sober thoughts, because while the

current chip-user had left him looking like himself, the guy had also

ordered his cock to grow, soft, all the way down his pants leg almost to

his ankle. He was very afraid of what might happen if he had the least

sexual thought, since he had no idea how big that cock might become if

it got hard.

Just then, the student sitting to his left reached out with his foot and

started rubbing Todd's pants leg. As Todd's eyes widened, his stimulated

cock started to expand, his pants leg threatened to burst open at the seam,

and he was about to be lifted out of his seat and up in the air by what was

fast becoming his "third leg". In an instant, Bobby figured out what was

going on. He spotted the control chip partly hidden in the notebook on the

desk of the guy who was rubbing Todd's leg. He ran over, grabbed the chip

before the student could react, hoarsely whispered, "Back to normal!" into

it, and fled the classroom with the chip in his pocket as Todd's cock began

to deflate to its regular size. Todd felt totally grateful to Bobby. Now

that his best friend had the chip back, he knew the abuse was finally over.

After the class ended, Todd found Bobby waiting for him in the hallway.

"Thanks, dude, I thought the horror would NEVER end! You won't BELIEVE

what I went through in the last day. I am so glad you got that chip back!"

"Yeah, I've heard rumors of all the things they made you do. Poor baby,

I can't WAIT to bring you home and fuck you in various forms all night!"

This statement shocked Todd to the core. He had assumed his problems were

over with Bobby in charge of the chip.

"Bobby, you're not going to abuse me, are you? I've been through hell over

the last twenty-four hours, and I can't even remember all of it, and parts

of me are sore that I didn't even know I had. Like, I don't have an actual

cunt anymore, but I'm still feeling stretched down there from when that

pimply kid changed me into Hannah Montana and forced me to crawl to him

and beg him to take my virginity. And my tongue has been reshaped and

resized to fit into the most disgusting places, and I still have an

aftertaste. Please don't use me sexually, I don't think I can take any


Bobby grew impatient with Todd's whining. How could Todd, who had spent

the day as a superslut to total strangers, deny his own best friend some

simple sexual pleasure? He got indignant. After all, HE was in charge of

MorphTeen, wasn't he?

"Hey, I saved you from those guys, and THIS is how you thank me? Don't

make me MAD! You OWE me this! Look, I could be MEAN. I could punish you

for your whining. You could become the driver-side floormat in your own

car. I could make you into the seventh urinal in the second floor boys

room, with super-sensitive taste buds underneath so you could fully

appreciate every drop of what you drink. You could become a decorative

wooden statue in your own room. I could make you into a mat on the locker

room floor, with a supersensitive sense of smell, where you would be

trampled under the sweaty, smelly feet of every guy in the school. Or I

could turn you into a rubber dildo with ALL your senses set on HIGH, and

let your gay little brother find you. He wouldn't even know it was you,

his admired big brother, as he rammed you up his ass over and over. But

you'd feel, smell, and taste every second of it, SQUARED!" Todd realized

with horror the position he was now in.

"OK, Bobby, I'll be good, I won't whine, PLEASE don't do those things,


"Well, OK, I'll be REAL good to you. Now, it's a bit cold, so give me

the keys to your car, and then I'll change you into a fur-lined jockstrap

for me to wear while I'm driving it. And I wouldn't mind the front of you

giving me a crotch massage while the back of you is bunched up in my ass.

"When we get home, I'll take a nice hot shower, and change you into a big

fluffy towel to dry me off. Then, here's tonight's scenario. You'll become

Superboy, fastened to my bedposts with kryptonite manacles around your

wrists and ankles. I'll set your sex hormone levels so high it'll be like

you haven't cum in a really long time, and I'll have your balls churn out

a gallon of supercum. You'll beg and beg for me to let you get off, but

I'll just tease you to the edge and stop, over and over again. And when

you've finally convinced me you deserve release, I'll have your supercock

grow and stuff itself far down your throat and practically drown you in

your own cum while I fuck you." Bobby shivered with anticipation while

Todd shuddered with fear.

"OK, Toddy-boy, you've thought of yourself as a jock for years, now's

your chance to be a real one," said Bobby as he issued his command into

the control chip. As Todd felt himself shrinking into the form of a warm

furry jockstrap, he resigned himself to the hell his life would remain

for the indefinite future as Bobby's morph-toy...

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