The Legion of Obedient Super-Slaves

Part 7



Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the

legal age to read this, or are offended by the idea of male-male

sex or mind control, DO NOT read further.

This is a continuation of a story that began with files containing

Parts 1-6. You'll have alot more fun if you read those parts first!

[Summary so far: Slade Beatty has been made the partner of alien Znort, who is

supposed to protect the Earth from a potential invasion of powerful barbarians

by creating a league of superheroes, but instead does it for his own perverse



Znort decided to give his human partner Slade with a tour of part of his

spaceship, cloaked in a secret location. As they reached a door in the

back, Znort explained what Slade could expect to see.

"In this room, I keep special technology from other worlds that I intend

to use in my mission. Some of it is legal, some is in sort of a gray area,

and some is totally illegal on all known worlds."

He pulled out what seemed like a small plastic sphere with two valve-like

things on top. "This is one is legal, and I've re-engineered it to work

with human reproductive material. You put the sperm from two human males

into this, and out will come a zygote ready to grow as if it came from a

male and a female. It works by taking a human egg, stripping off its

genetic material, and replacing it with the DNA from the sperm inserted

on the right, then fertilizing it with DNA from the 'daddy' sperm on the

left. So if two males want to have a baby, this device takes the first

step. There's actually a version where the 'mommy' male gets forcible

gene therapy and grows a uterus and all, but I haven't gotten that to

work with humans yet."

Next, Znort pulled a container of liquid from a refrigeration device.

"This stuff is only legal if everyone using it has consented to how it's

used. The recipient drinks the liquid, then consumes sperm from the donor,

two or three times a week. Gradually, the recipient's genes are altered

to be like those of the donor. So if you drink cum from a tall person,

you will become taller. If you drink cum from someone with a really large

cock, yours gets bigger. And so on.

"The trick is that the liquid has to first be 'configured' for the

particular genes you want to donate or receive. So you can set it

specifically for tall genes, or smart genes, or hair color genes, or

whatever. Nothing else gets transferred.

"When I first came to earth, I set up with a young partner who was really

smart, but quite short, skinny, nearsighted, and with a bit of an acne

problem. He got together with his little buddies and arranged to pay the

jocks in his school to let him and his friends suck them off, with the

liquid 'set' on the genes for height, natural muscle mass and tone, cock

size, low skin oil production, and perfect vision. The jocks were happy,

they were getting good money and getting off every other day. And from

week to week the jocks could see the geeks becoming taller, bigger,

stronger, getting smoother skin, and getting rid of their glasses. Some

of the jocks needed to improve their grades to stay on their teams, so

the geeks offered to let the jocks suck THEM off to increase their

intelligence. But the geeks 'neglected' to reprogram the liquid for the

jocks, so it was set for the same genes as before. Gradually, instead of

becoming smarter, the jocks just got shorter, weaker, and pimply. And

they weren't smart enough to see what was happening to them until it was

too late. By that time, the geeks could easily outmuscle them, and force

them to continue sucking them off, making them weaker and weaker. The

geeks even took some of the former jocks' places on their sports teams

and made those teams better, since they were now strong plus they had

quite an intellectual edge over the ex-jocks.

A number of the geeks who were straight forced their former-jock now-weak

suck partners to give them their beautiful girlfriends, who were only to

happy to switch boyfriends when they compared the newly tall, muscly,

hung former geeks with what their exes had become. Meanwhile, those geeks

who were gay often used physical force to intimidate their former-jock

suck partners into becoming their personal slaves, serving and worshiping

their new cockmasters for fear of being beat up. A couple of the gay geeks

who weren't into force had made it easier to keep their jock-pets by

'tweaking' the liquid into transfering gay genes into their ex-jock slaves

along with the physical characteristics, so the former jock would actually

lust after his muscled alpha-geek master, making it easier for the geek to

convince the jock to enslave himself willingly.

"So you can see why I need to be more careful with some of these things.

But in HERE --" Znort opened a drawer and pulled out what looked like a

small headband -- "I've got something that's illegal just about everywhere

in the galaxy. It's got a range of about 20 meters, line of sight. If you

wear this into a room, it forms a brain-wave 'force field' that bends the

will of anyone else in the room into the complement of yours. Say you walk

into a room, see someone, and have the intense desire to fuck that person.

The person immediately feels the same intense need to be fucked by you. Or

say you lust after having the guy grab you by the neck and spank you. No

matter what his normal sexual preference or desires, at that moment he

feels there could be no greater sexual excitement than having you bare-

assed over his knee.

"You can see why this is illegal everywhere. Any important person could

immediately become the willing slave of the wearer, desiring nothing

different than the wearer himself. Its effect wears off soon after the

target goes out of range, but the damage can already be done. I haven't

tried it out on humans yet, which I want you to do for me. Be VERY careful

with it, don't leave any permanent effects anywhere." Znort tossed this

last comment out rather cavalierly. Yes, the headband was dangerous, used

the wrong way it could reconfigure the world... but Znort didn't care much,

it wasn't HIS world after all! And the results could be very... STIMULATING!

When he got home, Slade looked at the headband with some trepidation. Not

tested, huh? It might have some effect on my brain if I use it. I'd better

offer it to someone else to try first, and make sure they're OK. Someone

horny and desperate enough to take the risk...

"We can't try it on anyone we know, they'd kill us!" JD said to Mitch.

"We can't use it at the school, we can't use it on friends or relatives..."

JD and Mitch were two short, skinny, small-framed gay sophomores at the high

school. They both had faces that would be considered cute: Mitch, his face

framed by long blond hair, with large lips and a slightly effeminate

appearance, and JD, the more "butch" one, with short straight black hair.

Neither had anything other than fantasy in their sexual history. What's

worse, their desires were so totally incompatible that even after each

discovered the other was gay, they quickly found out that they did nothing

for each other sexually.

Mitch brushed his hair out of his eyes. "And we can't use it on someone

when we're together, since I'm like the romantic type, and you're, like..."

JD sighed. "Yeah, I know. And Slade told us we can't use it on someone

really famous, so even though he's in town for a show, I can't use it to

have Zac Efron begging to worship at my feet. And even with the Lakers

here for a game tonight, I can't have Kobe Bryant longing to bear my

illegitimate love child.

"But I do have an idea. We can take the bus across town to the college,

where no one knows us. You've heard of Tom Schmidt, the star senior

quarterback over there? I've always fantasized about him, maybe one of us

could try to take him in his own bed."

It was Mitch's turn to sigh. "I don't see how that would work. First,

how would we get in there? I'm sure he lives in the football dorm, which

is guarded 24 hours, and with his big teammates walking around all over

the place. Second, which of us would get him? You know we can't use the

headband together."

"I've thought it through. Remember that Slade told us the headband works

in an area around the wearer? We could just have the guards and other

players not want to notice us as we go through. And as for which of us

gets Tom... I don't see why we BOTH can't have him, one after the other.

Giving him time to recharge, of course."

"But after the first of us leaves, won't the field wear off and won't he

go nuts when he realizes what happened?"

"He won't know what REALLY happened to him, and I doubt he'll want to

tell too many people that he just voluntarily had sex with a pair of male

high school sophomores."

"Well, after all these years of just jerking off, I'm so horny I'm

certainly willing to give it a chance..."

Mitch glided through the halls of the football dorm, trying to keep his

mind on the task at hand. With the headband on, it was easy getting

directions to the quarterback's room. What wasn't so easy was not

noticing the half-naked college football hunks wandering the halls.

When he wasn't careful, Mitch's eyes would settle on a sizable bulge

inside a passing jockstrap, and his mind would wander towards sniffing

and chewing on that bulge. Immediately, the headband would cause the

bulge's owner to start to think about how thrilling it would be to stuff

his bulge under the diminutive high-schooler's nose, or into his mouth,

and the bulge would start to grow rapidly. This in turn would startle

Mitch into looking away and tyring to clear his mind as quickly as

possible, which was not easy: Just try forcing yourself NOT to think

about the giant bulge on the muscular stud now aimed towards you from

nearby. But when Mitch succeeded in his mind-clearing, the bulging stud

would shake off his thoughts and worriedly hurry off.

In his room, Tom Schmidt sat on his bed scratching his nuts. It had

been a hard practice, and his muscles still ached despite the long, hot

shower he had taken. He was looking forward to a date later this evening

with his beautiful girlfriend Kristen, and was getting a bit horny

thinking about how the evening might end.

At 6'4", he was not the tallest quarterback in the conference, but with

his sleek build and powerful legs, he was one of the fastest. He had

the aw-shucks country look of a young Brett Favre, with the light chin

stubble to match. Running his long fingers through his rich brown hair,

he idly contemplated the moves he would make on Kristen later...

Suddenly, his door opened without warning, and then shut. Tom turned to

see a scrawny, 5'2" high school type standing inside his door. He was

about to become angry and confront the kid when -- the world, somehow,

warped and... changed.

And standing inside his door was the most beautiful, most beguiling

creature he had ever seen. It was total love at first sight. All

thoughts of Kristen were immediately banished from his mind, which was

now filled with the sheer beauty of this blond bombshell of a boy. Man,

he thought, where has this young god been all my life? And how could I

ever have thought that I was attracted to girls?

Little Mitch, in lust and in love, ran towards Tom, man of his dreams,

and in turn the muscular quarterback, propelled by the intense lust

born of the reciprocity field, jumped off his bed and raced towards

the slight blond teenager. Also being transmitted from Mitch to Tom

through the field was the intensity of the years of sexual frustration

finally about to be over, in a total fantasy scene. Mitch leapt into

Tom's long arms, his deep blue eyes making unbreakable contact with

Tom's green ones, as their tongues met. Tom had never been much of a

kisser before this, but Mitch's hungry tongue and the force of the

headband made Tom earnest to make this the deepest, longest, absolutely

perfect kiss.

After minutes of mutual tongue probing, the very oral-oriented Mitch

wanted to explore the rest of Tom's body with his tongue -- and so of

course suddenly Tom wanted Mitch's tongue everywhere on him. It was

magic -- Tom would flex his arms just as Mitch's tongue reached his

biceps, Tom's nipples would stiffen just before Mitch began licking

them, and sproing! Out popped Tom's expanding cock from inside his

overmatched jockstrap just as Mitch dove to polish his knob.

Then Tom lovingly lifted Mitch, took off his clothes as if undressing

a loved child, and ran HIS long tongue across Mitch's chest. Mitch

almost passed out from sheer excitement, which wouldn't have been good

since the headband would have been deactivated. Tom's tongue began to

explore every inch of Mitch's delicate little body. Tom would orally

probe one sensitive part, then Tom would gently lift Mitch and turn

him over to access another lusted-after part. And guided by the

headband, Tom's tongue always found its way to just the right part of

Mitch that tingled with anticipation. It was the most amazing sex Tom

had ever experienced, which of course by definition was also true for


Finally, the inexperienced Mitch could take it no more. Almost the

second Tom's talented tongue touched Mitch's hypersensitive cock, it

exploded, spraying Tom's face and chest with teen spooge. Tom was torn

between wanting to taste every drop and wanting to rub the holy semen

into himself, so he did some of both.

At this point Tom would have exploded in his own orgasm if Mitch had

even just touched him, but as this was Mitch's first sexual experience

with an actual other guy, he was spent for the moment, and Tom's desire

to cum didn't enter his mind, so thanks to the headband it also became

unimportant to Tom, who focused on being romantic in Mitch's afterglow.

He gave Mitch little kisses all over as he spoke lovingly to him.

"I want to introduce you to my teammates as my lover." Peck.. lick...

"Some of them may not understand at first, but once they've had a look

at you they've got to understand why I'm totally in love with you."

Sniff.. little kiss.. "And I want us to fly somewhere where I can

marry you as soon as I can. I wouldn't want to risk losing you to some

other guy." Nibble.. lick.. "And I want to dedicate my pro career to

pleasing you. Everytime I throw a touchdown pass, it'll be for you."

Cuddle.. Pause.. "On your back.. is that a PIMPLE? Oh my God, can I

POP IT??? PLEASE????" Tom's hardness, that had been fading, was

immediately back at full strength. There followed an incredibly slow

and erotic pimple popping session that excited them both.

Soon afterwards, Mitch, being 16, was fully recharged and ready for

more attention to his cock, and so of course Tom's brain was

immediately reprogrammed to serve this need. Thinking it was his own

idea, Tom said, "I need you inside me somewhere, I don't care where.

I want your seed coating my throat, or shot deep into my asshole.

Which do you want?" Tom was desperate to know.

Mitch contemplated for a few seconds, and didn't have to say a word

when he decided. Tom, feeling a tingling emptiness in his butt, got

up onto his hands and knees, ass pointed towards Tom and wriggling

in anticipation. Tom said regretfully, "I'm sorry I'm an ass virgin,

so I don't know how to work my ass muscles to please your cock, but

I'll do my best!" Under his breath, Mitch, smiling, said, "I know

you will." Stroking the powerful thighs of his athletic love puppy,

Mitch spit on his hand, rubbed it on his cock, and moved it to the

hungry hole. Tom whimpered in anticipation of the deflowering to


Although neither Tom nor Mitch had any experience in this kind of

sex, the headband solved the problem. Whatever Mitch wanted to do,

Tom automatically adjusted himself to accommodate. Mitch's great

physical satisfaction was reinforced by Tom's loud moans of pleasure.

And when Mitch was ready to blow, Tom was totally focused on

contracting his ass muscles to push Mitch over the edge. And when

Mitch filled Tom with more teenspooge than he though possible, a

wave of satisfaction came over Tom, and again he had no time for

his own orgasm. It was as if Mitch subconsciously wanted to keep

Tom charged up for each successive act.

As the two of them lay there, Tom cooed to Mitch, "I want to dress

you up in great clothes, buy you presents like a great car, spoil

you rotten." Tom ran his long fingers through Mitch's shoulder-

length blond hair. He felt so lucky to be lying next to the boy of

his (now seemingly remembered) dreams. Mitch suddenly remembered his

agreement with JD, rolled over and picked his watch off the bedside

stand. "Shit! I gotta go! I gotta be outta here in two minutes!"

And of course immediately Tom shared Mitch's sense of urgency. "Let's

get you clean," he said. "I'll wash you in the shower room." Naturally,

Mitch was not keen on this idea, with everyone else around to see.

Talking fast, he said "No time, gotta go!" And despite still being all

sweaty and somewhat covered with his own cum, he put on his clothes

and headed out the door.

Tom was sad to see him go for a minute, and idly played with his

unsatisfied cock and balls, until the effect of the headband began to

wear off. Then he sat up in total horror, remembering everything but

seeing it through the prism of his normal self...

About 30 minutes had gone by. Tom huddled in the corner of his room,

surrounded by two of his teammates who had heard his yell of horror

as they passed the door to his room. Paul and Nat, very tall and

large-muscled offensive linemen whose football job was physically

protecting their quarterback, had been on their way back to their

room from the shower, so they were wearing only towels. Tom was

somewhat incoherent, but clearly frightened, and his buddies were

trying to calm him down and figure out what had happened. Finally,

semi-coherent words came from the star of their team.

"He... he came in here... he made me do it, he made me WANT to do

it, NEED to do it... he might come back... protect me!"

Paul asked, "Who? How did he get in here? What did he do to you?"

"He... raped me... I thought I totally loved him, but I never met

him before... some high school kid..."

This totally baffled both Paul and Nat. Nat said, "Raped you?

Loved him? But how..."

Tom was adamant. "Just stay here with me for awhile, in case he

comes back. Don't let him... don't let ME..."

Paul and Nat looked at each other. They were freaking out. Tom

was their true team leader, the undisputed reason they were having

a great season. Everyone in the team felt close to him, and hugely

respected his leadership ability. They felt as if they really knew

him and respected everything about him. And now here he was, sitting

on his bed babbling about loving a high school guy he had never met

before and being raped by him? And being incredibly afraid he might

come back? The two beefy linemen almost couldn't recognize Tom in

this totally shaken state. Should they take him to a hospital? Should

they tell anyone else from the team? Should they...

Suddenly the door flew open. In stepped a small, black-haired high

school student, wearing a headband and an outrageously arrogant smirk.

Closing the door behind him, the kid surveyed the scene, while the

three football players froze in place, briefly stunned.

"Is that him?" Paul asked Tom, who stammered "Y..y..yes... no..." The

two powerful linemen ran across the room to grab the teen, but as they

did, the teen pointed to the floor at his feet, and the two players

found themselves running slower and slower, and feeling an invisible

force pushing them down to their knees. Paul fought it with all his

considerable strength, leg muscles straining, sweat pouring from his

forehead, muttering, "Must... fight... this..." But Nat could not

resist the overwhelming force for long, saying "Too... powerful..."

as he dropped to his knees before the teen. Tom watched in fear and

amazement as he felt his two huge teammates -- his protectors -- fall

into the power of the teen. Tom tried to move, but found himself frozen

in place as if invisible bonds were around his arms and legs.

As Tom struggled in vain to free his extremities, the small teen took

off his own clothes, showing his proudly stiff five-inch cock. At this

point, the mood of the room changed.

Paul looked up, and his eyes became fixed on the teen cock. "That's...

that's... the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!" His feelings grew

into a storm, and soon he KNEW he must feel that cock, love that cock,

SUBMIT to that cock. Nat also looked up, mind enveloped in the

developing brain wave field, and felt an even stronger jolt. He

imagined his new ultimate fantasy, being allowed to drink and absorb

any liquids that came from that cock. Softly, he said, "Man, with that

cock, you could rule this team!" And by then, the respect of both Paul

and Nat had shifted completely from Tom their former leader, to this

teen, the possessor of the most powerfully beautiful cock they had

ever seen. The two large linemen's immense schlongs began to stiffen

in the presence of such an incredible cock. Still, they could not move

off their knees.

Meanwhile, as Tom gazed at the teen's cock, like his teammates he felt

awe and submission, but he also felt an intense fear. He could feel his

leadership draining away to this teen. He instinctively knew that Paul

and Tom were now no longer interested in protecting him, but in serving

the teen. And he knew that, even if he fought his feelings as hard as

he could, he too would follow this incredible teen's every suggestion,

to ingratiate himself with that cock. Tom's own cock, untouched, wavered,

unsure whether to grow out of lust or shrink from fear.

Seeing there was no need for further restraint of his linemen puppets,

the teen kindly allowed them to rise to their feet, giant hard cocks

swinging unnoticed. Paul, hoping against hope, spoke. "Could... could

I TOUCH your cock? Just once? Uh, sir?"

"The name's JD, and actually I came in here to fuck some of my power

juice into your friend, for the good of the team, but he doesn't seem

to want it. Instead of coming right over to let me fuck him, he sent

you two over to attack me!"

Paul and Nat became outraged. Paul went over to Tom, immobilized on

his bed. Towering over Tom, Paul shouted at him, "You bastard, why

didn't you let JD here fuck you?" He put his big foot on Tom's face

and pushed him over onto his side. Both Tom's hands and his feet

remained "bound" as he fell over.

The door opened, and in came Bill and Russ, a pair of roommates and

running backs, towels around their waists, fresh from showering.

"What's going on in here? We heard..." was as far as Russ got before

the brain wave field enveloped him and he became fixated on JD's

"incredible" cock. Bill too was rooted to the floor, staring in awe,

and as with Russ, the towel loosely wrapped around his waist soon

proved no match for the growing college jock cock that pushed it

outwards and caused it to drop to the floor, unnoticed.

Paul explained to the newcomers, "JD here just wanted to help the

team by fucking Tom, but Tom was too chickenshit to take it." Now

Bill and Russ were mad, too. As JD fingered his now-raging cock, the

headband imprinted his bizarre fantasies directly into the minds of

the helpless college jocks. Russ, a red-headed long-limbed swift-footed

runner, growled at Tom. "How could you diss JD here?" And Bill, a giant

built blue-eyed senior with a buzz cut that made him look like a marine,

grumbled, "You've got to be punished for that."

Tom, feeling the scorn of the teammates that once respected him, and

totally under the influence of JD's bizarre fantasies emanating from

the headband, suddenly realized that it was only right that he be

humiliated by his former friends. cried out, "Yes, I need to be

punished! Please kick me around, crush my cock and balls under your

feet! Piss on me here in my own bed!". Tom was instantly surrounded

by Paul, Nat and Russ. JD raised one of his legs, and as he did this,

Russ delivered Tom a swift kick to the head. Paul forcibly placed his

size 14 foot on top of Tom's hard cock and balls, and pushed it down

as hard as he could. Meanwhile, Nat aimed his cock at Tom and a heavy

stream of piss poured directly over Tom's face. Tom oddly felt intense

relief, and even excitement, at this painful and humiliating treatment.

His cock grew uncontrollably beneath Paul's grinding foot.

Now JD looked at Bill and pointed to his own cock, and right away,

tall buzz-cut Bill stiffly walked over to JD and knelt, glassy stare

directed at JD's hypnotically powerful teen cock from an inch away.

"You want my power juice, don't you?" JD asked the giant built jock,

but he needn't have said a word. Bill's mouth, tongue and throat were

desperately engaged in giving his master's cock the blow job of its

life, while JD was getting off on watching the scorn, humiliation and

painful treatment being heaped on Tom by his powerful teammates. And

thanks to the headband, when JD wanted less licking and more sucking,

or wanted to have college jock tongue washing his balls, his desire

was instantly granted without a word being spoken.

Finally, unable to hold out any longer, JD erupted with a powerspooge

throat injection that made Bill feel bigger and stronger than he had

ever felt. At exactly the same time, JD's headband-transmitted feeling

caused simultaneous eruptions from Paul, Nat, and Russ to pour all

over a somewhat bruised but intensely horny Tom, who was then left

to hungrily lap the big puddles of cum and piss off the feet of his

tormentors, and then try to suck the remainder of the fluids out of

his bedsheets. A sense of justice done and of a new hierarchy settled

over the room, driven of course by JD's thoughts. As Bill stood up,

he said, "Thanks for the power juice, dude. I feel great!" He high-

fived the kid, followed by the other three with their somewhat cummy

hands. Tom, now at the bottom of the pecking order in the room,

remained on his bed, arms and legs still frozen in place.

JD sat, sexually sated, on Tom's easy chair, looked at Tom, and

pointed to his own feet. Tom felt himself forced to stand up, feet

still invisibly bound together, hop over to his own easy chair, and

get on his hands and knees sideways in front of it, where JD propped

his feet on Tom's back. No one seemed to think this was at all


Paul said, "I guess the power juice makes you team leader now, Bill.

Right, JD?" And it made sense to everyone in the room, even Footstool

Tom. Despite all the rough treatment, Tom's hardon never faded, partly

because he was the only one in the room who had not gotten off despite

what was now over an hour of intense sexual feelings swirling around

the room's brain-wave field. JD idly took one of his feet off of Tom,

and lightly stroked and kicked around Tom's cock and balls with it,

causing Tom even more excitement and frustration.

Finally, JD felt the evening was complete. He got up and got dressed.

Tom, not having been released, was of course forced to remain in

footstool position. "OK, guys, I need to get out of here. Don't forget

to punish Tom regularly and respect Bill, your new leader. Bye!" And

he went out the door, and ran out of the dorm as quickly as he could.

JD came bounding into Mitch's room, excited to compare adventures

with his friend. Mitch took one look and saw... masculine perfection

wanting to be obeyed! The only imperfect thing was some dirt on the

god's shoe. He dropped to the ground and began licking the dirt spot

clean, when...

JD laughed, saying "Hey, I ain't interested in YOU, ya twink!" and

whipped the headband off. Shortly, Mitch noticed what he was doing

and backed off, spitting filthy-tasting shoe dirt out of his mouth.

He got mad. "So if you didn't want it, why did you think it and make

me do it?"

JD thought about it. "I didn't want you doing it, but I guess my

lust to dominate is always in the back of my mind. And I guess the

headband sort of 'knows' that by now. Man, I just had the single

best experience of my life over there! How did it go for you?"

Mitch said, "It was more than I could ever dream of. A fantasy

lover lusting after me exactly as much as I lust after him, and

in exactly the matching way. He was going to out himself to his

teammates, and declare his love for me! He wanted to marry me, and

be with me forever! Real life will never be as good as that. How'd

it go with you?"

"It was incredible. The guy had two of his teammates in the room,

and two more showed up later. I had them working him over for not

submitting to me! Actually, I knew what to do when I got in there,

sort of by accident. I know you told me you got to Tom's room

successfully by ignoring the jocks in the hallway, and causing

them to ignore you, and I know how hard that was, because, well,

I didn't quite get straight through. I tried, I really did, but as

I rounded one corner, I saw a REALLY tall guy -- maybe 6'10",

probably from the basketball team -- wearing just a skimpy towel

over an obviously sizable basket. And my mind instantly thought

how totally exciting it would be to top that giant. I imagined

standing over his kneeling body, pinning his head to the wall

with my cock and skull-fucking him, the back of his head hitting

against the wall with my rhythm. And suddenly, I could see his

expression of surprise turn to submission, and he dropped to his

knees, head against the wall, WISHING I would fill his cock slave

throat! Just looking down at him giving himself to me, his dominant

master, maybe five years younger and a fraction of his size and

weight, made me almost blow right there! But I remembered our

target was the superstar, so I put it into this guy's head that he

was inadequate for my desires, and he sadly kissed my feet and went

on towards his room. I scooted out of there fast before he came to

his senses.

But I had a much better idea of how the headband works, and so I

knew what to do and think when I got to Tom's room. And humiliating

him, the team leader, using his own teammates as my puppets, did it

for me. I converted one of them into my personal blowjob slave, and

had the rest of them work on Tom while I watched and directed the

action. At the end, I had Tom knowing he was now the team 'bottom'

in several ways. I just wonder what happened there when the

headband effect wore off..."

Mitch sighed. "I wish we could keep the headband. I can just

imagine a bunch of uses for it. What if I showed up in the locker

room with the Olympic gymnastics team? They're not much taller

than us, and think of the way the headband could synchronize the

sex of those muscled studs..."

JD snorted "Gymnasts? Too little for me. I saw how fast Michael

Phelps could do the Australian crawl, I'd like to see how quickly

he could do a regular floor crawl with me on his back and my cock

up his ass. Or if it's team action I'm after, how about the Dallas

Mavericks? I could stage a combination wedding/orgy in the locker

room with Dirk as my bride, but who would be best man? It'd be his

job to lubricate Dirk's virgin ass. Hmmm...."

"I don't suppose we could use the power of headband to convince

Slade to let us continue to have it?"

"I seriously doubt he's that stupid. Think about the power of

that thing. Can you imagine what other kinds of things you could

make with that kind of technology?

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